Humint Events Online: Terror Drills the Key to 9/11?

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Terror Drills the Key to 9/11?

According to Nico Haupt (aka Ewing 911).

It's an interesting article, but it is not clear he brings it all together-- for me anyway.

Sadly, there seesm to be a schism growing between the researchers who espouse the wargame/military exercise aspects of 9/11 (Mike Ruppert, Nick Levis) with those who think other aspects of 9/11 are more compelling (Haupt, Victor Thorn, Dave McGowan). These are just a few names I've seen align themselves.

Part of it seems to be that you are either with Ruppert or against him.

In any case, the terror drill aspect is very intriguing, but I need to study it more to draw more conclusions.

I don't see how one can say the wargame aspect is NOT important when NORAD was running a LIVE-FLY HIJACKING EXERCISE on 9/11. That's got to be relevant.

UPDATE: Thinking about this further, it seems to me that maybe there is really only a semantic difference between calling the 9/11 live-fly hijacking exercise a "wargame" versus a "terror drill". Initially, the live-fly hijacking military exercise (nailed down best by Mike Ruppert) was put into the wargame box, but this exercsie also seems to really fit into the terror drill scenario to which Haupt is referring.

LATER UPDATE: I must say the article is VERY impressive, and certainly brings together an incredible number of important 9/11 strands. My hat is off to Nico for doing this.

The flight 93 hypothesis is quite interesting-- that the phone calls were made from the ground at an evacuated Johnstown airport. Perhaps the other flights were handled similarly-- the hijackings were acted out on the ground at abandoned airports. The problem is of course what HAPPENED to these people on the planes? I really have a hard time believing they were slaughtered on the ground. Perhaps the planes took off again and then were later shot down over a remote area?

I do have other questions:
1) how exactly did pre-9/11 terror drills with airplanes fit into what happened with the hijackings on 9/11?
2) what did hit the WTC and Pentagon?
4) this 9/11 plot seems very complicated with many many people knowing. How have they kept it covered-up for so long?
5) have people who acted in the previous terror drills had doubts about 9/11?
6) how can we use all this information to crack the 9/11 fraud open?


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