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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hurtful Blog Comments

John Huppenthal, the Arizona Republican official who earlier this month confessed to being a prolific and nasty anonymous commenter on local politics blogs, apologized Wednesday for his bigoted online writings during an emotional press conference that ended with him walking out of the room in tears.

"I am here today to apologize for my blog comments," Huppenthal said at the start of the press conference. "There have been a lot of discussions in recent days, including today, on my blog comments. I don't mind getting beat up, I've been in elected office for a long time, it comes with the territory. That doesn't bother me. What does bother me, what really bothers me, is that my blog comments were hurtful. I'm here today because of those hurtful blog comments, my blog comments. I'm here today to repudiate those blog comments, I'm here to renounce those blog comments. They are not what is in my mind, they don't reflect the love that is in my heart, and they especially don't reflect the actions of myself and especially my employees in this agency over the preceding years."


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