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Saturday, November 20, 2010

War Is a Lie

Some good points in here, particularly about WWII, though it overlooks the obvious hoax of 9/11:

The interesting point is how for WWII used the provoked and expected Japan attack on Pearl Harbor to promote war against the Nazis, and how Bush used the "Afghanistan/Al Qaeda" attack on the US to promote war against Iraq.

This is worth remembering for when people ask why did the US set-up 9/11 with al Qaeda as a patsy, when they really wanted to attack Iraq. If they really wanted to attack Iraq, why didn't they use Iraqi patsies? Look to Pearl Harbor. Thus, it was probably easier to provoke a major attack by the Japanese than Germany -- probably it was easier to fake an al Qaeda attack than fake an Iraq attack. Not to mention the vague al Qaeda (al-CIA-duh) bogey man allowed far greater flexibility in attacking other countries and setting up a police-state to guard against bogeymen.


Blogger spooked said...

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Anonymous Physicist has demonstrated amply that while Israelis were involved in 9/11 as limited hangout patsies, the ultimate perpetrators are far deeper.

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