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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Broken Records

It's somewhat depressing, though not too surprising, how many old links on this blog relating to 9/11 are broken. In a few cases, things I've posted here are the only real record of some of these findings on the net.

Case in point are these old posts on Devin Clark-- here and here. The second one is particularly striking to me, where Clark seemingly admits the videos are fake, and though the Pumpitout link of the interview still works, you can't find it through google or easily through the Pumpitout site.

Adding... after listening to the interview again, the Clark guy still sounds like a total perp. He gives a bunch of bullshit about not caring who did 9/11, is friends with people who put out a 9/11 conspiracy movie, admits that the videos were fake, says he could have easily faked them himself, says he gave his 2nd hit video to CNN but has a weak story... and Jeff Hill lets him off with "Take care" at the end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I went to your first link.
And while it says "URL not found",
other files at his site work.

In particular, his bio file says it all!!

And I quote:

"Devin Clark has a passion for telling stories, and the stranger the better.... He is presently acting as producer/director on his original animated TV series, Ugly Americans, for Comedy Central."

"a passion for telling stories, and the stranger the better"

MITOP to the nth degree.


12:26 PM  

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