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Monday, September 06, 2010

Educated Deniers of 9/11 Inside Jobbery

I really don't mind much people who don't know the overwhelming evidence for 9/11 being an inside job because they are too stressed out with making a living, raising kids, too busy working, too poor to own a computer, or illiterate, etc. These people have an excuse. I can also understand people who realize there was a massive conspiracy, but who feel powerless to do anything about it.

What REALLY bugs me are the educated fucks like here, who write for or read the NYTimes, and have their heads totally in the sand. Granted, some of these people commenting are undoubtedly intel agents, but it's hard to believe all of them are. Plus, I have met a fair number of "educated" folks whose belief system won't allow them to consider a large secret conspiracy.

What drives me crazy are the people who rule out a conspiracy, a priori, without even looking at the evidence in detail. What can you even do with these people?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel the same frustration. I have been traveling and have had the opportunity to speak with many people who are unable, incapable, of seeing---it.
I went to a college in the '70's that had a large military/cia/corporate presence where a false flag psyop was openly discussed in order to rally the resources of the country to go after securing post peak oil resources.
(Even Condo Rice got her Master's degree there--but that is a different story).
The main point I want to make is this: In behavioral psychology I learned that if an image can be presented to a person, even if it is an illusion, a false image, and at the same time a strong affect or emotional feeling can be generated, the image, however false it might be, will be forever blazoned into the person's soul. The emotional charge everyone felt was from the broadcasts, the feeling of being attacked, the empathy people felt for the jumpers, the people trapped on the planes and in the buildings. This emotion is probably one of the most important pieces of engineering done on that day. This science of propaganda has been studied for a long time, and I think, was planned for a long time to get the results we are observing right now.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY Times has been, at least since '73, nothing but a Zionist Rag.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Setting aside whether one believes the insidey-ness of 9/11 for a moment, I have never understood, coming on 8 years now, the unbounded, excessive vitriol that surfaces when one simply asks a question. Well, what IF it WAS an inside-job? Anytime I've ever asked that of anyone, the response is almost the same as though I'd set their hair on fire. I just don't get it. What's WRONG with asking? Wait, this last question is rhetorical.

The truth is, for me anyway, is that I will never know. Someone knows something, they're just not telling.

I am a deeply spiritual person, and my God is my strength and redeemer. But I respect that others don't share my view. And I understand completely why religion is totally off-putting. Having said that, I do believe that He is the ultimate holder of truth, and consequently He is the final judge as to evil in the end. That brings me peace.

God speed on your continued efforts here. This is a great blog.

2:57 AM  
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