Humint Events Online: 110 Massive Floor Slabs-- Gone with Nary a Trace

Thursday, September 09, 2010

110 Massive Floor Slabs-- Gone with Nary a Trace

I know this has been pointed out before here, and by others. But still, to me, this is incredibly striking evidence of demolition.

What do we see in the picture above? Lots of the outer skeleton of the tower, several gigantic core columns, lots of small shards of iron, lots of nondescript chunks of debris.

What is missing? Anything that is clearly from the inside of the tower-- including 110 huge floor slabs of concrete and iron supports. Sure, maybe many of them were ground into small pieces by the other pieces, and maybe many of them are neatly stacked up in the footprint of the tower. But seriously-- 110 massive floor slabs completely demolished or hidden on the bottom of the pile? It's absurd.

While some have gone so far as to say the towers were empty-- cleaned out before 9/11-- the more obvious explanation is devastatingly efficient demolition wiping out the inside, non-metal components of the towers-- and in fact, even many of the major iron components.

Of course, the most likely explanation for that devastatingly efficient demolition is many small nuclear bombs.

Oh wouldn't it be good if these simple truths could gain some traction in this crazy world?


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