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Saturday, July 31, 2010

On The WikiLeaks Scandal: Analogies with Oswald and Ellsberg

By The Anonymous Physicist

The recent, major news story about the alleged 90,000 documents, leaked to Wikileaks, “that reveal secret information about U.S. war strategy” may be a sham—likely a gatekeeping PsyOp. This PsyOp has analogies to Oswald, and to the so-called Pentagon Papers PsyOp.

US Army intelligence officer, PFC. Bradley Manning, 22, is being held in Kuwait on charges of leaking video of U.S. forces firing on innocent Iraqis, via a helicopter gunship. Manning was held for two months without being charged with any crimes, and also may have been denied legal representation ever since his arrest. Wikipedia’s article also says that “Manning has been considered a person of interest in the leak of over 90,000 documents to Wikileaks, which were released to the public on July 25, 2010.” Manning is said to have been demoted from SFC to PFC, for assaulting another soldier. So he has his “bad” legend.

The person who turned Manning in (allegedly without even reading any documents), Adrian Lamo, has a sordid history himself. Lamo was a hacker, but presented himself to Manning as both a journalist and clergyman. Lamo was arrested and convicted of hacking into the NY Times, and several other organizations, in 2004. He was sentenced to six months detention at his parents home. What Wikipedia says, and doesn’t say, about him may indicate that he is a second generation intel NOC. Now Manning-- an intelligence officer-- “trusting” the publicly known, convicted Lamo with this matter is highly suspicious, to say the least. Wikipedia leaves out Manning’s earlier life. But we learn that Manning’s parents were both English (naturally.) And although he was born in Oklahoma, he grew up in Wales. The article in London’s “The Sun”-- which calls Manning the main suspect in the documents leak-- even states that he outed himself publicly as gay; yet he was not discharged by the Army, as is their policy. So who knows, just lots of inconsistencies.

But to me, the whole thing seems like a scam. First always realize that anything that goes VERY PUBLIC in the MSM, or even on the net, was meant to do so by the PTB. Otherwise, they’d never show it— ESPECIALLY “CLASSIFIED STUFF.” All the pseudo-liberal, gatekeeping, internet media have been trotted out. So clearly this is pabulum for the masses. That should tell us that they have reason(s) for foisting this upon the masses. One reason is what it does NOT have. Such as documents showing that “Al Qaeda” is Al-CIA-duh. Similarly for Tim Osman, aka Osama bin Laden, being an American intel agent, perhaps long dead. Revelations about other “evil countries” including Iran, North Korea, etc. do not include that those regimes are also controlled by the same PTB that control the U.S. This leak is designed for perennial war, while purporting to be about trying to end a war or two.

Hiding-- not revealing-- the deepest secrets of the British American farce about “Al Qaeda” is part of this new PsyOp. Manning may be the new Oswald, who was given the task, when in the ONI/CIA, to do his fake defection to the USSR, and then to come back unhindered; and portray himself as a Castro-loving “Marxist-Leninist” FOR NEW ORLEANS TV.

Similarly the sham of the so-called Pentagon Papers was exposed by me previously here. High ranking NSA agent, and phony liberal, Daniel Ellsberg, was outed by me as pure intel filth. The main purpose of the Pentagon Papers was to promulgate the lie that President Kennedy started the War on Vietnam, when he was murdered just as the Joint Chiefs of Staff were disobeying his orders to start bringing the “advisors” home, and thus terminating the war before it ever began.

Officially the early Vietnam “advisors” were mostly Army. They have semi-officially been revealed to be mostly CIA. And I assert that that is false too, most were-- probably like Ellsberg-- the even bigger and more secret, NSA. Ellsberg would have people believe that his first night on the job, in the Pentagon, happened to be while the bogus Gulf of Tonkin non-incident was occurring. This was used as a ruse to start the War on Vietnam. Likewise the whole Ellsberg Op was a sham, including his “hiding out” at Howard Zinn’s place, his trial and acquittal, etc. It is sickening to have read one of Ellsberg’s books. He makes things clear to anyone who understands things. What he says about JFK and RFK, and who his great buddy— Edward G. Lansdale—was when he earlier served in Vietnam, give him away completely. Lansdale was CIA/military who became a general, and who was outed by Col. Fletcher Prouty as his boss ordering him to Antarctica in late Nov. 1963; and was portrayed in the movie JFK, as controlling the three “tramps” in Dealey Plaza. So Ellsberg’s best buddy was someone many think was involved in killing JFK.

Similarly, Manning was trained at the US Army’s Fort Huachuca base near Tucson, AZ. An intel-training base where none other than Saddam Hussein was supposedly trained some 30 years earlier! Manning’s legend of making his “alternative thinking” on the war on terrorism publicly known, and getting chastised—but not discharged— at that base smacks of Oswald’s legend of learning Russian, and liking Marxism while training as a young Marine in California.

Even the Wikileaks editor-in-chief, and alleged founder, Julian Assange, has a strange bio. Wiki says he first only stated that he was born sometime in the 1970’s (now known to be 1971), and is primarily self-taught in Physics and Math. He was earlier investigated by the Australian Federal Police for hacking, but was apparently never charged. He travels everywhere, it seems. In truth, all the people cited in this article would likely have been killed if they were truly trying to expose the ultimate truths of the “War on Terrorism.”.

Note further, Assange is clearly not to be trusted given his stance on 9/11:
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is 'annoyed' by 9/11 truth By SnowCrash 22 Jul 2010 In this interview ['Wanted by the CIA: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange' 19 Jul 2010], Belfast Telegraph reporter Matthew Bell asks Wikileaks founder Julian Assange about "conspiracy theories". Assange subsequently explains his position. His obsession with secrecy, both in others and maintaining his own, lends him the air of a conspiracy theorist. Is he one? "I believe in facts about conspiracies," he says, choosing his words slowly. "Any time people with power plan in secret, they are conducting a conspiracy. So there are conspiracies everywhere. There are also crazed conspiracy theories. It's important not to confuse these two. Generally, when there's enough facts about a conspiracy we simply call this news." What about 9/11? "I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud."
So the Wikileaks PsyOp of the 90,000 leaked documents is devoid of the many documents that show what really happened, and is happening, at the deepest levels. This level includes that the whole thing is a fraud, that Al Qaeda and the Taliban are both run ultimately by MI6, via CIA, NSA, military intel, etc. Similarly for bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and all their main actors. And that the U.S. Regime itself perpetrated the attacks on 9/11/01, and that the World Trade Center was nuked, and the China Syndrome resulted.

These are the facts that the Wikileaks PsyOp was meant to hide and divert from. And this leak, like the Pentagon Papers, may be part of an Op, which will eventually lead to a withdrawal from these “theatres” of war. Or maybe not, as the world is somewhat different from the days of Vietnam; and permanent American Gestapo bases all over the USA and the world, seems to be the current norm.

If Manning is genuine, I’d say give him the highest medal. His leaking of video of Americans, via helicopter gunship, massacring innocent Iraqis in Baghdad was clearly a good thing. Curiously reports are that the number of leaked documents is greater than 260,000, not 90,000. So I question this whole matter. We will have to see how long he is for this world. Remember even though Oswald was very young, and an intel agent, they still used him as a patsy, and had him killed by another one of their operatives. But those intel agents, and members of the secret societies at the highest levels-- like the Bushes and Ellsberg-- live to a long age. Indeed I have shown that Oswald likely was a life-long slave and sex slave, who was “bred” for the sad purpose of his demise as a patsy.

Is this the case for Manning as well? Is he just a patsy? Did he provide the helicopter murders video, but not the 90,000 classified documents? Will he be railroaded for the latter, even if he didn’t do that? Like with the suicided Anthrax Patsy Bruce Ivins?

Now both Oswald and Manning have been outed as young and gay (Oswald posthumously) and having different views about their government. Both enlisted to serve a government that they supposedly disliked? And both are intel agents or officers. One paid the ultimate price for “lying down with dogs.” Will the other similarly be offed by those dogs? Or locked away for a long time? Again if Manning is genuine and tried to break away, or get revenge for what may have been done to him, I say give him the highest medal.

I also, ask are virtually all these hackers intel agents or assets? Is most “deep” hacking a front for the intel agencies? Here is the wikipedia article on the “Black Hat Briefings/Conference.” It notes that “Representatives of federal agencies and corporations attend along with hackers. … In the past, the conference has hosted the National Security Agency's Information Assurance Manager course, and various courses by Cisco Systems, Offensive Security, and others.”

So the hackers attend alongside the NSA agents etc. Do the “terrorists” and the terrorist hunters also have their conferences together? Do the presidential assassins and the (fellow) intel agents also have their conferences together? There’s a term for this madness: the Government of the United States.
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Wankers of the Day: The ADL

for siding with the bigots in opposing the "ground zero mosque".

1) this thing isn't even a mosque nor is it at ground zero!
2) I think the world would be better without any religion, but at least religions should be tolerant, for fuck's sake
3) it's pretty sad to see the ADL be bigoted in this way, but I guess they have tended to lean towards the right, and this is definitely a cause celebre for the right now.
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"The Crazies"

Saw this movie as a rental last night without knowing much about it. Turns out to be a kind of dumb zombie-genre movie but with an interesting conspiracy twist. The basic plot is that the zombies were people infected with a recombinant virus bioweapon released when a govt plane crashed near a small town in Iowa. The most interesting bit was the implication early on that the virus was being spread by chemtrails, and at low levels makes people slightly psychotic. At higher doses turns them into extremely violent zombies-- not clear how lethal the virus itself is. Pretty grisly movie, you can google and see this discussed on various conspiracy sites.

Oh yeah, they nuke the town at the end.
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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Oceans Are Dying-- Can We Be Far Behind?

WASHINGTON — Despite their tiny size, plant plankton found in the world's oceans are crucial to much of life on Earth. They are the foundation of the bountiful marine food web, produce half the world's oxygen and suck up harmful carbon dioxide.

They also are declining sharply.

Worldwide phytoplankton levels are down 40 percent since the 1950s, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature. The probable cause is global warming, which makes it hard for the plant plankton to get vital nutrients, researchers say.
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Massive Slaughter in Mexico from the "Drug War"

25,000 dead, at least, over the past four years, in the incredibly corrupt actions of the drug lords and the Mexican army.

That seems like a comparable civilian death toll to the US war in Afghanistan (Iraq is surely higher over the past four years), and I am sure the Mexicans are getting more bang for the buck, in terms of money spent per death, than we are. Evil on the cheap.
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

33 of the Day

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The Importance of Vitamin D

Good piece in the NYTimes. Interesting that they say here that sunscreen can block Vitamin D production, when other sources I had seen said sunscreen didn't affect vitamin D production. I had hypothesized that one reason people are less healthy is over-use of sunscreen blocking vitamin D.
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Zombie Pro-War Propaganda Must Die


This sort of thing would be acceptable if all sides of the atrocities of war were presented openly and honestly, but the US media simply will not do this. So fuck them.

Adding: shitty and horrible things are done to women in pretty much every country-- including the US and allies. This doesn't mean we need to go to war in every country where women are mistreated.

Also-- figures that this is in "Time" magazine, which is, as far as I know, basically a CIA mouthpiece/CIA mouthpiece.
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Evil Fucking Warpigs, Every Last One Who Supported This

Republicans came to President Obama's rescue Tuesday, providing him the votes needed for quick passage of a $59 billion emergency war-spending bill to fund his 30,000 Afghanistan troop surge.

The bill cleared the House by a vote of 308-114, or well more than the two-thirds needed under expedited rules. It now heads to Mr. Obama for his signature after House Democratic leaders acceded to the administration's demand for action and gave up their hopes of tacking on billions of dollars in new stimulus spending.
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Dmitri Khalezov: Another Nuke/No Planer Proponent

I found this link and didn't realize before that Khalezov, along with supporting nukes at the WTC, also supports no-planes at the WTC and TV fakery. There is a decent summary of Khalezov's theories at the link that save a lot of time by not having to watch all the videos.

While I am not going to argue with Khalezov's support of no planes part, his specific nuclear scenario seems to be disinfo, as he talks of ridiculously large nukes (150 kiloton) placed deep underground being sufficient to induce top-down destruction of the towers. He also brings up some bizarre idea that the FBI's theory was that nukes were on the planes, and that the towers were nuked pre-emptively... or something. None of that really hangs together very well.

Khalezov was previously dealt with here by Anonymous Physicist. AP also took on Khalezov's "partner", Daniel Estulin here.

One of the other silly claims made by Khalezov, who is clearly an intel agent, is that the actual nuke blast temperature persisted for a year at Ground Zero, rather than the heat at Ground Zero being generated by the China Syndrome of leftover fissioning bomb fragments.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Police Insanity

There's no fucking excuse for this kind of prosecution; we can only hope the courts also think so:

The ACLU of Maryland is defending Anthony Graber, who potentially faces sixteen years in prison if found guilty of violating state wiretap laws because he recorded video of an officer drawing a gun during a traffic stop. In a trend that we've seen across the country, police have become increasingly hostile to bystanders recording their actions. You can read some examples here, here and here.

However, the scale of the Maryland State Police reaction to Anthony Graber's video is unprecedented. Once they learned of the video on YouTube, Graber's parents house was raided, searched, and four of his computers were confiscated. Graber was arrested, booked and jailed. Their actions are a calculated method of intimidation. Another person has since been similarly charged under the same statute.

(snip) There's no reason that police officers should ever have an expectation of privacy when dealing with the public. Ever. The mere idea of it is authoritarian. I realize that videos and audio tapes don't always reflect the context, but the burden of proof is on the government, not the citizen and police have to factor that into their behavior.
The video in question (the key segment is at the very end):
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Yet *Another* Recycled News Headline

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"Responsible Journalism"

Today's "Diane Rehm" radio show on NPR was classic-- journalists talking about how they know what is best for the public, and how only they can be trusted with classified information, as opposed to a stateless group like wikileaks.

And who was telling us this?

"John McLaughlin-- former acting director of the CIA and now senior fellow at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies", among other similar worthies.

Driving along listening to this, it was hard to resist using both hands to flip off the radio...
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45 More Afghani Civilians Liberated

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Monday, July 26, 2010

"Bombshell": Pakistani ISI Has Been Guiding the Taliban

File this under "No Shit, Sherlock".

Just another thing the 9/11 truthers have known for YEARS before this latest "news".
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Cool "Band on the Run" Cover

Just another song about breaking out of the "Quarantine", played in front of the President of the US. :)
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Link Roundup

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Question of the Day

Who thinks the front of the cab is 40 feet from the rear most sign?
(click to enlarge)

Context-- note my response is in the reply post.

The key thing to note is that indisputably, in the pic shown here, the top piece of the lightpole is next to the guardrail where there is still stone wall. In the second pic (below), the top piece of the lightpole is next to the guardrail where there is no stone wall even close. There is also an issue of foliage not matching between pics. I know this is relatively trivial, but I still think it is worth making this point, even if no one else cares.
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Not Good

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Radioactive Fallout in Fallujah-- Read It and Weep

The people who supported this war need to read this horrifying story, and anyone who still thinks we were the "good guys" there needs to spend some time cleaning up the mess the US made in Iraq, caring for these children and the mothers of these children. The fuckers who promoted this war need to spend the rest of their lives in Fallujah as servants to the Iraqis.

Today, according to a study by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health [PDF link], rates of cancer, leukemia, infant mortality and sexual mutations in Fallujah are higher than those reported in the aftermath of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear detonations.

And who really thinks that the Pentagon perps in Iraq wouldn't also use nuclear munitions to blow up the WTC (keep in mind that the WTC was a much smaller scale of destruction)?

Also, important to note that years ago, various sources were saying they used DU and phosphorous in Fallujah, and it was ridiculed by most people. Now, it is clear that it really did occur, with horrific consequences. It's also hard to rule out the use of even worse weapons there.
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pentagon Scum Found To Be Even Scummier Than Expected

WASHINGTON — Federal investigators have identified several dozen Pentagon officials and contractors with high-level security clearances who allegedly purchased and downloaded child pornography, including an undisclosed number who used their government computers to obtain the illegal material, according to investigative reports.

The investigations have included employees of the National Security Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — which deal with some of the most sensitive work in intelligence and defense — among other organizations within the Defense Department.
It’s like there are long-term societal consequences to being a hyper-sexualized bloodthirsty nation of amoral idiots addicted to a downward spiral of Washington-sanctioned global murder, prescription drugs, triple-nitrate bacon-anus burgers and Internet porn that keeps “wearing out” because it never quite reaches the sensory horror of weeping bloodied Abu Ghraib prisoners being sodomized to death with gun barrels by U.S. Troops, for freedom.
Yeah, pretty much.
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"Canker Sore on Humanity" of the Day

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Deep Thought of the Day

If "c" = 3 in the alphabet, then "cc" = 33.

Some interesting words with "33" in them:
streptococci (bacteria)


UPDATE: Turns out there are 964 words with "cc" in them! Most of these are very interesting words.
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today's 33

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*STILL* Waiting

for the Washington Post to pick up the obvious, blatant fakery of 9/11. Even just nibbling around the edges would be a start!
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*STILL* Stunning

that as bad as Obama and the Dems are, it is amazing how purely despicable the Rethugs are. Of late, it's the Ground Zero mosque ad referenced below, and the whole Sherrod/NAACP/Breitbart/FoxNews disgrace.

It's just sad to think that so many people promote outright ignorance and intolerance. But I guess that's part of how the 9/11 scam was foisted on us.

And of course the media is fascinated by every shiny, noisy distraction that appears.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

9/11: Best Propaganda Event EVER!

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Somewhat Disturbing

This "Above Top Secret" post on the Pentagon lightpole/cab story has a number of 33's-- though otherwise, the presentation is pretty strong. The problem is that the 33's seem pretty manufactured here-- estimating the length of the lightpole to be 33 feet. for instance.

Reminds me of how I saw once on the Pumpitout forum, Craig Ranke (apparently) posted a comment, and inserted a nice 33 in his comment. Though in that case, the 33 was accurate (referred to a 33 second interval in a Hill phone call), but nonetheless, the 33 seemed unnecessary.

Intel everywhere, it seems.
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Pentagon Cab Story: Mindblowing Proof of Fakery

Check out where the trees/bushes are in location to the highway signs:
(pics can be enlarged by clicking on them)

According to this overhead photo, the tree with the red circle had to have been on the same side of the highway as the signs. But the bushes and trees are totally different in this photo:

The large tree to the right of the sign in the top picture MAY be out of the frame to the left in the bottom pic-- the overhead view suggests a large tree between the bridge and the sign trusswork (the poles at the right in the upper pic). So the two scenes may be real, but with the cab in different spots. I think what this shows beyond a shadow of a doubt is that the cab and poles were in two different locations at minimum, which likely relates to England's confusion about where he was when the pole hit.

How this was done, there are only two real possibilities: either advanced photoshopping, as these are high-res pics, or the cab and pole were moved together to a totally different spot. I guess I favor the second explanation-- and I know this isn't the biggest finding in the world relating to 9/11-- but it is clear proof of staging the scene in different locations. That, and the overall ludicrous story of the lightpole hitting the cab pretty much kills the official Pentagon story all by itself.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Aeronautics Expert Confirms Impossible Speed for UA175 (UPDATED)

Dwain Deets.

UPDATE: Jeff Hill talks with Deets here. Conversation is long and rather meandering, but interestingly Deets, says he doesn't think many of the 2nd hit videos are credible. Also says Pentagon plane couldn't have flown so low at that speed.

Deets has a site on WTC7.
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WaPo Writes Article on Blog Post Showing Photo Fakery by BP

This is just ridiculous. The fakery of 9/11 has been documented much more extensively, it is much more important, and yet it has gone completely unreported by the media.

Fucking gatekeepers.
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Today's UFO

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We're No Longer #1

China Tops U.S. in Energy Use: Asian Giant Emerges as No. 1 Consumer of Power, Reshaping Oil Markets, Diplomacy.

Unfortunately, it's not that our energy consumption went down, it's that China's went up... unfortunate in the sense of the increasing pollution...
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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Anti-Fascist Encyclopedia

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Today's 33

"Despite the economic upheaval and political acrimony that have marked his term thus far, voters aren't pining for Obama's predecessor; they tapped Obama over George W. Bush by a 53%-33% margin."
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The Intelligence Community Is Out of Control

but it's CRAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYY to think that 9/11 was an inside job.

Feel free to go to the Greenwald piece and remind some of the wankers there about what really happened on 9/11.
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The Strange Case of Lloyde England

I watched this latest video by CIT on Pentagon taxi-cab light-pole "victim" Lloyde England, and it is pretty mind-boggling in its implications.

Now the video is pretty long-- over 90 minutes*-- but it has some amazing stuff.

All right, so the first thing is that England's official story of the light-pole (knocked over by flight 77 flying overhead) into his cab just doesn't make sense-- there's no way the huge pole went into his car and got pulled out without the hood being scratched or dented.

But the really wild part of this video is when Craig Ranke shows England photos from 9/11, showing where his cab was when it was struck, and England says the pictures weren't where it happened. It is truly bizarre.

1) he is lying
2) he is extremely confused (hard to believe he was this confused unless he was on serious psychotropic drugs, and he doesn't seem to be drugged)
3) the photos were manipulated
4) his cab was moved from where his accident was and the photos were staged with an actor to fit the official flight path

#1, 3 and 4 are possible, and I personally suspect some combination of these three.

Where he SAYS he was actually supports the northerly flight approach, and it seems like the light pole-cab incident could have been set-up to support the official flight path story.

There are a number of very odd things about England.

-- reads David Icke, took some conspiracy course (not clear where)
-- makes a number of cryptic statements that could have deeper meaning
-- his wife apparently supports the flyover theory
-- in a conversation with Jeff Hill, says he is poor, but he has a nice house, with fancy artwork, has his own property in the country
-- has two life-size Egyptian mummy cases (sarcophagi) in his living room
-- his cab # is 677 (the 77 is meaningful for flight 77 and is an Illuminati number of significance)

So he is a suspicious character, to be sure-- and he pretty much destroys the official story of the Pentagon.

*frankly I skipped through parts of it to save time since much of the material is recapped throughout and some of the stuff I already knew.

These two pics show rather different positions of England's cab (pics via StevenWarran). The positions are not that far apart, if you look at a map from above, but they are clearly different. This STRONGLY supports funny business either with the photos being faked or the scene staged.

(pics can be enlarged by clicking on them)

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Canker Sore on Humanity" of the Day

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Problem with 9/11 Research

Conspiracy supporters have already been convinced and tend not to care about minor new twists.

Shills and dupes aren't going to change their tune.

Most other people seem not to care.

The people who might be interested and/or have their minds changed are few and far between; probably not going to look for obscure blogs such as this one.

But damn, there is so much evidence that is small in nature, but when put together, adds up to a most disturbing story. All we can do is try to get the word out...
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Pentagon Plane Witness Roundup

So I listened to about ten of the witnesses interviewed by Jeff Hill here. Despite, all the oddity of Jeff Hill getting to talk to all these people, and that many if not all, are probably agents, the calls are still remarkable. If they are agents, they are great actors. Penny Elgas, for instance, was surprisingly believable and fun to listen to.

If any of them are honest, they were either fooled by a fly-over, or ... a large passenger plane indeed hit the Pentagon.

But SOME of the specific problems with the official Pentagon hit story are as follows:

1) There are too many conflicts on plane approach path, flat versus dive, north of the CITGO station, over the station, or south of the station. North of CITGO seems to be common-- and north of CITGO gives an almost impossible flight path for the official story.

2) There are major conflicts about the timing of the "C-130"/second plane. Were there two 757-like planes? Are people just mistaken or are they lying?

3) A large number of problems with the entry hole and associated physical damage to the building.

4) The dearth of plane debris-- which is even verified by many in the phone calls with Hill

5) The impossibility of the official plane speed and approach for the official pilot, Hani Hanjour.

6) The Lloyd England story is EXTREMELY suspicious, and to anyone with an open mind, signals a hoax.

Frankly, I was learning towards a plane hitting the Pentagon after hearing the witnesses talk with Hill-- it's hard not to be taken in by their apparent sincerity. But this changed after I saw the complete Lloyde England story. His story really makes me think there was a concerted effort to promote a plane hit from the official path -- while there was a fly-over on the north side. In this case, the honest eye-witnesses could well have been fooled-- similar to the WTC.

Another possibility, which is easier to reconcile with witnesses who saw the plane disappear is some sort of high-tech trick plane that can turn close to invisible in a split second. This would be more easy to trick the witnesses, and could have been used at the WTC as well.
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Today's 33

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Painted Puffballs

Looking at this video again, it seems to me that rather than the plane being placed into the smokepuffs wrong, it is actually the puffballs that were painted on!
Anyone else see this?
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Today's 33

Erskine Bowles co-chairman of President Obama's deficit commission gets $335,000 a year for that job.

(Bowles) gained notoriety recently by revealing the fact that he had no clue as to the size of the country's deficit problem even after engaging in a lengthy serious of secret meetings on the topic over the last few months. He had told the National Governor's Association that annual interest payments will be $2 trillion a year by the end of the decade. The Congressional Budget Office projects that even in a worse case scenario interest payments will be less than half this amount.
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Iranian News: US & British Intel Agencies Are Working On A Fake Video To Lead To War With Iran

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UFO Gives Birth

This first part is pretty neat:
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Bizarre-- 200-300 Year Old Ship Unearthed at Ground Zero

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Rock and Roll

God, these guys are great-- hadn't listened to them for a while; didn't even know they had a new album.
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Finally, FINALLY, Terrorists Are Learning Spanish and Infiltrating Our Southern Borders As Fake Mexicans

Waht took them so long???

Anyway-- be scared, very scared.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Suspicious 9/11 Related Deaths

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Winner and Wankers of the Day

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Fox News Legal Analyst: Bush Should Have Been Indicted for Torturing, Spying, Other Abuses

Ya think?

Too bad Napolitano didn't speak out:
a) on Fox News
b) while Bush was still in office
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Chuck Norris Exposes the Obama-Boy Scouts Conspiracy!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Less Nukes, More Vaccines?

I certainly agree that nations should spend more on health than nukes, though I don't think more vaccines are a great improvement.
Most North Americans and Russians are unaware that, 50 years ago, nations on both sides of the Cold War co-operated on a back channel scientific research and development effort that led to the joint development of the oral polio vaccine. Today that vaccine has become the major instrument for global polio eradication efforts. The fact that the U.S. and Soviet Union could put aside their ideological differences shortly after the Sputnik launch at the height of the Cold War for purposes of scientific co-operation and vaccine development, suggests that India, Pakistan, and China, not to mention Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, and Syria, could do the same for neglected tropical disease vaccines.
Yes, it seems that the PTB really like vaccines.
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Today's 33

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Other Pumpitout Pentagon Witnesses: Alan Wallace

Alan Wallace: seems like a genuinely decent guy, if a bit long-winded and somewhat too happy to talk about 9/11. He is a firefighter, was next to the heliport, saw the plane very briefly before it hit. Interestingly said he didn't see any clear plane debris himself. Seems he could have been fooled by a flyover and bombs.
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Other Pumpitout Pentagon Witnesses: Steve Storti

Steve Storti: Interesting guy, but kind of all blowhard know-it-all, too eager to talk, he happily went on for an hour with Hill. The biggest problem with Storti's account is his view wasn't that close-- about half a mile away, and he says he saw passengers moving in the rear windows of the plane. Says the plane came up 395 then banked right, says it was clearly an American plane. His address of 14th and Eads doesn't exist, but 15th and Eads shows up on Google maps. His annotated map can be seen here. He can't have seen the impact with the building from his perspective, says the fireball was 600 feet in diameter (sure).

Other points--
1) May not have represented his dealings with Craig Ranke properly (see link)-- possibly was trying to sow dissension in the field.

2) Basically supports official 9/11 story, with corruption and incompetence as the explanation. Strongly argued against WTC demolition. But also supports the idea of all conflicts being engineered by elites. Says US media publishes lots of lies, but doesn't indicate specifically what are the lies. His thoughts seem somewhat incongruous in these regards.

3) Not clear who Storti works for now, says he does counseling for stress. Trying to go to Iran to help deal with their "massive" drug abuse problem (?). Said he was having trouble getting a VISA for Iran as they suspect he is CIA.

4) Very annoying how happy the Pumpitout crew (particularly Shure, Broken Sticks, Yougene Debs) are to find a plane witness and prove Ranke wrong. They are highly biased towards the plane story and against Ranke. Though from what I have seen, Ranke seems reasonable.
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Other Pumpitout Pentagon Witnesses: Albert Hemphill

Albert Hemphill: So this guy was very emphatic that he saw a plane hit the building, and he had a great spot to see it, from the Navy Annex. Hemphill seemed very sharp, had some plane expertise, very no nonsense-- typical military officer type. He apparently works for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA, a branch of the DOD), and has high security clearance. He is basically "intel" and thus can't really be trusted, as honest as he sounds.

Interesting notes:
a) he confirms a non-official flight path, as he says the plane flew over the Citgo station, not to the south of it.
b) he did some clean-up at the Pentagon, but says he never saw any plane debris-- only "lots of soot" from all the jet fuel.
c) he said the landing gear was definitely up on the plane, in contrast to Sgt. Sepulveda.
d) says plane may have hit one light pole but never saw a cab hit by a pole.
e) says the plane was in a dive then hit some "ground effect" before hitting the building-- not clear what this means exactly, but he can't have had much view of the plane diving in the short space he saw it in-- nor did he have a good angle to see a dive: basically he was looking right down the approach path. I actually can't see the plane diving and then leveling off in such a short distance at such a high speed-- seems more likely it would crash on the ground
f) thinks the plane was going slower than the official speed, more like 350 knots than the official 420 knots
g) says he saw the plane for 3-4 seconds. He was about 1/2 mile away, so if the plane was going 500 mph, that is about right if he saw it the whole way. The problem is he wouldn't have seen it the whole way, not until it came into his line of sight, and caught his attention, where it would have been MUCH closer to the Pentagon, say a third to half way between his office and the Pentagon. Which messes up his timing, and indicates the plane was going slower (his speed of 350 knots (420 mph) actually makes more sense) or that he is mistaken on the timing or that he is making the whole thing up.
h) "coincidentally" Jeff Hill called Hemphill right after Craig Ranke called him. Did Hill have some inside knowledge of Ranke's call?
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Today's 33

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Afghanistan Is the New Iraq

Oh joy:
A wave of attacks killed six U.S. troops and at least a dozen civilians Saturday in Afghanistan's volatile south and east ...(snip)

On Saturday, two of the U.S. troops killed died in the south in separate roadside bombings. In Kandahar city, a remote-controlled bomb on a motorcycle exploded, setting cars ablaze and shattering windows at a popular shopping center. The provincial government said one passer-by was killed.

The other American service members died in the east: One as a result of small-arms fire, another by a roadside bomb, a third during an insurgent attack and the last in an accidental explosion. Their deaths raised to 23 the number of American troops killed so far this month. Last month, 103 international troops were killed, 60 of them Americans.

Not that the slaughter has ended in Iraq: July 8, 2010, Suicide bomber kills 33 in Baghdad
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Other Pumpitout Pentagon Witnesses: Keith Wheelhouse

I'm going through these "witnesses" because Hill claims these are totally convincing of the official plane story. I'll go through as many as I can, though some of the interviews are long, with too much irrelevant material.

Keith Wheelhouse-- Says Pentagon plane was in a dive; didn't see direct hit (couldn't have from his position in Arlington cemetery). Says C-130 was VERY close behind AA77 (10 seconds; contradicted by Anthony Tribby who says it was more like a minute after (see first link)). Says he saw AA77 approach for one minute, saw C-130 approach close behind but higher. Curiously, he doesn't say anything about the long circular approach of AA77, which he should have seen if he tracked the plane for that long. Sounds like a stereotypical hick, particularly in the beginning. Seems to be a hard-core right-wing conservative; didn't seem to think 9/11 an inside job was important (!?!?). Thinks bin Laden could have had bombs planted in WTC (yeah right).

From this interview, I learn that Jeff's official job is a "DJ at a bar".

Overall, Wheelhouse is not particularly supportive of the official story, imo. Assuming he's telling the truth, it's not clear that he:
a) couldn't have been fooled by a fly-over
b) could have seen a low-level fly-over
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Noel Sepulveda: Brainwashed Pentagon Witness?

I listened to Jeff Hill's phone call with Pentagon attack witness Sepulveda.

He claims he saw the plane hit the light-poles, and everything else-- the approach, the impact, the fireball, the plane hole, the bodies in the plane, etc. Most bizarrely, he claims to have found the (apparently intact) cockpit with intact non-burned terrorist bodies in the pilots seats and intact non-burned pilots right behind them. He also was hit on the head during his actions on 9/11 and he passed out-- did someone knock him out?

Other notes:

1) Sepulveda says on 9/11 that he was coming to the Pentagon for a test for a promotion. I wonder if the "plane attack" was his test!

2) Hill calls Sepulveda without any warning, apparently just a cold call, and Hill launched into 9/11 right away-- like the second sentence-- and Sepulveda gladly started going into his story. He was way too willing to talk. Seems like was he under orders to talk. He cannot be considered a reliable witness.

3) Curiously, Sepulveda says the plane landing gear was down, in contrast to every other account.
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North of the Citgo Station or Not?

I'm getting a fucking headache following the "debunking" of the CIT north side flight path from the Pumpitout wankers.

I don't know, the north side testimony seemed pretty straight-forward to me-- don't know what the deal is with the Pumpitout crew.

Of course, I'm just a dumb no-planer who foolishly believes the fly-over theory...

And, adding, most likely the north side flyover is a psyop put out as a distraction by intel perps...
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9/11 Perp of the Day: Ralph Eberhart

Good piece from Shoestring 911:
General Ralph Eberhart was the commander in chief of NORAD--the military organization responsible for defending U.S. airspace--when the 9/11 attacks occurred. Considering that NORAD failed to intercept any of the four aircraft targeted in the attacks and successfully defend New York and Washington, one would reasonably expect Eberhart to have been somehow held to account. And yet that did not happen.

In fact, nine years on, we still know very little about what Eberhart did while the 9/11 attacks were taking place. From what we do know, his actions seem far from reassuring. Eberhart at least gave the impression of having an unclear picture of what was going on. Accounts of his actions reveal no decisive attempts to respond to the attacks. He appears to have been particularly slow to order a plan that would give the military control of U.S. airspace and get all aircraft grounded. Furthermore, in the middle of the attacks, he decided to drive from his office at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, to NORAD's operations center in Cheyenne Mountain--a journey that apparently put him out of the loop for about an hour.



Eberhart updated Myers on the crisis, telling him the two WTC towers had been hit and there were "several hijack codes in the system." This, according to Myers, meant "that the transponders in the aircraft [were] talking to the ground, and they're saying ... we're being hijacked." [4] However, if Myers's recollection is correct, Eberhart was apparently either mistaken or deliberately giving false information: None of the pilots of the four flights targeted that morning keyed the code that would indicate a hijacking into their plane's transponder. [5] There should have been no "hijack codes in the system" at that time.

Eberhart told Myers he was working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to get all aircraft over the U.S. to land. He also said NORAD would be launching fighter jets in response to the attacks. [6] As Myers would recall two days later, "I think the decision was, at that point, to start launching aircraft." [7] However, NORAD's Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS), based in upstate New York, had already launched fighters by that time: Two F-15s had taken off from Otis Air National Guard Base in Massachusetts at 8:46 a.m. [8] So if Myers's account is correct, Eberhart--the man in charge of NORAD--was apparently either unaware of the actions of NORAD's Northeast Air Defense Sector or knowingly giving out false information.

Furthermore, when he was interviewed by the 9/11 Commission in March 2004, Eberhart claimed he'd had "no knowledge of the circumstances that initiated the scramble" of fighter jets from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia at 9:24 a.m. [9] Extensive evidence uncovered by the Commission showed that NEADS scrambled those fighters in response to an incorrect report it had received that American Airlines Flight 11--which hit the WTC at 8:46 a.m.--was still airborne and heading south, toward Washington, DC. [10] At the time of his 9/11 Commission interview, Eberhart said, he had only "recently" been made aware of these circumstances. [11] How could the man in charge of NORAD on September 11 have been unaware of such crucial information for nearly two and a half years after the attacks occurred?

After learning of the attacks in New York, Eberhart stayed at Building 1 at Peterson Air Force Base--the headquarters of the Air Force Space Command, which, as well as NORAD, he was the commander of--because, he said, "he did not want to lose communication." [12] However, he soon set out on a journey that caused him to lose communication with others involved in the emergency response for 45 minutes or longer.

At "approximately 9:30," according to his own recollection, Eberhart left Peterson Air Force Base and headed to the NORAD operations center in Cheyenne Mountain. [13] The operations center was about 12 miles away, a journey that takes "roughly 30 minutes," according to the 9/11 Commission Report. But, as the Washington Post noted, "The trip to Cheyenne Mountain can be time-consuming if traffic is bad," and the drive took Eberhart 45 minutes. [14]

The journey may in fact have taken even longer. Eberhart told the 9/11 Commission that by the time he arrived at the operations center, the authorization for the military to shoot down threatening aircraft had been passed down NORAD's chain of command. NORAD finally passed on this authorization to its three air defense sectors at 10:31 a.m., which would imply that Eberhart reached the operations center shortly after that time, more than an hour after he said he left Peterson Air Force Base. [15]

Furthermore, while he was making the journey to Cheyenne Mountain, Eberhart "couldn't receive telephone calls as senior officials weighed how to respond," according to the Denver Post. [16] He reportedly "lost a cell phone call with Vice President Dick Cheney." The reason why Eberhart had problems receiving phone calls is unclear, though it has been reported that "New repeater stations were installed almost immediately" after 9/11, "to fix the phone problem." [17]

During the period when he was reportedly traveling to the operations center, at 9:49 a.m., Eberhart "directed all air sovereignty aircraft to battle stations, fully armed" over the Pentagon's air threat conference call, according to the 9/11 Commission Report. [18] Presumably he was either able to successfully issue this order himself despite his communication problems, or the order was issued on his behalf by a subordinate who was participating in the air threat conference call. However, when an aircraft is at "battle stations," its pilot is in the cockpit, but with the engines turned off, ready to start them and taxi out only if a scramble order should follow. [19] So Eberhart's order would have meant that any air sovereignty aircraft not already airborne would have remained on the ground, rather than immediately getting into the air, where they could have quickly intercepted a hostile aircraft.

The reason Eberhart decided to relocate to Cheyenne Mountain at such an important time, when his uninterrupted participation in the crisis response would presumably have been essential, is unclear. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center "had communications capabilities not available at Peterson." [20] And Eberhart told the 9/11 Commission that, on his communications loop, it had "quieted down" before he decided to head out to the mountain. [21]

All the same, if Eberhart's account of his actions is correct, it would mean that, in the middle of the worst terrorist attack in the history of the U.S., the commander of NORAD was, at least to some degree, out of the loop for maybe an hour or more.


The one key action Ralph Eberhart is known to have taken in response to the 9/11 attacks was to implement a modified version of a plan called "SCATANA," which would clear the skies and give the military control over U.S. airspace. However, Eberhart only ordered that this plan be put into operation at around 11:00 a.m., about two hours after the second WTC tower was hit and it became "obvious" to him that a coordinated terrorist attack was taking place.

When he was asked before the 9/11 Commission why it had taken so long to initiate the plan, Eberhart recalled that people had been approaching him and telling him to "declare SCATANA." However, he added, NORAD "could not control the airspace that day with the radars we had and all the aircraft that were airborne. ... So, if I suddenly say, 'We've got it, we will control the airspace,' we would have had worse problems than we had that morning because I cannot provide [air] traffic deconfliction like the FAA has."



A fuller analysis of Ralph Eberhart's actions on September 11 will only be possible when more evidence comes to light revealing what he did at the time of the attacks. It seems remarkable that we still know so little about the actions of the man who, as commander of NORAD, was in charge of the air defense of the U.S. In that role, Eberhart oversaw a catastrophic failure, which, in the words of Senator Mark Dayton, meant that for "109 minutes ... this country and its citizens were completely undefended." [23]

And yet, rather than being held accountable, or even just criticized, for that failure, in October 2002 Eberhart was put in charge of the newly created Northern Command (NORTHCOM), described as "the nation's premier military homeland defense organization," which had the mission of countering threats and aggression against the United States. [24]

As Dayton concluded, "The situation is urgent when we do not get protected in those circumstances [that occurred on 9/11], and it is even worse when it is covered up."
To me, the most interesting thing is the multiple hijack signals-- apparently wrong info but may have reflected ongoing hijacking drills run by NORAD.
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Wankers of the Day: The Washington Post

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Monogamy Anyone?

This is interesting and makes sense to me:
What the authors of Sex At Dawn believe—what they prove—is that we are a naturally non-monogamous species, despite what we've been told for millennia by preachers and for centuries by scientists, and that is why so many people have such a hard time being and remaining monogamous. I'm not saying that everyone everywhere has to be non-monogamous; the authors of Sex At Dawn don't make that argument either. (Lots of monogamists, however, run around insisting that everyone everywhere should be monogamous—and the monogamists get a pass because, hey, they mean so well and wouldn't it be nice if everyone were?)

The point is that people—particularly those who value monogamy—need to understand why being monogamous is so much harder than they've been lead to believe it will be. In some cases this understanding may help people find the courage to seek out non-monogamous relationships and/or arrangements and/or allowances that make them—gasp!—happier and make their relationships more stable, not less, as a routine infidelity won't doom their marriage/domesticpartnership/commitment/slavecontract/whatever. But understanding that monogamy is a struggle for most people, and being able to be honest with our partners about it, may actually help some people remain monogamous.
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What Is the Deal With All the Foreign 9/11 "Researchers"?

"Broken Sticks" turns out to be a really annoying Brit in this interview here. I had encountered him at Pumpitout sometime back, debating about Carmen Taylor, and he was very annoying then too. I imagine he is British intel at some level. It is weird how many of the most active and vocal 9/11 "researchers" are foreign-- particularly British, Canadian, Australian, French and German. I'm not saying that people from these countries shouldn't have an interest in 9/11, but it's curious that they are so active in their research-- and that they seem to have so much time for it. I would guess that it's much easier to disguise an intel agent if he/she is working from a non-US location. Or I don't know-- if you have other ideas, let me know.
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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ann Coulter Is Making Sense

What is the world coming to?
Obama hasn't ramped up the war in Afghanistan based on a careful calculation of America's strategic objectives. He did it because he was trapped by his own rhetorical game of bashing the Iraq war while pretending to be a hawk on Afghanistan.

At this point, Afghanistan is every bit as much Obama's war as Vietnam was Lyndon Johnson's war. True, President Kennedy was the first to send troops to Vietnam. We had 16,000 troops in Vietnam when JFK was assassinated. Within four years, LBJ had sent 400,000 troops there.

In the entire seven-year course of the Afghanistan war under Bush, from October 2001 to January 2009, 625 American soldiers were killed. In 18 short months, Obama has nearly doubled that number to 1,124 Americans killed.

Republicans used to think seriously about deploying the military. President Eisenhower sent aid to South Vietnam, but said he could not "conceive of a greater tragedy" for America than getting heavily involved there.

As Michael Steele correctly noted, every great power that's tried to stage an all-out war in Afghanistan has gotten its ass handed to it. Everyone knows it's not worth the trouble and resources to take a nation of rocks and brigands. (snip)

But now I hear it is the official policy of the Republican Party to be for all wars, irrespective of our national interest. (snip)

Nonetheless, Bill Kristol and Liz Cheney have demanded that Steele resign as head of the RNC for saying Afghanistan is now Obama's war -- and a badly thought-out one at that. (Didn't liberals warn us that neoconservatives want permanent war?)

I thought the irreducible requirements of Republicanism were being for life, small government and a strong national defense, but I guess permanent war is on the platter now, too.

Of course, if Kristol is writing the rules for being a Republican, we're all going to have to get on board for amnesty and a "National Greatness Project," too – other Kristol ideas for the Republican Party. Also, John McCain. Kristol was an early backer of McCain for president -- and look how great that turned out!

Inasmuch as demanding resignations is another new Republican position, here's mine: Bill Kristol and Liz Cheney must resign immediately.
Some of the piece is typically dumb and obnoxious, but overall, I can agree with this far more than the nonsense put out by the Obama administration on Afghanistan.
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Apparently the Chinese Don't Torture Either

This is truly astounding:
On Monday, I noted that this Associated Press article twice used the word "torture" to describe what the Chinese Government did to Xue Feng, an American geologist now convicted of obtaining China's "state secrets." AP used the word "torture" despite the fact that (a) the treatment to which the Chinese subjected him (a few cigarette burns on his arms) clearly does not meet the Bush/Cheney/John-Yoo definition of "torture," and (b) the Chinese Government vehemently denies that its treatment of prisoners rises to the level of "torture." I very satirically demanded that AP apologize to China and cease using the word "torture" to describe what it did in light of the prevailing American media standard as articulated by the NYT's Bill Keller, The Washington Post, and NPR: namely, that the word "torture" must not be used by Good Journalists (at least when it comes to the U.S. Government) if the abuse falls short of the Government's official definition and/or if the Government denies that what it does is "torture." That, explained our leading media mavens, would be "taking sides," and only Bad Journalists do that.

Imagine my amazement when, several hours after I wrote that, I discovered that AP had -- with no explanation or even indication -- completely deleted the word "torture" from its article in both places where it had appeared (compare the original version to the edited version). It's as though AP really had decided that it was being unfair to China -- "taking sides" -- by using the word "torture" to describe Chinese torture. That discovery led to the following email exchange I had with Charles Hutzler, the AP reporter whose name appeared on the article's byline:

From: Glenn Greenwald//Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 2010 9:57 PM //To: Hutzler, Charles; Hutzler, Charles //Subject: Torture/China

Mr. Hutzler - Yesterday at Salon, I wrote about your use of the word "torture" to describe what the Chinese Government did to Xue Feng. Thereafter, the AP article was edited to delete all references to "torture" (compare this to this ).

I'd like to write about this change. Can you shed any light on why this was done?

Glenn Greenwald

From: "Charles Hutzler"//To: Glenn Greenwald//Sent: Tuesday, July 6, 2010 11:13:22 AM (GMT-0300) Auto-Detected//Subject: RE: Torture/China

Dear Mr. Greenwald:

Sorry, I can't. But keep up the good fight.

All the best,


From: Glenn Greenwald//To: "Charles Hutzler"//Sent: Tuesday, July 6, 2010 11:22:19 AM (GMT-0300) Auto-Detected//Subject: Re: Torture/China

Thanks for the response, which I genuinely appreciate: But just to clarify, you (a) can't shed light on the change because you don't know what accounted for it, or (b) do know what accounted for it but can't/won't say?

He stopped responding. Apparently, AP's policy with regard to the use of the word "torture," along with the reason for this rather striking change when it comes to reporting on the Chinese Government -- both obviously significant matters -- are not anything we can or should know about.
So now our scum-sucking, worthless press is propagandizing for the Chinese regime?

Good to know...
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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Outstanding Cover!

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Uh, If We Send al CIA-duh There and *Make* It the Next Afghanistan?

The NYtimes: the finest in serious propaganda.
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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Silversteins' and Silverstein Associates' "Luck" on 9/11

I didn't know this about the Silversteins missing the attacks, but I am hardly surprised:
Silverstein Properties took over the lease of the World Trade Center seven weeks before 9/11, the only time the complex had gone under private control [1], and after 9/11 Larry Silverstein sought damages of over $7 billion from his insurers for the destruction of the Twin Towers. [2] On September 11, the firm had temporary offices on the 88th floor of the North Tower. (American Airlines Flight 11 impacted that tower between its 93rd and 99th floors.) Of its 160 employees, 54 were working in those offices at the time of the attacks and four of them died. [3]

The fortunate circumstances that kept the high-level individuals out of danger the morning of 9/11 were quite extraordinary. Larry Silverstein survived the attacks supposedly because his wife forced him to go to a doctor's appointment instead of a meeting at the WTC; Silverstein's son and daughter survived because, independently of each other, they were running late; his top aide survived because he cut short a meeting he was in at the top of the North Tower; his publicist agreed to join a meeting at the WTC at 9:00 a.m. instead of 8:00 a.m.; and others associated with Silverstein Properties may have avoided danger due to the cancellation of a meeting on the 88th floor of the North Tower.
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The Dispersant Corexit Being Sprayed by the Coast Guard?

A few posts back I mentioned how BP and the US are collaborating to cover up the damage of the oil gusher-- but this is a whole new level of insanity:
A marine biologist working with a group of environmentalists to save sea turtles claims the U.S. Coast Guard is involved in spraying a toxic chemical dispersant over the Gulf of Mexico; and he says it has already traveled inland.
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Depression Levels of Unemployment

22% of working-age men in the US are out of work.

It's weird to think we are in another great depression, but it seems quite possible that we are and we just don't know it. Apparently, stories of the poverty are consistently and steadfastly kept out of view of the vast majority of Americans who aren't in poverty.
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Monday, July 05, 2010

"Winning" the War in Afghanistan

Petraeus, who pioneered the counterinsurgency strategy he now oversees in Afghanistan, has just months to show progress in turning back insurgents and convince both the Afghan people and neighboring countries that the U.S. is committed to preventing the country from again becoming a haven for al-Qaida and its terrorist allies.

"We are engaged in a contest of wills," Petraeus said as he accepted the command of U.S. and NATO forces before several hundred U.S., coalition and Afghan officials who gathered on a grassy area outside NATO headquarters in Kabul.

Petraeus, widely credited with turning around the U.S. war effort in Iraq, said the Taliban and their allies are killing and maiming civilians — even using "unwitting children to carry out attacks" — in an attempt to undermine public confidence in the Afghan government and the international community's ability to prevail.

"In answer, we must demonstrate to the people and to the Taliban that Afghan and international forces are here to safeguard the Afghan people, and that we are in this to win," Petraeus said on the Fourth of July, U.S. Independence Day.
The descent into complete madness continues. There is no way to "win" in Afghanistan-- we are either there forever or until the US finally falls apart.
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Sunday, July 04, 2010


Logically, wouldn't the deepest, darkest perpetrators be the beings most hidden from view?

"al Qaeda"-- WAY WAY too obvious
Israel-- WAY too obvious as covert operators
the Bush administration-- too obvious
CIA-- a bit too obvious
the US military-- closer, but too large and diffuse of a group
the media-- closer
private military/intel contractors-- closer
a secret cabal of insiders-- very close
the ultimate "powers that be"-- DING DING DING DING

In the same way, mechanisms for the destruction of the WTC-- what is being most hidden from view? Not fires and pancaking, not thermite, not beam weapons. Nukes.
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Deep Thought of the Day

Fuck the BP Nazis and all Americans who cooperate with them. To wit.

Oh yeah-- Happy Independence Day!

(oh the irony)
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Police State Watch: Photographing Trains Is Illegal in Miami

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Friday, July 02, 2010

9/11: Still an Inside Job and Still Really Important

Since every asshole politician and media whore is still using 9/11 to justify our horrendous, murderous and wasteful actions in Afghanistan.

Last Thursday night, no surprise:
House passes spending bill for war in Afghanistan

The House narrowly passed a spending bill late Thursday that includes $37 billion to fund the war in Afghanistan.

Dems at least were mostly against it. I had called my rethug rep Thursday to ask him to vote against the funding. I can't find the roll call for this vote, but I'm sure he voted for the war-- the vast majority of rethugs did.

And NYTimes today:
War in Iraq Defies U.S. Timetable for End of Combat

Even after a reduction in troop numbers, American forces will still hunt terrorists after the August deadline that President Obama set for the end of the combat mission in Iraq.

Hunt terrorists in Iraq.

Just kill me.
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26 GB of WTC 9/11 FOIA Data

I downloaded this, and am going through it. There is a LOT, but not sure how much really interesting stuff there is yet.

The funny thing is, when I initially downloaded the torrent file from 911blogger, without a bittorrent client, the size of the file was 333 kb. Coincidence???

UPDATE: Meh, not much good stuff here in terms of new photos. There are lots of videos of the aftermath that I haven't look through yet.

This note included in the file makes some interesting points. I like how NIST is witholding 3,370 files!
This torrent is 26gb in size and contains approximately 3,160 files, mainly photos and a few videos. [actually, there are many videos, but all of the aftermath, no videos of the towers going down or of planes]

These were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act request, they are the same as what ABC News obtained a few months ago which they released 13 aerial photos of.

Most of these photographs are taken from film-based slr cameras and scanned and sent to nist.

Whats most interesting about these photos is that the aerial NYPD photos above the burning trade centres [looks like a Brit wrote this] are of low resolution even though they were definately [sic] using film-based slr cameras, they clearly dont' [sic] want you to see too much there.

Whats even more startling is that there are NO close-up photos of the "collapse" of WTC 1,2 OR 7. There are numerous angles of the WTC photographed and not a single photo of the collapse. Only 1 photo showing the VERY beginging [sic] of the collapse which shows what might be an explosion flash many floors below, clearly NIST is hiding the collpase [sic] photos as you would be able to see explosions too easily.

NIST haven't released the NYPD chopper footage in this FOIA request which would likely show the demolition of the towers, we need to get this complete footage!

There are no explosion flashes throughout any of the photos even though on video hundreds were seen throughout the 1-2hrs that the towers were standing.

NO video of any of the 3 towers "collapsing" have been released in this FOIA request.

are in this FOIA request. [sic]

Whats also very interesting is that in the file: 00-wtc-nist-wtc-7-denial.pdf it says:

Enclosed you will find a disc that contains 8,910 files............... We are However, witholding 3,370 files. The NIST Director determined that the release of this data might jeapordise public safety.

How can information about fire leading to the collapse of WTC7 jeapordise public safety? It CANT! The only release it could if explosives were used. We need to get a hold of those missing files and the photos and videos they are keeping from us.


Some of these photos duplicate themselves in other directories, this is how NIST sent them out so we left them like this, alot of photos are upside down or sideways, we
didn't correct this as that would reduce the quality.
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The US Media Are War Criminals, Part 325

Waterboarding is torture, period. It's been that way for decades -- it was torture when we went after Japanese war criminals who used the ancient and inhumane interrogation tactic, it was torture when Pol Pot and some of the worst dictators known to mankind used it against their own people, and it was torture to the U.S. military which once punished soldiers who adopted the grim practice.

And waterboarding was described as "torture," almost without fail, in America's newspapers.

Until 2004, after the arrival of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and their criminal notions of "enhanced interrogations." For four years -- in what would have to be the bizarro-world version of "speaking truth to power," waterboarding was almost never torture on U.S. newsprint. Then waterboarding-as-torture nearly made a mild comeback in journo-world, until perpetrators like Cheney and Inquirer op-ed columnist John Yoo began the big pushback, when American newspapers bravely turned their tails and fled.

More here, on the truly Orwellian nature of the media-- specifically NYTime's Bill Keller.
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Except for the Ludicrous Thermite Reference, Not Bad

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