Humint Events Online: January 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

Washington Times Finds the 33 in the Egyptian Protests

The turmoil in Egypt is markedly similar to the revolution that gripped Iran 33 years ago. Egypt may be to Mr. Obama what Iran was to Mr. Carter.
Indeed, the Iranian protests leading to the 1979 revolution started in 1978. However, it seems like an over-simplification to compare what is happening in Egypt to what happened in Iran 33 years ago. There are similarities, to be sure, but there are critical differences in the nature of what the protests are about.
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Deep Thoughts of the Day

1) You know a revolution is going to be successful when the military decides not to fight-- that the masses are too powerful.

2) The tipping point in a revolution is when the crowds protesting are so big that everyone feels safe in joining in, and no one can really stop the momentum.

3) I pretty much agree with the sentiments of Chris Floyd and his commentators.

4) Even though I've disagreed with Jon Gold's stance on various 9/11 issues, I still have to respect him for chaining himself to the White House fence (assuming he goes through with it). I think this is a good philosophy too:
First, I think people need to take the time to learn about this issue. Don’t believe everything you hear in movies, or articles you stumble across on the internet. Do your own research, and in time, you will have your own problems with the “official account.” Steer clear of individuals who act as though you must believe this or that, and accuse you of being this or that if you don’t. Steer clear of people that have obvious agendas. Judge people by the fruits of their labor. Be supportive of the family members that are seeking justice. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the families’ efforts of the past. When you approach someone, do so in a way that isn’t “scary” or “aggressive.” Ask simple questions of people. Questions that plant a seed. Remember that you are fighting for 2,973 people that can no longer speak for themselves. Remember their families. Remember the people being killed during the 9/11 wars. Do your best. No one can ask for anything more.
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

"The King's Speech"

Saw this movie this evening. Didn't see a 33, somewhat surprisingly, given the topic.

The movie was very well done; great performances by Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. The most amazing thing was making the British royalty-- specifically, King George VI-- sympathetic.

There was some serious history going on-- the start of WWII, the abdication of the throne by Edward for Wallis Simpson, and undoubtedly much conspiracy material going on. But the movie was mostly about the problems of George the 6th, and kind of a metaphor for the loss of power of the British royalty, having a king who could barely speak. The fun part was the way the Rush character totally belittled the throne and the whole concept of royalty. At the same time they made King George sympathetic, they really belittled the whole monarchy. After all, the British royalty are mainly just ordinary *humans* who live and die -- and have a weird life dealing with the evil machinations of the powers that be. Which is very much the same way for US presidents and politicians-- and all politicians everywhere. They are weak humans, who succumb easily to evil plots of the PTB.
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Chemtrail Resource

Hard to know the veracity of much of it, but it still seems to be a valuable collection of chemtrail-related info.
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Hosni Mubarak, Scumbucket

President Mubarak’s stash is worth 40 billion dollars as his personal worth or what he stole from the Egyptian people has risen to epic proportions. Mubarak’s name can be added to the names of wealthy dictators throughout the world that most likely received the aide from the United States in their attempt to affect influence in foreign country politics. The policy does not seem to be very successful at this time since the dictators are basically leaving their country penniless and stealing the money for themselves. The leader of Afghanistan is another example of a man who is taking the bribes from the US and amassing his own wealth while his country starves for help.

The overthrow of his 30 years of a dictatorship regime and the military taking over his corrupt government today January 28, 2011 has army tanks fighting back protesters but actually many sympathize with the protesters.
Yeah, but see it was worth it-- because he was nice to Israel!!!!
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Delusional

On Egypt's demonstrations-- "democracies do not initiate wars"


Of course he had to make sure he also said something really obnoxious: "I'm not sure the time is right for the Arab region to go through the democratic process."
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Eyewitness Testimony of Firefighters Believing They Were Nuked on 9/11

Worth a read or even a re-read, as well as the other pieces here.
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Your Modern GOP

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The Clampdown


Amazing video of the Egyptian protests from Al Jazeera!

Some more info here.
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It's a Mystery

It's funny how US media commentators always seem so surprised that people in the middle east don't really like the US-- or at least US-backed regimes and US policies in the middle east. Their anti-Americanism is shocking, isn't it? Or is it shocking how dumb the US media commentators are?
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Question of the Day

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Screw Democracy, We Need a Christian Dictatorship

Jesus, you just cannot make this shit up.

Reason #3,418 why religion sucks.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

CIA, the Media and Disinformation

William Schaap, an expert on Covert Operations and the government's use of disinformation, testified at the MLK Assassination Conspiracy trial in 1999.

Video can be seen here. Transcript is here. Definitely worth the time, if you have it, to read or listen.

This is important:
But when the Church Committee reported on the CIA media operations, for example, beyond friends in the press, beyond having people who were just generally -- thought along similar lines, it turned out that they had thousands of journalists in their employ. Not merely friendly, not merely agents, not merely someone you could pass a story to, but people who might have appeared to the outside world to be a reporter for CBS was in fact a CIA employee getting a salary from the CIA.

And that was repeated thousands of times all around the world. They also owned outright, the CIA -- about that time 250 or more media organizations. That's wire services, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV stations -- all around the world that they owned outright. The actual shareholder of the company turned out to be some CIA front.

The Church Committee, unfortunately, did not name very many of these organizations because those that got named, of course, had to close down immediately. But it was learned that -- even things like the Rome Daily American, which was a major English language newspaper in Rome, for 20 or 30 years had been owned by the CIA. This was published and, of course, the paper closed the next day.

But most people didn't realize the extent of the intelligence media organization. It's fairly incredible. They sort of brag about it. When you read the books about the history of the CIA, one of the heroes was the first man in charge of media operations, a man named Frank Wisner. And they referred to his organization as the Mighty Wurlitzer. And there's this image of this guy sitting at one of those giant organs, you know, with seventeen keyboards and you're playing this -- sort of like The Phantom of the Opera in that scene, and there was the guy running the CIA media operations all around the world. And he really was because every single city of any size on earth, he had some employee who was -- supposedly worked for a newspaper or a magazine or a radio station or a wire service, and they could get stories anywhere.
And this has to be still going on today, though we never hear about it. But probably multiple major cable networks and news organizations are CIA owned now.
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Outrage Watch-- The NSA

This report is 26 years old now, and we know so much more about the NSA now, but this is still wild:

Again, we know the NSA is a deeply evil agency on the covert level, but just THIS relatively overt information, what they do with our communications, is deeply fucked:
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11 and 33

Interesting number pairing in this ad, if you're a numerology nut like me.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Church and Murray Madness: Police Tape Up Before First Hit

(click to enlarge)
This montage was made by Jack White, but I have cropped it to highlight something different than what he wanted to show.

I believe that something important is shown here. That is, that the corner with the scaffolding, where the engine from UA175 "landed", had police tape around it, including tape around a wastebasket (see picture 4, lower right).

Note then, picture 2 (upper right), which is a still from the Naudet movie, depicting a pedestrian reacting to the FIRST HIT! Read this as confirmation for that amazing fact.

This very simply shows how the Church and Murray corner was set-up PRIOR to the "plane hits". The engine was likely there BEFORE the hit, under a tarp, under the canopy. Which explains how the engine ended up UNDER the canopy. (Unfortunately, the resolution in the Naudet still is not good enough to see if there was some object where the engine ended up at this moment before the first hit)

IMPORTANTLY -- there is no earthly reason why this corner would have crime scene tape BEFORE the attack, unless it had been set-up ahead of time as part of the scam.

It's also worth recalling this:
Lt. Larocco also stated that hours after both towers were destroyed:
“…I still really didn't believe that the second tower was hit by a second plane.”
At this point, the interviewer, Monte Feiler, says, “Stopping the interview at 1306.” Then, “Resuming the tape at 1308 hours. Same people present.”

Now Lt. Larocco says: “
Like I said, the rumors were flying around, and they turned out to be quite factual, about the second tower getting hit. Although at the time I really didn't believe it until I saw it later on television. The thing about the Pentagon, the plane crashing out in Pennsylvania, it was all coming into the picture that this is something major going on.”
So we see how something happened during this “time out.” Something he was told and recalling what was “on TV” apparently made him change his mind and believe in the second “plane hit.” This manipulation speaks for itself. And if there really were plane hits, would the PTB need to perform such blatent manipulations of eyewitness testimony?


My interpretation of EMT Frank Puma’s deposition here indicates that he may have witnessed a FLYBY, and not a “plane impact” regarding the alleged “second hit.” He said:
“…I ran down to the corner of Church and Park Place, looked up and I saw the plane shooting out of the top of the towers. That's when I grabbed for my radio and yelled over the air, "1 Adam. A bomb just went off in the Trade Center."...
Note that after he witnessed an apparent flyby, HE CALLED IN A BOMB, and NOT a plane impact! In fact, when you couple his statement to the interviewer, with his action of exactly what he called in, it seems clear that he believed the plane he saw bombed the WTC! And this must be considered a possibility. However, all the evidence and the ludicrous “plane-shaped” hole itself indicate shape charges, at that facade, were set off in sync with a flyby (and basement nukes).
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The Covert War on Rock, Continued

The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio was founded
by renowned Jewish spy, Milton Maltz, who also founded the
International Spy Museum (ISM) in Washington, DC. Maltz was a
principal, for 42 years, at the Malrite Communications Group,
Inc., a corporation which operated radio and TV stations.
Maltz founded Malrite in 1956 and served as chairman and CEO
until the company was sold in 1998.

In July of 2002, Maltz donated $6 million to build a nonprofit
museum of Jewish history in Cleveland, Ohio.

During the Korean War, Maltz worked at the National Security
Agency (NSA), for the U.S. Navy and developed a lifelong
interest in intelligence-gathering.

Given the United States government's harassment of rock stars,
I urge rock fans everywhere to boycott the Rock 'n' Roll Hall
of Fame.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Popular Consensus: Cut Military Spending

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A Truly Bad Person

I used to think Glenn Beck was mostly an idiot and a clown, but now evidence is growing that he is a sick and dangerous person.

There's also this:

and this:
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

50 Years Ago Today: Kennedy Inaugural Speech

Wonderful words:

Funny, right now, this video has 33 "dislikes" on Youtube. Rather ironic there.
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Workers Versus Bankers

Bwa ha ha ha. I would say the workers win this round. Too bad the bankers have won every other round...
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Deep Thought of the Day

The first 5 minutes or so of this classic song reminds me of classic Genesis.
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What the FUCK Is the Matter With This Country????

Part 3,419:

(from "SICKO")
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There Supposedly Is a Video of the Loughner Shooting

So, we can put to bed all thoughts there was another shooter, right?

NYTimes piece. WaPo piece.

WaPo piece says they found 32 bullets total, though his clip only held 31. They think he had an extra one in the chamber.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things That Should Be Inextricably Linked from Now On

Bush/Cheney -- torturers and war criminals

Barack Obama -- war criminal; protector of Bush/Cheney

WTC -- nuked on 9/11

Planes on 9/11 -- massive psy-op

Terrorism -- propaganda

Martin Luther King, Jr -- assassinated by the US govt

William Greer -- shooting JFK

Apollo astronauts and NASA -- liars and frauds

Hitler -- British agent

Catholic Church -- pedophilia
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Sheer Madness!!!

He became intrigued by antigovernment conspiracy theories, including that the Sept. 11 attacks were perpetrated by the government and that the country’s central banking system was enslaving its citizens. His anger would well up at the sight of President George W. Bush, or in discussing what he considered to be the nefarious designs of government.

“I think he feels the people should be able to govern themselves,” said Ms. Figueroa, his former girlfriend. “We didn’t need a higher authority.”

Breanna Castle, 21, another friend from junior and senior high school, agreed. “He was all about less government and less America,” she said, adding, “He thought it was full of conspiracies and that the government censored the Internet and banned certain books from being read by us.”

Among the books that he would later cite as his favorites: “Animal Farm,” “Fahrenheit 451,” “Mein Kampf” and “The Communist Manifesto.” Also: “Peter Pan.”
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Videos of Note

No way to know exactly how many US military bases there are around the world, but at least 1,000:

The Gulf and the people there are in a world of hurt:

Somewhat reminiscent to the aftermath of 9/11, with lies about how safe the air in Manhattan was.
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Laughner Supposedly Posted at "Above Top Secret"

As "erad3". Some posts apparently show him as a 9/11 truther and NASA skeptic.

I have never registered or posted at ATS, though I have looked over a lot of threads. I don't like their format-- it is kind of awkward to read. I'm pretty sure I've seen posts from "erad3" in the past, when I've gone to ATS. But I can't find them now.

Of course, it's not clear if Laughner really did this, or if it was a frame-up. The posts he started are consistent with the Youtube videos he supposedly put up, fwiw. The big worry is this is yet another way to slur/slam/scapegoat the conspiracy community, and that there will be a call for more regulation of conspiracy websites.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

A Reasonable Question About Gun Control

If the goal of now allowing any restriction on the 2nd amendment is to protect against a tyrannical regime and/or overthrow the government, should we allow people to buy the same weapons our military does?

If not, why not?

If you agree with the idea that everyone should be able to buy machine guns, rocket launchers and mortars and hand grenades, are you serious?

UPDATE: A commenter at DU addressed this question to some extent by saying that if every citizen was armed with small arms, then this would be overwhelming for the military to counter, so just small arms are needed. I guess some people have thought about this more than me, but still, I wonder-- if it is truly just numbers of people that are required, do we even need small arms? Why not bows and arrows? Are 12 round clips enough or do we really need 33 round clips?

I personally have no doubts that if push came to shove, and there was an armed insurrection that overwhelmed whatever local military unit was supposed to keep order, that the leaders of this great country would have no problem bombing the shit out of them from the air. But maybe that's just me.
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prediction: Giffords = Brady ==> Gun Control

I think that somehow, having a brain-damaged survivor of a gun massacre who is a govt official, will lead to new attempts at gun control laws, instead of, like, all those dead people over the years.

Jim Brady was of course wounded during the Reagan assassination attempt, and became an ardent advocate for gun control.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The GMO Food Conspiracy

This is a must-see video-- explaining very clearly the problem with GMO foods and how the US government is forcing them on us:

These are topics that have been touched on here before, but this is put together well here in this segment. Michael Taylor is a sick individual, as is Obama for appointing him. And the GMO expert they have here explains well how the problem is that the modification really changes the crop, such as the potato, making it more toxic. It's not the expression of anti-insect proteins or whatever, but I suspect they are selecting out unhealthy variants when they do the genetic modification. And then the US govt won't fucking even label the foods or do proper testing. It's totally outrageous!
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Gun Massacres: a Wonderful American Tradition

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Where Did Laughner Fire From?

Why would there be any confusion about what direction Giffords was shot from? Isn't this unusual?
Doctors initially thought the bullet entered the back of the skull and exited the front, but after reviewing X-rays and brain scans, two outside physicians brought in by Giffords' medical team now believe that Giffords was likely shot in the front of her head.
I couldn't find any article that discussed where the shooter was in relation to Giffords-- seems like it should have been clear what direction she was shot from... but is there another shooter they are trying to cover up?

(thanks to jh for the link)
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Memo to Sarah Palin

Free speech cuts both ways. You're allowed to say stupid and/or obnoxious things, just as I am free to criticize those things. By saying I can't criticize you, you are impinging on my free speech.

By using the term “blood libel” to describe the criticism about political rhetoric after the shootings, Ms. Palin was inventing a new definition for an emotionally laden phrase. Blood libel is typically used to describe the false accusation that Jews murder Christian children to use their blood in religious rituals, in particular the baking of matzos for passover. The term has been used for centuries as the pretext for anti-Semitism and violent pogroms against Jews.

You make me sick, you piece of shit.
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Wikileaks Already Did 9/11

It's funny to think-- something I totally forgot, down the memory hole-- that wikileaks actually first made a splash by releasing 500,000 pager transcripts from 9/11. There were a some interesting tidbits there, first reports that radically diverged from the official story, but nothing that really changed the by-now carved in stone official 9/11 story that must never be questioned.

I don't see that I ever posted anything here on the blog on the pager transcripts; maybe that is why I forgot about it. I remember looking them over, but not seeing anything new worth posting (or I got distracted?). Certainly, there is no doubt that witnesses to 9/11 reported a lot of things early on that diverged from the official story-- until the fix came in.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fighting Back Against the PTB

Despite the known problems with Alex Jones and David Icke, this segment of the show was pretty good:

The sentiments are similar to what Anonymous Physicist has written here, here and here on defeating the British-American Gestapo.

Also, see
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Flouride in Water Lowers IQ Levels in Children

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Monday, January 10, 2011

33 of the Day

When he began shooting outside the Tucson supermarket, Jared Lee Loughner had a Glock 19 pistol that he purchased for $500 and two high capacity 33-round magazines whose manufacture had once been banned under federal law, federal law enforcement officials said Sunday.
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Quickies on Giffords Shooting

Obama calls for moment of silence today, at 11am (naturally).

Why has no video surfaced of this event yet?

Very very odd that Gifford's Youtube channel is suscribed to Loughner's videos-- one of only two subscriptions.

Also, funny how Arizona has such loose gun laws, and gun-freaks always like to say how more guns will lead to less attacks, but-- where were the law-abiding gun-owners in the case of the Giffords shooting? How come no one pulled out their rod and took down the shooter? (UPDATE-- in fact, there was someone armed who got involved after the killer was subdued, see here and here. The second video is important in that it indicates the killer was in a trance-like state, as noted in comments.)

Also, I always have this question is these types of events--- how can a relatively inexperienced marksman shoot so many dang people with a pistol, so lethally, in such a short period of time, with no one attacking him back??? Was there in fact another shooter, as was thought the case for the Fort Hood shootings and the Va Tech shootings?

While the left seems to want to blame the right for this, and the right is blaming the left, the real answer is that this was a covert attack on ALL Americans, leading to further degradation of our freedoms.

Also see this: MK ULTRA at work in Tucson attack? I would say, yes.
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Max Keiser on Alex Jones

Hmm, I hadn't realized before that these two were familiar with each other, Keiser being a frequent guest. And Keiser lives in London. Makes me suspicious of Keiser now, as much as I enjoy his rants and generally he makes good points... intel, intel everywhere, and not a drop to think...

Still, an interesting conversation, until Jones starts going off (in the second part I think) about youtube and google messing with his Obama Deception video.
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Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Mysterious Death of the Baghdad Airport Commander

This is a posts that got oddly deleted. I had held onto this post for a long time, because I wanted to more research, but at this point, I'm not really finding much more and I'll just write up what I have.

My original interest was the strange death of the Baghdad airport commander:
"Donald P. Christy, Lt. Col, USAF, passed away April 21, 2008 in Colorado Springs after an extended bout of anxiety and depression."
It's not clear what happened; how he died. There is strangely little about Christy on the net, except the Greg Mitchell article linked above which asks if he committed suicide.

What I do know is that there are plenty of stories about a horrible fight at the airport and about the use of unconventional weapons, such as a neutron bomb, during the fight for the airport in 2003. See also here.

My main thought here was that these two things were connected and that Christy was "suicided" as part of a cover-up of what happened at the airport. While suicides are pretty high for returning soldiers, I have never heard of a senior officer like Christy committing suicide. So there is something odd about this death.

I should point out that I am well aware that Captain Eric May, one of the purveyors of the neutron bomb at the airport stories, while sounding reasonable in the linked pieces here, is a questionable character in my previous dealings with him on a message board, and is a complete "Israel is the root of evil" shill.

Nonetheless, it may well be true about a neutron bomb being used at the Baghdad airport (a small one, perhaps in the underground tunnels that were supposedly used by the Iraqis) and that Lt. Col. Christy's death is connected to it. We certainly know the US regime is capable of it.
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Alex Jones Blows His Cover

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Horrific Tucson Shooting Involving Congresswoman Giffords

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot in the head Saturday when an assailant opened fire outside a grocery store during a meeting with constituents, killing at least six people and injuring several others in a rampage that rattled the nation.

Giffords was among at least 18 people shot, and the hospital said her outlook was "optimistic" and that she was responding.

"She's in critical condition," Dr. Peter Rhee said. "The neurosurgeons have finished operating on her and I can tell you that in the current time period I am very optimistic about recovery ... she was following commands."

Rhee described Giffords' wound as "through-and-through ... It went through her brain."

The hospital said a 9-year-old child was among the killed, and a federal judge was also fatally shot.
Rawstory story here. Seems Giffords was on a Sarah Palin hit list.

The apparent shooter made several videos showing a very disturbed psychology, with references to government mind control and brainwashing, but also referring to creating language and currency. apparently he was a military recruit, too.

As much as I have called for an insurrection against our government, this is simply not the way. Taking out a charismatic, seemingly harmless Blue Dog Dem and some innocents including a child, is totally reprehensible and counter-productive. A conspiracy theorist HAS to wonder if this was some weird psy-op, with Loughner as a brainwashed patsy.

At the same, there is a very strong culture in Arizona that supports this sort of behavior, so I'm not sure there is a need for intel control here.

Also, not at all clear that the shooter acted alone. Though I'm sure we will not hear anything about another shooter after this.

But overall, just a sad story and another reminder of this fucked up world.

UPDATE: The left had her targeted too, and some evidence for Loughner being a lefty. Though mostly I suspect normal left-right partisan political ideology was not the overriding factor here.

This is NOT NORMAL and very fishy:
Investigators said they carried out a search warrant at the suspect's home and seized an envelope from a safe with messages such as "I planned ahead," "My assassination" and the name "Giffords" next to what appears to be the man's signature.

Piece in the NYTimes detailing Loughner's weirdness at college and apparent slide into mental illness, leading to him being kicked out of the school.
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Vanished into the Aether

I had a couple of posts that I had been planning for a long time, that have gotten totally deleted from blogger. One was on the suicide of the Baghdad airport commander, and the other was on the remains of flight 11 passenger Laura Morabito.

Seems like they got deleted during the transition from 2010 to 2011. Generally, I've had few problems with blogger/blogspot, and never had posts disappear, so it's surprising to have this happened. Hard to know why...

Anyway, I hope to put these posts back together this weekend.
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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Are Bees Showing Us Our Future?

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

USDA Behind Recent Bird Deaths?

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Outrage Watch: US Planned Retaliation Against France Over Ban on Monsanto Corn

Goddamn, could the US govt get anymore disgusting?

More here.

SOOO fucked up.

More outrage:
"The FDA has just notified small pharmacies that they will no longer be allowed to manufacture or distribute injectable vitamin C—despite its remarkable power to heal conditions that conventional medicine can’t touch."
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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Drone Attacks: Pure Psychopatic Evil

Obama-- and everyone else involved in this-- need to be jailed:

From the moment he stepped foot inside the White House, Obama set about expanding and escalating a covert CIA programme of "targeted killings" inside Pakistan, using Predator and Reaper drones armed with Hellfire missiles (who comes up with these names?) that had been started by the Bush administration in 2004. On 23 January 2009, just three days after being sworn in, Obama ordered his first set of air strikes inside Pakistan; one is said to have killed four Arab fighters linked to al-Qaida but the other hit the house of a pro-government tribal leader, killing him and four members of his family, including a five-year-old child. Obama's own daughter, Sasha, was seven at the time.

But America's Nobel-peace-prize-winning president did not look back. During his first nine months in office he authorised as many aerial attacks in Pakistan as George W Bush did in his final three years in the job. And this year has seen an unprecedented number of air strikes. Forget Mark Zuckerberg or the iPhone 4 – 2010 was the year of the drone. According to the New America Foundation thinktank in Washington DC, the number of US drone strikes in Pakistan more than doubled in 2010, to 115. That is an astonishing rate of around one bombing every three days inside a country with which the US is not at war.

And the carnage continues. On Monday, CIA drones fired six missiles at two vehicles in a "Taliban stronghold" in north Waziristan, on the Pakistani side of the border with Afghanistan, killing 18 "militants". Or so said "Pakistani intelligence officials", speaking under condition of anonymity to the Associated Press. Today another round of drone strikes is thought to have killed at least 15 "militants" in the same area.

These attacks by unmanned aircraft may have succeeded in eliminating hundreds of dangerous militants, but the truth is that they also kill innocent civilians indiscriminately and in large numbers. According to the New America Foundation, one in four of those killed by drones since 2004 has been an innocent. The Brookings Institute, however, has calculated a much higher civilian-to-militant ratio of 10:1. Meanwhile, figures compiled by the Pakistani authorities suggest US strikes killed 701 people between January 2006 and April 2009, of which 14 were al-Qaida militants and 687 were civilians. That produces a hit rate of just 2% – or 50 civilians dead for every militant killed.

Whoever participates in this slaughter are fucking evil bastards.
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Monday, January 03, 2011

The Real Problem Is...

that there are too many fucked up things and too many things to be outraged about:
9/11 and other covert operations to defraud Americans

overt war lies

endless killing in endless wars, including the slaughter of innocents

illegal spying by the government

torture/war crimes/abdication of justice

global warming and denial

corrupt politicians

massive banking scams

tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy

the BP gulf disaster

the corporate media

big pharma scams

vaccination scams

GMO crops and Frankenfoods

big business taking advantage of society and abusing the environment

the unfair US healthcare system and the weak reforms enacted by the Obama administration

endless attempts to cut Social Security and social safety net programs

the massive Federal deficit

lies about the Moon landings and extra-terrestrials and the quarantine of earth

While many of these issues are inter-related, overall there are too many different problems for Americans to deal with, to organize around. This creates the proverbial tower of Babel for disaffected Americans. How can any one cause get enough attention?

Not to mention there are all the competing "news" stories generated by the media-- immigration scares, bogus right-wing scares such as communism/socialism and trumped up left/right controversies. Then there are all the multitude of diversions in our society-- sports, religion, entertainment, video games, music, the internet, etc

The only possible way to overcome all this would be a full-on revolution, toppling all the elites. But how to even organize this in the first place? The only common theme is the corruption of those in power, but is this enough to resonate for enough people?
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Videos of the Day

Max Kaiser shows some fire:

Cryptome's John Young has a number of interesting thoughts about the internet and secrecy and spying-- well worth the time:

I don't know if Young is intel, or if just being in this business for any significant time makes you sound like intel... nonetheless, lots of interesting points, and certainly I agree with the idea that government secrecy is the real problem.
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Sunday, January 02, 2011

What Wikileaks Revealed in 2010

Not an insubstantial list of human perfidy by any means, but on the other hand, it's hardly anything new to anyone bothering to know some history or paying attention for the past ten years.

Assange's threat to reveal CIA-linked Arab leaders if he is killed or jailed, again falls in this category.

The dispute between Glenn Greenwald and WIRED magazine, and the fact that WIRED seems to be covering up key info about Bradley Manning, tends to support an intel connection of wikileaks.
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At Least 2,000 Innocent People Killed in Afghanistan in 2010

Of all the pointless and futile wars in all of human history, has there been a more pointless and futile war than the current war in Afghanistan?

Many many wars would be tied with this one, though...

But hey-- at least Obama won a Nobel peace prize...
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The New GOP-Led House-- What a Bunch of Evil Wankers

Republicans, of course, are almost all giant idiot/asshole/dickshines, but the wankery of this group is still breathtaking:

Darrell Issa-- incoming chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, obsessed with the "damage" caused by wikileaks, ACORN and the New Black Panthers.

Peter King-- ascending Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, ridiculously obsessed with muslim terrorists, but in the past, literally supported Irish terrorism.

But this is the kind of thing that really makes me hate them--
In voting against the International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act last Thursday, Republicans said they could not abide by the cost of the bill and voiced fears that it would result in the US government supporting abortions for women in the developing world.

But the bill's supporters say there is no mention of abortion in the bill, and the bill itself -- which asks that the president focus on efforts to prevent child marriage -- requires no new funding. (snip) The text of the bill does not mention abortion, contraception or family planning. Instead, it directs the president to make preventing child marriage a priority, especially in countries where more than 40 percent of girls under the age of 18 are married. The ways to do that, according to the bill: support educating communities on the dangers and health effects of child marriage, keep young girls in school, support female mentoring programs and make sure girls have access to health care services.

It was reportedly the mention of "access to health care services" that spurred Republican fears of abortion funding.

This epilogue write-up on Alan Grayson is worth reading, in light of the above creepiness of the Rethugs.
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11's Wild

Supposedly an Illuminati number, I have noted 11 motifs in many news stories, much like occurs with 33. This being apart from the obvious use of 11 in 9/11.

In any case, is 2011 an Illuminati year, with the accompanying weirdness and nastiness? Lots of 11's everywhere, I am seeing, even beyond the 11 in 2011.
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Today's 33

Article in NYTimes on increasing use of computers in surveillance:
Maria Sonin, 33, an office worker in Waltham, Mass., sat in front of a notebook computer looking at a movie trailer while Affectiva’s software, through the PC’s Webcam, calibrated her reaction.
Notably, in a long article with many different people mentioned, only the person who is 33 years old has an age mentioned.
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Saturday, January 01, 2011

9/11 Was Still an Inside Job

... happy new years, anyway.

Sorry for the dearth of posts. I moved to a new house and it has been an incredibly tiring and all-consuming process.
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