Humint Events Online: Pentagon Lightpoles and a 9/11 Suspicious Death-- Chrisopher Landis

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pentagon Lightpoles and a 9/11 Suspicious Death-- Chrisopher Landis

I already had Landis in the Suspicious 9/11-Related Deaths blog. But just recently found this, which has more details:
We were lucky enough to obtain the entire high full resolution Ingersoll collection on our first trip to Arlington from Christopher (Kit) Landis at the VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation) who was the Operations Manager for Safety Service Patrol. He was in charge of road closures for road safety issues and potentially maintenance most notably of the light poles. We had specific questions for him regarding prior maintenance to the poles that were downed on 9/11 but he wasn't able to give us specific answers. He was notably nervous during our questions.
The VDOT takes care of all light pole maintenance as well and you can see me inspect the same style light poles that were downed on 9/11 in their yard here. These images will give you a perspective as to where the VDOT is in relation to the Pentagon and light poles which is where Christopher Landis worked and where I inspected the poles.
Getting the entire Ingersoll photo collection was a major score because there were some images we hadn't seen online and they were all the original super high resolution versions in order.
In an extremely strange and suspicious twist that we can only pray is a coincidence, about a week after we had obtained the CITGO witnesses testimony on film, Christopher Landis committed suicide. The obituary was published in the Washington post on November 16th 2006.
So this happened about 2.5 months after we met him and he gave us the images, and about a week after I was back there, had a tour of the VDOT again, and obtained the CITGO station witness interviews on camera. Coincidence? We can only hope so but he was a very young man with 4 young children (2 boys and 2 girls) and a great job. We definitely thought he was noticeably nervous when we talked with him.
So, presumably Landis knew something about the staging of the knocked down pentagon light poles.

Oddly, this 9/11 Anomaly site, which some nice stuff, has Landis listed as:
5. Christopher Landis. Was a motorist driving past the Pentagon when the cruise missile hit the building, he was first on the scene and to take photos of the Pentagon and surrounding debris.  The reports of what he saw were never published, his views were never aired. He was never seen by anyone again and a week later his body was found, he had apparently committed suicide.
I suspect this is just a mistake-- heresy-- but may be based on some obscure news piece. Obviously would be good if there was a link there, but there is not.

Lastly, though, I can't pass up the opportunity to note again how weird and absurd the Lloyde England light-pole into the taxi story is!


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