Humint Events Online: Daniel Lewin on Flight 11

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Daniel Lewin on Flight 11

One of the many many oddities of 9/11 was the initial report that Daniel Lewin, a passenger on flight 11, was shot with a gun by one of the hijackers. Then this story was retracted.

As this story points out, it is not clear why they changed the story. Was it too embarrassing to the FAA and to the airlines to admit there were guns on board?

Then there is this intriguing bit:
Born in Denver and raised in Israel, Lewin was a former member of the elite special forces of the Israeli Defense Force.

In light of new revelations about the surveillance of the alleged 9-11 hijackers by other Israeli military and intelligence operatives, Lewin’s presence on the plane, riding evidently one seat away from one of the hijackers, is significant indeed.

It does make you wonder.


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