Humint Events Online: Dr. Bill Deagle-- Spiritual Prophet or Bullshit Artist Supreme?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dr. Bill Deagle-- Spiritual Prophet or Bullshit Artist Supreme?

Or a mixture of the two?

This is part 1 of a 3 part interview with Deagle from September 2008. I listened/watched all three parts-- about 3 hours of video. (I mostly did it while driving, which is when I have time for this sort of thing.)

So, in a way, it is an amazing and fascinating interview. Deagle is an amazing character-- man, can he talk and spout stories! He clearly is very bright.

I would say there are several good things here, and several bad things here.

What I liked:
1) he is not religious, as I thought he was; he says religion is a waste of time (though he is very spiritual)
2) he talks about nukes at the WTC
3) he recognizes that the alien (ET) influence on the earth and that the ultimate PTB are not human but "evil reptilians".
4) he even mentions quarantine of the planet
5) he has a much more nuanced view of Israel and Jews than I had thought
6) he seems to have knowledge about a lot of deep top-secret contacts, even if he is getting BS from them
7) he has a solid science background and can speak the language
80 he has a fairly clear message about the PTB

What I didn't like:
1) the references to the Bible and Jesus (he used some weird name for J), when he should know these things are just myths
2) he mentions that humans (Americans? Or could he mean alien "us"?) have bases on the moon and Mars and powerful space-based weapons, which I think is BS
3) he thinks he is a prophet from god, and claims all sorts of visions and mystical stuff
4) makes a huge number of extraordinary claims, some of which are surely BS
5) since this is 2008, and he makes some prophecies-- we can see he was wrong about some things, but apparently got some things right
6) he says some contradictory stuff about time and space and the future
7) Deagle saying how he has these gifts and had these wild experiences, but then says he is no one special.
8) MOST ANNOYING was Deagle claiming he's a prophet and that he was descended from Moses and other related bloodlines.

One funny thing is how Deagle appears to be quite over-weight, which is ironic given how much he talks about nutrition on his radio show.

Those are my thoughts for now. All in all, quite interesting. It's pretty amazing to think that I actually was on his GCN show 4 years back or so to talk about nukes at the WTC.


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