Humint Events Online: "Trump's Latest Voter Suppression Plan Smells Dictatorial"

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

"Trump's Latest Voter Suppression Plan Smells Dictatorial"

From Charlie Pierce:
The noisy guy who went bananas on national television on Saturday night is just brimming with new ideas these days, each one of them worse than the last. You may not have noticed, but the way we conduct our elections in this country is crazier than the president* the last one produced. (snip)
President Trump would be able to dispatch Secret Service agents to polling places nationwide during a federal election, a vast expansion of executive authority, if a provision in a Homeland Security reauthorization bill remains intact.
The rider has prompted outrage from more than a dozen top elections officials around the country, including Secretary of State William F. Galvin of Massachusetts, a Democrat, who says he is worried that it could be used to intimidate voters and said, “This is worthy of a Third World country,” said Galvin in an interview. “I’m not going to tolerate people showing up to our polling places. I would not want to have federal agents showing up in largely Hispanic areas.”
Billy Galvin is a pol’s pol, old-school with a weather eye for electoral shenanigans. If he’s worried, the rest of us should be, too. The provision alarming him and others is a rider attached to legislation that would re-authorize the Department of Homeland Security.
The legislation already cleared the House of Representatives with bipartisan support. The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs didn’t include the measure in the version of the bill it approved this week, according to Ben Voelkel, a spokesman for Senator Ron Johnson, who chairs the Senate committee. The full Senate must still approve the bill, and then the two versions of the legislation would need to be reconciled before going to the president for approval.
“There is no discernible need for federal secret service agents to intrude, at the direction of the president, who may also be a candidate in that election, into thousands of citadels where democracy is enshrined,” according to a letter opposing the provision that was signed by 19 bipartisan secretaries of state and elections commissioners.
The letter — sent to the Senate’s majority leader, Mitch McConnell, and its minority leader, Charles Schumer, on Friday afternoon —requests that the Senate keep the Secret Service provision from the final legislation.
The elections officials described the proposal as “unprecedented and shocking.”
“This is an alarming proposal which raises the possibility that armed federal agents will be patrolling neighborhood precincts and vote centers,” according to the letter, which was obtained by the Globe.
Who in their right mind would give this vulgar talking yam [i.e. Trump] this kind of power? The guy won’t protect the national elections from Russian ratfcking but he’s willing to send DHS into (selected) voting precincts just to be sure the figments of his inflamed and paranoid imagination aren’t stealing his rightful place among the giants of history?
And the Secret Service isn’t wild about this, either. Under current law, the Secret Service can be stationed at a polling place to protect the president or other federal officials when voting. But they do not provide law enforcement. Catherine Milhoan, a spokeswoman for the Secret Service, said Saturday that her agency is seeking “clarifying language” to ensure agents can access polling places while protecting candidates.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

""Trump would be able to dispatch Secret Service agents to polling places nationwide during a federal election,""

secret service agents, really. i'm sure the secret service has enough on their plate already. the provision in this proposed bill would allow the DHS to show up at polling places to scoop up illegal immigrants.

i live in the biggest blue state of them all, california. our economy is so huge that we could, and should, tell the rest of yalls dust-bowl hill-billy toothless redneck MFs, east-coast northern yankee fag-dicks and gator-bowl queer-baits to collectively suck it.

we are literally drowning in illegal immigrants here and would welcome some federal assistance in this regard, but i can see how yalls might consider this to be a trump effort at voter suppression even though illegal immigrants are not supposed to be allowed to vote in the first place.

11:34 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

How are you "drowning" in illegal immigrants? Please give details on how you know they are illegal. Also how you know they are voting.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

drowning, as in great numbers of them milling about outside of home depots etc, hoping for work. i know there are great numbers of illegal immigrants because i am one of those who sometimes employ some of them and they have told me so.

it says right in that story that DHS would have authority to descend on polling places in mostly hispanic precincts. it also cites kansas as an example of "hundreds of non-citizens voting going back all the way to the '80s"

i don't see this proposed bill as "voter suppression" - what i do see is a foolish non-issue being used to denigrate trump when there are many legitimate reasons to condemn the fool; what about his unwavering support of israel and saudi arabia? what about his bombing of syria immediately after taking office? i'm sure there are many real issues.

oh and yet again with the "russian rat-fuckery of U.S. elections"
that would be comical if it weren't so idiotic. 2 years later and there is still no evidence presented to that effect. "russia hacked the election" - really, how? as if U.S. electoral process is connected to the www for any old simon bar sinister to meddle with. putin himself denied it while laughing about how stupid that is. really, why would russia care which crooked politico is uncle samuel's figure-head du-jour? frankly, if anyone was to rat fuck uncle samuel's election then it would be uncle samuel himself.
hillary lost because she is a crooked lying cunt and everybody knows it and voted accordingly.

10:20 AM  

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