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Friday, November 30, 2007

Zdenek P. Bazant: Alpha Shill for the Official WTC Collapse Story-- Part III

In this paper, "Collapse of World Trade Center Towers:
What Did and Did Not Cause It?"
by Zdenek P. Bazant, Jia-Liang Le, Frank R. Greening and David B. Benson, they write:
Although, due to absence of experimental crushing data for the lightweight concrete used, the theory of comminution cannot predict the size range of pulverized concrete particles, it is shown that the observed size range (0.01 mm – 0.1 mm) is fully consistent with this theory and is achievable by collapse driven gravity alone, and that only about 7% of the total gravitational energy converted to kinetic energy of impacts would have sufficed to pulverize all the concrete slabs and core walls (while at least 158 tons of TNT per tower, installed into many small holes drilled into each concrete floor slab and core wall, would have been needed to produce the same degree of pulverization).
I will unpack their calculations in a post in the near future, but just as a prelude to that, who HONESTLY believes their conclusion (in italics) is possible?
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Why WTC Demolition Conspiracy Theorists Are the Better Scientists

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Zdenek P. Bazant: Alpha Shill for the Official WTC Collapse Story-- Part II

His first paper on the WTC:
Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse?—Simple Analysis

Zdenek P. Bazant, F. ASCE, and Yong Zhou

Abstract: This paper presents a simplified approximate analysis of the overall collapse of the towers ofWorld Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001. The analysis shows that if prolonged heating caused the majority of columns of a single floor to lose their load carrying capacity, the whole tower was doomed.
The original version with Eqs. 1 and 2 was originally submitted to ASCE on September 13, 2001..

So IMMEDIATELY after 9/11, this Bazant guy submits a paper supporting the official story of the WTC collapses.

How could he have possibly done any serious scientific investigation on the WTC events and written a paper in just ONE day-- particularly given how traumatic the events of 9/11 were for everyone?

Why was Bazant in such a rush to publish this paper???

At minimum, this shows shoddy science and unseemly desire for notoriety.

At most, it suggests something more sinister-- and begs the question: did Bazant actually write the paper BEFORE 9/11?

One scientific critique of Bazant's paper is here. Basically, the paper is quite flawed-- making flawed assumptions and greatly over-simplifying what happened.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Zdenek P. Bazant: Alpha Shill for the Official WTC Collapse Story-- Part I

I'll let Gordon Ross get the ball rolling on describing how bad Bazant's science is.

Further examples will be coming in the next few days.

Until I looked at his papers, I didn't realize how shockingly flawed his work is.
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Watch the DU 9/11 Shills Grasp at Straws Over My Engine Proof


They simply are unwilling to face the fact that the Church and Murray engine fragment is too small!
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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Unbelievable Tragedy of the 2nd Congo War

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The Final Nail in the Coffin for the Church and Murray Engine and More Proof the Official 9/11 Story Is Very Wrong

A Boeing 767 engine is 94 inches in diameter AT MINIMUM. The engines actually can be up to 124 inches in diameter.

NIST actually tried to claim that the Church and Murray engine was in fact from a 767, with a diagram from their report:

Here, I have done simple measurements to show this engine fragment is CLEARLY FAR TOO SMALL TO BE FROM A 767:

Previously, I had calculated that the Church and Murray engine fragment is at most 32 inches wide.

Note, to be safe, I subtracted 10 inches from the 767 engine diameter of 94 inches, to account for the cowling-- giving the 84 inch figure.

Further, even if you assume the Church and Murray engine fragment above has had some outer casing torn off, this can't account for more than six inches of diameter-- leaving us still 12 inches too narrow.

So surprise, surprise -- NIST has lied.

More importantly, this proves, yet again, that the official 9/11 story is very wrong.

Final note, lots of people, such as Jon Carlson, have been claiming this engine is not from a 767 for a while. The problem I have had is that their "proof" always seemed difficult to discern, and Carlson in particular relied on the word of Karl Schwarz-- who simply is not a very reliable 9/11 source.
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Did Architects and Engineers Predict That the WTC Towers Would Go Down?

From PBS, May 2002:
TOM BEARDEN: Until the Twin Towers of New York's World Trade Center disintegrated, no modern steel skyscraper had ever collapsed.

David Childs is a prominent New York architect who is working on the redevelopment of ground zero. He was an eyewitness to the disaster.

DAVID CHILDS, Architect: Well, I was shocked when they fell down, quite frankly. I was standing at the window when I saw this young man who works with me with this... this look of horror on his face, a very young man, and he said, "Will they fall down?" I said, "Absolutely not."

TOM BEARDEN: In fact, the entire architectural and engineering communities were stunned.

Funny to hear those shills say how they and their colleagues knew the towers would come down.
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Gnostics, Aliens and the Illusion of Religion

Fascinating article from "The Canadian".

The piece gets close to some ultimate truths as outlined here.
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Racism Rears Its Ugly Head Once Again

WHY is "Slate" publishing things like this?

It's not that I dispute the general findings that "blacks" score lower on average than "whites" on IQ tests. The problem is what exactly this data means. Saletan simply seems to take it as fact that these results mean that blacks are less intelligent on average than whites, which is frankly a racist way of thinking.

My interpretation would be that there are many explanations for why these tests are not fair to blacks, for instance that these tests are greatly skewed towards a white-centrist world-view, or that there are socio-economic explanations.

IF a publication wants to publish an article like Saletan's, the LEAST they could do is present an opposing view to the idea that blacks are less intelligent on average than whites.

Anything less is simply racist.
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Phase III of the Destruction of the US on Track

RHINEBECK, N.Y., Nov. 19 (UPI) -- A financial crisis will likely send the U.S. dollar into a free fall of as much as 90 percent and gold soaring to $2,000 an ounce, a trends researcher said.

"We are going to see economic times the likes of which no living person has seen," Trends Research Institute Director Gerald Celente said, forecasting a "Panic of 2008."
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Friday, November 23, 2007

Shaking Ground, Loud Explosions, Intense Heat from Blocks Away, Shock Waves, Helicopters Flying Overhead

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Are Physicists Shortening the Lifespan of the Universe by Observing Dark Matter?

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Cellphones Gone Wild

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Iraq: Laboratory for Fascism

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Shopping the Day After Thanksgiving

This is one of those American rituals that I find very annoying-- both in terms of the herd mentality as well as the blatant capitulation to mass marketing.
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

My best wishes to all, for a restful and peaceful day.

Then tomorrow, and thereafter, do whatever you can to fight the regime.
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John Fitzgerald Kennedy, The Last True President Of The United States

By The Anonymous Physicist

Today is the 44th anniversary of the assassination of this great man. All too few people know the things he did and said, to try to make the USA and the world a better place; and to try to counter the forces that wanted to make the USA and the world the nightmare they are today. So I will highlight some of these matters.

The same gov’t forces (including CIA agent E.Howard Hunt) that were involved in killing Kennedy also have planted false information that “JFK started the Vietnam War” or that “he planned everything that LBJ eventually did.” Here Daniel Ellsberg also gives away his deep cover, and plants these same lies. But nothing could be further from the truth. Perhaps the most definitive work in this matter is John M. Newman’s 1992 book, “JFK and Vietnam: Deception, Intrigue, and the Struggle for Power.” (Read by me.) Newman was a major in Army Intelligence. The book details how the military and the CIA lied to Kennedy throughout, about all things related to the Vietnam conflict, and how JFK could tell he was being lied to, and lied back that he would support a wider war. Most of the first 16,000 “advisors” were sent in by President Eisenhower and were in fact CIA agents. But the book uses National Security Action Memoranda (NSAM’s) throughout to speak for themselves. They prove that by mid-1962, Kennedy stopped his part of the charade, and shocked the military and the entire federal regime by revealing that there would be no U.S. involvement in Vietnam after 1965. He planned to withdraw all U.S forces. The Joint Chiefs then sent communications to President Kennedy that not going to a wide war in Vietnam was “against U.S policy.” Think on who the Constitution says makes foreign policy, and who is Commander in Chief. It is fascinating to note that shortly after Kennedy gave away that he would withdraw all forces, is when the fake legend, but really CIA agent—and patsy-to-be, Lee Harvey Oswald, returned to the USA. Ordinarily the KGB would not have allowed him to return and with a Russian bride, who was herself the niece of a top KGB Colonel.

One of the most telling matters in Newman’s extremely well documented book, is his uncovering that JFK’s order to return the first 1,000 “advisors” before Christmas 1963— that made the headlines of the Oct. 1963 issue of the U.S. Serviceman’s newspaper, Stars and Stripes— was countermanded by the top military brass who were meeting in Hawaii at that time. They gave the order to countermand JFK’s withdrawal order, a day before he was killed. The implication is quite clear. As are the NSAM’s! Kennedy’s NSAM 263, of Oct.11, 1963, ordered the first 1000 “advisor” withdrawal. LBJ’s NSAM 273, of 11/26/63 reversed this, and laid out his “philosophy” for having a large war in Vietnam. But all this proof will never stop all the regime’s intel agents (throughout the media, the Universities, etc.) who forever proclaim that JFK started Vietnam and would have done everything LBJ did; or that old standby, “We can never know, if he would have done anything differently.” We damn well do know!!

After he was hoodwinked and sabotaged regarding the Bay of Pigs (BOP) invasion, JFK had a war with the CIA. It was actually E. Howard Hunt who woke up President Kennedy to tell him of the surrounded forces on the beach in Cuba. Earlier JFK was assured by CIA director Allen Dulles that a small force landing would lead to a mass rising up against Castro’s govt, Dulles and the other two top CIA assistant directors were “on vacation” during the landing. Kennedy correctly realized he was set up, and that those who landed were meant to be endangered, so as to force him to a wider war! Kennedy fired Dulles, CIA Director For Plans, Richard Bissell, and CIA Deputy Director Charles Cabell. Cabell’s brother Earle was mayor of Dallas at the time of the assassination. Regarding the Bay of Pigs, in the last 10 years, it has been revealed that the Soviet Union’s KGB knew of the plan ahead of time, and the CIA knew the KGB knew! Nonetheless, the CIA went ahead with it, after NOT telling Kennedy that they knew that the Soviets knew the whole plan! But Kennedy knew he was set up. In addition to firing the top three CIA perps, Kennedy created the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), and issued a shocking (to the PTB) series of NSAM’s (52, 55, 56, 57), as detailed by Colonel Fletcher Prouty (see his book, JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, read here). These NSAM’s emasculated the CIA, who were to be limited to weapons not larger than handguns, and gave its power to the Pentagon. This began Kennedy’s plan to “break the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind.” This was said to Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield, in 1961.

Regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis, the following is to me, the most remarkable matter. JFK and his brother Robert had discussed doing nothing in response to the Crisis as they knew this was another set-up! See here. They concluded that JFK “had no choice” but to do what he did, else they believed JFK “would have been impeached.” Listen in at about 3:42 of that tape from Oct. 24, 1962, but the quality is poor. This remarkable conversation between the Kennedys is usually left out of all “official” histories of the matter. This includes the supposed “complete” tome (read by me), "The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis", edited by Ernest May and Philip Zelikow. Yes, that Zelikow, who was Executive Director of the 911 Commission! Now the Cuban Missile Crisis, which supposedly almost led to global thermonuclear war and holocaust, could have been avoided, but JFK’s earlier orders to remove the 15 Jupiter missiles in Turkey, near the USSR border, were not followed. These nuclear missiles-- so close to the USSR border-- were the alleged reason Premier Kruschev sent nuclear missiles to Cuba. The relevance to today’s world is also clear. I had earlier surmised that the PTB seemed to be setting up a near exact repeat (as they often do), at the present time, regarding American missiles near Russia. This time in Poland and the Czech Republic. But with the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy is usually given credit for avoiding nuclear war, and finding a peaceful solution. He is also credited with the first Nuclear test Ban Treaty of 1963.

Now many know of Operation Northwoods, that Joint Chiefs Chairman General Lemnitzer tried to get JFK to sign onto. This Op, that Kennedy vetoed, included the U.S. blowing up planes and ships and killing American passengers, and even Astronaut John Glenn in his rocket, and blame it all on Castro and Cuba, to facilitate public support for a total invasion of Cuba. Kennedy sacked Gen. Lemnitzer and put in Gen. Maxwell Taylor, who earlier had himself been sacked by President Eisenhower. Taylor was later part of the Hawaii group that countermanded Kennedy’s Vietnam withdrawal order, before he was shot. But few know of a vastly worse, global “Op” that was studied on 7/20/61 and 9/12/63 by the National Security Council. This plan involved a massive, all out, pre-emptive nuclear attack on the USSR and China before the end of 1963. They reasoned that the U.S. would suffer “minimal retaliatory damage” if the pre-emptive attack occurred before the end of 1963. Kennedy walked out of the 7/20/61 meeting to express his disgust, verbally indicating that those who planned such things shouldn’t call themselves “human beings”. He was apparently not aware of the 9/12/63 meeting on the subject. The reference here is Noel Twyman’s book, "Bloody Treason". (pages 517-520) As always, Air Force Gen. Curtis LeMay was involved in the planned nuclear holocaust Op-plan. In 1945, LeMay ran the U.S. Air Force’s firebombing of Tokyo and most other large Japanese cities that killed several hundred thousand civilians. His assistant then was Colonel Robert McNamara. Their roles would later be reversed (ostensibly). McNamara has admitted that he and LeMay discussed that if Japan won, they would be tried as war criminals. So we see the same perps are used again and again for the same reasons—here involvement in mass murder of civilians. If you find amoral people, promote them to the top and kill any person of peace-- including the President--who gets in the way. But perhaps this nuclear nightmare, that JFK wanted no part of, is relevant to today’s monsters who have plans to nuke Iran, which-- as before-- threatens to involve Russia and China in global, nuclear war.

President Kennedy is also credited with taking the first steps— countermanded upon his murder— of smashing the Federal Reserve Bank when he issued orders that included the U.S govt directly printing money, and left out borrowing from this unconstitutional, PRIVATE enterprise that not even Congress’ GAO can audit, and which leads to massive govt debt. Some people still possess the 1962 “U.S. Notes” (as opposed to “Federal Reserve Notes”) that were printed. Kennedy also forced US Steel to retract their 10% price increase, and fought to end the oil depletion allowance. He started the ball rolling on civil rights. He tried to get the whole alien/UFO matter released to the public, but admitted even he, as President, had his hands tied on that one! There is information now, strange as it may sound to the novice in conspiratorial matters, that the CIA and NSA (and other more hidden agencies?) were created in response to the UFO/alien matters of Maury Island, Roswell and others. See my “Ultimate Truths” article here.

Kennedy promised, in his remarkable June 1963 American University graduation, or Peace Speech to try bring about world “peace, not just in our time, but for all time.” He said American hegemony was not what he, or the world wanted. Listen here. Kennedy’s attempts to bring about global peace were so threatening to the monstrous PTB, that they held their infamous meeting at, and subsequent “Report From The Iron Mountain.” The series of meetings, by the PTB, was about what would happen “if peace ever broke out?” It concluded that “the consequences were grave for mankind if peace were to come about, and that war is good for mankind.” The report was leaked in 1967, and very desperately denied as being real, by the PTB, ever since. But read the review written by Mark Whitaker at Amazon here. I have little doubt that this was real and never meant to see the light of day. So there will forever be “spin” on this one, as it proves those in control of mankind are the ones who want PERENNIAL WAR on mankind.

So on this anniversary of his murder, please read or listen to the words of President Kennedy to see what a person can be, what a person can do, and what a world we could have had, and can still have now if we fight to get, and keep, such a world and such a person like him again--and if we become like him. The magnitude of the man, John Fitzgerald Kennedy can be gauged by what he said and did after the Bay of Pigs invasion, and his firing of three of the CIA perps. He said he thought they would kill him, if he did not go along with their next plan. He said he momentarily thought of resigning (“Who needs this job” said during the Cuban Missile Crisis when he thought they might kill him then), but instead he chose to fight the PTB to the end. I believe, as some have said, “the only saints are the unborn.” Nonetheless, the world had finally had a real person who was as close to a savior as it may ever have again, and most of the world doesn’t even know it. But President Kennedy’s words and actions all indicate that he would have urged every American to act so as to return this country to its Constitution and to Peace and Freedom and Justice. These are the things he said that “make life on Earth worth living.” He made the choice, with all the material goods that he had, that life was not worth living, unless he fought against the monsters that since his murder have been in control of the USA, and thus mankind. Are we to live solely for measly material matters that can, and will, be taken away from us at a moment’s notice, or are we to live to re-establish Freedom, Peace and Justice? Are we worthy of the sacrifice of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the last President of the United States, if we do not act?
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Eyewitness Testimony of Firefighters Believing They Were Nuked on 9/11

... as well as early WTC7 Destruction, EMP, non-impact plane flyby, and people being pushed out of a WTC tower.

By The Anonymous Physicist

Reading just a handful out of the 503 9/11 WTC initial responders’ testimonies has proven to be a real eye-opener. These firefighters’ and EMS officers’ depositions provide good corroboration for many of the things I have hypothesized at this blog, including the following: The WTC was demolished via small nuclear bombs, that pre-“collapse” basement nukes were set off in the towers, synchronous with the “plane hit” explosions above, that there likely were EMP’s (Electromagnetic Pulses from nukes), and that WTC7 underwent early explosions, and attempted early demolition.

Firefighter Edward Kennedy here states that he thought a “nuclear bomb” had demolished a tower. “We were on Liberty Street and we came out into there and it just look like something that -- it looked like a bomb, of course, had gone off, almost like a nuclear bomb... “

Here we learn that NYFD Lt. George DeSimone similarly thought the heat--without fire--impinging on him was Hiroshima-like:
“I thought it was some kind of thermal explosion where I'm either going to get burnt -- and I had kind of ideas that it was going to be something like Hiroshima where all this heat was coming at me and we were going to get burnt…”
Several hours after both tower “collapses”, and despite official regime claims of total military and civilian flight termination, he said:
"...We saw jets overhead, commercial airliner, military jets, Air Force jets, and we didn't know what the hell was going on..."
Recall I have detailed how a nuke’s thermal rays go farthest out, well beyond its destructive blast radius. Here NYFD Chief Jerry Gumbo’s testimony is one of several I have cited, to say he felt heat far away from any actual fire. He stated:
"...At the time of the impact, we were able to feel heat that was generated from the explosion at the command post, which was across West Street, and West is fairly large street with that island in there, and debris was showering all over West Street."
I believe this is again indication of the early basement nuke concomitant with the “plane hit” explosion above.

Another firefighter who thought the WTC destruction was nuclear is NYFD Lt Richard Smiouskas, whose statement is here. He was an official NYFD photographer, and has some startling testimony, regarding other matters, as well. It appears that with his telefoto lens, he witnessed people being pushed out of tower one. He said:
"...I was photographing the fire from the roof. I had a long lens on the camera, and I had people in the windows. It looked like they were being -- they weren't actually jumping. One or two people I saw, they seemed like they were being forced out by the people behind them. There was half a dozen faces. In between the smoke you could see people..." (snip) "I guess they were all trying to get air, and this guy was actually standing in the window, standing in the frame with each hand on each frame and he kind of like got nudged out."
In the second sentence, it looks like he just stopped himself from saying “pushed”. The last incident may even indicate the NON-jumper was trying to keep himself from being pushed out!

Lt. Smiouskas believed that a nuclear bomb went off, due to the magnitude of Earth shaking that he felt. As a tower is being destroyed he recalls:
"It looked like an earthquake. The ground was shaking. I fell to the floor. My camera bag opened up. The cameras went skidding across the floor…I'm thinking maybe a bomb blew up. I'm thinking it could have been a nuclear….”
Then he writes of seeing “glitter” through the black smoke, during tower destruction.
“Everybody started running north, and this huge volume like ten stories high billowing, pushing black smoke and like a glitter. I guess it was glass that was glitter that was in the cloud of smoke.”
I do not believe this “glitter” was glass in the black smoke. Perhaps it is more likely that gamma rays from nuclear explosions which could readily traverse the black smoke, impinged on his retina. This is like the atronauts in earth orbit seeing (retinal) flashes from cosmic rays when they tried to go to a higher earth orbit, and like medical x-rays that go through you and onto a photographic plate.

But note how Lt. Smiouskas found the ground shaking was intense enough that he surmised (correctly, IMO) that a nuclear bomb went off. Now, I have been in 5.1 (Richter scale) Earthquakes, and in 2.3’s. The latter I didn’t feel at all, and the 5.1 sounds more like what Lt. Smiouskas (and I) experienced—at least a likely 4.0. I also was at the WTC six weeks after 9/11, and saw many cracked, concrete sidewalks, blocks away from the WTC, (as well as experienced my eyes burning from the hot toxic gases still emitted.) I therefore make the following assertion. It is likely that the “official” 2.1 and 2.3 Richter scale recordings on 9/11 had their spikes cut off! I have even found that NIST asked for a “re-analysis” of seismic data from one observatory before publishing their “findings.” So, just as I hypothesized about the long-delayed second AVIRIS (WTC temperature) data set, the seismic recordings were likely doctored by this regime. And this fire-fighter’s belief that the intense ground shaking was due to a “nuclear bomb” supports this hypothesis.

The interview of Dr. Michael Guttenberg, of NYFD’s Office of Medical Affairs, who may have witnessed EMP is here.

Just after the second “plane hit” explosion, and before any tower “collapse”, he noted:
“…on the EMS radio, there was absolute silence for probably 10 or 15 seconds, you know, which to me, it seemed like 10 to 15 seconds, but it was absolute radio silence for a few seconds…”
“We were told that the air was so thick with debris that radio waves weren't able to travel.”
“That was after the towers came down.”
Note two things, the radios went dead—likely a sign of EMP, as I have previously described. And see how the questioner attempts to confuse the issue with a double lie. One, that this happened after a tower was destroyed, when instead, this is after the second WTC2 “plane hit” explosion, and before any tower “collapse” as Dr. Guttenberg corrects him. And two, that radio waves would have been blocked by a conventional explosion, when they wouldn’t have been. And note also that this radio blackout occurred after the second “plane hit” explosion. My previous articles contained evidence, and my hypothesis, that the WTC1 “plane hit” explosion was used as cover for a nearly concomitant basement nuclear bomb explosion that vaporized a 50 ton steel press, and a garage level, and also caused phone outage. So we learn now that electronic communications also were affected after the second “plane hit”, which may indicates that they also nuked the basement of WTC2 at that time. I hypothesized that this was done in case the planned, subsequent, intricate, top-down demolition failed.

Guttenberg also provides more eyewitness testimony for early WTC7 explosions, as he went to the loading area of WTC7.
“…We all stuffed ourselves into this hallway [near the loading dock of WTC7], pulled the door shut, and the noise just got very loud and the room filled with dust. The noise stopped, and we opened up the door, and everything was pitch black. The way we got into the loading dock was not the way we were getting out. It was obstructed.”
This appears to be a watered down way of saying WTC underwent internal explosions. This jives with my earlier article citing Deputy Director of the NYC Emergency Services Dept., Barry Jennings, that the WTC7 underwent attempted complete internal destruction at the same time that the first tower (and WTC 3, 4, 5, 6) were demolished. My article, on top here hypothesized that fizzled nukes was the reason WTC7 was not successfully destroyed during this early coordinated attempt, which Jennings stated destroyed much of the lobby, now corroborated by Guttenberg. The last URL also has my earlier articles on nuclear demolition of the WTC.

NYFD Lt. Robert Larocco here also noted that tower destruction seemed “nuclear” to him. He said,
“Of course the cloud was kind of like a nuclear winter thing. You're walking through fallout.”
Near the towers, but BEFORE either tower “collapse”, he noted:
“As I started walking onto the side street – actually as I stepped onto the side street, the strangest thing I noticed was there was like three inches of snow on the ground. The snow was probably pulverized concrete, sheetrock, loose tiles, insulation, asbestos or what-have-you.”
Now this fine ash or 3 inches of snow-like “pulverized concrete” as he called it would not occur from a “plane hit” or conventional explosives. Could this fine, 3 inches of “snow” be from the early basement nukes I have written about? Like the WTC1 basement blast that vaporized a steel press, and a parking garage level that eyewitnesses said was just “gone.”

Now some DEW/OCT disinfo agents claim that the tower destruction was not loud because their hangout was not loud. During the commencement of WTC2 destruction, Lt. Larocco stated:
“The next second I heard that loudest noise in the world that I was describing before getting louder and louder.” (snip) “It was the loudest noise I've ever heard in my life. It was in both ears. Kind of like those rockets that they launch the space shuttles with, it was like I had one going off in each ear. When I thought it was the loudest noise I ever heard, every second it was just increasing getting louder and louder and louder.”
Lt Larocco also describes very personal feelings of fear of death, and fellow firefighters “crying like babies” during and just after collapse. These revelations prove that the redactions in the published responders’ statements were not because of wanting to hide the most personal of feelings.

Lt. Larocco also stated that hours after both towers were destroyed:
“…I still really didn't believe that the second tower was hit by a second plane.”
At this point, the interviewer, Monte Feiler, says, “Stopping the interview at 1306.” Then, “Resuming the tape at 1308 hours. Same people present.”

Now Lt. Larocco says: “
Like I said, the rumors were flying around, and they turned out to be quite factual, about the second tower getting hit. Although at the time I really didn't believe it until I saw it later on television. The thing about the Pentagon, the plane crashing out in Pennsylvania, it was all coming into the picture that this is something major going on.”
So we see how something happened during this “time out.” Something he was told and recalling what was “on TV” apparently made him change his mind and believe in the second “plane hit.” This manipulation speaks for itself. And if there really were plane hits, would the PTB need to perform such blatent manipulations of eyewitness testimony?

Finally I note that when he was making his way out after “collapse,” Lt. Larocco recalls:
“I thought to myself this is a locked exit. That's illegal.”
We see, as some survivors have noted, many fire escape exits were locked. Someone--who may have had a master key--apparently locked numerous exits. If such a man is ascertained, and his actions proven to be deliberate, he should be charged with mass murder.

My interpretation of EMT Frank Puma’s deposition here indicates that he may have witnessed a FLYBY, and not a “plane impact” regarding the alleged “second hit.” He said:
“…I ran down to the corner of Church and Park Place, looked up and I saw the plane shooting out of the top of the towers. That's when I grabbed for my radio and yelled over the air, "1 Adam. A bomb just went off in the Trade Center."...
Note that after he witnessed an apparent flyby, HE CALLED IN A BOMB, and NOT a plane impact! In fact, when you couple his statement to the interviewer, with his action of exactly what he called in, it seems clear that he believed the plane he saw bombed the WTC! And this must be considered a possibility. However, all the evidence and the ludicrous “plane-shaped” hole itself indicate shape charges, at that facade, were set off in sync with a flyby (and basement nukes).

Finally, for those who grasp the deeper conspiracies I have elucidated here, I note that Firefighter Michael Wernick here stated the number of the Fire Engine that apparently responded first to the WTC, on 9/11. Wernick said, “Engine 33 went first.” As I have written here before, “All things nuclear…”
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Monday, November 19, 2007

New Japanese Whaling Expedition

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Elite Pundits

God I hate these people.

It's funny, I don't really hate people like Bush and Cheney-- as much as I despise what they have done.

But someone like Tom Friedman, or Charles Krauthammer, or Maureen Dowd or Michael O'Hanlon or etc etc etc?

Hate 'em!
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Pre-9/11 and Pre-Iraq War "Intelligence Failures"

I hate hate HATE articles like this.

Why is it so hard for the people who write these pieces to acknowledge that:

1) incompetence is the perfect cover-story

2) these "intelligence failures" and "embarrassments" typically lead to a desired geopolitical outcome

3) "intelligence failures" are not incompatible with 9/11 being an inside job.

Probably because the people who write these pieces are propagandists.

I say MORE ultimate truths, LESS CIA bullshit.
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"The Year of Living Biblically"

An amusing story, which then begs the question:

"Why does ANYONE take the bible seriously?"
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

South Tower Oddity: Two Flaming Spots and the Anomaly of the Cold Spot

I have always been curious about the damage pattern on the North face of the South tower-- particularly the flame spot towards the middle of the tower (see photo below). As you can see, the flaming regions are on different floors. This diagonal fire pattern actually correlates with the banked angle of UA175 (second image down), but still major questions remain.

There are two main questions I have about this:

1) what caused the flaming spot in the middle of the north face?

2) why is there no fire in between the two flaming spots? (This "cold spot" anomaly was even noted by NIST in one of their WTC reports)

To answer this, I took a diagram from the NIST report, put it together with the photo from above, and tried to synthesize what could have happened according to the official story of a large Boeing 767-200 hitting the massive tower (note-- the following analysis follows the official story that a Boeing 767 produced this damage-- and we shall look for discrepancies in this official story. There are of course, reasons to doubt this official story, as I have detailed at this site previously):

The blue lines are from NIST, I added in the orange and black arrows. For reasons I do not understand, the NIST blue lines are not perfectly parallel to the plane. Nonetheless, the area on the north face (bottom face in the picture) between the two lines is supposed to be the "cold spot".

The thin black arrows are possible engine trajectories, and the orange lines represent wing fuel tanks-- if we assume the flaming spot on the northeast corner is from the starboard wing fuel tank.

Now, immediately a few things become clear in this diagram:
1) the two flaming areas correspond to the floors where the engines and associated sections of wings would have gone in-- if these parts traveled straight through the floors horizontally and then hit the far side of the tower
2) the flaming spots do not correlate with exactly with straight paths for the engines-- the flaming spots are further apart than these parts of the plane were as they would have entered the tower
3) the port wing and engine have the core section blocking their way to the other side, whereas the starboard wing and engine have more or less have a clean shot to the other side of the tower
4) the floor where the fuselage would have gone in is "cold"-- no visible fire

So, if we assume the center fuselage fuel tank was empty, this fire pattern makes some sense, although a) it is still not clear what made the discrete fire spot in the middle of the north face-- engine or wing, and b) if the plane was fully loaded with fuel for a cross-continent flight (as the official story holds), it is surprising that the center tank would be empty.

But let's get back to the two questions:

1) what caused the flaming spot in the middle of the north face?

2) why is there no fire in between the two flaming spots? (This "cold spot" anomaly was even noted by NIST in one of their WTC reports)

In terms of the "cold spot", again, the only possible explanation would be that the center fuel tank on the plane was NOT loaded with fuel. But for a cross-continent flight (as the official story holds), this is again very surprising-- particularly as we were told over and over that the plane was fully loaded with fuel. So there is something wrong here. Because it defies belief that the plane's 159 foot-long fuselage would penetrate fully into the tower but then not have a significant portion of the fuselage make it to the far side.

Now, in terms of the center flaming spot, probably the best candidate for the flaming spot is the starboard engine, because it is fairly solid and heavy, and as the black arrows indicate, could potentially bounce off a core column and come out the far side at the approximate spot where the flaming spot was. The problem with this scenario is that a) it is not clear that an engine would actually have this trajectory, b) it is not clear an engine would carry enough fuel by itself to produce such a large, sustained fire spot. The only other reasonably possible candidate for the flaming spot would be that a heavy landing gear took a similar trajectory through the core as I indicated for the engine-- and also carried a bunch of fuel along with it. Again, while this is possible, it is not clear that this could actually occur.

The big mystery is the complete lack of fire on the 80th floor-- not to mention that there isn't exactly signs of plane debris there either. But it makes little sense that the fuselage, which entered the tower without hindrance, knocking down massive outer columns on the south face without pausing, would be completely stopped by the core.

In summary, the official story doesn't exactly hold up real well here, but it is hard to prove it wrong based on this fire/damage pattern.

I should also point out the cold spot anomaly carried over to the south face (entry face) as well, and even late after the 2nd hit, the south face was not exactly flaming where the port wing went in:

There is some fire at the southwest face of the 80 floor, though it seems to have skipped the 78th and 79th floors where the wing would have gone.

There is also this abnormality: some fire spots on the west face WAY far up and away from the region of the hit, eight to ten floors up without any intervening fire (see note black spots on the left face of the tower):

So, the fire behaviour in WTC2 is really not well understood, despite the fact that NIST wrote a massive report just on this aspect of 9/11 alone.

What are alternative explanations for the north face flaming spots?

1) they were pre-planted fuel bombs meant to mimic the plane crash.

2) they represent where missiles shot through the tower and exploded-- and they were at slight different trajectories.

Interestingly, the other flaming spots away from the "crash" area, could also be explained by either some sort of (fuel) bombs pre-planted in the tower or other missile hits.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why So Many Redacted 9/11 WTC Oral Histories?

the list of these histories can be seen here.

Why are so many histories severely redacted?

Take Rene Davila for instance (File No: 9110075)-- almost ten pages of redacted testimony.

Take Ronald Coyne (File No: 9110395)-- about four pages of redactions.

Take John Coyle (File No: 9110406)-- a paragraph completely redacted.

OVERALL, a very large percentage of these reports have major redactions.

What are they hiding from us???

They aren't taking out gruesome descriptions, or reports of explosions-- because these are left in.

They aren't taking out names.

I can only imagine that mostly they are taking out the most highly incriminating testimony that tells of the towers being blown up-- quite possibly to all matters relating to nukes.

(Tip to Anon. Physicist for topic)
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The More Time Goes On, the More Glaring It Is

--that the world trade center towers did not "collapse", they were fucking blown to bits

--that the evidence is overwhelming that the official 9/11 story is a sham

--that the establishment has lied over and over again about 9/11

--that shills are fucking shills who are lying and covering up the truth

--that the media and the politicians continue to refuse to confront 9/11 in any meaningful way

--that 9/11 was an inside job

--that the regime has lied over and over again about everything that matters

--that the regime robs us every chance they get

--that the regime has no respect for human life

--that we need fucking regime change.
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Call for New UFO Investigation

This is something to support-- even though at best, such an investigation will be a massive limited hangout.

But even if the regime claims most UFOs are in fact top-secret earth-based projects-- American citizens at least have the right to know where their tax dollars are going -- and about the new technologies this money has generated.

The real truth, of course, is much more dark and will be hidden by the regime at all costs.
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Seffen’s Article On “Pristine Pancakes” Is Blatantly Bogus As Predicted Here

By The Anonymous Physicist

The article by British mathematician, Keith Seffen, PhD is to be published in the February, 2008 issue of the Journal of Engineering Mechanics (JEM), a monthly publication of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). I have previously written here how there were two ways to fudge both what actually happened to the WTC towers, and to counter the Laws of Physics (including the Conservation Laws of Momentum and Energy, and Newton’s three Laws of Motion). You can read Seffen’s article here. Watch for this mathematician/blogger’s updates here.

After the expected, fanciful mathematics section, Seffen blatently reveals, in his conclusion section (exactly as I predicted), just how he fudged his “article”. Here is Seffen’s conclusion and note the areas I have added bold to, and will expound upon.


"Many simplifications have been made in this analysis for the sake of transparency. For example, the constructional properties of original WTC towers are not homogenous over the entire height, but only over discrete portions and differently so. The collapse mode is highly idealised: none of the falling mass moves laterally; any impulsive action between successive floor impacts is neglected; and the final stage of collapse after the crush-front reaches the base is discounted. However, the incorporation of these features into a subsequent model would rely on estimations apportioning their relative contributions, which are not straightforward. Such refinements may negate the ability to obtain closed-form solutions, which are essential in ascribing the generic character of behaviour and for distilling key formulae, especially in view of designing buildings to withstand progressive collapse. Importantly, this study has shown that progressive collapse and its features are concomitant to the full, up-down-up deformation response of the structural unit, and that its properties are finely balanced--that collapse can be total or not at all, and that, in the former case, the rate of collapse tends to a uniform acceleration not dependent on the residual capacity of the building. These comments attest to the similarities between the collapse sequences of both WTC towers despite their quite different initial conditions. And it is noted that progressive collapse, when wrought, is quite ordinary and regular and not due to extraordinary, possibly conspiratorial, influences."

Let me now show you how his revelations in this conclusion section prove how deliberately bogus his entire article is. First his "none of the falling mass moves laterally" denies what was observed--the massive outward or LATERAL explosions--such as are seen here! Clearly the mass moves laterally, that is, it’s exploded outward, some components have the initial UPWARD parabolic arcs, as Siegel’s Eyewitness video demonstrates, and as I have repeatedly written match the parabolic arcs seen on photos of underground nukes being exploded, such as the top photos here. This “simplification” as he calls it, reveals that he deliberately ignored what actually happened to the majority of the mass of the towers, being exploded or vaporized, as the videos and photos prove. This means that he simply used the math of a gravitational, magical, pristine pancaking “collapse” and not what actually happened. Whether you call it fudging, or circular logic; it is claptrap and impossible propaganda.

Secondly, his, "any impulsive action between successive floor impacts is neglected", is precisely what I earlier wrote—namely that he would need to counter or ignore, the Laws of Physics. I didn't think he would have the gall to do the latter! But in the spirit of the magic, pristine bullet of Arlen (Future Senator for Life) Spector, HE DID COMPLETLEY IGNORE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS, AND BRAGS ABOUT IT. He is admitting that his model has no slowing down of the collapse, because he left out the forces that colliding floors impart to each other! Thus his paper is just mathematical fantasy— and not the Physics of an actual “collapse”. It is mathematical fudging at its worst, and it has no bearing on anything in the real world. Here he has admitted that his paper is a paper on the math of an impossible, pristine pancaking, whereby there are no forces occurring when a floor impacts another floor! All the math is not needed, because you have to end up with free fall time, if you leave out the Laws of Physics, including those related to floors’ forces (his “impulsive action” that he took out) on “collapsing” floors on to them, that—in the real world—would have slowed down or halted “collapse.”

Now his reason for leaving out the Physics is the epitome of a circular logic admission. He basically ADMITS (as follows) to needing to fudge it the way it has to come out (for the PTB)! His, “Such refinements may negate the ability to obtain closed-form solutions, which are essential in ascribing the generic character of behaviour and for distilling key formulae, especially in view of designing buildings to withstand progressive collapse.” This ludicrous statement is blatantly anti-scientific. He is saying that he needs to obtain simple formulae that can be useful to prevent future “collapses.” He is admitting to being intolerant of including the actual laws of Physics, and the actual phenomena observed (see above) just to end up with simple, solvable equations. This is the opposite of Physics and Science. Indeed the entire field of computers originally came about because Physicists needed to solve (to use his terms) NON-“closed-form” equations. His simple, non-physical “closed-form” equations will not prevent duplicate “collapses. Ridding the world of the mass murdering—here nuking—PTB is the only thing that can prevent the future nuking of skyscrapers! His clever ruse though can now be used by the PTB to bogusly claim that future pristine pancaking “collapses” have to occur in free-fall time. This paper is to be used to “explain” the free-fall time.

He admits his goal at the end, “And it is noted that progressive collapse, when wrought, is quite ordinary and regular and not due to extraordinary, possibly conspiratorial, influences." The inclusion of "when wrought" is fascinating. He does not say--as a scientist MUST, that his finding proves that whenever the initial conditions are achieved, the same result must happen. He is saying that when you find that a free fall time "collapse" occurred [“was wrought” by the PTB via nukes], don't dare question it, AFTER it has occurred. And the purpose of his paper is to counter the extraordinary (nuclear) explosions seen, and the conspiracy involved.

Some final notes. Seffen ignores--as did the OCT--the demolition of WTC7. His paper also relies on another, earlier bogus paper in the same journal.

So the long-awaited, "Pristine Pancaking Paper" is just impossible propaganda from a regime’s shill. It is devoid of Physics, devoid of the reality that we have all seen on video and photos. As earlier noted, it is a repeat of the impossible magic, pristine bullet of the Kennedy assassination. Whether the British-American Regime shoots a President, or nukes thousands of innocent citizens, said regime believes it can hoodwink the people with impossible, Laws of Physics-violating, or ignoring, scenarios. Getting the masses to believe such impossible claptrap induces deeper states of denial and schizoid reality. It also causes the masses to become what Deek Jackson, of the Fuk'n Newz, calls “Six billion collaborators.” But we know that the induced feelings of helplessness are terminated by taking the first action against those who nuked 3000 innocent human beings and are waging perennial war on Mankind.
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The Late Eugene Mallove and the Reality of Cold Fusion

Another depressing story.

Not that *I* am depressed, mind you. There is a lot to be depressed about out there, but we must keep going forward and try to do the best we can.

In any case, Mallove was really a remarkable man, and his murder fits the tragic pattern of the "powers that be" trying to squelch all powerful new cheap energy technologies.

UPDATE: "Anonymous Physicist" in comments points out the important connection of Mallove with "9/11 skeptic" and cold-fusion buster Steven Jones. Jones' role as "debunker" of cold-fusion likely feeds into his apparent role as 9/11-truth hangout artist.

The reason I posted on Mallove was because I had just read his interview at the very end of Steven Greer's "Disclosure" project book, and I found his story extremely compelling and very credible. Basically, he was head of scientific overview at MIT, and found evidence of fraud related to covering up cold-fusion, and then he described how the US Patent office squelches cold-fusion patents because of the MIT data he had found was fraudulent
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Why Biofuels Suck

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Why Democrats Are Worse Than Republicans

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Good Americans"

Good Americans believe the invasion of Iraq was and is about fighting terrorists.

Good Americans believe that we may need to attack Iran in order to prevent them from building nuclear weapons.

Good Americans believe that "al Qaeda" is bent on destroying the USA.

Good Americans believe that it may be necessary to torture suspected terrorists.

Good Americans believe that it is necessary to hold an American citizen indefinitely without trial if he is a suspected terrorist.

Good Americans believe the official 9/11 story.

Good Americans DON'T believe in conspiracy theories.

Good Americans believe their leaders are good people who have to do whatever it takes to protect the homeland.

Good Americans = Good Germans circa 1939 = Nazis
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Why It Should Be Obvious That the WTC Towers Were Brought Down by Demolition

(modified and updated from an older post)

This essay is based strictly on structural concerns, and doesn't take into account more dramatic evidence of demolition, such as near free-fall time for fall, complete pulverization of interior contents, complete destruction of the structure, absence of a significant percentage of the massive structural steel columns in the debris, molten steel in the debris, elevated radiation at Ground Zero -- and all the other factors point to 9/11 being an "inside job", including lies about the plane crashes themselves.

But here we will focus purely on physics and engineering:

The official argument is that plane damage and fire weakened the structure enough at one point to cause the upper section of building to essentially break free, causing this upper section to drop down with tremendous force, enough to not only break through the next floor down, but with enough force to initiate a chain-reaction of cascading global collapse. The argument is that once this reaction started, there was no way the lower structure had enough strength to resist this force, and so the whole building collapsed in a pile of steel beams. The complete official mechanism for initiation of the global collapse is detailed here.

There are two basic questions about this argument.

1) First, is it even possible for the upper section of a building to break off precipitously such that it generates large downward momentum?

The answer would seem to be NO, based on he following logic:

The most amount of dropping momentum would be obtained if EVERY supporting column on that floor (say floor 97 for WTC1) gave way at the same time and gave way equally. But we can safely assume that the chances of this are so improbable as to be infinitesimal. So, let's say that half of the supporting columns that are fire weakened give way at the same time (this is probably too many than realistic, but let's go with it). This will require the other 50% of the columns to carry the additional load. Now these remaining columns will have more stress put on them. Realistically, the head-failed beams would be located on one side or one corner of the building. So, only that side would fail -- and the top of the building will rotate over and eventually fall off or at minimum lead to an asymmetric collapse on one side of the tower. Thus, an initial collapse leading to symmetrical collapse leading to global collapse violates basic physical laws. Right here, we can see that global collapse induced by this sort of column failure mechanism is extremely unlikely. This is of course why NIST admitted they were unable to model the global collapses!

But, to continue the argument, let's assume that every other column failed, all around the floor-- so 50% column failure. But there is yet another problem -- if half of the columns fail, the remaining columns will have to carry two-times the load they were designed to carry. But the safety factor had to be greater than TWO for a safe structure.

So for a section of building to break off, a full 75% of the supporting columns had to fail AT THE SAME TIME. But now, the probability of this is approaching zero, making it so unlikely we can discount it as an explanation.

2) Second, once a section of building drops down onto the lower section, will it automatically destroy the structure below it by sheer force of the huge mass being propelled downward by gravity?

The answer would seem to be NO, based on two lines of evidence:

a) For the 110 story WTC towers, the bottom layers of construction need to be far stronger than the upper floors, since the 10th floor would be required to support the weight of 100 floors above it, while the 90th floor would only need to support the weight of 20 floors. WTC1 was hit about floor 97, and thus the upper 13 floors (98 - 110) represent at most 12% of the building's total weight, but it is more likely they represented less than 10% of the total weight due to the strength issue. For the collapse of the WTC1 tower, common sense would say that a proportionally small mass of falling debris (9 - 12% of the buildings total mass) which only initially fell approximately 1 story (from 98th to 97th floor), could not crush the intact structure below, especially at the remarkable speed of collapse seen with the WTC1 collapse.

b) The failed demolition of the South Dakota feed mill showed how 80% of a tower dropping straight down several stories (because of the the failed demolition) was not enough to crush the lowest floor, much less start a progressive collapse.

3) Here are some other considerations:

a. If a large number of columns are going to all fail at the same time, they need to be evenly distributed if the collapse goes straight down.

b. The proportion of failed columns must be greater than 1/SF (SF =
safety factor). Typically, for large structures, the SF's are from 4 to 10.

c. Assuming “N” number of columns fail because of heat, they will essentially wilt. Heat does not cause brittle failure of steel. As the hot columns wilt, they will do so gradually, say within a minute -- not rapidly. This gradual wilting will not produce impact loading. As a result, the load carried by the remaining columns is gradually increased (even if over a 1-minute duration). So, now we have a heavy building sitting on fewer columns. There is no rapid initial collapse that will start the chain reaction going.

d. The columns will only buckle if the cross bracing as also been removed. If the column buckles, it can buckle outward or inward, somewhat like an archery bow. That's what the buckled column should be like, as structural steel is a ductile material. So, the buckling column would bend and lower the floor down, gradually (again, over several seconds to a minute time frame).

These factors all STRONGLY indicate that a precipitous progressive collapse of an upper section of the WTC can not occur simply from plane damage and fire. The only explanation for the collapses, therefore, is some form of powerful explosive demolition.

Similar logic holds for WTC7, except we take away the much of the structural damage seen for the twin towers, making the fire-induced collapsed explanation essentially impossible.

Finally, apart from 9/11, there are NO real world examples of top-down symmetrical and global collapses of towers!
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Friday, November 09, 2007

Mukasey Confirmed

A story that fits so many different themes!

"Fake Opposition Democrats", "The Worst President Ever", "Bush Administration War Criminals".

"Bush recently criticized lawmakers for demanding Mukasey express his legal opinion on the interrogation method, and said that questions about the interrogations were "unfair" because "he doesn't know whether we use that technique or not."

What a freakin' idiot.

And Greenwald has a good post on how appalling the Democrats performance was.
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Steam and Cherry-Red Steel at Ground Zero One Month After 9/11

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Nine Trillion

that federal debt just keeps on growing, and growing and growing.

I wonder if Bush can get it up to an even 10 trillion by the time he's done?

"The U.S. debt stood at about $5.6 trillion at the start of his presidency."

Oh, what's one more trillion???

And this is not good for US debt: "Currency traders gave the dollar a thorough pounding Wednesday after a Chinese official suggested that the country could begin to diversify its huge foreign-exchange reserves."
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Once More, Waterboarding Is Torture

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Rep. Robert Wexler Is a Patriot

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Almost $100 a Barrel for Oil

I sure am glad we invaded to Iraq so we could keep that cheap oil flowing!
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Collapses and Even Conventional Demolitions Do Not Produce Molten Steel

...kind of negates the "collapse-induced friction argument" and the "conventional demolition argument" for the molten steel at Ground Zero.
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The US-Musharraf Deal

Apparently we pay him under the table to pretend to fight al-CIA-duh/al-Qaeda, and he can do what he wants with the cash.

More here on the strange synchrony between the US and Pakistan, such as the Pakistani ISI Chief being in the US on 9/11-- and a top US general was in Pakistan when military rule was ordered.

Also, BREAKING: Benazir Bhutto placed under house arrest.
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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Amy Zegart: New 9/11 Shill

From "Talking Points Memo":

Why Another 9/11 Book?

My mother recently asked, “Honey, what exactly makes your book different than any other 9/11 book?” Nothing like a zinger from your own mother to get you thinking.

So here are my five most important findings.

Finding #1: Organizations, not individuals, were the root cause of failure
Most 9/11 books have focused on the personal drama of failure. It’s all about individuals, whose hair was one fire, who was sitting “at the center of the storm,” and the political battles they won and lost. But I’ve come to believe this emphasis is misplaced. And it’s dangerous because it suggests that a few pink slips can fix what’s broken in U.S. intelligence.

The real problem is worse. It’s called bureaucracy. Why were 19 terrorists able to kill 3,000 Americans? Because U.S. intelligence agencies never adapted to the end of the Cold War and the rise of a new enemy. In particular, the CIA and FBI were — and still are— hobbled by organizational structures, cultures, and professional incentive systems that didn’t give them a fighting chance against al Qaeda.


Finding #5: Conspiracy theories are alive, well, and baseless
9/11 conspiracy theory books sell. A lot. And I get conspiracy theory questions nearly every time I lecture about my book. So for the record: I found not a shred of evidence supporting any kind of Bush administration conspiracy. Apparently, however, that may make me part of the cover-up cabal.

Grreeeaat, 9/11 was no one's fault-- it was just stupid bureaucracy! And there was NO conspiracy! She's found NO EVIDENCE of a conspiracy!

However, let's take a look at this Zegart a little more:

Amy Zegart is an Associate Professor at UCLA's School of Public Affairs, where she teaches courses in U.S. foreign policy and public management. In 2003 she was awarded Public Policy Professor of the Year for excellence in teaching.


Spying Blind Cover

Her research focuses on the design problems of U.S. national security agencies. She received a Ph.D. in Political Science from Stanford University, where she studied under Condoleezza Rice. Her first book, Flawed By Design: The Evolution of the CIA, JCS and NSC (Stanford University Press, 1999), won the highest national dissertation award in Political Science and has become standard reading for several U.S. military and intelligence training programs. More recently, she has written about adaptation failures in the CIA and FBI, the role of presidential commissions, organizational problems in nonproliferation policy, and port security. She is currently finishing a book (with Princeton University Press) about why U.S. intelligence agencies adapted poorly to the rise of terrorism after the Cold War.

Before pursuing an academic career, Zegart spent three years at McKinsey & Company, where she advised senior management in Fortune 100 companies about strategy and organizational effectiveness.

Zegart has served as a national security analyst for CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, and National Public Radio. A former Fulbright Scholar, she received a B.A. in East Asian Studies from Harvard University. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and lives in Pacific Palisades, California with her husband and three children.

(Emphases added.)

Let's see-- she was a student of Condoleezza Rice-- Miss "No one ever imagined someone would take an airplane and use it as a missile".

Can you say "conflict of interest"?

She wasn't joking when she said she was part of the cabal!!!
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Screwgled! Censorship from Google

For a long time, my post here on Carmen Taylor was NUMBER 1 on Google, when you put in the terms "Carmen Taylor" and "9/11".

Now my post isn't even in the top 100 when you do this search.

I've clearly been scrubbed from Google!

This is the type of thing that helps show that 9/11 was an inside job -- that there is a concerted effort to conceal what really happened from the public.

UPDATE: Now I'm back to #1 for "carmen taylor 9/11". Either people clicking on it today brought it back, or google put back?

I swear that earlier today my post and the 911 post were scrubbed from the top set of hits, but now they are back. Since my post linked to 9/11 researchers, that one could have come back by people clicking through... or google put it back for some reason?
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For Republicans, Killing and Torturing Muslims Trumps All

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Chopin: Concerto #2 in F minor

Music simply doesn't get any better than this.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Indisputable Evidence of Molten Metal at the WTC

From here.

Check out the molten and re-solidified metal on top of the beam.

Apart from this, imagine the physical and heat forces that would make that huge beam bend without cracking.

(Tip to Anonymous Physicist for noticing the molten pools on the beam.)
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Keith Seffen's Pristine Pancake Theory Not So Pristine After All

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For Someone Who Writes So Often About UFOs

Why is Jeff Wells (Rigorous Intuition) so clueless about them?

More precisely, Wells invariably obfuscates the UFO/alien issue rather than ever clarify anything about this topic-- and I suspect he knows much more than he ever writes about the whole issue.
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Big Day for the Fake Opposition Democrats

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Apollo Truth

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Hollow Moon Theory

I should point out that this is not my theory. In fact, I never even said I believed it, though I do think it is plausible when other information is taken into account.

The hollow moon theory was actually proposed by a NASA scientist (Gordon MacDonald) to explain why the moon's density was much less than the earth's density.
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2003 US Nuclear Posture Review Discussed Nuking Iran, Iraq, Libya and Syria

This is old news actually, but maybe it is getting some new attention now because of Iran saber-rattling and because some of the post-9/11 hysteria has worn off.

It's worth noting that the US has NEVER ruled out first-strike attacks with nuclear weapons-- much to our eternal disgrace.
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No Evidence for Iranian Nuclear Weapon Development

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Democrats Set to Give Bush Blank Check on War

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Hindu God?

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Nov. 5th, The Sixth Anniversary of the Assassination of Patriot & Conspiracy Expert, Bill Cooper

By The Anonymous Physicist

Today is the sixth anniversary of the murder of Milton William “Bill” Cooper, the oft-cited conspiracy expert. Bill Cooper had first served in the U.S. Air Force, then the Navy. In the early 1970’s, while having a high level secret clearance, in Naval Intelligence, and serving in Vietnam, he learned that Secret Service Agent, and JFK limo driver, William Greer fired the fatal head shot that killed President Kennedy. He also learned much else including UFO information. He had earlier directly seen a UFO/USO (Unidentified Submersible Object, and the same craft) while serving aboard a submarine, and was ordered to shut up about what he saw. He briefly went AWOL upon learning how the govt itself shot President Kennedy. After leaving the service, he went to meet a reporter to tell the reporter everything he had learned while in Naval Intelligence. He was run off a cliff by a following car. After recovering, a month later, the same limousine did the same thing to him, and he lost a leg, in the second car chase. He began lecturing around the country, after hand mailing out his story to 27,000 people around the world. In the 1980’s, he began speaking on the government assassination of President Kennedy, the UFO matter, and the overall conspiracy. In 1991, his book, Behold A Pale Horse, was published, and by word of mouth, became the number one bestseller in the true conspiracy field. It continues to sell well, the last time I checked. He was, and is, cited so often in the conspiracy field, as wise people soon learn that there are very few people that one can count on, not to be govt agents! Just as in the 911 “truth” movement, the near totality, of “top truthers” in the Kennedy assassination, the UFO matter and all other conspiracy sub-fields are misinfo and disinfo government agents. Cooper said as much regarding the JFK and UFO fields. You can read in his book, the govt intel agencies cited next to the names of some of the “grand poobas” in the JFK and UFO fields! Bill Cooper, may not always have been right on some of the intracacies of the UFO matter (and more has been learned in recent years), but everyone knew he was the rarest thing in the conspiracy field--someone who was not deliberately lying or putting out a limited hangout or psyop. So he was often cited. Cooper had a significant following for his shortwave radio broadcasts and newsletter, and speaking engagements. Here you can obtain many videos and radio broascasts that Bill Cooper did. (I have no connection to the Hour Of The The Time people, but am grateful they maintain his legacy.) Some video of some of Cooper’s talks can also be found on Youtube and Google. Cooper did not waste his time by going to phony JFK assassination “conventions.” He did not post at any of the JFK “truth forums.” Honest people found his research, and continue to do so.

Bill Cooper was murdered on Nov. 5, 2001, in an alleged shootout with Apache County [Arizona] sherriff’s deputies. This url will take you to articles on the murder of Bill Cooper, and his autopsy report. The amputee, Bill Cooper, was set up with a complaint by the area’s Medical Examiner, that Cooper had threatened him with a gun for trespassing. (They had tried to set him up for years with trespassing agents.) About a dozen deputies ambushed Cooper, late at night, allegedly while attempting to arrest him and serve a warrant on him. He is alleged to have shot a deputy in the head before they blew his brains out, and stomped on him. I have never been able to find out what happened to this allegedly shot deputy, so the entire scenario is in doubt. Most in the conspiracy field believe the federal regime was behind his murder. There has never been a proper investigation of the alleged gun menacing incident that allegedly led to the warrant, or any of the details of the murder of Bill Cooper.

You can read on the HOTT website and elsewhere what “President” Clinton and Rush Limbaugh said about Bill Cooper; they were worried about having one honest man with a following. The timing of the murder of Bill Cooper may well relate to 9/11/2001. His murder was shortly after 9/11, and he would have gotten to the bottom of it, and proclaimed the truth wherever it led. Who has replaced him? No one! True conspiracy experts know that the conspiracy fields are replete with suspicious characters, and obvious agents. Pushing hangouts/psyops and keeping people from this ultimate, horrifying, nuclear truth of 9/11 is one obvious gameplan. Bill Cooper himself had no trouble seeing through those who would be inserted, after he was to be murdered. This 1999 Youtube audio has him citing his misgivings about Alex Jones, for example.

Perhaps the date of his murder—November 5, 2001-- provides a clue as to where the order originated from. Yes, there is now more reason than ever to “remember, remember the fifth of November.” It’s not just the date that Guy Fawkes-- to be tortured, drawn and quartered — failed in his alleged attempt to blow up the British Parliamant in LONDON, and the date cited in the movie, “V, for Vendetta.” Nov. 5th is also the date that William Cooper was set up and murdered.

William Cooper has been vindicated many times. This website has some of the unpublished book of researcher, Fred Newcombe who interviewed several eyewitnesses who said they saw the driver do it, including Mary Moorman, Jean Hill, Austin Miller, and others. I myself once spoke publicly about the driver killing President Kennedy, using new evidence. The audio from the following [JFK Limo’s] motorcycle cop’s microphone was added to the video of the (highly doctored) public version of the Zapruder film by the House Assassinations Committeee. I showed this once publicly. It has Greer’s TWO head turns to the rear, and the concomitant audio proving he fired twice, first accidentally hitting Connolly, who then cried out “My God, they’re trying to kill us all” [instead of just JFK], then Kennedy. Jackie, of course, knew from whence came the head shot, and tried to jump out of the limo, AFTER it accelerated to great speed. She certainly wasn’t trying to “retrieve a piece of his head” for surgery that didn’t, and doesn’t, exist—and his head was itself 1/3 gone, some of it on her face and body. After I showed the audio/video Zapruder film once, I was assaulted, car chased, my house broken into numerous times, and my home (unknowingly to me, at the time) poisoned with a deadly, mercury compound throughout. They completely destroyed my physical health--from my breathing in the odorless mercury compound for two years--and my well-being. I had never intended to get into either the JFK assassination field, or the 9/11 truth field. And I have paid nearly the ultimate price for getting into the former, which has led me to fight back by exposing the hangouts in the latter-- especially since observing all the obvious, sickening govt agents, and hangouts of DEW/Space Beams, pancakes and t[h]ermites, inserted into the 911 “truth” field. I fully accept and expect to pay the ultimate price for doing all this. So be it. While I never had the bravery of Bill Cooper, one adapts and does what one must, and this makes one free.

And so to Bill Cooper, I say: You were a better man than I, and the rest of us. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the last President of the United States, would be proud of you and your efforts, great Patriot. Rest in Peace, this fifth of November. You will always be remembered, as long as even one free man or woman remains.
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Krugman on the Big Business Agenda and Democrats

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Torture Doesn't Flow from 9/11, 9/11 Flows from the Same Sick People Who Advocate Torture

A huge number of people in this country justify torture primarily on the basis of 9/11 and subsequent propaganda (and of course the main problem with propaganda is that it works).

But in fact, healthy-minded rational people would not condone the systematic use of torture under ANY circumstances-- for many reasons, but four important reasons are:
1) it is not effective at getting reliable information
2) it has been used throughout history by the most barbaric regimes known to mankind
3) it is immoral
4) it is an international crime

So what kind of people would promote the use of torture?

The same sick creatures who would perpetrate 9/11.

The two mentalities-- promoting torture and promoting false-flag terrorism-- go hand-in-hand.

This is much in the way that the same mentality that would start an unprovoked war that results in the death of untold numbers of people is the same mentality that would do 9/11.
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The Iranian Nuke Issue Is Smoke and Mirrors

The ultimate goal of "the powers that be" is a net increase in nukes.
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Waterboarding Is Torture

Torture is torture is torture.

And we have war criminals leading the country.
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Desperate Debunking of Molten Steel at Ground Zero

DEW’s Cheating on Cheetos

By The Anonymous Physicist

This picture brings me to what may be one of the most clever and deceitful disinfo acts in the history of intel hangouts. This is the way the DEW crowd (Dr. Judy Wood et al) swooped down upon a photo showing what appears almost certainly to contain both molten and hot metal, now demonstrated here to be massively supported by unimpeachable eyewitnesses. It was derided as “Cheetos” in the cutesy, kindergarden jive of Wood. This photo shows a huge crane lifting some slag with molten metal dripping from the hot slag caught between its massive pincers. Also seen is a curved and obviously hot piece of metal (to be derided as a “Cheeto”), apparently dislodged by the crane’s actions. Picture can be downloaded here. Note the jpg image file name itself says “hotslag.” Note how Wood cropped out the hosing down of the scene in her enlargement—Fig. 2 here. See how in the original photo there is both a lot of water spraying and a lot of steam coming up. Meyerowitz’s "Aftermath" photo book also details all the hosing down (and subsequent rising steam) of the hot pile for over 2 months at the WTC.

As the original photo has molten metal dripping down and a clearly glowing metal piece, a disinfo campaign was waged on this photo. Wood belittled this image by calling the orange-hot steel a “Cheeto”with a photo of the snack food Cheetos next to it. A truly scientific way of analyzing something!

Wood's claim that the hydraulic seals of the crane MUST be immediately damaged is negated because the molten slag is at the bottom of the large “basket,” between heavy steel pincers where there are no hydraulic seals. This may be sufficient. But the hot slag could have been immediately hosed down, the crane could have let it go, or the crane could have broken down just after the photo was taken. One essential point is that the picture was obviously taken just after the slaggy piece was grabbed.

In the final analysis, the cheesy, cheating, Cheeto psyop is just more evidence that the DEW hangout was created to hide the truth of the nuclear destruction of the WTC, and its HEAT GENERATING China Syndrome aftermath.
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Friday, November 02, 2007

Molten Steel at Ground Zero or Cheeto?

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The Syrian raid was carried out by the US Air Force

with nuke-armed planes?

This story just gets weirder and weirder.
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Where Did WTC3 Go?

(see update below)

From Joel Meyerowitz's "Aftermath" book (click to enlarge):

Only part of the bottom three stories remain-- where did the all the debris from the upper 15 stories go? This is especially odd, considering a lot of debris from WTC2 fell on WTC3. But there's not even enough debris to account for WTC3!

The odd thing is that despite the upper 15 or so stories being mashed to nothing, officially by the debris from WTC2, the lobby of WTC3 was intact, with pictures still hanging on the wall!

From Joel Meyerowitz's "Aftermath" book (click to enlarge):

So much for the progressive collapse theory!

Here we have a massive weight (WTC2 debris) pushing down on a structure (WTC3), and officially causing the collapse of the top 3/4 of the structure. But the bottom floor has resisted this massive collapse of the upper floors!
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George Carlin for President

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