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Monday, August 21, 2017

What Are UFOs?

Interesting discussion here. Initially I though this guy was full of it, but as this went on, he raised some interesting points.

I don't think his theory explains ALL UFO activity, and I think the "ET hypothesis" still makes most sense, but his theory about UFOs as some sort of strange manifestation of consciousness has some explanatory power. That is, there is something WEIRD out there, that we don't understand, that is behind UFOs, but the key to his hypothesis is that humans put their own ideas onto the sightings and may even make it real to a certain extent. I think this could explain other similar "paranormal" events like ghosts and bigfoot, etc.

What's neat, and it ties into what I posted in the last post about trans-ETs is the idea that there is some sort of universal energy or "consciousness" that people can tap into under certain circumstances, that we cannot fully comprehend and so therefore visualize it as things we can relate to in our time of life.

What MJ Banias didn't really expound upon is that this energy , that we actually superimpose onto from our own experiences, could be a type of advanced ET lifeform that we can't visualize any other way. Some sort of life-form that has integrated itself into the cosmos or maybe is transmitted through energy waves.

It's fascinating stuff and worth more thought.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This "You know" guy is hard to listen to.
Very poor communicator.

6:15 PM  
Blogger David Howard said...

Google "An FBI polygraph test will get Captain Mark Richards released from prison"

1:56 PM  

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