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Monday, February 26, 2018

The 2nd Amendment Is a Silly Anachronism That Costs a Lot of American Lives

I agree 100% with Booman:
So, on the one hand, the distrust of standing armies and of an overarching federal power led to the adoption of the Second Amendment, and state militias would be remain under state control as much as possible during a federal muster. On the other hand, to make this practicable, the Congress soon concluded that every man must own a firearm. The Second Amendment only restricted what the federal legislature could prohibit, but the Militia Acts applied to the states and their citizens.
Now, consider that we have had a National Guard since 1903 and a standing army for much longer than that. I’ve never met anyone who wouldn’t move from one state to another because they didn’t want to live under a foreign religion. We haven’t had a draft since the 1970’s, and the idea that the federal government could compel you to buy a firearm seems tyrannical to every American citizen. If the government does compel us to serve, we expect them to pay for our equipment.
We got over our religious differences. We got over our fear of a standing army. We allowed the federal government to play a large role in our state’s militias when they were organized into national guards and reserves. But, somehow, we never got over our adherence to the Second Amendment. In fact, about ten years ago, the Supreme Court for the first time in our nation’s history ruled that citizens have an individual right to a firearm irrespective of their potential service in a militia.
We’re not living in a country anymore where everyone owns a gun or where every male citizen can be compelled to own a gun. We aren’t relied upon to race to the country’s defense if an emergency arises so immediate that there is no time to raise a standing army.
Almost every element that was present when the Second Amendment was enacted is absent now.
I recognize that many people still believe that an armed citizenry is a bulwark against tyranny, but it’s not much of one as the standoff at Waco made clear. The primary way that the Constitution tried to prevent tyranny was by denying the federal government a standing army. To do this, the Founding Fathers devised provisions to make a standing army unnecessary or limited in duration. The state militia system was their device for accomplishing this, but it’s a solution that predates the Napoleonic Wars. It proved itself unworkable over two hundred years ago.
The rationale for the Second Amendment is an anachronism. This is true if you look at the narrow language they used (A well regulated Militia, being necessary…), and it’s also true if you look at the wider context and purposes of the amendment. Not only is a militia no longer necessary, but the whole scheme we use for our national defense is a gigantic violation of the principles the amendment sought to preserve and protect.
When we get rid of our army, marines, and air force, and we eliminate our National Guards and Reserves, and we reapply the principle that our citizens must be ready to muster to the nation’s defense and provide their own equipment, then we can talk about how necessary it is to preserve the Second Amendment.
In the meantime, anyone who tells us that the Original Intent of the Founders requires us to consent to the easy availability of AR-15s and other like weapons, is completely misinformed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

""and the idea that the federal government could compel you to buy a firearm seems tyrannical to every American citizen.""

ya every bit as tyrannical as the idea that the federal govt could prevent you from buying a firearm.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's harder to commit suicide with a bow and arrow

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So if you shoot a lion in Africa you are an evil person, but if you shoot a person in USA, guns are evil?

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should police still carry firearms
if the 2nd amendment is overturned?

Should our country follow the example of Switzerland and require every adult citizen to own a firearm and be trained in how to use it?

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

an AR-15 is a simple rifle, .223 caliber. although it's magazine does hold a good number of bullets, it only fires 1 bullet at a time. it is not a machine gun.
frankly, i prefer a good old fashioned revolver to protect my home, but any weapon used to assault someone is an assault weapon, not just guns.

the 2nd amendment was designed to allow the common man to protect himself from a tyrannical govt, which uncle samuel seems to be inching closer to with each subsequent administration.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's important to note that the gun issue is not materially relevant to whether or not the spree killing phenomenon is entirely organic.

Cruz was ignored by both BCSO & FBI despite both agencies receiving warnings that he was posting about attacking police and schools. Cruz, who lost both his parents, has a history of mental and emotional problems. After his arrest he reportedly complained about hearing "demon voices." It's interesting to note that he had recently been taken in by James & Suzanne Snead, both of whom have declared him guilty (calling him a "monster") before trial but had no issue supporting an unbalanced stranger and allowing him to have a gun, despite his erratic behavior resulting in numerous police visits to the home. Curiously, James Snead is retired from Army Intelligence where he was involved in electronic warfare operations (according to his profile on Linked In) "during both peace and wartime."

At least three students have referred to a drill in which police officers were going to be posing as active shooters and firing blanks. At least two witnesses saw the gunman and described him as being covered in metal armor, initially believing him to be law enforcement. Other students indicated there were two to three shooters based on activity simultaneously occurring in different parts of the building.

Student Alexa Miednik saw Nikolas Cruz shortly after hearing shots "in the other part of the building." She did not indicate that he was masked, armed or carrying anything. Could Cruz have killed 17 people, wounded 15, and discarded the mask, gun and his duffel bag in only a few minutes?

Did someone (such as Snead or Jereb) tell Cruz to go to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School - where he had been expelled / banned - during the period in which an active shooter drill was scheduled to occur? Were criminal factions using this exercise to provide cover for preparations for / execution of a covert operation and to delay response by law enforcement personnel?

Thankfully the trial is in the hands of the "Honorable" Elizabeth Scherer - daughter of William Scherer, a key lawyer for the Bush campaign in Florida who disrupted the 2000 recount. The "investigation" has (to this point) been in the hands of the FBI, ATF and Sheriff Scott Israel, who maintains close ties with the elite of both the Democrat and Republican Parties. Meanwhile plans have been made to demolish Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, destroying any remaining physical evidence.

10:16 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

The AR15 is an assault rifle that shoots high velocity bullets at a high rate. These bullets do massive damage to internal organs, unlike higher caliber but lower velocity rounds.

1:17 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

No, the Parkland school shooting was not a conspiracy. It was just another fucked up incident in our gun crazy dysfunctional country.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

go ahead and ban AR-15s but they only shoot bullets as fast as one can pull the trigger, just like any other gun. a pistol's bullets actually do more damage due to their larger caliber and sometimes tumbling flight path.
the parkland shooter fool was wacked out on his anti-depressant drugs and since the media chose to leave that out it does indeed make it a conspiracy.

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

furthermore, even if an AR-15 is an assault rifle (many believe it is and many do not), assault rifles are already banned in most states which makes it impossible to obtain one, especially for a 19 y/o child struggling under the weight of anti-depressant meds.
unless that is, if the foster father who has taken you in is an agent with the FBI, as shooter cruz' is/was - which again, makes this entire affair somewhat of a conspiracy.

11:13 AM  

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