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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Prison Industrial Complex

Sometimes it's hard to fathom what a devolved society we have become:
The real issue is the rise of the prison-industrial complex, which at the state level is approaching the power of the military-industrial complex at the national level. For many towns in America, building a prison is tantamount to building a factory in the 1950s. Without a solid manufacturing base, having a stable industry that can create jobs, both inside the prison and in the ancillary businesses catering to it (food and lodging for visitors and support services for families, for example), is very compelling. PBS did an episode of P.O.V. on this phenomenon of "prison towns" last year. This provides a boost to local economies, but at a cost.

Stories like these are increasingly common in rural America where, during the 1990s, a prison opened every 15 days. The United States now has the dubious distinction of incarcerating more people per capita than any other country in the world. Yet this astonishing jailing of America has been little noted because many of the prisons have opened in remote areas like Susanville. "Prison Town, USA" examines one of the country's biggest prison towns, a place where a new correctional economy encompasses not only prisoners, guards and their families, but the whole community.

Nestled in the picturesque foothills of the California Sierras, Susanville once thrived on logging, ranching and agriculture. Even today, the town offers a postcard image of small-town America under majestic peaks — if you keep the prisons out of the frame. Susanville, along with much of rural America, has seen its local agricultural economy go the way of the family farm. And like other communities that don't want to become ghost towns, Susanville decided to take a chance on the only industry that came calling — California's burgeoning prison system, hungry for space, new guards and low visibility.

There are so many problems with this whole prison issue, but perhaps the scariest is how you can see how the prison industry beast can get out of hand such that there will be a greater and greater need to create prisoners to fill these places. One could make a good argument of course, that this has already happened with the war on drugs, but I could easily imagine it getting much much worse if not enough politicians are willing to try to rein these guys in.
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cost of Iraq War Had Direct Impact on Economic Slowdown

THE Iraq war has cost the US 50-60 times more than the Bush administration predicted and was a central cause of the sub-prime banking crisis threatening the world economy, according to Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.

The former World Bank vice-president yesterday said the war had, so far, cost the US something like $US3trillion ($3.3 trillion) compared with the $US50-$US60-billion predicted in 2003.

Yes, toppling Saddam (the only ostensibly worthwhile thing to come from the war) was SO WORTH it.
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Merging of US and Canadian Armed Forces for Civil Defense

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No Plane Theory and Exotic Weapon WTC Demolition Makes It to NYTimes

Finally, one man has sued on behalf of the United States, claiming that Mr. Gilsanz is part of a vast conspiracy to cover up the truth about 9/11, including the “so-called building failures.” The lawsuit maintains that exotic weaponry actually destroyed the buildings, and that the airplanes were mass psychological trickery.

I wonder whose lawsuit this is?
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Iraq: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

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John McCain Badly Tainted by Endorsement from Radical Christianist Leader

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9/11 Hijacker Saudi Hangout Story Continues Apace

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Chemtrail Residue?

BILLINGS, Mont. -- Pesticides, heavy metals and other airborne contaminants are raining down on national parks across the West and Alaska, turning up at sometimes dangerously high levels in lakes, plants and fish.

A sweeping, six-year federal study released Tuesday found evidence of 70 contaminants in 20 national parks and monuments - from Denali in Alaska and Glacier in Montana, to Big Bend in Texas and Yosemite in California.

The findings revealed that some of the Earth's most pristine wilderness is still within reach of the toxic byproducts of the industrial age.

"Contaminants are everywhere. You can't get more remote than these northern parts of Alaska and the high Rockies," said Michael Kent, a fish researcher with Oregon State University who co-authored the study.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Thousands of foreign student pilots have been able to enroll and obtain pilot licenses from U.S. flight schools, despite tough laws passed in the wake of the 9/ll attacks, according to internal government documents obtained by ABC News.

"Some of the very same conditions that allowed the 9-11 tragedy to happen in the first place are still very much in existence today," wrote one regional security official to his boss at the TSA, the Transportation Security Administration.

"Thousands of aliens, some of whom may very well pose a threat to this country, are taking flight lessons, being granted FAA certifications and are flying planes," wrote the TSA official, Richard A. Horn, in 2005, complaining that the students did not have the proper visas.

Under the new laws, American flight schools are only supposed to provide pilot training to foreign students who have been given a background check by the TSA and have a specific type of visa.

But in thousands of cases that has not happened, according to the documents and current and former government officials involved in the program.

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Diebold Releases Rigged Election Results Prematurely

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Unique Lack of Serial Number-Marked Aircraft Parts for 9/11 Crashes

No... I mean, they couldn't have... no, wait, so what you're saying is... what? NO! NO WAY!


I can't heeeaaaaaaarrrrrr you!
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If the Goal of the Iraq War Was to Produce a Failed State That Is a Breeding Ground for Islamic Extremism, All I Can Say Is

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If an Iraqi Dies in Iraq and the US Media Doesn't Report It, Did a Human Being Still Die?

From Wallace Roberts in the Times-Argus of Vermont:
The U.S. Air Force dropped six times as many bombs in Iraq last year as it did in 2006, 1,447 compared to 229, according to an announcement in mid-January by Air Force Col. Gary Crowder, commander of the 609th Combined Air Operations Center in Southwest Asia, as reported in The Washington Post.

The report on the increase in bombing comes just after the World Health Organization released the findings of a study which put the number of civilians killed in Iraq between the invasion in 2003 and 2006 at about 151,000. That figure was almost instantly accepted by some supporters of the war who have been eager to discredit reports of much higher civilian deaths.

It's a controversial field. When Gen. David H. Petraeus testified before Congress in September that the escalation of the war in Iraq was going well, he used a graph indicating that the number of civilians killed since the invasion in 2003 until August 2007 was about 37,500. Two days after this testimony, a British opinion polling company released the results of its own study which put the number of civilian deaths between 1 and 1.2 million, 32 times the Pentagon figure.

Although Petraeus's appearance before Congress was covered extensively in the major U.S. media, there was almost no mention of the British study except for a short article on the inside pages of the Los Angeles Times. The survey, by Opinion Research Business, which has done several opinion surveys in Iraq since 2005, was ignored by the major daily newspapers and network news programs. In fact, despite their failure to carry stories about the ORB findings, the Washington Post and the New York Times nevertheless a few days later devoted considerable space to the issue of civilian deaths in Iraq, but cited only U.S. military and Iraqi government sources, both of which have a vested interest in minimizing the numbers.

The ORB poll asked 1,461 Iraqi families last August, "How many members of your household, if any, have died as a result of the conflict in Iraq since 2003?" The survey showed that 16.1 percent of the country's 4 million households said one family member had died in this manner, resulting in 653,496 deaths. Some 4.7 percent of the families said two members had died for another 383,457 deaths. Less than 2.5 percent of the families reported three or more deaths. ORB said the poll had a margin of error rate of 2.4 percent.

ORB is a respected British firm which has done work for clients like the BBC and the Conservative Party and has done other polls in Iraq. Its latest Iraq study comes 11 months after the respected British medical journal The Lancet published the findings of a study done by researchers from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health showing that more than 601,000 Iraqi civilians had been killed by war-related violence through August 2006. This study, which used a standard epidemiological survey technique called "cluster sampling" to ensure that the researchers interviewed a random sample of the nation's population, received somewhat wider coverage, but overall the report has been minimized or discounted.

The Johns Hopkins study was commissioned by the MIT Center for International Studies, whose director John Tirman, has recently launched a new project "Iraq: The Human Cost," which has a wide range of resources describing the impact of the war. ORB itself paid for its study because, as Johnny Heald, a managing director, said, the company wanted to "raise (our) profile."

Prof. Leslie Roberts (no relation) of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, a co-author his school's report, said recently, "The (ORB report) is 14 months later with deaths escalating over time. That alone accounts for most of the difference (between our poll and the ORB poll)…Overall they seem very much to align."

Roberts said that there were two major differences between the WHO and Johns Hopkins surveys which may account for most of the difference in the number of deaths each survey found. The Johns Hopkins interviewers were mostly staff members of a Baghdad university and they obtained copies of death certificates for 92 percent of the deaths they reported, whereas the WHO survey used government employees (to whom the civilians would probably not be truthful about this issue), and they did not collect death certificates.

Both the Lancet and ORB reports conclude that most violent deaths were from gunshot wounds and took place outside of Baghdad, in contrast to the official reports which say that three-quarters of deaths in the first four years of the war were in Baghdad. A total of 31 percent of the deaths in the Johns Hopkins survey were attributed directly to Coalition forces.

After the initial coverage of The Lancet article, there was a sharp drop in references to its findings in the major U.S. media, and even now nearly all articles mentioning civilian deaths in Iraq are based on the numbers published by the Pentagon or Iraqi government. Our major newspapers and TV news programs report almost daily on the poll results in the presidential primary races and seem to give them full credence even with wider margins of error than those of the ORB and Johns Hopkins studies. This faith in the value of election polling is not likely to change after the mistakes pollsters made in the New Hampshire primary.

At first glance, the failure of the U.S. media to report and reference the Johns Hopkins and ORB studies appears inexplicable, especially in light of an Associated Press poll in February 2007 which found that the average American believes that only 9,900 Iraqis have been killed since the end of major combat operations in 2003. The failure is compounded by the fact that the ORB and Johns Hopkins studies used standard scientific polling and sampling techniques whereas the Pentagon does not even disclose how it arrives at its figures.

There are two major reasons for the failure of the Lancet and ORB studies to earn greater credibility. The institutional reason can be inferred from a comment by Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times, who said recently that his paper chose not to use the term "escalation" instead of the Pentagon's word "surge" to describe the troop increase in Iraq because use of the former word could be seen as a "political" decision criticizing the administration. (During the Vietnam War, the White House "escalated," its word, the war several times by sending in more troops; each escalation gave peace advocates new grounds for protests and marches).

The cultural reason is that the high number of deaths appears so incredible that reporters and editors are in denial and refuse to give these studies credence or to pursue their veracity. In fact, this denial by Americans of their country's responsibility for civilian deaths in wartime is woven into the warp of the country's history from the beginning.

For instance, few of us know that the consensus estimate of the number of native Americans killed by Europeans by war, massacre, war-induced famine, and the deliberate spread of contagious diseases is 95 percent of the 8 to 12 million people who inhabited what is now the United States and Canada before the arrival of Columbus, a slaughter that continued right up to the beginning of the last century.

In World War II, the atomic bombs dropped by the U.S. Army Air Force on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed between 105,000 to 140,000 Japanese civilians outright or within four months. Another 900,000 Japanese were killed by U.S. firebombings of 63 other cities. In Germany, the United States and Britain killed 1.8 million civilians in firebombings of cities like Dresden which, like most of those in Japan, had little or no military value.

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, who was a member of the Army Air Force team that planned the bombings of Japan, said in "The Fog of War," the recent documentary about his career, that if the United States had lost the war, he and the other bombing planners, as well as their chief, Gen. Curtis Lamay, would probably have been tried as war criminals. For his part, Lamay long maintained that the bombings were justified to save the lives of American soldiers who would have been killed in the invasion of Japan that would have been necessary if the bombings had not brought the country to its knees. In fact, many scholars now believe it was not the nuclear attacks that motivated Japan's surrender but the Soviet Union's invasion of Japanese-held Manchuria the day after the Hiroshima attack that convinced the country's emperor to give up.

In Vietnam, the consensus estimate of the number of civilians killed from 1965 to 1975 is 2 million civilians and 1 million soldiers on both sides. To that number should be added the 2 million Cambodians (out of a population of 7 million) killed by the Khmer Rouge, which would not have come to power without the chaos created by the war in Vietnam and the Nixon-Kissinger bombing of Cambodia. Just in the last 66 years then, the armed forces of the United States have killed or been responsible for the deaths of 8 million civilians, not including any of those in Iraq.

To refuse to be aware of the consequences of America's wars is not just denial, it's delusional. By failing to report scientific evidence of a million civilian deaths in Iraq, the press is just giving Americans what they want to hear. We are able to fabricate this collective delusion because we accept on faith the idea that America is an exception among the nations of the world and that our good intentions are proof of virtue.

Vijay Prashad, director of the International Studies Program at Trinity College in Hartford, maintains, "The claim of innocence of the U.S. state is a blanket denial of history… There is an automatic faith in the goodness of the system (so that Americans can) feel assured in the end that the goodness and innocence of America will shine through."

James Carroll, the writer and former priest, recently put it this way: "Missionizing in the name of freedom is a basic American impulse." He said that this belief in the special mission of America is held by conservatives, moderates and liberals alike. "The liberal argument against government policies since World War II is that our wars — Vietnam then, Iraq now — represent an egregious failure to live up to America's true calling. We're better than this. Even antiwar critics… do it by appealing to an exceptional American missionizing impulse. You don't get the sense, even from most liberals, that — no, America is a nation like other nations and we're going to screw things up the way other nations do."

The collective delusion also distorts our perspective on the Iraq war. There is much debate about the torture and illegal detention of terrorist suspects and about the loss here at home of our privacy rights and civil liberties, but as bad as these things are, they do not compare with 1 million civilian deaths. Where is that debate?

Prolonged innocence is dangerous for both children and nations. Children, fortunately, outgrow it naturally by learning from experience that they are exceptional only in their mothers' eyes. The child's naive idea of pride in winning wars ought rationally to give way under the burden of the knowledge of the price that was paid for victory. Who were the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki who died so that my father and hundreds of thousands of other U.S. soldiers would not have to face the prospect of an early death in the invasion of Japan? Who are the 1 million citizens of Iraq who have died so that Americans can be assured of gasoline for $3 a gallon?

Wallace Roberts is a community organizer and an award-winning journalist who lives in Williamstown.
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Bizarre Disconnect from the Media on the Prospect of an Assassination Attempt on Obama

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ignorance is Strength, War is Peace

Demolition is Collapse:

Learn your Newspeak-- or else!
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The Bush Administration Now Blatently Admits They Broke the Law with Warrantless Wiretaps

Wouldn't it be nice to live in a country where the media and legislative branch actually seemed to care about illegal behaviour on the part of the executive branch?

I can just imagine the Bush administration admitting to engineering 9/11 right before they leave office-- and the collective yawn from the media, legislative branch and the "opposition" party.
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Updated 9/11 Odds

Very little in this world is certain, and therefore it is difficult to be absolutely certain of many aspects of 9/11. Moreover, my ideas for what happened on 9/11 have evolved, as I take in new evidence and new ideas and analyze new evidence. The following are how I rate various aspects of 9/11, in terms of probability (I define "Beyond any reasonable doubt" as odds of 10,000 to 1 or higher):

1) Some officials in the US government had specific foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks: "Beyond any reasonable doubt"

2) Some officials in the US government aided the hijackers at various points before 9/11: "Beyond any reasonable doubt"

3) Some officials in the US government had a direct hand in carrying out the attacks: 1,000 to 1

4) Flight 77 did not crash into the Pentagon: "Beyond any reasonable doubt"

5) No aircraft hit the Pentagon at all: 10 to 1

6) Pre-planted explosives destroyed the WTC (1, 2, 7) towers: "Beyond any reasonable doubt"

7) Nuclear weapons were involved in the destruction of the WTC (1, 2, 7) towers: "Beyond any reasonable doubt"

8) no plane crashed at all in Shanksville and the crash site was a complete hoax: 1,000 to 1

9) UA93 did not crash in Shanksville: "Beyond any reasonable doubt"

10) flight 11 did not hit WTC1: 1,000 to 1

11) flight 175 did not hit WTC2: "Beyond any reasonable doubt"

12) at least some videos and photos of the second hit were faked: "Beyond any reasonable doubt"

13) Bush had some specific foreknowledge about what was going to happen on 9/11: 10 to 1

14) The air defense (NORAD) response to the hijackings was distracted and/or disabled by wargames being run on 9/11: 1 to 1 (lack of real hijacked planes would have been more of a factor)

15) The four 9/11 "crashes" did not involve any conventional planes (planes were used indirectly as decoys): 10,000 to 1

16) There is a cover-up/disinfo campaign about 9/11 being maintained by the government: "Beyond any reasonable doubt"

17) There is a cover-up about 9/11 being maintained at high levels by the media: "Beyond any reasonable doubt"

Interestingly, I have clearly firmed up on many of these key points in the last 8 months-- going to "Beyond any reasonable doubt" in many places.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Scary Realization: McCain Is as Psychotic as Bush

And like Bush also seems to get away with it with the media.

The big question is how badly do the Powers That Be want to install this creepy, unprincipled war-mongerer-- in other words, how far will they go???
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Friday, February 22, 2008

Settling South Tower Crash Physics for Once and All?

There has been a huge amount of debate, in some circles at least, as to whether a mostly aluminum plane can do this to a steel and concrete building --all without slowing:

But in one sense, the question of how much a large plane would be able to penetrate the tower is irrelevant to these two simple facts:
1) no significant part of the plane exited out the other side
2) the length of the plane was 3/4 of the width of the tower

So FINE-- perhaps under the right circumstances, a mostly aluminum plane can bust through the outer wall of the tower without slowing and disappear inside, without anything breaking off, without anything exploding on the way in and with leaving a silhouette hole in the tower where it went in.

To be sure, I don't think this is the case, but for the sake of argument, I am stipulating that this could happen.

My key point here is that it is IMPOSSIBLE that this plane-- that is almost as long as the width of the tower-- completely breaks apart inside the tower and that no significant part of the plane breaks through the other side of the tower.

This argument that the plane broke apart RIGHT AFTER slicing cleanly through the outer wall is unprecedented, and violates physics, a priori.

And this is simply not the case judged by the lack of debris deflected backwards.

The fact that they could fake this STILL boggles my mind. But the evidence must be accepted nonetheless. And there is a lot of other evidence for fakery, of course-- stuff like this, as a small example.
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The Wonders of the Secret Service

This is a bit creepy:
DALLAS -- Security details at Barack Obama's rally Wednesday stopped screening people for weapons at the front gates more than an hour before the Democratic presidential candidate took the stage at Reunion Arena.

The order to put down the metal detectors and stop checking purses and laptop bags came as a surprise to several Dallas police officers who said they believed it was a lapse in security.

Dallas Deputy Police Chief T.W. Lawrence, head of the Police Department's homeland security and special operations divisions, said the order -- apparently made by the U.S. Secret Service -- was meant to speed up the long lines outside and fill the arena's vacant seats before Obama came on.
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

China Asks for Evidence on the Satellite Shootdown

I can hardly blame them, though the chances of them getting what they want is almost nil.
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Almost 12 Million Views on YouTube

Americans are NOT stupid - WITH SUBTITLES:
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama's Mild Version of Change Already Threatening the Powers That Be

I too fear that the ugliness is only just beginning.

Anyone can see the incredible yearning of THE PEOPLE in this country for CHANGE, and how threatening this is to the sick fucks who rule our country.

I hope this isn't the 60's all over again.

More likely, the PTB will use other methods first. But if slamming Obama in the media doesn't keep the polls close enough so they can rig the vote, WATCH OUT.

P.S. Also see this related and very interesting post from Juan Cole.
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The Clown in Chief

Every time I see Bush on TV lately, he has this giant grin plastered on his face.

Everything going on, that has gone on, is apparently very funny to him.

How drugged out is this guy, anyway?

UPDATE: Perhaps he's laughing because he can get away with shit like this--
Fox News's Special Report yesterday:

GOLER: The president says it's better that African nations deal with African problems. White soldiers in Darfur, he believes, would be targets for all sides.

BUSH: A clear lesson I learned in the museum was that outside forces tend to divide people up inside their country and are unbelievably counterproductive.

The museum was the Rwandan genocide museum.

UPDATE 2: The clown isn't fooling many people-- a 19% overall approval rating today, only 14% approval for handling the economy.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Anonymous Physicist Takes on the Jewish-Israeli 9/11 Hangout

On the Absurd, but Expected “Dimona Nukes” Hangout.
The PTB’s Attempt to Destroy the Nuclear WTC Hypothesis from Within

by The Anonymous Physicist

Recently at one of the alleged “911truth” forums, a supposed advocate of the nuclear 911 WTC hypothesis began posting ludicrous hangouts as to the origin of those nukes. In his words, “Nukes [at the wtc on 9/11] points to Dimona.” And no, I will not post the url for his piece, as there is no reason for anyone to go there. First I must say, right on cue! It was easy to predict this, and I did so back in August 12, 2007 with this article, one of several destroying the DDT (DEW Disinfo Theory):

I wrote, “Now, it is important to predict, and prevent, what the regime, and its many disinfo agents, may soon try to promulgate regarding the WTC/911 nuclear destruction scenario. More and more people are realizing that planes/fuel/gravity/pancaking, or thermite, and/or DEW, could not possibly have caused the WTC explosions, and the China Syndrome of high heat and molten steel months later. More and more people are realizing that only nuclear demolition can account for all this, as well as the Electromagnetic Pulses which caused toasted cars, and not people and paper. So predictably, I have already seen the limited hangouts arising. “Well yes it was nukes that did it, but they were foreign nukes.” Either the “Russkie” card, or the “Zionist/Israeli” card will be played as limited hangouts…. The Zionist card—well that’s a perennial, or should I say bi-millenial scapegoat ruse; and a hint at whether an author or website, etc. is a shill. Any honest research will inform you that MI5/6 control the CIA, the KGB/FSB, and the Mossad, and not the laughable vice versa….So as the WTC mini-nukes mechanism of WTC destruction becomes more popular, EXPECT that it may be co-opted as “Russkie nukes” or “Israeli nukes.” Don’t fall for it. Look to Washington, D.C., and their taskmasters in London. But do expect to see this.”

Now I had intended to write a lengthy piece for this blog on all the intricacies of “limited hangouts” created and promulgated by the intel agencies, and the lackey press, and disinfo agents on the web. For now, let us examine this hangout and related ones. After posting this Dimona nonsense, that author then went into “Chosen People,” and then later into religion, and “God” as excuses for 911. (It is fascinating that the owner of that forum is himself Jewish-- but orders are orders.) Now some of the Israeli hangout may relate to the videotaped, dancing Israelis as the WTC was being destroyed. Some have said there is evidence they were Mossad. This wouldn’t surprise me, except, of course, that they were ordered here by the American regime. Before I get into this hangout of “Jews/Zionists/Israelis did 9/11, and the 7/7/05 London bombing”, let me say that I am no apologist for the Israeli regime, whose actions towards the Palestinian People is a thoroughly Nazi-like abomination. But I don’t believe the majority of the Israelis are in favor of their regime’s actions, just as the majority of Americans are not happy with the mass murder of Iraqis and Afghanis by their regime’s Gestapo troops. The problem is that both the Israeli and American citizens are unwilling to act to try to stop their respective regimes from committing mass murder, torture, rape and other atrocities, in their name.

But the ludicrous “Jew nukes” or “Israeli nukes” or “Israel was behind 9/11 and 7/7” is very easy to refute--beside there being no evidence of it. First let us examine the dancing Mossad agents. Now Mossad agents, like all nefarious intel operators perform their evil deeds under the cover of night. They would not be “caught” videotaped doing their “dance.” They were clearly ordered to do that, and to be taped, by other agents! It is also well known in the conspiracy field (among the few, honest, non-agent researchers), that MI5/6 have always controlled the CIA, the KGB/FSB, and the Mossad. And MI6 itself may be controlled by Rome (Vatican/Black Pope/Jesuits/Opus Dei etc.) Of course, my article on ultimate truths laid out where all this ultimately leads--

But if this is too much, and too soon to absorb, then leave it at the penultimate level of London and Rome, until you are ready.

One must also see how ludicrous it would be for a tiny country with 100-400 nukes to try to nuke the world’s only Superpower with some 30,000 nukes. The tiny country’s population would not even survive a single nuke within its borders. It is also easy to demonstrate that the Israeli regime is totally controlled by Washington, D.C. and its masters in London and Rome. When, someone like Israeli P.M. Yitzhak Rabin tried to go against Israel’s masters in Washington, London and Rome, and tried to achieve peace, his secret service agent killed him in his limo, according to research by Israeli Barry Chamish--very much like how Secret Service agent William Greer fired the fatal head shot that killed President Kennedy.

Regarding the 7/7/05 London bombing, former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was, at that time, allegedly nearby in his hotel room, and had been forewarned not to venture out. This, of course, just further proves the British regime did 7/7. It thoroughly demonstrates that though Netanyahu was a former Israeli Prime Minister, he is nothing but an agent, or more to the point, a serf, a slave for MI5/6; and that he was ordered to be in London as a scapegoat/hangout. MI5/6, probably under control of Rome, show themselves with the overzealous use of this ancient scapegoating; all to divert from the thoroughly obvious--that the 7/7/05 London bombings could only be the work of the British regime itself. And regarding “Chosen People,” history makes it quite clear that the only thing “the Jews” have been “Chosen” for these last 2,000 years, is scapegoating and extermination. For every public Richard Perle, Philip Zelikow or Henry Kissinger (and they indeed are vermin), there are a thousand Bushes and Cheneys, and others, behind the scenes, wishing to divert away from their masters in London and Rome.

Indeed it is instructive to examine how Henry (nee Heinz) Kissinger was found and promoted, seemingly to the top (but not really.) Kissinger was 15 when his family barely escaped extermination, and fled Nazi Germany for the USA. Many were killed in his extended family. At the age of 20, Kissinger is in the American Army, and is stationed in Germany. He is in Army “Counter-Intelligence” (possibly because of fluency in German), and is involved in the American/British/Vatican plans to safeguard, and send the most evil German Nazis to the U.S., and South America and elsewhere. This includes the medical doctors who tortured and killed Kissinger’s “own people”--the Jews. Kissinger shows he is completely amoral, and this is brought to the attention of the Rockefellers who bring Kissinger back to the USA, get him a Harvard PhD, and declare this slow talking, slow thinking individual, to be a “great genius,” and a “great nuclear strategist”, and promote him quickly. Kissinger is promoted by the Rockefellers and London, NOT because he is Jewish, but precisely for the opposite reason. He couldn’t care less about “his people” or more importantly any, and all, human beings! The willingness to be amoral, and break all laws, and kill any or all of Mankind are the prerequisites for advancement in the British American Regime. And it always helps to have a prominent Jewish scapegoat around.

If you don’t grasp the true nature of the British regime, and its long standing, gleeful extermination policies, just read how the bogus Irish “potato famine” of circa 1850 was a limited hangout to hide how the British regime shipped virtually all the grain and meat from Ireland to Britain. This deliberately exterminated over 5 million Irish men, women and children. Something both the British and even the Irish govts of today avoid talking about, though this article has Britain’s own censuses proving it--see

Note these facts cited therein, “The 1841 census of Ireland revealed a population of 10,897,449… the 1851 census recorded a population of 6,552,385… [and there were] roughly 1,000,000 who successfully fled into exile.” The potato blight hangout was so effective a ruse, 150 years later, people still believe that to be true!

One can also read the eye-opening book, “Hitler was a British Agent” where Hitler’s indoctrination/ torture/programming at the Tavistock “Institute” is laid out. Numerous facts of WWII can only be explained with this hypothesis. E.g., Hitler, in 1941, flew in his #2 Rudolf Hess, to meet his intel supervisors in Great Britain. And at the outset of WWII, Hitler did not try to kill or capture the hundreds of thousands of British soldiers trapped on the Dunkirk beaches, when he had several days to do so. This was no laughable, “miraculous rescue” by British boats, this was an agent, Hitler, obeying his orders. Perhaps the first two digits of the “official” number of Allied troops that were “given a pass” gives away who was behind the Dunkirk op. Yes, the number is 330,000! Here again is the “33” whose significance I have revealed here numerous times.

As I stated from the outset, it’s easy to see that the virtual entirety of “911truth” forums are run by British and American intel agents. Spewing the trivial, anti-Semitic nonsense about “Jew/Israeli nukes” by a supposed nuclear 9/11 proponent was predicted. Even before this, that individual never cited my China Syndrome documentation, nor other evidence. The PTB, that ordered the nuking of the thousands within the WTC, and vastly larger number of responders and Metro New York inhabitants who would suffer great harm, or death, from the China Syndrome, must not know that their own regime ordered this. When the nuking of the WTC would be seen as the inescapable truth of the cause of the WTC destruction, it would be necessary for the perps to have planted self-destruction mechanisms, such as anti-Semitism, within the 911 nuclear movement.

So I say to Langley, London and Rome: your op of trying to destroy the well documented hypothesis of the nuking of New York City’s World trade Center on 9/11/01, from within the small nuclear 9/11 field, will fail. Your appeal to racism, bigotry, or religious hatred will not work. All it has done is to irrevocably destroy any reputation of that individual himself, and of the forums where he is given carte blanche to post his trivial, obvious hangout pieces. At another forum, he posts pieces against all the evidence that no planes impacted the WTC, and posts ancient items like pods etc. For my part, I have found the eyewitness statements indicating, or saying, a jet flyby was timed with a bomb exploding. 9/11 responder, EMT Frank Puma called in a bomb going off (and not a jet impact) after seeing a plane fly by the tower.

In the final analysis, honest researchers and thinkers can see that I, Spooked, and others have cited overwhelming evidence of the use of nukes on 9/11 at the WTC, as archived at these blogs: and Anyone who isn’t an agent or a fool can see that the egregious acts of 9/11, and the subsequent, massive cover-up could only have been ordered by the American regime, and its masters in London, Rome and beyond. The first step must be the indictment of the American regime for perpetrating and allowing this to occur, and for covering up the truth. All those who would seek to divert to (the usual) patsies, scapegoats, and hangouts, are guilty of aiding and abetting the actual perpetrators, and of obstruction of justice.

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McCain's Cabinet

Ooooh, I'm getting goosebumps!
• Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., in a prominent job, possibly even secretary of state.

• Former Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., as attorney general.

• Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani as homeland security secretary.

• Former Sen. Phil Gramm of Texas as treasury secretary.

• Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee as health and human services secretary.
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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Irrelevant Presidential Campaign

All the candidates suck in one way or another, and not one of them is going to do a DAMN thing to change the horrific course this country has veered onto.

The whole thing is a joke, made all the more so by the clownish media that holds sway in this country.

Fuck 'em, fuck the whole lot of them.
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Michelangeli Plays Beethoven's Sonata #3

Great stuff-- start from the top:

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

New South Tower Video Fakery Smoking Gun

Kind of interesting to compare this frame from the Hezarkhani video with the damage done to the facade of the South tower in the NIST figure below:

Focus on the leftward, port wing-- and how in the frame, that wing has gone into the tower-- and there is basically a black line indicating where the wing went in. The wing HAD to have gone in, because the starboard wing is half in, and the official trajectory was such that the port wing went in first.

Now note that in the damage diagram, to the left of the port engine, there are two large sections of columns blown away.

How exactly did those sections of columns get blown away when the wing went in without apparently displacing the columns?

Unlike closer to the fuselage, where there is some distortion in the image, so it is hard to rule out column sections being knocked in, out by the wing, the facade is pristine next to the wing.

In the damage diagram, the columns are knocked in on a lower level to where the port engine went in-- and that section of facade is clearly untouched in the actual video!

The whole "impact" sequence can be seen here. The larger damage from the "port wing" does start to appear, in the later frames. But it SHOULD have appeared right as the wing went in-- if the wing actually caused it.

This finding, once again, indicates the video image of the plane is a fraud.

What DID knock these columns inwards is another question, and for that we can only make guesses. My best guess would be some sort of specialized shaped charges.

(Honestly, someone could, should, write a book on the Hezarkhani video, analyzing it frame by frame. Like what's the deal with those engine puffs, etc?)

UPDATE: What would a shill say if forced to "debunk" this "smoking gun"?

I can imagine two main lines of arguments:
1) the image is too low resolution to see the damage
2) some sort of debris cloud is covering up the damage

More desperate arguments would be:
3) the wing is not in yet
4) there is a delay between when the wing goes in and the column damage appears

#1 is clearly wrong as in later frames, the damage can be clearly seen.

#2 is wrong as well, since the black line of the wing is quite even and not obscured by any sort of debris at all.

#3 goes against the official version of the trajectory-- and even the frame-by-frame evidence.

#4 is illogical.

Failing in the debunking, the shill would resort to the standard techniques of mockery and pretending this evidence doesn't exist.
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Hijacker Hangout Heaven

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Hannah Montana Saved Me From a Life of Desperate Conspiracy Theorizing!

Errr, maybe not.
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Peculiar Idiocy of Conservatives on the Subject of Terrorism

Documented by Glenn Greenwald here, here and here.

Two questions--
1) does anyone REALLY take these right-wing clowns seriously?
2) why do these people enjoy threatening others with terrorism so much?
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Some Useful Words on Government Spying

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McCain: Early Withdrawal From Iraq Would Lead to Genocide

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Bogus 9/11 Terrorism Charges Thrown Out in Court

AN ALGERIAN pilot who was wrongly accused of involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York can claim compensation, the Court of Appeal ruled today. Lotfi Raissi, 33, a pilot, was arrested at his home under the Terrorism Act in September 2001, 10 days after the World Trade Centre atrocity, and was kept in jail for four-and-a-half months.

Mr Raissi, who today said his life had been "destroyed" by the accusation that he helped to train pilots involved in the 9/11 attacks, was finally released when no evidence was put before a court to support the claims.

More here.

Gee, I simply can't imagine that the government manufactured evidence against this guy.
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Previously Rare Leishmaniasis Disease Afflicting Iraqi Children Because of Destroyed Iraq Health System

Children are particularly at risk because they typically have weaker immune systems than adults. A single sand fly bite can transmit the disease.

Though the disease was first identified in Iraq more than a century ago, outbreaks were rare during Saddam Hussein's regime. But since the conflict began, experts say the destroyed health system has opened the way for diseases lurking in the environment.

"The war has exacerbated the problems in Iraq that are one or two decades old," said Claire Hajaj, a spokeswoman for UNICEF's Iraq office. "Their health system has been undermined by violence, insecurity and sabotage."
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Blowing Up the Moon

This is funny:

Though reality is much more interesting.
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Friday, February 15, 2008

Right-Wing Denial of Massive Iraqi Deaths

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Evan Fairbanks Interview with Jeff Hill

Can be heard here.

A general note about many of these interviews that Hill has with various 9/11 "actors"-- they have a strong feel of being staged in some way. There's almost no emotion, no annoyance, no real impatience. Why are people so willing to talk to this random stranger on the phone for several minutes? Most of his subjects say they are busy, but then spend minute after minute answering fairly mundane questions-- questions that they might easily take offense at.

The Fairbanks interview is very much the same way.

There's just something fake about his attitude here-- particularly at the end.

I wasn't thrilled that Hill disseminated this interview after Fairbanks asked him not to-- but I guess if we assume Fairbanks is a criminal suspect, then I can see how that would override Fairbanks' request.

There's not much in the way of a smoking gun here, but a couple of interesting tidbits.

The camera angle position for the 2nd hit is of course very odd-- and Fairbanks' explanation is not very satisfying. Is being bent at the waist slightly and a wide-angle lens enough to account for the angle? Possible but I tend to doubt it-- why did the man "have" to be in the shot?? Why such an awkward stance anyway if he had a wide-angle lens??

The major discrepancy is Fairbanks' claim that he had the sound off by accident, so that's why there is no sound. Previously it was reported that the sound tape was confiscated by FBI and never given back. And importantly, in my FOIA request to the FBI for the Fairbanks' video AND AUDIO, they never denied having these items.

But overall, in the interview, I get the strong sense that Fairbanks is holding SOMETHING back-- or that the whole thing was staged.

In the real world, wouldn't someone like Fairbanks just tell Hill to get lost-- under the circumstances of the call?
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A Sense That Everything Is Falling Apart

Socially, politically and financially.

The 9/11 scam is the current that runs under all of it.
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Reyes Letter to Bush on FISA

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shill Mail?

Funny, I never get any. (pout, pout)

You'd think with all the self-righteousness they display in comments, they might want to correct me by e-mail.

It seems that they are more interested in mocking me in public than in private.

Shocking, I know.
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4:00-4:10-- Obvious Demolition of WTC1

Plus some other interesting shots:
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These Fucked Up Times, Part 23,799

This post from John Cole sums up the bullshit pretty well:
The Senate, yesterday:

After more than a year of wrangling, the Senate handed the White House a major victory on Tuesday by voting to broaden the government’s spy powers and to give legal protection to phone companies that cooperated in President Bush’s program of eavesdropping without warrants.

One by one, the Senate rejected amendments that would have imposed greater civil liberties checks on the government’s surveillance powers. Finally, the Senate voted 68 to 29 to approve legislation that the White House had been pushing for months. Mr. Bush hailed the vote and urged the House to move quickly in following the Senate’s lead.

The Senate, today:

N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell will travel to Washington on Wednesday to meet with Senator Arlen Specter for a discussion about the league’s investigation into the Patriots’ spying on other teams.

“I have a lot of questions,” Specter said. “I’m hoping to get some answers.”

Specter, of Pennsylvania, is the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee. He first requested a meeting with Goodell in a letter in November. Specter wanted to know why the league had destroyed all evidence in the spying case and whether there was any indication that the Patriots had cheated when they played the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX.

There is a very real and perverse possibility that the NFL will face tougher sanctions for spying on practice squads and covering it up than the telecoms and this President will face for spying on the citizenry and lying about it.

*** Update ***

And now I am riding the exercise bike and watching congresscritters grill Roger Clemens over steroids use. No administration official, in seven years of lying, crime, and outright perfidy, has ever been subjected to such a hostile interrogation.

Worthless bastards, the whole lot of them.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Missing Videos of 1st Hit and Pentagon Hit

This video of the 2nd hit was supposedly taken by an al Qaeda operative and put on the internet:

This brings up an interesting question I've never seen before-- if 9/11 was really done by al Qaeda and they knew the WTC and Pentagon would be targets, why didn't they have their operative who filmed the 2nd hit, film the 1st WTC hit, and why didn't they have an operative film the Pentagon hit?

Foreknowledge? What Foreknowledge?

Actually, the only ones who seemed to have foreknowledge of the WTC attacks were the (mysterious) Naudet brothers.
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UFO Sightings and the Media

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"Shadowy Intelligence Agencies are Pumping Out Black Propaganda"

For the "al-CIA-duh" files:
The "Zarqawi letter" which made it on to the front page of The New York Times in February 2004 was one of a sequence of highly suspect documents which were said to have been written either by or to Zarqawi and which were fed into news media.

This material is being generated, in part, by intelligence agencies who continue to work without effective oversight; and also by a new and essentially benign structure of "strategic communications" which was originally designed by doves in the Pentagon and Nato who wanted to use subtle and non-violent tactics to deal with Islamist terrorism but whose efforts are poorly regulated and badly supervised with the result that some of its practitioners are breaking loose and engaging in the black arts of propaganda.
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Death Penalty Sought for 9/11 Roles

Public prosecutors filed capital charges against a President George W. Bush and five other administration officials on Monday for their roles in the Sept. 11 terror attacks, but the possible obstacles facing a death penalty case in the hastily organized war crimes trial system were immediately apparent.

And in other news, more propaganda...
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Monday, February 11, 2008

These Fucked Up Times, Part 23,674

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Breakthrough: The Story Of Cathy T, & The Large Earthquake That Was Felt One Mile Away When WTC1 Was “Hit”!

By The Anonymous Physicist

Cathy T. who lives, and works, in her apartment, which is about one mile north of the WTC, has this breaking story. Furthermore, the following events were witnessed by two people present with Cathy during these occurrences. Cathy recalls these events occurred between 8:30 and 9 A.M. on 9/11/01 Note that WTC1 was “officially hit” at about 8:46 A.M.

Cathy, to the best of her recollection, recalls “about four seismic events” in her apartment— which is between the 10th and 20th floor of her building-- with “the first one being the largest”, and “the other three were significantly less intense” and can now be seen to likely be after-shocks, that “came in approx. 30 sec intervals after the main one.” Cathy says she can never forget seeing “books fall off their shelves”, and seeing or feeling the “floor jumping up and down”, and her almost losing her balance at that time between 8:30 and 9.00 A.M. She did not know, at the time about what was happening, or just happened, at the WTC. She says she did not experience these things when the second tower was “hit.” It is also important to note that Cathy T did not experience any Seismic activity during either “collapse’ event.

All this indicates the “official” regime Seismic recordings are a farce, as I have previously written and had published here. The Seismic “readings” admittedly are “re-analyses” of data, as requested by the regime. Now according to the US Geological Survey, the “collapse” maxima of 2.1 and 2.3 might not be felt even right where it was occurring, or just barely felt and not cause the effects Cathy felt a mile away from the first “plane hit.” Though I am a physicist and not a geologist, I have been in 5.1 Earthquakes and have done some reading on these matters. IMO, to be transmitted at such a level of intensity one mile north, and possibly further, directly implies a seismic level of at least 4.0, at the origin. There is always the possibility that wave phenomena led to reinforcements at local hotpsots (perhaps anti-nodes) which included her building. The spikes of the two “plane impacts” are “officially” 0.9 and 0.7 respectively. Far greater energy than is contained in quakes of these levels would be needed to cause the events felt by Cathy T, a mile away. Thus, I assert, the “plane hit” spikes in the seismographs were likely greatly truncated! (As were the “collapse” spikes.) Now it is questionable whether a plane hit, or an explosion, high up would transmit much energy to the ground as the energy would likely first be absorbed by the building itself. But if a simultaneous sub-basement nuke was set off, this would likely have a large seismic spike that would need to be “re-analyzed/truncated” as the gov’t requested.

So tying the eyewitness report of Cathy T. to my earlier articles, it is likely that in the nuclear demolition of the WTC towers, perhaps the largest nukes employed occurred in the sub-basements, using the “plane hits” as “camouflage.” And that many smaller nukes were used during the actual demolition-- along with some conventional explosives as I have detailed previously.

Recall also that earlier I have stated that other regime-released “scientific” data is bogus. This includes the second AVIRIS (ground tempeature) data set; and this has been massively verified by other data and countless eyewitnesses, molten boots and more. And this article I wrote, also has a fireman describing a seismic event during collapse that had to be significantly more than a 2.1 or 2.3.

It also contains: eyewitness testimony of firefighters believing they were nuked on 9/11 from feeling great heat on their skin without any fire near them, as well as early WTC7 destruction, Electromagetic Pulse, non-impact plane flyby, and people being pushed out of a WTC tower.

From the timing that Cathy relates, these seismic events appear to have occurred around the time that the first (CGI) plane “impacted” the first tower. This is further support for my hypotheses, appearing in my articles, that each time a CGI plane “hit” a tower, (actually upper explosions set off), the regime also set off a basement nuke. (As I have written, to allow for bottom over collapse, in case the intricate top-bottom collapse--which involved many mini-nukes--failed to occur. I have written herein on the need for redundancy by the regime.) Recall I have quoted engineers that stated that a sub-basement floor and garage were “just gone,” and that a 50-ton steel press was vaporized, and that a steel/concrete door was shriveled up like aluminum foil-- all at the time of the first “plane hit”. (Statements made by Engineer Mike Pecoraro. See:
and my other nuclear demolition articles at

Of course all this, and the now revealed much larger earthquake(s) felt a mile away, can only arise from nukes-- and not from gravitational collapse of pristine pancakes, or evidence-free and cold DEW, or thermite which never vaporized anything let alone whole floors and massive steel presses. Neither does thermite stay hot for months and cause the China Syndrome of radioactive fragments generating high heat for months, and thus the molten metal still seen six months later. See here:

So we now have eyewitness testimony that larger earthquakes-- which directly implies nuclear bomb use-- occurred on 9/11, than the regime has allowed to promulgate, via its Goebbels-like MSM, or the intel agency-controlled “911truth” forums.

See who posts this now. Please post this yourselves!
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Shutting Down Comments for a Couple of Weeks

As much "fun" as it is sparring with the shills here, I will not have time to moderate comments for the next couple of weeks. And frankly, my patience for war shills and 9/11 official story shills is wearing thin.

I will turn comments back in two or three weeks.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any comments or suggestions.

I do thank all of you who leave reasonable comments.
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Department of "Ya Think"?

Bush has declared himself a tyrant.

Dems betrayed the country on Iraq.

Iraq is still a mess and will continue to be a mess indefinitely.

Getting out of Iraq would help the economic stress of ordinary Americans.

If you're not outraged, you're either part of the regime or you're not paying attention.
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Saturday, February 09, 2008

WTC Weirdness, Chapter 3333

Concrete melted around guns found at Ground Zero-- yet more evidence of extremely high temperatures far beyond the range of a hydrocarbon fire.
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Where'd the Fuselage Go?

Let's look at this photo again of the Shanksville crater:

Here's the best possible match of a Boeing 757 with the Shanksvile crater, given the official trajectory of inverted impact, with the plane traveling in the basic direction of the top of the photo:

Notice a wee problem?

Even if we assume the whole plane both blew up into tiny pieces or burrowed into the ground (as the official story holds), the fuselage would have had to have make some sort of crater in the ground where it hit. But there is nothing there where the fuselage should have hit.

This crater is bogus.

This is a nice companion diagram to my earlier proof regarding the Shanksville crater.
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The Shills Are Aliiiive, with the Sound of Bullshit

Top Five ways to know if you are a shill:

1) you mock someone who professes doubt in any aspect of 9/11

2) you pretend that there is no doubt whatsoever about the official 9/11 story

3) you mock any idea of ulterior motives or deep politics from the financial, military and political elites

4) you visit here several times a day, leaving contrarian, disruptive comments and not adding any productive discussion

5) you get paid, or coerced by a third party, to do any of the above.
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Friday, February 08, 2008

Plane ID'ed That Made the Shanksville Crater!

From this photo of the Shanksville crater, we can actually figure out what crashed there!

Here it is:

I think it was the Picasso 3000!
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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Just Another Funny Coincidence

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Getting a bit shilly in here.
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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Internet Cables to Large Parts of Middle East Cut

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A Live Fly Hijacking Exercise Was Being Run on the Morning of 9/11

This is something that frequently gets overlooked in these days of fake video, faked crashes and demolition discussions.

But learning of the hijacking exercise (and several other NORAD drills) on 9/11 was one of the first things that convinced me that 9/11 was an "inside job".

"The Vigilant Warrior drill conducted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff involved at least one real commercial aircraft in the skies, intended to simulate exactly the kind of airliner hijack emergency presented on 9/11."

We've never had an answer as to what happened to the fake hijacked aircraft that were being used in the drill.
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There Will Be No Peace in Iraq Until US Troops Are Gone

Just sayin'
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Keystone Kondi

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Not Just Edna in the Hole

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The Boogeyman Is Still Out There

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Ruh Roh

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Probing the Obscenely Bloated Pentagon Budget

It's time for our annual game: How much is really in the U.S. military budget?

As usual, it's about $200 billion more than most news stories are reporting. For the proposed fiscal year 2009 budget, which President Bush released today, the real size is not, as many news stories have reported, $515.4 billion—itself a staggering sum—but, rather, $713.1 billion.

Before deconstructing this budget, let us consider just how massive it is. Even the smaller figure of $515.4 billion—which does not include money for fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—is roughly equal to the total military budgets of all the rest of the world's nations combined. It is (adjusting for inflation) larger than any U.S. military budget since World War II.
But let's delve into the Pentagon's base line figure—the $515.4 billion that has nothing directly to do with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. What's in there? Do the U.S. armed forces really need that much for the everyday maintenance of national security?

About a quarter of that sum—$125.2 billion—is for personnel costs: understandable. Another third—$180 billion—is for operations and maintenance of equipment (a bit more mysterious, since this is apart from the O&M costs brought on by the war). But a larger sum still—$184 billion—is for what the Pentagon calls "major weapons systems."

This includes $45.6 billion for military aircraft, including $6.7 billion to buy 16 more F-35 stealth planes. The F-35 is still in its early stages; the Pentagon has, to date, spent only about one-tenth of what it estimates to be a $300 billion program. It's not too late to ask if we need such a costly, sophisticated fighter jet, given that air-to-air combat is not likely to be a major element of future wars and, to the extent that it might be, we're way ahead—in numbers and technology—of any prospective foe.
There is another $12.8 billion for missile defense, despite the numerous foibles that still plague that program (along with the occasional, but not so significant, successful test).

And there is $3.6 billion for continued research and development into the Army's trouble-ridden Future Combat Systems program. (According to the Pentagon's budget documents, the estimated "initial deployment" for this system has now slipped to 2015, and its projected cost has risen to $160 billion—second only to the F-35 in the list of most expensive programs. Only about $20 billion has been spent so far; it's not too late to bite the bullet.)

What efficiencies is the Pentagon taking to accommodate these technological risks? The "Overview" section of the Pentagon's budget document contains a section called "Program Terminations." It reads, in its entirety: "The FY 2009 budget does not propose any major program terminations."

Is it remotely conceivable that the Defense Department is the one federal bureaucracy that has not designed, developed, or produced a single expendable program? The question answers itself.
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Miraculous Microbes

Cool article:
“We have micro-organisms that live in such strong acid or base solutions that if you put your finger in, the skin would dissolve almost instantly,” Dr. Venter said in an interview. “There’s another organism that can take three million rads of radiation and not be killed.” How can a microbe withstand a blast of radioactivity that is a good 1,500 times greater than what would kill any of us virtually on the spot? “Its chromosome gets blown apart,” Dr. Venter said, “but it stitches everything back together and just starts replicating again.”

Given the wealth of biological and metabolic templates that nature has invented over nearly four billion years of evolutionary tinkering, scientists say, any sane program to synthesize new life forms must go hand in hand with a sustained sampling of the old. “My view is that we know less than 1 percent of what’s out there in the biological universe,” Dr. Venter said.

Last year, he and his colleagues went prospecting for new organisms in the deep midocean, long thought to be one of earth’s least animate regions. Sure, life evolved in the seas, but shallow seas, where sunlight can penetrate, were considered the preferred site for biodiversity. Even with the startling discovery in the 1980s of life on the ocean floor, around the hydrothermal vents, the midocean waters couldn’t shake their reputation as an impoverished piece of real estate: too far down for solar energy, too high up for its geothermal equivalent.

Yet when the Venter team began sampling the waters for the most basic evidence of life, the presence of genetic material, they found themselves practically awash in novel DNA. “From our random sequencing in the ocean, we uncovered six million new genes,” he said, genes, that is, unlike any yet seen in any of the mammals, reptiles, worms, fish, insects, fungi, microbes or narcissists that have been genetically analyzed so far. With just that first-pass act of nautical sequencing, Dr. Venter said, “we doubled the number of all genes characterized to date.”

Researchers assume that most of the novel DNA is microbial in origin, but they have yet to identify the organisms or see what they can do, because most microbes are notoriously difficult to cultivate in the lab. Bacteria may happily swim through toxic waste, but when it comes to confinement on an agar plate, thank you, they’d rather be dead.

Some music to listen to as you read
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The "Expertise" and "Sui Generis" Arguments for 9/11: Last Resort Bullshit for Shills

You have no expertise in these matters so you can't possibly understand these events, no matter what it looks like.

Plane crashes at high speed into the ground have never occurred before, so we have no idea what it should look like
, no matter what it looks like.

A large plane has never crashed into the Pentagon before, so we have no idea what it should look like
, no matter what it looks like.

Large planes have never crashed into steel framed buildings before, so we have no idea what it should look like, no matter what it looks like.

Large steel framed towers have never been hit by large jets before, so we should not be surprised they collapse-- and we have no idea what this should look like when they collapse-- but whatever way it looks is not surprising at all.
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Monday, February 04, 2008

If the Official Flight 93 Crash Story Is True

Someone should be able to produce a diagram showing how a Boeing 757 flying upside down at high speed can crash to produce the crater shown in the photo (where the plane enters from the upper left):

As far as I can tell, there is no way to do it.

But, by all means, try and prove the official story of the crash crater.  Ideally, you should explain where all the plane debris went too.
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Sunday, February 03, 2008

"Domestic Spying Program Could Aid Terrorists"

Although the Bush administration calls it a vital weapon against terrorism, its domestic wiretapping effort could become a devastating tool for terrorists if hacked or penetrated from inside, according to a new article by a group of America's top computer security experts.

The administration has said little about the program except to defend it against charges it amounts to illegal spying on U.S. citizens. When news of the program broke in 2006, then-White House spokesman Scott McClellan called the program a "limited" effort "targeted at al Qaeda communications coming into or going out of the United States."

But documents submitted in an ongoing court case indicate the program involves data centers at major telecommunications hubs that siphon off and analyze billions of bytes of Americans' emails, phone calls and other data.

By diverting the flow of so much domestic data into a few massive pools, the administration may have "[built] for its opponents something that would be too expensive for them to build for themselves," say the authors: "a system that lets them see the U.S.'s intelligence interests...[and] that might be turned" to exploit conversations and information useful for plotting an attack on the United States.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence referred a request for comment on the article to the interagency National Counterterrorism Center, which directed calls to the National Security Agency, which reportedly runs the program. The NSA declined to comment for this story. The White House referred calls to the NSA.

Of course, this all depends on who the "terrorists" are.
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The Ultimate 9/11 Limited Hangout

Naturally found via "911 blogger":
Ties Between White House, Sept 11 Chief
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Sept. 11 commission's executive director had closer ties with the White House than publicly disclosed and tried to influence the final report in ways that the staff often perceived as limiting the Bush administration's responsibility, a new book says.

Philip Zelikow, a friend of then-national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, spoke with her several times during the 20-month investigation that closely examined her role in assessing the al-Qaida threat. He also exchanged frequent calls with the White House, including at least four from Bush's chief political adviser at the time, Karl Rove.

Zelikow once tried to push through wording in a draft report that suggested a greater tie between al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and Iraq, in line with White House claims but not with the commission staff's viewpoint, according to Philip Shenon's "The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation."

Shenon, a New York Times reporter, says Zelikow sought to intimidate staff to avoid damaging findings for President Bush, who at the time was running for re-election, and Rice. Zelikow and Rice had written a book together in 1995 and he would later work for her after the commission finished its job and she became secretary of state in 2005.

The Associated Press obtained an audio version of Shenon's book, which is to go on sale Tuesday.

Reached by the AP, Zelikow provided a 131-page statement with information he said was provided for the book. In it, Zelikow acknowledges talking to Rove and Rice during the course of the commission's work despite a general pledge he made not to. But he said the conversations never dealt with politics.
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Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Case for Faked Plane Crashes on 9/11

In light of the surprising interest in my recent post on the Pentagon hit, it's worth pointing out that by far the easiest case to make for faked plane crashes on 9/11 is the ludicrously fake Shanksville crater:

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False-Flag Terrorism in Iraq?

Certainly, the propaganda never ends:
Surely you saw or heard the headlines yesterday: A pair of bloody suicide bombings carried out in Iraq by "mentally disabled" women who were tricked into wearing bomb vests detonated from nearby by "al-Qaeda in Iraq" operatives. Of course, this is all too possible -- but most of the media presented it as fact, rather than wild speculation. The Washington Post headline carried no qualifier: 'Mentally Disabled Women Used in Bombings."

So, it turns out on the following day, that the evidence for the mentally disabled part was that one of the alleged bombers' head recovered after the blast was deformed, suggesting Down's syndrome. Now the AP admits that the severed head may have merely been deformed by the blast (duh). Also, McClatchy's crack Baghdad bureau now reports that Iraqi officials "have made similar claims in the past" about mentally crippled bombers and a police official told them "that authorities were still investigating whether the explosion at the second market might have come from a bomb hidden in a cage or a box of eggs."
Is the whole suicide bombing story propaganda manufactured to support a particular brand (al-CIA-duh) of terrorism?
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US Presidential Politics Explained in 23 Words

Lower taxes on the rich and start a war -- you can get away with almost anything.

Raise taxes on the rich -- you're screwed.
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Holocaust Denial-- Bad

Iraqi civilian death denial-- apparently okay.

Okay, for Bush too.

Me, I am never in doubt of the ability of mankind to kill mankind.
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Friday, February 01, 2008

One Million Iraqis Killed Since the US Invasion

The transcendent tragedy of America under Bush.

But the blame does not lie solely with Bush-- he was necessary for this tragedy, but not sufficient.

The acquiescence of the majority of the US government officials and the US media is to blame as well. Evil has become very banal in our modern life.

Compounding this tragedy is what the ungodly amounts of money that have been spent there COULD have been used for:
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Zionist Cowboy

How the Arab world sees Bush.

This quote from the article is striking:
“One thing that's for certain: The United States benefits when people come to my country,’’ Bush told his hosts. “And one of my concerns was after September the 11th that our visa policy, particularly for Saudis, was tightened to the point where we missed opportunity to show young and old alike what our country is really about. I love the fact that some of you were educated in America.

Given that officially 15 of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis, and they were educated in the US to fly planes, this statement is just very weird.

See, it's okay for Bush to illegally spy on Americans in order to fight terrorism. But tighten VISA requirements for Saudis-- it's a damn shame to Bush!
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