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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lots of Oil, Lots of Gas


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note the Haitian Uranium deposits in the first link.

This is similar to an article I found about Uranium deposits in Nigeria. Is someone creating these "hotspots" for a nuclear purpose?

Is the real "Peak" in Uranium--not oil--deposits?

Anonymous Physicist

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Curly Shuffle

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The US Supreme Court has just ruled that in the interest of freedom of speech,
corporations ought to be allowed to make unlimited donations to political campaigns.
The Court also ruled that corporations should not be prohibited from directly sponsoring
political advertisements.

With this ruling, corporations can now easily buy members of Congress

2:43 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

"With this ruling, corporations can now easily buy members of Congress"

is this really a change????

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything since 9/11/01 has had only one change. All the illegal and unconstitutonal acts and "laws" were ongoing long before that--just became more blatant, and claimed to be "legal" since then.


8:09 AM  
Blogger engineer said...

"Peak Oil" has zero validity. Totally illogical. A trace of oil shortage (fake) launches a proportional, long overdue, development of alternative sources (unlimited, without war). (Huge earth, social, benefits, 40 years overdue.) They are caught in a bind. Price incease, use shoots down (huge! pad), as AP points out.

What if the natural flow of technology in alternative sources had been allowed to occur? Oil would still be competitive as a lubrication and most of the oil under the earth withing the US would still be there (and everywhere else). No one would give a shit about waring over it, for sure. Spare the whales.

So the Arabs are still nomads in their tents. No really ugly Dubai.

Any hint of a "peak oil" phenomenon is just what the worlds needs.

Please bring on a hint of Peak Oil with an increase fossil fuel prices.

All about market forces, right?

We thought the "truck" exemptions on fuel standards would go away when Clinton got selected. It went the other way. We got Operation Desert Fox, instead.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Peter Pnin said...

Hey spooked,

That article is a complete fraud.

Daniel Mathurin cited as the "scientist" making the claim that Haiti has more oil than Venezuela also believes that asteroids are bound for Haiti and he has invented anuclear reactor to deflcet them.

Don,t believe me?

see this:

And I'll leave you with a story about the good doctor:

"The researchers Daniel and Ginette Mathurin announce that a world cataclysm will involve durable modifications in the life of the inhabitants of the earth. Intervening at the heading "Invited of the day" of radio Metropolis, Doctor Daniel Mathurin affirms that a crisis without precedent implying the parameters Energie, Climat and Demography will begin about 2010 and will reach its apogee about 2040.
He supports that in 3 years a climatic catastrophe is envisaged because of the effect of greenhouse (CO2 excess in the atmosphere) which will accentuate the reheating of planet.
The major consequences are the food chain breakage marinates (because of the reduction in the acidity of the oceans) and the cast iron of the glaciers (involving a rupture in the terrestrial food chain) indicates him, specifying that these changes will push 300 million climatic refugees towards the Caribbean.
Questioned on the current situation, Doctor Mathurin affirms that already the climatic changes are done at insupportable intervals explaining why the level of the oceans goes up more quickly than envisaged
"It acts of a situation very serious, the changes are very visible in several areas; in Alaska there is not practically more snow whereas beaches appeared ", supports - it specifying that in Haiti one notes a disordered state in the cycle of the seasons.
It affirms that the climatic changes will not have great consequences on Haiti which is a mountainous country making state however small floods in certain areas. It indicates that the countries of Caribbean will not be touched by these changes (exception of the Bahamas and Cuba) and will be able to accomodate the 300 million climatic refugees coming from North America and Europe.
Ginette Mathurin recalls that civilizations disappeared at the time of cataclysm which re-appeared in cycles explaining why the Bahamas 15 thousand years ago were an island larger than Cuba "fossil energy used is polluting and decreases the life of the human beings and the life of the ground", explains such.
For Doctor Daniel Mathurin the Haitian authorities must set up a plan so that Haiti can draw from the economic advantages of the arrival of these rich refugees coming from the North of Europe.
Moreover it announces the end of world oil stocks for 2040 underlining Haiti primarily has an important hydrocarbon layer in the West and the Central Plate "the stock of oil reserve of Haiti east 5 times larger than that of Venezuela", supports - it specifying that the government has precise information on these layers.
Questioned on the behavior that the citizens must adopt vis-a-vis with these announced cataclysms, Daniel Mathurin declares that it "is too late to panic it should be believed that the miracles of God are in?uvre each day".

10:59 PM  

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