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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Osama bin Asset?

In terms of understanding 9/11, there is obviously a lot of speculation about whether Osama bin Laden is still a US asset (clearly he WAS one back in the 1980's). Of course, it is impossible for me or anyone else outside the CIA to prove bin Laden is an active US asset.

However, my view is that bin Laden is under some sort of communication with the US-- almost certainly through the Pakistani ISI. And moreover I think it is highly likely the US can manipulate him to a certain extent-- note his recent appearance before the election.

My guesses about Osama bin Laden:

Does he have political grievances? Yes.

Does he want to kill Americans? Yes.

Is he dangerous? He is mostly as dangerous as we let him be.

That is-- if he wants to hijack airplanes and crash them into skyscrapers, he is only going to be able to do that if we help him.

If he wants to get a nuclear device and take out a US city, he is only going to be able to do that if we help him.

But wait-- doesn't the CIA want to kill bin Laden? What about Meet the Press a week back, where Russert interviewed the ex-CIA agent Michael Scheuer?*** (scroll down-- it is at the end.) Didn't Scheuer describe bin Laden as a sort of super-villian-- a "tremendously formidable enemy"? Didn't Scheuer talk about trying to "take out" bin Laden? Didn't Clinton try to take out bin Laden in 1998?

Yes, of course. They "tried", and failed. They "just missed" bin Laden (you have to wonder if he got some sort of tip-off about the attack). And they also failed to even TRY to take out bin Laden many times for various trivial reasons. It's almost like he wasn't THAT important to them -- even though he was even then an incredible menace according to them and now he is trying to get a nuclear bomb to attack the US.

So, I have to think the CIA is really playing a game with bin Laden. They make him into this brilliant terrorist mastermind, making him a great enemy of the US-- using him to scare the wits out of the US population. Then when it comes to getting him, they just seem to slack off.

But of course the Bush administration WANTS bin Laden as an enemy. They have benfitted tremendously from bin Laden. And there are the family connections between the Bushes and the bin Ladens. It's all quite a disgusting stew of duplicity and treason.

In "Welcome to Terrorland", towards the end, Hopsicker seems to be getting to the point that bin Laden is really a drug-dealer-- for opium. He even shows a picture of a pack of herion with bin Laden's name on it. But Hopsicker never really nails the point down or drives it home-- and it is one of the big disappointments of the book.

In any case, if there is one incontrovertible fact about the CIA is that they are involved in drug-smuggling and drug dealing on a massive scale. Michael Ruppert and many others have been writing for years on this point. So it does make sense that there is a common bond between the CIA and bin Laden that no one ever talks about publicly-- they are both drug smugglers.

Thus, the extent that the CIA keeps bin Laden around may very well have to do with how cooperative bin Laden is in keeping the opium supply running in Afghanistan. And one clear reason the CIA wanted the Taliban gone was that they were suppressing opium production very heavily. This is yet one more reason for why the 9/11 attacks were staged.

***The Scheuer interview is really remarkable on a few levels. On the one hand, it sounds like some sort of hard-hitting and brutally honest critique that cuts through some of the crap of politics (for instance he talks about not letting Israel have so much influence in the US). On the other hand, the interview is a fascinating mix of some things that are probably true with other things that are very certainly disinformation. One really needs to read the whole thing and just take in its breath-taking arrogance and overall truculence ("There is a great deal--and it's not very popular to say it--but there's a great deal of killing to be done"). The thing really made me cringe. The weirdest bit was Scheuer calling bin Laden "an admirable man."


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