Humint Events Online: Donald Trump Cannot Be President Anymore -- he's less rational than Kim Jong-un

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Donald Trump Cannot Be President Anymore -- he's less rational than Kim Jong-un

Until this April, Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States of America, thought China could easily solve this pesky North Korea problem that’s been bugging world leaders for over 60 years now. But then he met with the President of China, Xi Jinping, at his Mar-a-Lago resort, after which he told the editor-in-chief of The Wall Street Journal that, “After listening for 10 minutes, I realized it’s not so easy.”
Trump went on: “I felt pretty strongly that they had a tremendous power [over] North Korea . . . But it’s not what you would think.” Again: The President of the United States assumed that because he didn’t know about something, no one else would know about it either, including the editor-in-chief of one of the country’s premiere news publications.
Worse, that “something” he didn’t know about was this: turns out, North Korea is complicated.
Turns out, healthcare is complicated. Turns out, the import-export bank is complicated.
Four months later, this guy is threatening nuclear war.
Which brings us very quickly to my point: Trump cannot be President anymore.
I know you had fun while it lasted, MAGAs (you won the election!), but if it hasn’t sunk in yet, Donald Trump is a bona fide existential threat.
He’s not fit to command the U.S. military in a war. He has no relevant experience, no ideology beyond narcissism, no guiding light, no steady hand. He believes whatever the last person he spoke with said. He gets information not from his security team, but from bots and memes and Fox News. He’s a walking, talking turnstile. And he’s threatening nuclear war.
The biggest threat here isn’t that Trump just drops the big one on the NorKors, a scenario that, at least at this time, is thankfully still far-fetched. But there is a danger that Trump gets into an ever-escalating conflict, then makes blunders that beget reactions he’s not prepared for and that spiral out of control.
He’s selfish, volatile, and vindictive, and in a time of crisis he’d be unpredictable, slave to the hot thrums of his angry little lizard brain. In other words, Trump is exactly the wrong person to lead a war. Trump, friends, is a less rational leader than Kim Jong-Un.
Beyond this, Trump, who took five deferments from Vietnam because of a bone spur in his feet, would be leading the most powerful human force in history into a ground war in Asia, and he doesn’t have a high-school understanding of world history. Worse, he can’t even recognize that he doesn’t have a high-school understanding of world history. And Trump doesn’t have a North Korea policy yet (he’s focus-grouped several different ideas on Twitter). Even if he did, he’s gutted the State Department, so we’d have few resources to negotiate and enforce whatever diplomatic solution he wanted to pursue.
So here’s a breakdown of what might happen next in the Korean peninsula, where war sadly seems more and more inevitable. It’s not a hopeful outlook, but it’s not hopeless, either: For one, there’s a chance Congress will remove Trump before we go to war, if war comes. (This isn’t a political wish. Give me Pence. Really.) And there are matters of Constitutionality that might (but probably won’t) hold Trump back.
Here’s the bottom line: After yesterday, Congress has a moral imperative: We cannot let Donald Trump, a reality TV game show host, have the chance to start a nuclear war. Now that we as a culture have been so directly confronted with this horrifying possibility that we’ve created, we can no longer abide it.

It's a long piece, the rest is well-worth a read. 

Personally, I think the #1 thing someone needs to do (or Congress) is remove the POTUS as sole authority over launching nuclear missiles. It really needs more oversight, it's way way way too important for one person to have the power to do, even for a sane person, and Trump is not sane.


Blogger the mighty wak said...

the fact that congress has not removed trump's punk ass speaks volumes about where congress' collective priorities actually lie. in short, they must be war mongers.
certainly none of them have been on TV speaking out against war. which doesn't say much for the TV media fags either. anyway, it's pretty much out of trump's hands at this point.

i don't think that powerful ICBM missiles would be launched from american soil, rather, i think smaller nukes would be launched from US navy ships which by this time must be parked all over NK's ass.

the real worry is what china and russia will do if uncle sam attacks NK first.
certainly neither of them are afraid of kicking our ass, which they could no doubt accomplish.

oh well, if lots of people including some of us americans perish, then i will say in advance that it's been nice knowing y'alls.
i think i'm going to get started recording my rock opera soundtrack to go along with uncle sam's collective foolishness.

ha, out.

5:52 AM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

oh if uncle sam wants to actually get away with attacking NK then he will need to stage a false-flag attack with all obvious evidence pointing to NK as the culprits, so my guess is there will be some old rust-bucket navy ship manned with expendable patsy navy guys that mysteriously sinks at the hands of an SK torpedo. wait did i say SK? i mean NK, NK damnit! it was obviously NK!
imagine the outrage the US TV media will generate among the american populace. it will rival the outrage americans felt toward saddam's iraq after they supposedly had WMDs.
anyway, that will be all she wrote for the NK populace. just like the several million innocent iraqi and afghani civilians that have perished in the last two US wars that have been ongoing for 15 years now.
trump, as if. he's like the figure-head on the bow of an old pirate sailing ship, not the captain of the ship.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NK won't attack us and Trump won't attack NK.

NK leadership might well be outsmarting Trump.

11:35 PM  

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