Humint Events Online: More Lessons From Hiroshima & Nagasaki For WTC Survivors and NY Metro Residents: The World’s Only Official Double Nuke Survivor Succumbs

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Lessons From Hiroshima & Nagasaki For WTC Survivors and NY Metro Residents: The World’s Only Official Double Nuke Survivor Succumbs

By The Anonymous Physicist

Just two weeks ago (on January 4, 2010), Tsutomu Yamaguchi died, at the age of 93 from stomach cancer. He was the world’s only “official” double-nuclear hibakusha (explosion-affected person). The Japanese Gov’t officially recognized him as a survivor of the Nagasaki nuke in 1957, but only granted him the double nuke survivor status in 2009. I have previously written on several Japanese (including Yamaguchi) who survived both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Ironically Yamaguchi’s bandages on his face and upper body—needed from his radiation exposure from the Hiroshima nuke—saved him, and were blasted away during the Nagasaki nuking three days later. In both cases, he is stated to have been 3 km from the hypocenter.

Even Wikipedia’s article on Yamaguchi contains information relevant to WTC micro-nuke, and China Syndrome Aftermath, survivors. Wiki states: “However, late in his life he began to suffer from radiation-related ailments including cataracts and acute leukemia. His wife also suffered radiation poisoning from black rain after the Nagasaki explosion and died in 2008 (at 88) of kidney and liver cancer after a lifetime of illness. All three of his children reported that they suffered from health problems that they thought were inherited from their parents' exposure.”

So we learn that both Yamaguchi and his wife (Nagasaki only/single nuke survivor) developed cancers decades after the 1945 nuclear bombs they survived. Even Yamaguchi’s three children are suspected of suffering life-long health problems from their parents nuclear “experiences.” The Yamaguchi family’s history is important in that it is one of many ways to refute all the (intel) shills who falsely claim that the WTC couldn’t have been nuked because “everyone would have died right away from cancer.” While I have repeatedly refuted that in many ways over the last few years, the Yamaguchi family saga indicates what statistical studies have shown— that it can take years or sometimes decades for cancers and other related diseases to develop in those who survive the immediate effects of a nuke. This is most relevant to the 40,000 WTC respondents who may have been exposed to radiation from the China Syndrome Aftermath at the WTC— and to the millions of Metro NY residents!

And this is a good time to re-examine WTC nuclear bomb survivor, Felipe David. See my original article here. Recall that Felipe David was in the sub-basement of WTC1. When the nuclear bomb went off there— timed with the alleged plane hit on top in WTC1— he was left with the skin on his face and arms melted and hanging off, as was the case for many Hiroshima survivors. In his own words, no fire did that to him. Only the thermal rays of a nuke could have done that. “Fire” was bogusly and monstrously “inserted” by the “janitor.” Likewise David stated he left under his own power, but the janitor said he carried him off. Another sub-basement worker, Kenny Johannemann, stated that he (KJ) carried David off.

Update: Johanneman was suicided in September 2008. This was around the same time that WTC7 fizzled nuke eyewitness, Barry Jennings also mysteriously died. We still have no details on Jennings death.

Note the residual swelling of Felipe David’s face three months after 9/11:

In his own words, the great heat he felt on his face and body was NOT FROM ANY FIRE. We have never been allowed to see Felipe David’s face or body until three months after 9/11. His doctors have never been interviewed. His whereabouts since early 2002 have been unknown.

It is likely that Felipe David looked somewhat like actor John Cusack did at the end of this video from the film, “Fat Man and Little Boy.” Make sure to watch this soon, as I expect it may be taken down now that I am making it relevant to the nuking of the WTC on 9/11.

Cusack played the part of a scientist engaged in experiments that were called “tickling the dragon.” It was loosely based on the mishaps and deaths of two actual scientists who were engaged in ascertaining criticality (chain reaction) radiation yields. It is fascinating that physicists chose the “tickling the dragon” moniker for gauging the yield of nuclear chain reactions. In human history, the dragon concept is perhaps best known from ancient China, and the depictions of a dragon around the Earth. My readers should know what that refers to. And what Hiroshima really was a signal for. So we have in effect, Dragon vs Dragon. A sad summary of the Ultimate Truth of Mankind’s existence.

As is the passing of the “world’s only official double nuke survivor” two weeks ago—who was 3 km away from the hypocenter twice. It is too bad that Mr. Yamaguchi did not get a chance to speak with melted, hanging skin victim, Felipe David— survivor of the nuking of the World Trade Center on 9/11— perpetrated by the very same monstrous Regime, the so-called Government of the United States. The entity labeled by the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.— whose life we celebrated this very week— as “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.”

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