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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Utter Disinfo in the Nuclear 9/11 Field

By The Anonymous Physicist

In comments, it was recently posted that Bill Deagle, M.D., claims that the Anonymous Finnish Military Expert (see stated that he was "commissioned by the Port Authority and Larry Silverstein to use thermate, RDX, and nuclear devices" to destroy the WTC. Listen here at about 7:20. I never saw this at the Finnish site, after reading everything there; and searched again, and did not find where the Finn ever stated what Deagle said he stated there. The video makes clear who they are trying to pin the nuclear destruction of the WTC on.

I have laid bare a certain Op-Plan here from my earliest writings. Being interviewed is Ed Ward, another M.D.—not a physicist—who wrote “if nukes were used, they were Dimona nukes” [or words to that effect] without a shred of evidence, and when all the logic is totally against that. (A country with 200 nukes that is very tiny [hint one nuke would wipe its entire population out] wouldn’t take on a country with many thousands of nukes.) And the Israeli regime, like the U.S. regime, is controlled by the same evil forces, but is at the bottom of the totem pole, not the top.) Ward also always sites another plant (the Australian/MI6 agent?, Joe Vialls), who wrote that if any conventional explosives are used anywhere on Earth, it has to be the Mossad, when all honest conspiracy experts know that MI6 controls the intel agencies of all other countries, and even created them. This includes the CIA, KGB/FSB, Mossad, Pakistani ISI, (and even the former Gestapo/SS/Abwehr), etc. And American intel agency badges, not “Mossad” would have gotten intel filth into the WTC to plant whatever they planted to kill thousands of innocent human beings, which was then used as a ruse to kill millions of other innocent human beings. It is very telling that people fall for the “Israel did it all and is in charge” palaver; when it is our own monstrous “government,” controlled by the London and Rome secret societies on behalf of who I have also revealed here, that is ultimately in charge. A lot of effort goes into this Op at the intel agencies, and secret societies.

I have also detailed which country’s admiralty, since 1936, owns the very patent on all nuclear fission chain reactions! Do you realize how easy I have made it for anyone honest and with a brain to see who is in charge of all nuclear matters? Yes, it means no nuking can occur without that country ordering it. And that country sure isn’t in the Middle East. It’s the very country our founding fathers rebelled against, and who during the Revolutionary War burned down churches with women and children in it whenever they wanted, to punish them for having husbands and fathers who wanted... freedom.

Deagle’s site has or had many falsehoods from the intel Op of claiming that “red mercury” can cause nuclear fission or fusion (when it is 6 orders of magnitude too feeble, as any high school physics student knows), to claiming to have had on his show “the Anonymous Physicist” when he had Spooked on, not A.P. Deagle was also used when 911blogger claimed that they were going to shoot down the whole nuclear 9/11 hypothesis. All that they did was write a scathing personal attack on Deagle and his strange history of involvement as an M.D. in Columbine, financial “matters,” loss of license in Colorado—with case file # 33863, naturally—and claims of being in direct communications with god, Gabriel and whoever else. See this site on some of that; couldn’t find it at 911blogger—whose goal has always been to hide the truth of the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath. They dared not attempt to shoot down all that I have written on the nuking of the WTC and the CSA. A summary is here:

Furthermore Deagle now spoke about his own “my Anonymous Physicist.” Is this to divert from all that I have written here about the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath? (Just as Alex Jones wrote that the Anonymous Physicist was “British.” I am American.) Much of this disinfo is to prevent internet searches from finding what I have written, I surmise. I have revealed here how intel agency gatekeeping and Limited Hangouts proponents pretending to be in the 9/11 nuke camp, actually were meant to destroy it. The Op-Plan is to keep the American people from finding out that the China Syndrome existed at the WTC for at least half a year, and who ordered it. And so the “4th generation pure fusion” hangout is pushed by the Finn, Ed Ward etc., citing the Tritium finding, but ignoring that fission releases tritium via ternary fission (three daughter elements created instead of the usual two). Then when one author did cite the China Syndrome (Tahil) he claimed it came from two huge, long-hidden underground nuclear reactors that went off as nuclear bombs, when all physicists have stated this is an impossibility, as it is. Tahil also wrote that it couldn’t have been fission bombs used, because they use up 100% of their radioactive Uranium or Plutonium. I showed that they only use up 1-6% of it.

So it has been a major Op to shoot down the micro-nuke hypothesis from the very beginning by having assets or nutters proposing various aspects that are physically impossible, and/or do not fit the evidence. Both the Finn and Tahil also claim just one shaped charge-like nuke did each tower. And this ignores the earlier sub-basement nuke that I have lengthily written about, that was timed with the explosions on top (bogus “plane hits.”) And the other part of their Op is to steer people away from the fact that our own regime did it. This is where all the operatives expose themselves when they cite “dancing Isrealis” who obviously were ordered to VIDEOTAPE THEMSELVES so that if people didn’t buy the one set of Semites doing 9/11, they put out the other set of Semites. When was the last time you saw a bunch of intel agents out in daylight videotaping themselves, and giving it to the media? Seeing who pushes the “dancing Israeli movers/Mossad really did 9/11” PsyOp is how you easily see who is an intel agent or asset.

So if the Finnish Military Expert did not write that he was commissioned to destroy and nuke the WTC, it is prima facie evidence of Deagle speaking total falsehoods. A total disregard for the truth has been manifested. (In general, when someone lies habitually we cannot be sure if he is a psychopathic liar, or paid or ordered to do so. But it has the same effect.) Anything from someone who completely invents a crucial statement from another person should either not be promulgated at all, or if so, should be exposed explicitly.

You can find youtubes of where the self-professed, fearless Deagle met Steven Jones, PhD. And immediately, and totally, kowtowed to Jones regarding alleged thermite usage and “finding.” (So we saw who is much higher up the intel/secret society chain.) All this about Deagle should also give us pause about his claims that the Murrah bombing in Oklahoma City, OK was a micro-nuke, if he is the only one claiming that. Note that it wouldn’t surprise me if micro-nukes were used, but Deagle’s alleged Army technician is only cited by, or known to, Deagle. And furthermore, if he were a patient, I think it may be illegal for him to publicly proclaim such information. So we should be very careful in claiming OKC was a nuke, as it may be an Op to later claim that that was not true, and therefore that WTC wasn’t nuked either.

I do not know of any evidence for the CSA at OKC, but there was much at the WTC. Again I am not saying OKC couldn’t have had a micro-nuke go off, but if all we have is Deagle, then perhaps it is more likely that that is false. And we do not see evidence of a spherical blast wave that we see with WTC6.

Compare that with: Murrah building: And again no apparent CSA evidence either. But sometimes there is the Op of having an asset be the first to put out the truth of something, but that person has the personna of a total nut or racist or such, and is meant therefore to have the conspiracy field NOT believe him even if that matter really is true. Yes, all this is meant to have chaos and not lead to anything definitive. But intelligence and evidence can win out. And I think I have made sense of what happened at the WTC and its aftermath, in my books and articles, despite all the disinfo agents, even in the nuclear 9/11 field.

It is an ongoing Op that others are going to have to step up to counter. I have even seen where one or two buyers of my books make false claims about what is or isn’t in them. (One lied and claimed I agreed about the 4th generation pure fusion nonsense.)

Always remember, I had my (first) 9/11 nuke book sent to Deagle, and I had someone ask Alex Jones and Jeff Rense if they wantred review copies and to have me interviewed about it. All three ignored me.

I believe my book remains the only 9/11 book to this day that is not written by an intel asset, and that attempts to honestly and accurately explain what happened during and after 9/11. It must have succeeded, else they wouldn’t need to keep having new and old assets putting out lies and distortions.

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