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Friday, July 27, 2007

Tillman Cover-Up


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent articles, Spooked. Welcome back.

This article on Tillman's murder is the usual limited hangout. I will close with a less spun article on Tillman's murder.
But let us first chronologically trace the history of his death.

First: 1. He was claimed to have been killed by enemy forces. A great martyr for the regime's perennial war against Al-CIA-duh and "terre-ism."
Next: 2. He was accidentally killed by "friendly fire." The cat is coming out of the bag.
Next: 3. Your post today, with the following limited hangout. He may have been killed deliberately, by one of his own troops because he was a naughty commander, and screamed/insulted one of them. Here now is what I am going to call "unfriendly-friendly fire"!

The cat is completely out of the bag, but is painted a false color. His real colors are being hidden by the highest levels of the murderers.
Finally: 4. This following article removes much of the false color to reveal much of the truth.

Tillman's own brother has detailed that Pat Tillman was going to speak out against the entire War against Al-CIA-Duh and [fake] terrorism. The regime, at the very highest levels would not tolerate their "poster boy" turned 911 truther or anti-"war against terrorism", anti-regime advocate.

The PTB will desperately try to keep step 4 hidden. They may end up being stuck with step 3 and may decide to prosecute, or "suicide", etc. his immediate killer. Eliminate all the witnesses in one way or another--to hide the "ultimate truth" of this conspiracy.

Stay tuned. Tillman's mother, and brother will not be shut up. They are well aware it is step 4 that occurred.

Anonymous Physicist

3:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... much of the truth did he uncover before he was murdered?

he was just a soldier, what kind of truths could he possibly have uncovered? they have limited access to internet etc over in afghanistan.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"""According to Daily Kos, Wesley Clark appeared on Keith Olbermann's Countdown last night and stated that "the orders came from the very top" to murder Tillman as he was a political symbol and his opposition to the war in Iraq would have rallied the population around supporting immediate withdrawal."""

so wesley clark said that on TV.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Rob said...

@ 10:09 anonymous

he was just a soldier, what kind of truths could he possibly have uncovered? they have limited access to internet etc over in afghanistan.

He was much more than just your average soldier, he was a Ranger (like I was in the late 80's & early 90's). And he thought for himself (which is the reason he was executed).

First off, the training is FAR more intense & in depth than "regular" troops receive.

Not even to mention the fact that you need to have a "SECRET" level clearance as a Ranger.

As well as the fact Rangers (as well as other Elite forces under the Special Operations Command) fight in conflicts that the general public never hears about.'s safe to say Rangers like Pat Tillman are no ordinary soldiers. ;-)

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Rob said...


...and he didn't need internet access
to see what the American Sheeple were being told, and what he was seeing with his own eyes on the ground were two very different things.

He quickly realized the horrible deception the Mass Murders that inhabit our White House had perpetrated against the American public (and the World), and was prepared to blow the whistle.

For that he was killed.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tillman might've been adept at thinking for himself but he spent the entire time after 9/11 ensconced in his training and then fighting and following orders.
ranger or not, he would surely not be privvy to any 9/11 secrets.
he would know nothing about 9/11 other than intuitively realizing it was an obvious inside job. again, because he would have limited internet access.
i doubt if he was killed because he knew any secrets about 9/11.
the reason for his (obvious) execution must be as basic as his intention to speak out against the illegal wars.
i agree with AP; can't have the poster boy going against the grain.

8:28 PM  

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