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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Ultimate Truth of the Kennedy Assassination

by The Anonymous Physicist

President Kennedy fought to rein in the warmongers, the covert-operators, the elite enslavers and so much more. He had taken steps to smash the Federal Reserve Bank, and created “U.S. Notes.” He had refused to go to war in Laos, and Vietnam (See “JFK and Vietnam” by John Newman or see the “Stars and Stripes” Newspaper for October, 1963 on bringing all the “advisors” home beginning in late 1963.) He had refused to invade Cuba during the Missile Crisis or to start the Big One. He refused to allow the Pentagon to do their Project Northwoods. He promised “Peace not just in our time, but for all time.” Listen to this. He promised Senator Mansfield that “after I am re-elected I will smash the CIA into a thousand pieces, and scatter them to the wind.” Noel Twyman’s book, “Bloody Treason”, even describes how— far beyond Northwood, and not reported— the Joint Chiefs pressured him to launch a “pre-emptive, full nuclear strike against the Soviet Union and China.” Because “with approaching nuclear parity we won’t be able to get away with it soon.” He even wanted to release information on who might be here and in charge of everything. The regime’s disinfo agents continue to lie with ubiquity about all these things. The dead man, and his brother Robert, can’t defend themselves. The so-called Warren Commission (WC) was composed primarily of his murderers or those beholden to them. The fatal “head shot from behind” has already been detailed here as both physically impossible, and contraindicated by all the treating physicians and the asst press secretary. Likewise the “magic bullet” theory from WC attorney and now-Senator, Arlen Spector, hitting five bones in two people and hanging out in midair for a second and a half and making turns without forces acting on it, and of course not being deformed, is laughably, physically impossible. This is equivalent to 911 with the 911 OC’s theory of gravity, in this instance “magically” exploding outward as well as downward, at that time.

On the internet’s many alleged truth sites, one can see some proclaim that “Kennedy’s assassination has nothing to do with today’s world” or that they flat out don’t care, or they believe the Warren Commission (while trying to proclaim that they don’t believe the 911 Commission). Of course, the simple truth is he was killed precisely so we would end up with this country in its present state of blatent fascism, world domination, world mass-murder, and perennial war. Some of the disinfo agents in the 911 field are the same disinfo people from the JFK ass’n field. From the very moment of the assassination to the present time, a whole industry of bogus investigations, books, authors, articles, museums, conferences, websites, etc, was created. The analogies with 911 are clear. Regarding Kennedy, for people that could see and think and rejected the impossible Oswald patsy story— Oswald himself being a CIA/ONI agent framed/murdered by his govt— there would be the unfolding Babel that it was done by the Mafia, Cuba/Castro, Johnson, Grassy Knoll, Israelis, etc. [Just as 911 has the official planes/fuel/pancaking theory, followed by disinfo theories of thermite and DEW—to hide the ultimate truth of nukes]. Jackie and everyone there saw and/or heard who fired the head shot, as this article and never-published book demonstrate. Even SS (Secret Service) agent Clint Hill, one of only a few SS agents not in on the plot, said to the WC that the fatal head shot did not come from a rifle. He said it was: “like the sound of shooting a revolver into something hard.

In the Parkland Hospital O.R., only Agent Hill had his own revolver out and cocked the whole time! He knew Kennedy’s murderers were right there. See the books by Dr. Charles Crenshaw. There are some eye-openers therein. It has come out, elsewhere, that initially the FBI interrogated SS agents William Greer (driver) and Roy Kellerman (passenger side) for Kennedy’s murder. Perhaps the FBI attempted an arrest then (before Hoover called them off), because Crenshaw’s books detail how a SS agent knocked out an FBI agent with the butt of his machine gun— not used, of course, during the assassination.

Now I have seen over 20 different versions of the Zapruder film. I have already detailed how initially the regime forbade release of it, and printed reversed frames in Life Magazine; and likewise got cub reporter Dan Rather to proclaim Kennedy went forward in the limo from the fatal head shot. While the Zapruder film is heavily (and primitively) doctored, when released, it clearly shows Kennedy being slammed back in the limo, and then limply bouncing off the back seat and over to the left—after the slam backwards. If Kennedy had been hit from the right, he would have slammed into Jackie whose head was just to the left of his head. Also numerous witnesses detailed how Greer brought the limo to a complete halt, despite the film showing a steady speed of 10 mph or so. The film was duped onto the moving background of a version of itself. (No CGI then.) Twyman’s book (and many others) detail how there are numerous missing frames which accounts for his proof that Greer turns back to the front 2-3x faster than any other human could. Zapruder (Z) frames printed in the “Globe” showed smoke/exhaust from Greer’s gun.

But let us see what the Zapruder film shows and implies. After the first shot that hits Kennedy, he turns to Jackie for help and his arms reflexively start to come up towards his throat that now has been penetrated. He never moves after this. He also apparently tried to cough up the throat bullet as shown here.

It is clear he was paralyzed for the last 4-6 seconds of his life, but would have been conscious and knew what was happening to him. In all likelihood, a rifle with a special bullet (ice bullet containing shellfish poison was used by the CIA for these purposes) was fired from the Grassy Knoll (or elsewhere) at that time. Jackie first looked to Gov. Connally for help. Then she did as instructed by the S.S. in such an eventuality; she tried to force his elbows and him down, but he was rigid. Gov Connally had turned around to stare at who he knew was the sole target. He was known as LBJ (Little Boy Johnson, as he was Johnson’s puppet. Johnson threw a fit at JFK the night before to try to change the “seating” arrangements.) Connally is hit and yells out “My God they’re trying to kill us all.” [And not just Kennedy, as he had been promised.] After the fatal head shot, both Connallys can be briefly seen looking to the driver as they duck down to give him room. They had not ducked down earlier. On arrival at Parkland, the SS agents help Connally out, but leave Kennedy in the limo. The limo is soon washed down by the S.S. It is eventually destroyed. This too has numerous variations. One article had the air force admit it was later dropped from a C5A, from high altitude into the ocean. Elsewhere it is described as destroyed in more mundane fashion. (I guess they couldn’t ship it to China in those days.)

Who fired the fatal head shot? With a magnifying glass you can see a piece of the gun for yourself. No this will not come out and hit you on the head with clarity. The regime is not that stupid. Some whistleblower may have paid with his/her life for leaving this in; or the PTB often seem to want the intelligentsia to know who did it. Remember this is (primitively) doctored. Frame 313 is known to be the fatal head shot frame by all, and you can see this for yourself. If anyone says a different frame is the fatal head shot frame, you know what that means.

You can actually see that Greer's gun (lower right corner of frame-- usually cropped out of most versions of the film for obvious reasons) was not completely erased. Use a magnifying lens; much better still, get a printed version such as is in Twyman’s (or other) book-- it is clearer than on a monitor. Do this if you really care about truth and justice. The top piece of the gun (i.e., the Sun’s reflection off of it) is visible over the head of Kellerman, and sticking out slightly also to the left of his head. See the curvature of Kellerman's black-haired head. Then see that the bright object above it, and a little piece of it to the left of said curvature-- when there shouldn't be anything there. This is the left most part of the gun. They tried to make it look as if Kellerman’s black hair turns white on top, but the white piece to the left of the curvature is the giveaway. Indeed you can also see Greer's hunched up left shoulder and forearm leading up to the gun (in his left hand). Again they tried to make Greer’s upper arm and forearm blend in with background objects (gutter and limo edge), so (when viewing frame 313) block all this out with your hand to the left of Greer and Kellerman while viewing with a magnifying glass, and you should realize that you are seeing Greer’s upper arm and forearm leading up to the gun by his right ear. You can even see the motion of the gun coming up, here.

As with 9/11, only a small number of people came out with the ultimate truth, while the bogus industry of fake JFK “research” came into being and remains big. (Heavily funded still by you know who.) But former Navy officer, William (Bill) Cooper and his book, “Behold a Pale Horse” were the mainstays of revealing this ultimate truth. Cooper spoke around the country for 15 years or so, and on shortwave radio, before being assassinated just two months after 9/11, by “local” police in an obvious entrapment masterminded by the feds. In the late 70’s, the House Committee on Assassinations first had its Chairman and Chief Counsel forced off the Committee. The controlled replacements did their best to hide the truth. But they got hold of the tape of a Dallas motorcade cop’s microphone, which was on the whole time during the assassination. The House Committee got audio scientists to add this audio to the Zapruder film. They then were forced to admit there was more than one shooter, but blamed “the Mafia.” And let it end at that. However the people who were in charge that day, still are. E.g., see GHW Bush at the book Depository, and his role in the affair here.

In 1992, this now audio/video version of the Zapruder film was shown by the lying counsel for that Committee, on a national television magazine show. I taped this and analyzed it, and it clearly showed (audio and video) that not only did Greer kill Kennedy, but he had turned first and accidentally shot Connally. You can hear, as well as see, that at the apex of his two turns, first Connally, then Kennedy is shot. After his first erroneous hit, Greer brought the limo to a standstill, as he obviously found his aim was not too good, while moving. This was not planned, but the last minute substitute, agent Clint Hill, disobeyed the order to remain in the follow-up car, and was running up to try to save Kennedy, and Kellerman can be seen talking to Greer, likely giving him the order to kill Kennedy.

When I presented this audio/video Z film publicly but once, I paid for it with the loss of my health and nearly my life. Among the many horrors I have suffered was that they broke into my home and placed a mercury compound all over my house. I was poisoned via inhalation of a mercury compound for nearly two years. Only with the greatest of luck did I find this out before dying. So I know all too well how easy it is for them to kill any of us individually, and get away with it. While an individual can only lose, and lose everything, it is clear how they fear the masses rising up against them. This is why they did what they did. This is why people must not know that the govt’s own driver killed President Kennedy. This is why the people must not know that 3000 people were nuked by their own regime on 9/11; and the people must not know that thousands of responders may get cancer from the nuclear radiation (China Syndrome) they were exposed to in the aftermath of 9/11. The regime fears that the people will awaken and realize that they are all going to be the victims of these monsters, as was President Kennedy, and the thousands of WTC workers, and the millions around the world, and myself.

For my part, I gave out many copies of this audio/video Zapruder film, in case… But I accept, and expect, my fate, but I have obtained my freedom, in part, by releasing herein the ultimate truths of the WTC mass murder, the Kennedy assassination, and the who and why of it all. Each of you should realize that the reason they did what they did to JFK, to me, and to all the others, is because they know they will lose if the people find out these things and act. They rightly fear the people realizing that they have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. If we all accepted the New Hampshire state motto, Live Free or Die, we would all likely Live Free. Then this world would be the kind of place that the best and the brightest of us, like John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the last President of the United States, had to knowingly die striving to create.

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