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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

World War Syria

Syria was already hell, and now it is even worse.

Tensions across northern Syria are escalating sharply amid a series of clashes between external and internal powers, including Israel, Iran, Turkey, Russia and the Syrian government.
On Saturday, Israel shot down what it says was an Iranian drone that had entered Israel’s airspace after being launched in Syria.
Israel then mounted an attack on an Iranian command center in Syria, from where the drone was launched. One of the Israeli F-16 military jets was then downed by a Syrian government anti-aircraft missile.
Meanwhile, also in northern Syria on Saturday, a Turkish Army helicopter was shot down by U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish YPG fighters near the Syrian Kurdish city of Afrin, where Turkey has launched a bombing and ground offensive.
All this comes as the United Nations is warning of soaring levels of civilian casualties in Syria.

And the US has at least 2,000 troops in Syria as well.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is trying to start a war with Iran, on top of the ramped up tensions with North Korea: Lawrence Wilkerson: I Helped Sell the False Choice of War with Iraq; It’s Happening Again with Iran


Anonymous Anonymous said...

""Meanwhile, the Trump administration is trying to start a war with Iran""

unlike the obama admin, the bush jr admin, the clinton admin and the bush sr. admin, all of whom merely tried to start a war with iran.
the nerve of trump! the unmitigated gall! how dare he!

the sooner david huggens jr. enters the fray the better.

2:27 PM  

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