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Monday, December 05, 2016

PizzaGate In the News ... Because People Are Dumb

I've avoided posting anything on pizzagate for a while, but now it's too big.

I looked into it a bit a while back and what really turned me off on it was the naked and over-the-top partisan tone of the coverage, acting as if Hillary is really some massive pervert Satanic worshipper but Trump isn't a huge pervert and a major narcissist and a delusional liar and a fraud and a money worshipper. The thing I find funny is the right invents these huge conspiracies about how bad Hillary is, based on no evidence, whereas you don't need to invent any conspiracy to see how terrible Trump is.

Anyway, the story of a pedophile ring being run out of a pizza shop in DC seemed a little weird to me, and while I can't swear that it's bogus, the fact that it's being peddled by the Alex Jones crowd and far right wingers really casts doubt on it for me. I can't take those people seriously; they are liars, bad conspiracy theorists, clearly controlled sellouts and have gotten worse since they started promoting Trump. Jones himself has truly gone off the deep end in a frightening way, ranting about stupid crazy shit like pickle cans and about Hillary being Satan and Obama smelling like sulfur.

But you probably heard the poor sucker who took the #pizzagate thing seriously and went there with his guns to check it out, thankfully didn't shoot anyone and apparently gave up when he couldn't find any underground passages or kids being held captive.

In general the guy sounded like a slacker.

Of course, the #pizzagate people think it's a falseflag because the guy had some acting credit on IMDB, meaning he was a crisis actor.

The big question is why would the government run an op like this? It doesn't make a lot of sense to give more exposure to the idea of a secret pedophilia ring or child sex slave ring.

I suppose they could say that "oh, this guy is trying to make it sound like there's nothing there" and keep the truth hidden.

But whatever... I'm sure President Trump will finally crack it wide open, right???


Blogger the mighty wak said...

Dishonest Media Caught Red Handed Using FAKE SURVEY to Attack Trump

The survey was a complete fabrication, citing liberal sources in order to justify the so the outcome was predictable.

10:07 AM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

the U.S. economy will tank in 2017 and trump will be the scapegoat.

8:00 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

that's a pretty weak article about the "fake poll", particularly considering how much complete BULLSHIT Trump and his minions put out on a daily basis. Give me a break.

9:46 PM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

""considering how much complete BULLSHIT Trump and his minions put out on a daily basis. Give me a break.""

how about a good example.
you want me to comment with a good 6 links or more of examples of left wing MSM lies and bullshit? maybe you watch too much CNN.

trump might not be to your liking but he has vowed to fight ISIS and alqaeda as opposed to aiding and abetting them as obama admin has.

12:47 PM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

oh and speaking of fake polls - throughout the campaign and election, the left wing MSM put out continuous "polls" stating that trump was losing and hillary was way ahead. probably because they thought that DNC would get away with their numerous instances of election fraud - trump won anyway - oops.
and the stupid jill stein recount only revealed more instances of DNC fraud.
again, oops.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there ANY reason to believe that business/political corruption would abate (to any measurable degree) if Hillary had won?

Is there ANY reason to believe that the standard of living would rise for any but the 1% if Hillary had won?

Is there ANY reason to believe that fewer young Americans would die while serving the military's aggression against countries that have valuable natural resources?

10:28 AM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

""We came, we saw, he died...HA HA HA!""
...hillary clinton on the assassination of moamar ghaddafi.

hillary is just another warmonger neocon.
we would have voted for peewee herman just to keep her out.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The motive would obviously be to discredit the research as it became more dangerous.

They're "drawing attention" to it in a way that garners sympathy for the restaurant and allows them to portray researchers as dangerous maniacs. It also allows them to portray any further research as "irresponsible" while all the while having it on record that Welch found nothing.

Come on - if the story was real, this shooting was literally a dream come true for "them."

He had a few acting credits:

And look at his father's biography - how can you read this and not get a little suspicious?

7:06 PM  

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