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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Updated 9/11 Odds

Very little in this world is for certain, of course, and it is difficult to be absolutely certain of many aspects of 9/11. But there are parts of 9/11 of which I am more confident about what I think happened than other aspects.

The following are my current updated chances for various theories and stories about 9/11 (I note where I have significantly changed my odds for a particular occurrance):

1) Some officials in the US government had specific foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks: 100%

2) Some officials in the US government aided the hijackers at various points before 9/11: 99%

3) Some officials in the US government had a direct hand in carrying out the attacks: 90%

4) Flight 77 really crashed into the Pentagon: 2%

5) A Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon: 2%

6) There were pre-planted explosives at the WTC twin towers that caused the total collapses of the buildings: 99%

7) WTC7 was brought down by controlled demolition: 99%

8) Explosives were planted at the Pentagon to mimic a plane crash: 90%

9) no plane crashed in Shanksville: 95%

10) flight 11 did not hit WTC1: 95%

11) flight 175 did not hit WTC2: 95%

12) at least some videos and photos of the second hit were faked: 100%

13) Bush had some specific foreknowledge about what was going to happen on 9/11: 75%

14) The civil air defense (NORAD) response to the hijackings was distracted and/or disbaled by wargames being run on 9/11: 5% (I don't think there were real hijacked planes for NORAD to go after)

15) The 9/11 attacks did not involve any planes hitting buildings and were a massive deception perpetrated by a covert group within the government: 90%

16) There is a large cover-up about the 9/11 being maintained by the government: 100%

17) There is a large cover-up about the 9/11 being maintained at high levels by the media: 99%


Blogger Conspiracy Smasher said...

And how did you come to these precise figures? What equations did you use?

12:03 PM  
Blogger Sword of Truth said...

Wich software did you use to model these events and draw your conclusions; Doom 3 or The Sims 2: Hot Date?

12:33 PM  
Anonymous j said...

beat it morons

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are a sick bastard!

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chances that Spooked has every employed any kind of objective analytical reasoning when writing this blog: 0%

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Try and explain how the videos were "faked" to all the people who lost loved ones on those flights. If they didn't hit the buildings, where exactly did the planes go after they DIDN'T hit the World Trade Center? You have the right to decide for yourself who you think was responsible for 9/11, but do not make this some kind of joke for those who have been grieving since.

4:53 PM  

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