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Friday, February 09, 2007

The Official Flight 93 Crash Story Violates Laws of Momentum

Below is an official government photo of the flight 93 crash scene supposedly from 9/12/01. Northwards is to the top of the photo. "Wing" gashes are black marks in the middle of the photo; the central crater is not readily discerned but is between the two wing gashes. Burnt grass and burnt forest is to the south of the crater.

Government photo of the crater looking west along the length of the "wing" gashes. Note the unburnt grass on the right (on the northwards side of the crater).

Another view from a similar angle as in the photo above but further out near the tips of the "wing" gashes. Note the unburnt grass out here.

This aerial photo shows the "tail" scar on the left (northwards) side of the crater:

Diagram of the official crash scene (the top of the diagram is northwards) froma similar view as in the top photo:

Everyone should be able to agree about what I presented above. It is just a description of the crash scene using official photos as evidence.

Now keep in mind, NO LARGE PLANE DEBRIS was found on the ground around the Flight 93 crash site. By large, I mean no intact engines, tail sections, wing sections, no landing gear struts, no intact seats, no pieces of fuselage larger than a few feet across (and only two of these). None of the large debris seen in almost every other plane crash since 9/11.

OFFICIALLY, most of the plane went into the ground in the crater. The black boxes were supposedly found 15 or more feet below ground, along with most of the fuselage. Many people bought this story because there was no significant plane debris outside of the crater.

Again, this is the official story.

Now.. .we've never seen photos of the excavated crater showing the buried fuselage. The FBI says 95% of the plane was recovered, but we've never seen pictures of this recovered debris.

We've seen 3 pictures of "large" debris, two chunks of fuselage maybe 4 x 4 feet each, and a hunk of engine about 2 x 3 feet supposedly thrust into the ground by the crash. Two of these pieces of debris have signs of being planted, as I have noted before.

Nonetheless, let's try to understand what happened with this crash.

UA93 officially impacted the ground flying inverted at a 40 degree nose-down angle.

If the plane crashes into the ground such that it explodes and burrows into the ground, there should be a significant deflection of debris BACKWARDS (as well as other directions). Remember the video of the F4 crashing into the concrete wall. Much of the plane debris was deflected backwards. But for the flight 93 crash site, the grass wasn't even BURNT on the edge of the north side of the crater!

On the other hand, if the plane crashes and at the same time bounces off the ground, then debris would be flung mainly forward. But then there should be much more big debris.

An analogy here might be useful. Imagine a hose shooting a high-pressure stream of water on a hard flat surface, at a 40 degree angle. You can see the water primarily splashes forward. This is analogous to the plane crashing and the debris bouncing off the ground and spraying forward.

Now, imagine a hose shooting a high-pressure stream of water at a 40 degree angle into a shallow 40 degree divet in the ground, angled the same direction as the water. Now you should see that a lot of water is going to spray (deflect) backwards, back towards the hose. This is analogous to the plane crashing and burrowing into the ground and spraying debris backwards.

Physics, simple physics, says the official flight 93 crash story is just WRONG.

Something can't BOUNCE and BURROW at the same time.


Anonymous yellow jacket guy #18 said...

upside down no less.
i wonder. what would happen if a real 757 really hit the ground at that angle and speed?
it would be going so fast that the front of the fuselage would crumple like an aluminum beer can before even a single piece of it was scattered far and wide by the resulting giant explosion.
the little puff of smoke that the liar woman lied about capturing on her camera should be disregarded as the lie that was.
so. the engines would plow into the ground and the wings which contained all of the fuel would explode scattering pieces of aluminum far and wide.
the back of the fuselage behind the wings would still be crumpling like the beer can that it was at the same time that the giant explosion would be ripping it apart.

we see in the photos that the official crash site crater was still smoking ever so slightly and the yellow jacket guy squad had not even gotten their jackets on yet so they could not have picked up any significant amount of debris.
therefore the absence of 757 debris in the official photos of the official 757 crash site crater can only mean that the official govt/media account of this portion of the 9/11 fairytale was just that: a fairytale.

3:27 PM  
Blogger Killtown said...

And the forest was mostly burned AFTER 9/11!!!! That's why NONE of the video aerials taken on the evening of 9/11 pan over to that forest section, because it wasn't burned yet!

6:19 PM  
Blogger Democrat said...

Talking about that fake plume of smoke photo, this is a 2000lbs bomb strike.

Notice the plume ;)

5:27 PM  
Anonymous u-idiots said...

Sorry to disagree but a plane traveling at the speed it was traveling, with the internal weight ratio to air space, in addition to pounds of air pressure around the plane accumulated by increased speed at the angle of degree for this impact.
Nope. no debris would of shot back in the opposite direction of the plane crash when it was buried.

The Government is not trying to cover anything, let some people rest in peace! Have some dignity for others if not yourself.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous comprar yate said...

Surely, the guy is totally just.

12:17 PM  

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