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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New JFK Assassination Movie-- "Legacy of Secrecy"

Oooh, how exciting, Hollywood is making a new JFK Assassination movie!

...and it is a total limited hangout piece of shit.

Ooooh, the MAFIA did it:

Hartmann and Waldron-- what a couple of lameass intel fucks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, thank AP for his piece.
I don't think H and W are intel, they just came in wanting to believe something and simply put pieces together to fit the argument.
Jfk and the Unspeakable far superior story.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good that you stated those 2 are intel-run, as I am sure they are. Indeed I have written here that the site is run out of London (MI6). And so while purporting to expose conspiracies, will ALWAYS have limited hangouts and gatekeeping for all important matters in all their videos.

But why post a lying video of a now ancient L.H.? Why don't you post more truthful videos instead of showing this kind of thing?

Post a Z-fim showing the driver do it, some with audio having the driver's rounds going off. You've also got video of Asst Press Sect. Kilduff's Dallas Press Conference pointing to above his right eyebrow for where JFK;s entry wound was, and given that JFK was half turned toward Jackie at the moment of the fatal shot, that right eyebrow entry could only have been made by Greer--and NOT from the Grassy Knoll. As well all the people right there who stated, even to the WC, that they saw Greer do it, as is in the link having Fred Newcombe's unpublished book excerpts. And the video showing the agent in charge in the limo detail pulling off the JFK limo, the 2 back agents as they leave the airport--even stranding one crucial agent!

It is clear who did the Assassination--and it is not (just) the CIA! Whole regime was in on it, because whole regime is run by the secret societies out of London and Rome.

Whole Govt was in on the cover-up after the fact, but more importantly--just as with 9/11, there were people in the military and even the Secret Service--and indeed even Oswald went to the FBI warning about something and the record was destroyed--BEFORE the Assassination that it was about to happen. They were prevented from interfering with the impending Assassination, by the FBI, the Pentagon, higher-ups in the Secret Service, etc.

But when enough people first saw the Z film in 1975 on ABC, courtesy of Geraldo Rivera, the "Oswald did it" claptrap became untenable according to the Laws of Physics (Conservation of Momentum), so the first hangout of the "Mafia did it" was put out, and ever since by intel stooges, via books, etc.

Only the regime itself could have done it and prevented a real investigation and prosecution, and controlled the entire media--because, again, the media are intel agents/assets.

Note that that BS interview also contains another L.H.--Cubans (Castro) did it.

Nothing new here though. Even with the Lincoln assassination, Booth knew the top secret password for the bridge at the Potomac that was supposedly only known to the top generals in the Army, and the Secretary of War.

And innocent patsies were blamed and hung for that one too. After being held incommunicado and tortured and denied a lawyer. So people don't realize that our "Constitutional rights" have always been violated by this fake Govt. They just don't hide it anymore.

And yes a new Lincoln, Ass'n movie is coming out soon too! By "liberal" Robert Redford, so you can bet it won't show that Booth was not the one burned alive in the barn, and he lived for decades afterwards, and that much of the regime was in on it, and it was run by London and Rome. (Sorry no Mossad then, damn.) Same secret societies ran that Op, and all recent ones too.

Nothing ever changes, it seems--at least not in the USA. Land where some brainwashed idiots still think they have "constitutional rights" because they haven't YET directly been killed or assaulted or poisoned by the gestapo regime.

Jefferson said it was needed every 20 years or so. Long overdue now. 200 years overdue. Revolution... Total slaves did it in Haiti. Defeated all the world's top evil powers--Spain, France, Britain. There are so few of "them" in reality.

Anonymous Physicist

12:34 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

I only posted this in reference to the new movie, which seems depressingly worse than previous movies on the event, in terms of truth. It seems Hollywood is going backwards on JFK.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK. Thanks.

I guess you are right to warn people about this BS movie, ahead of time.

TVland--with the Peter Jennings special a few years ago also proclaimed they had a shocking recent finding at the end of the show. Surprise! Oswald alone did it.

Even though it is physically impossible, and there is no evidence of that, and all evidence is against it.

Official policy of the "Executive Branch" [read Executor Branch] is that Oswald alone did it, despite the conclusion of the House Assassinations Committee.

So it shows who is involved in making such movies. The intel agencies and the secret societies.

It may be more interesting to see if there is a grain of truth in the upcoming Lincoln conspiracy movie, made by Redford and Co.

Is 150 years long enough for the PTB to allow a grain of truth in that assassination?

And very few even know that before Lincoln, President Harrison was poisoned for speaking out against the secret societies out of London and Rome. People then knew who was in charge, but apparently couldn't stop it.

See some Skolnick here:

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


To follow up your warning, it seems that the DiCaprio movie--to be made by him and his comic book artist father--is timed to come out in 2013 during the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination.

So the PTB are gonna go apeshit at that time with the lies. That movie is about "Mafia godfather Marcello did it." One of the first hangouts after the Oswald alone did it hangout was exposed.

And ludicrous--see the above. Though perps like Frank Sturgis was both Mafia and CIA. Indeed that is also true of none other than Jack Ruby. And Ruby (then Rubenstein) was a union assassin for Al Capone in the day. Records show he also briefly worked for none other than young Congressman R.M. Nixon in 1947.

That the Mafia is also at the bottom of the totem pole--NOT the top--is evidenced by the murder of top Mafia Godfather Sam Giancana, just before he was to be called before the House Assassinations Committee in the 70's. Apparently the real perps didn't even want him to appear and take the 5th. Or chance that he would name his intel agency and secret society masters!

But I have tried here to expose the common Op of trying to divert the masses with promulgating the bottom of the totem pole as the top. Indeed those at the bottom of the totem pole are often brought in SOLELY to LATER be promulgated as the top doers.

With all the bogus "conspiracy experts" [read intel agents/assets] promoting the bottom as the top, if people don't buy the usually ludicrous "official govt story."

I am sure some in 2013 will also promote the "rogue CIA elements" hangout as well.

The entire U.S. regime is controlled by "London, Rome and beyond."

See my books, if new to this.

Anonymous Physicist

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall said...

I don't understand why every generation has to "prove" who killed JFK. All existing evidence demonstrates conclusively the assassination conspiracy originated with the Joint Chiefs - and was financed by a bunch of NASA and defense contractors and oil execs. This is what French intelligence concluded in 1965. And New Orleans DA Jim Garrison validated in his 1967 grand jury investigation - by interviewing all the witnesses that were still alive - including Manuel Gonzales, the sharpshooter who fired from the grassy knoll. And the House Committee on Assassination proved all over again in 1978 and Oliver Stone in his 1992 movie JFK.

What makes me sick is that all this material is in the public domain - available from most public libraries. I write about this - and how my life changed totally after making the acquaintance of a JFK assassinaiton witness - in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE ( I currently live in exile in New Zealand.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We appreciate people outing themselves here.

Total dupes, or agents/assets always make fools of themselves.

The Z-film clearly shows JFK's body going nearly straight back from Greer's shot. And with the audio added, further proves that Greer fired twice, first hitting Connolly, the blowing Kennedy's head half off, making Jackie try to jump off.

Jackie knew the least safe place in the world was to remain in the car!! And tried to jump off, after it had accelerated to great speed. (How's that Langley, London and Rome?)

At the point in the route that the limo was, the Grassy Knoll shooter is almost perpendicular to JFK. If a shooter from there hit JFK, he would have been slammed almost DIRECTLY into Jackie on his left, instead of going nearly straight back. Indeed he may be going a bit back and to his right, and by Newton's 3rd Law, THEN has a slight vector component to the left when bouncing off the back, so as to THEN slump over to his left.

But they just never stop trying.

Shame on you. No matter how clever (or the opposite) the dupe or the controller. It is useless.

But the above just shows how they monitor this small site, and throw out new detritus whenever the truth of who killed our last President is promulgated. Likewise stupid, simplistic crap is promulgated for the reasons why.

More idiocy when citing the House Committee particulars. What a joke. The history of that Committee is clear. Its first attorney and Chairman (Henry Gonzalez) were railroaded off of it, and replaced by CIA stooges. So their conclusions, other than that there was a conspiracy based on the audio tape of more than one shooter, is ludicrous.

Also so disgusting to see a creature post detritus here when so many times all the eyewitnesses stating THEY SAW GREER DO IT has been posted here as well as being visible in the Z-film.

I will not re-post all this here and may not even reply further to this entity. They have infinite patience, funds, # of assets or dupes etc. I do not.

Pure intel crap, as usual. They show that on the anniversary, the agencies go into overdrive in monitoring even small websites, not wanting a single word of truth to go out, even nearly 50 years later. Showing how important it is to reiterate that Greer and the entire Gestapo regime did it.

And New Zealand is run by MI6. Someone against the NWO would not last long there.

But great long-term L.H.--"congrats" to you.

But not worth my time further. I am too ill from what the fucks did to me for exposing the ultimate truth of who killed Kennedy.

2:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note the # of pages in her book--336--naturally. The 6 is of course 3+ 3, so it even a form of the mcuh coveted double 33.

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RT is run out of Washington, most of the presenters are American.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From January 2012

Did Greer do it? I believe if you pay very close attention to the Z-film, you will see that what looks like a handgun is actually the bald spot of co-agent Kellerman reflected by the sun.

3:05 AM  

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