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Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Ultimate Truth of the Assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

By The Anonymous Physicist

On this anniversary of the assassination of peaceful, non-violence change and Civil Rights advocate, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, by the American Gestapo regime, I will reveal the ultimate truths of this to you here. If you are new to these matters, please post this far and wide. So few Americans know the truth of the murder of Dr. King, and crucial related matters.

Much of the ultimate truth, that is known so far, of the assassination of Dr., King, comes to us through the 3-4 decades of efforts by Wlliam F. Pepper. Pepper began as a photo-journalist, and then became an attorney practicing in the U.K., and the U.S. Pepper’s article in the January 1967 Ramparts magazine — complete with vivid photos — of the killing of children in Vietnam, via napalm and other horrific means, by the American war machine was read/seen by Dr. King. By April 4, 1967, King decided to publicly speak out against the Vietnam war, for the first time, even though he knew it would likely cost him his life, and that other Civil Rights leaders would desert him, which they did. On April 4, 1967 before a large audience in the Riverside Church in Harlem, he gave a great speech. Though almost never officially cited by a corrupt, lackey media; this is likely King’s greatest speech. It is available to download. In this speech he called the United States “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.” Please listen here:

On April 4, 1968, King was assassinated. This was one year to the day of his first anti-Vietnam War speech; and a clear cut message that if you try to hinder or stop the war machine, you will soon be dead.

Pepper and King had become friends, after King was influenced by Pepper’s Vietnam photo-journalism. Some time after King’s assassination, the King family asked Pepper to get at the truth of the murder, knowing full well that the American regime was responsible. Pepper has his 3-4 decades of work towards naming his friend’s murderers is detailed in two remarkable books. These are “Orders to Kill: The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King” and “An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King.” These especially the later book, Act of State, are crucial Conspiracy Fact reading. Just as with the civil libel Appeals trial of JFK assassin/CIA agent Eduardo Howard Hunt, and the suit of Dallas Dr. Charles Crenshaw against the Journal of the AMA, few Americans know that juries of their peers have ruled, in effect, that the American federal regime did kill both President Kennedy and Rev. Martin Luther King. So my research has revealed three such almost unknown trials, and indeed even in the Garrison trial of Clay Shaw, aka Clay Bertrand, the jury believed that the federal regime was involved but could not rule against Shaw himself with 100% certainty, due to sabotage by the judge. But later, Victor Marchetti, former assistant to future CIA director, and JFK assassin, Richard Helms, admitted to Marchetti, that Shaw was indeed a CIA contract agent. The MSM has avoided mention of these trials and their outcomes, and of jurors’ statements, in all four trials, at all costs.

Pepper became James Earl Ray’s attorney, in conjunction with the King family, after it became clear to Ray and the King family, that the earlier lawyers were likely agents of the federal regime. The King family knew that Ray was completely innocent in the killing of Dr. King. Pepper’s books contain unique details of the assassination itself, King’s murderers, and with the numerous trials his efforts led to. The culmination was a civil trial whereby the jury and judge found that James Early Ray was innocent, but Ray had died by then in custody. Pepper details how he uncovered that the murderers and co-conspirators included U.S. Army intelligence snipers, Green Berets, FBI, CIA, Memphis Police, and the Mafia (hirelings of the U.S. govt). One source I have read had eyewitness testimony that agents of all these agencies met in one room to discuss their coming actions on April 4, 1968. Pepper even traces one federal perp to the Dallas scene of the assassination of President Kennedy. The extensive surveillance of Dr. King is detailed, along with how several of his own trusted entourage of fellow ministers were agents of the federal regime! King’s manipulation to the motel room where he would be killed outside of, and the shutting down of the phone in that room after the shooting are detailed. The book details how James Earl Ray was found and manipulated to be the unknowing patsy, and was then railroaded. Pepper became Ray’s attorney officially in 1978, and remained as such (through his estate) even after Ray’s death in 1998.

The events of the assassination that Pepper reveals include the following. Dr. King’s usual Memphis police liason/body guard (Afro-American) cop was called off, that day and “replaced.” Army intelligence snipers and Green Beret have admitted their presence and involvement, from even several miles away with special sniper rifles. Others documented to be involved were the Memphis Police, the FBI, and the CIA. Just after the assassination, at the scene, an eyewitness saw Rev. Jesse Jackson bend down and reach into his bag and pull out a cell phone. The only problem was that this was 1968, and the only ones who had this advanced technology… well I trust you understand what I am saying here. When Jackson saw that he was seen with this device, he then put it back in his bag. Other ministers with Dr. King also have been implicated and are named.

Continuing now with little known revelations, Pepper has detailed his knowledge of the intertwined plans of King and Senator Bobby Kennedy. Kennedy had begun to communicate with New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, and was beginning to publicly own up to what he knew from the beginning—the federal regime had killed his brother, the President. Few know that Bobby Kennedy had asked Dr. King to be his Vice-President after he would win the Democratic primaries. For his part, Dr. King had changed, and was planning a major return to Washington D.C. This one was going to be different than the march/gathering in 1963. King was planning millions to come to D.C.; but this time they would stay and not leave until Congress ended the war, and performed other duties that indicated they were now acting in the interests of the people. This was at a time when Defense Secretary McNamara said, in effect, that he was deeply worried upon seeing a large march to the Pentagon that the U.S. did not have enough troops in the U.S. — they were in Vietnam -- to stop the people from effecting change. BTW, watch carefully whenever McNamara is queried on President Kennedy. He always immediately flashes a broad smile upon the very mention of the name of JFK. This is a CIA technique perps train with, so as to not show their real emotions (guilt, fear, ertc.) of those involved in the assassination.

In the civil trial, Pepper brought about, the jury and judge found that James Earl Ray did not kill Rev. King, and that a local hood, Lloyd Jowers, and numerous co-conspirators, did. Ray had died supposedly of “kidney disease, caused by Hepatitis C probably contracted as a result of a blood transfusion given after a stabbing while at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary.” (From wikipedia, that bastion of truth.) Pepper details the efforts the federal regime went to, to try to kill Ray. When a Tennessee governor found out that a planned transfer of Ray was going to get Ray killed by federal perps, the governor called off the transfer. That Tennessee governor then soon found himself charged with federal crimes by the FBI and was railroaded off to jail himself. So even a Governor who tries to do good, gets the Gestapo treatment in this Gestapo-land.

There are some youtube videos of William Pepper speaking about some of these matters such as here,, but there is no substitute for reading books such as Pepper’s. The youtube video linked here ends with relevance for the “911truth” movement itself. Pepper warns that this movement too will be infiltrated by federal agents and will be discredited. I, of course, have also made it clear from my first writings herein that it that virtually all 911truth forums are run by British or American intel agents desperately trying to hide the ultimate truth of 911 — that the WTC was destroyed by American nuclear weapons, and that the China Syndrome resulted. Virtually all inserted, “high level” 911truthers are working for the American or British intel agencies. This, includes the ludicrous hangouts of “DEW” and thermite/thermate.

Of course, if Rev. King had become President, or lead a revolution, America and the world might be a very different place. You have learned here however that Afro-American leaders politically inserted after Dr. King’s murder are all likely federal intel agents. Including those who might be President. One of the very few Conspiracy Experts who was not an intel agent, Sherman Skolnick, had, for years, run articles on Obama’s ties to the intel agencies, and organized crime.

Dr. King’s murder by the American Gestapo regime showed that peaceful, non-violence against murderers and mass murderers is not likely to work in the country that was, and is, “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.” (originally posted April 4th, 2008)


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