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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Deep Thought of the Day

The real and rising outrage against airport screening madness* may yet expose the war on terror for the massive fraud that it is.

*Note the 11 (TSA threatening an $11,000 fine)

Check out the American Gestapo here:

Just disgusting and outrageous.

See also:

(check out Chernoff with the snake)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good videos to see.

Thanks for posting, Spooked.

If only more Americans knew that the only "terrorists" is the American Gestapo regime itself--the actual perpetraitors of 9/11--maybe they'd take real action.

It does seem like the Op is to get Americans to
1. Not fly, perhaps especially out of the country.
2. Get used to the Gestapo doing whatever they want, whenever they want, under the usual ruse of "national security."
3. Feel helpless and never fight back.
4. Wait forever for a bogus Congress or bogus Court system to do something they never will--restore or create a democracy.

Everyone needs to learn that 9/11 was the American regime nuking its own largest city, and it created the China Syndrome which then poisoned thousands of responders and millions of NY residents.


12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the really interesting question to me is why are the PTB directing the MSM to play this up?

Is a planned pull back on these gestapo tactics in play? All the while more sinister actions are carried out and enacted?

Bottom line is that if the PTB didn't want this aired, it wouldn't be, just as there are probably much worse incidents not aired.

So what is their Op-plan here? Is it the above? Or what?


2:19 PM  

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