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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Working Manifesto for All Present and Future Military Personnel

A Working Manifesto
for All Present and Future Military Personnel Who Have Learned the Truth About the British-American Regime’s Perennial Wars on Mankind.
Applicable to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Next Wars

Transcribed by The Anonymous Physicist

Here is Donald Sutherland’s remarkable Anti-War speech seen in the Anti-Vietnam War film, FTA—Fuck The Army. This crucial transcipt is nowhere to be found on the internet. Please everyone—post this far and wide.

We’re Done With It—Forever And Ever.

We’re done with it—forever and ever. Because we are the living, and we will not be destroyed. If you make a war…if there are guns to be aimed…if there are bullets to be fired…if there are men to be killed…they will not be us!

They will not be us—the guys who grow wheat and turn it into food. The guys who make clothes and paper and houses, and tiles, who build dams and power plants and string the long high tension wires, the guys who crack crude oil down into a dozen different parts, who make clothes and automobiles and sewing machines and shovels and airplanes and tanks and guns.

Oh No! No, it will not be us who die. It will be you! It will be you. You who urge us on to battle. You who incite us against ourselves. You who would have one cobbler kill another cobbler. You who would have one Man who works, kill another Man who works. You who would have one Human Being who WANTS ONLY TO LIVE, kill another Human Being WHO WANTS ONLY TO LIVE.

Remember this. Remember this well—you people who plan for war. Remember this you “patriots,” you fierce ones, you squatters of hate, you inventors of slogans. Remember this, as you have never remembered anything else in your lives! We are Men of Peace, we are Men who work, and we want no quarrel. But if you destroy our Peace, if you take away our work, if you try to arrange us one against the other, we will know what to do.

If you tell us to “make the world safe for democracy,” we will take you seriously. And by God and by Christ, we will make it so. We will use the guns you forced upon us, we will use them to defend our very lives. And the menace to our lives does NOT lie on the other side of a no-man’s land—set apart without our consent—it lies within our own boundaries here. And now we’ve seen it, and we know it.

Put the guns into our hands, and we will use them. Give us a slogan, we’ll turn them into realities. Sing the battle hymns, and we will take them up where you left off. Not one, not ten, not ten thousand, not a million, not a hundred million, but a billion, two billion of us—all the People of the World. We will have the slogans, and we will have the hymns, and we will have the guns, and we will use them, and we will live. Make no mistake of it.

We will live. We will be alive, and we will walk, and talk, and laugh, and sing, and love. And bear our children, in tranquility, in security, in decency, in Peace.

You plan the wars, you masses of men. Plan the wars, and point the way, and we will point the guns!

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Not Going Back to the Moon After All

President Barack Obama's 2011 budget, to be submitted to Congress Monday, will propose abandoning a program to return US astronauts to the Moon, two Florida newspapers said.
They can't even afford a FAKE moon trip? I guess convincing video fakery is a lot more expensive than I thought? Or maybe it's not the video fakery itself but all the other secrecy and fakery needed to carry it off?
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama Loves Those 33's

"Obama unveils 33-billion-dollar jobs package"

This, after proposing $33 billion more for wars. This is notable mostly as proof of Obama being totally controlled by the intel agencies and the PTB.

As always, keep up with 33 and the PTB in the news at 33-watch.
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Smelling Jet Fuel on 9/11

Lots of people said they smelled jet fuel on 9/11 at the sites of the putative plane crashes. 9/11 shills sometimes use jet fuel "nosewitnesses" as evidence that planes crashed on 9/11.

I just have two simple questions about this.

I have flown on commercial jets regularly for years, but I don't think I could identify what jet fuel smells like. Particularly, I'm not sure I could distinguish the smell of jet fuel from diesel fuel. That is, there is a fuel smell I have noticed at airports when boarding planes, but it is similar to a fuel smell that I smell in other places besides airports, often around heavy machinery or generators, that I think is diesel fuel.

Thus, on 9/11--
1) how did so many people know exactly what jet fuel smelled like?
2) how did so many people know for sure that they were smelling jet fuel, and not say, diesel fuel?
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bernanke Reconfirmed

Fucking pathetic.
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One of the Greatest (Banned) Anti-War Speeches — Because it Presents Action That Can Work

By The Anonymous Physicist

In 1971, Donald Sutherland, Jane Fonda and other actors, singers, and musicians put on shows for anti-war GIs near US Army base camps in the USA. In 1972 a film made of these events, called FTA or Fuck The Army, was released. It was directed by Francine Parker. The film was quickly banned in the USA (despite any alleged freedoms on paper.)

Here is part 10 of this film that someone put on Youtube. Please archive it, copy it, etc. It is likely to be taken down.

It begins with Jane Fonda speaking about the chemical bombs the US regime was raining down on the Vietnamese and the ensuing birth defects and unliveable areas in Vietnam that were created. It is very relevant to the American regime’s wars on the Iraqi and Afghani Peoples now. But the final speech, beginning at about 3:40, has Donald Sutherland reciting one of the greatest Anti-War speeches ever written! It is a great speech both because of the powerful way its sentiments are expressed AND because it tells the PTB that soldiers have a way of countering the evil and madness the PTB have got them into—namely to do what they have been trained to do— USE THEIR GUNS TO DEFEND DEMOCRACY— BUT AGAINST THOSE WHO CREATE BOGUS WARS— AND NOT AGAINST INNOCENT PEOPLES.

Please post this far and wide. I have not been able to find a transcript of Sutherland’s remarkable speech, and blueprint, anywhere. I ask if someone can listen to it and make a written transcript for all of us to read and post, I thank you. Please also do this in case the video is taken down. There needs to be records of this speech that the US Regime and the lackey media banned for decades.

And here is a related article I wrote on Hugh Thompson about to carry out the actions recommended by Donald Sutherland. The threat of that was the only thing that allowed a few survivors at the end of the My Lai massacre that saw over 500 innocent women, children and old men being tortured, raped and killed. The American Regime initially just labeled them all as Communist insurgents (aka “terrorists.”) The relevance for today, is that the American regime apparently no longer allows the public to know about such events in Iraq and Afghanistan. Only air bombing mistakes seem to get publicized. You can be sure that there are many massacres on the ground, such as at Fallujah, that have been hidden.

This is also relevant today, as Obama’s “State of the Union” speech is scheduled to be Hitleric. In fact it is worst than Hitler! Hitler used the Nazi regime’s false flag Op of burning down their Reichstag building as an excuse for a perennial war on “terrorists,” and the loss of Germans’ constitutional rights. But he did not destroy the economy of Germany. He put people back to work and the Germans already had health care. Obama, like his predecessor, is destroying the livelihoods and lives of the poor and middle class. Obama apparently just wants us to— in effect, if not yet in actuality— shout Sieg Heil [Hail Victory] as he uses terrorism as a ruse to burn the USA down.

Anonymous Physicist
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Major League Funny Business

I now believe I have reasonable grounds to bring into suspicion that there may be a “false flag” terrorist attack during the Olympics in Canada, which take place in Vancouver and Whistler from Feb. 12th until Feb. 28th. I have compiled the following suspicious activity that I have found through various media sources.
The list is rather compelling, and rather scary.

This is just as scary:
FSB reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that the Swiss Police Commander heading security at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Markus Reinhardt, was “suicided” after his discovering that the Davos summit was planning for the “final collapse” of the Global Banking system in preparation for Total War.
Potential false-flag attack averted:
BRANCHBURG -- Somerset County investigators seized a cache of weapons including a grenade launcher and hundreds of rounds of ammunition today from the Branchburg motel room of a Virginia man, who also had maps of a U.S. military facility and an out-of-state civilian community. (snip) Investigators also found Middle Eastern red and white traditional headdress...
Interesting how little attention this story has gotten.
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A SOTU Drinking Game We Can All Get Behind

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Howard Zinn Has Died

Mostly notable here for his mockery of the idea that 9/11 was an inside job:
Recently the outrageous comments from best-selling historian (“A People's History of the United States”) Howard Zinn, PhD have woken more people up as to the insidious nature of Zinn, and other alleged “anti-war” gatekeepers. Zinn (a former Rhodes Scholar) said that 9/11 “didn’t matter,” and that 9/11 truthers are “fanatics,” and other outrageous things.
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Tax the Rich!

What a novel concept:
Yesterday Oregon voters delivered a huge victory for progressives by approving Measures 66 and 67, raising taxes on incomes over $250,000 and large corporations to generate $733 million to close the state's budget deficit. The Oregon legislature had approved the taxes last summer, but a corporate/teabagger alliance organized to put it to voters in a referendum.
The 33 does give me pause. But with the elites running amok, a sure way to level the playing field somewhat is to make them pay some extra taxes.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let Us All Bow Down Before Our All-Powerful Pentagon Overlords

Intel-created and intel-controlled monster Obama proposes spending freeze for much of government, with the notable exception of the Defense Department...

because clearly it's in our vital national interest to spend hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars every year to "defend" ourselves from the occasional deranged intel-created, intel-controlled and intel-protected lunatic with a firecracker taped to his crotch.

And now I see via Greenwald, the new Al-CIA-duh scare that is supposed to make us feel happy about giving most of our money to our defense department overlords.
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What the Difference Between Obama and Osama?


Actually, though, they are both intel-created creatures, and both full of BS.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Laughable and Pathetic Dems Apparently Are Giving Up on Any Semblance of Positive Health Care Reform

Democrats consider dropping insurance ban on pre-existing conditions-- which is perfect as the ban on pre-existing conditions was pretty much the only decent aspect left in their reform bill.
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Withholding Haitian Aid for Bogus Reasons

This is very reminiscent of the aftermath Katrina-- clearly orders have been given by the PTB to let more people die.
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Medical Radiation Accidents Article in NYTimes

The article is on how high energy radiation beams used to treat cancer are often not correctly targeted, resulting in radiation damage to healthy tissue and even death to patients.

Some interesting bits:
1) the obligatory 33-- "The Times found that on 133 occasions, devices used to shape or modulate radiation beams — contributing factors in the injuries to Mr. Jerome-Parks and Ms. Jn-Charles — were left out, wrongly positioned or otherwise misused."

2) one patient's cancer likely came from ground zero:
As this warning circulated, Mr. Jerome-Parks was dealing with what he thought was a nagging sinus infection. He would not know until two months later that cancer had been growing at the base of his tongue. It was a surprising diagnosis for a relatively young man who rarely drank and did not smoke.

In time, his doctors and family came to suspect that his cancer was linked to the neighborhood where he had once worked, on the southern tip of Manhattan, in the shadow of the World Trade Center.

Several years before, he had taken a job there as a computer and systems analyst at CIBC World Markets. His starting date: September 2001. (snip)

In the days and weeks that followed, Mr. Jerome-Parks donated blood, helped a family search for a missing relative and volunteered at the Red Cross, driving search-and-rescue workers back and forth from what became known as “the pile.” Whether toxic dust from the collapsed towers caused his cancer may never be known, though his doctor would later say he believed there was a link.

3) this description of radiation induced should ring a bell--
A friend from church, Paul Bibbo, stopped by the hospital after the second treatment to see how things were going.

Mr. Bibbo did not like what he saw. Walking into a darkened hospital room, he recalled blurting out: “ ‘My goodness, look at him.’ His head and his whole neck were swollen.”

Anne Leonard, another friend, saw it, too, on a later visit. “I was shocked because his head was just so blown up,” Ms. Leonard said. “He was in the bed, and he was writhing from side to side and moaning.”
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Seems to Support Idea of 9/11 Video Fakery

KUALA LUMPUR: There is strong evidence that the Sept 11 attacks on the United States that killed nearly 3,000 could have been 'staged' as an excuse to mount attacks on the Muslim world, said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

'I am not sure now that Muslim terrorists carried out these attacks. There is evidence that the attacks were staged.

'If they can make Avatar, they can make anything...'
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Obama Administration War Criminals, Again

More reprehensible behavior from the Amerikan Regime: "Obama to indefinitely imprison detainees without charges".

While not on the scale of 9/11 or other atrocities, the thing that makes this so pernicious is that it is done in plain sight-- they are not even hiding their immorality and inhumanity.
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Free Speech, Campaign Finance and the Recent Supreme Court Ruling

Laws curtailing free speech in the face of the first amendment is actually more complicated than the hyperbole would indicate, as GG explains.

Actually, I think Congressman Grayson has an excellent idea: "You won't have any more senators from Kansas or Oregon, you'll have senators from Cheekies and Exxon. Maybe we'll have to wear corporate logos like Nascar drivers."

Frankly, I think that as grotesque as that sounds, at least it would be more honest.

More legal opinions on the case can be seen here at Balkinization.
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Friday, January 22, 2010

So Now, Everyone Is Talking About the Haitian Quake Being Engineered

"Everyone" meaning the "conspiracy" (non-corporate propaganda) community.

I am fairly sure the technology for producing large earthquakes anywhere in the world exists, and so does Hugo Chavez. Most damning however, is the fact that the US military planned a disaster scenario for Haiti one day before the earthquake. This is so reminiscent of other major disasters (e.g. 9/11, Katrina) that were gamed ahead of time.

The problem is, apart from marveling at the sheer evil in engineering an event that kills over a hundred thousand human beings, knowing what to do about it.

Ideally, this should give us people more incentive to revolt and take on the evil PTB.

In reality, this likely won't penetrate the brains of enough people to make a difference. While I hope this is not the case, hope is not a plan. The one good thing is that people DO seem to be in a touchy, unpredictable yet revolutionary mode.
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The Steady Creep Towards Fascism in the US Continues

Not good:
President Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13528 on January 11.

Among other things, the Executive Order (EO) established a Council of Governors, an "advisory panel" chosen by the President that will rubber-stamp long-sought-after Pentagon contingency plans to seize control of state National Guard forces in the event of a "national emergency."

According to the White House press release, the ten member, bipartisan Council was created "to strengthen further the partnership between the Federal Government and State Governments to protect our Nation against all types of hazards."

"When appointed" the announcement continues, "the Council will be reviewing such matters as involving the National Guard of the various States; homeland defense; civil support; synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States; and other matters of mutual interest pertaining to National Guard, homeland defense, and civil support activities."

Clearly designed to weaken the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which bars the use of the military for civilian law enforcement, EO 13528 is the latest in a series of maneuvers by previous administrations to wrest control of armed forces historically under the democratic control of elected state officials, and a modicum of public accountability.

One consequence of moves to "synchronize and integrate" state National Guard units with those of the Armed Forces would be to place them under the effective control of United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM), created in 2002 by Bushist legislators in both capitalist parties under the pretext of imperialism's endless "War on Terror." At the time, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld called USNORTHCOM's launch "the most sweeping set of changes since the unified command system was set up in 1946."
(Link via AP)
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Lessons From Hiroshima & Nagasaki For WTC Survivors and NY Metro Residents: The World’s Only Official Double Nuke Survivor Succumbs

By The Anonymous Physicist

Just two weeks ago (on January 4, 2010), Tsutomu Yamaguchi died, at the age of 93 from stomach cancer. He was the world’s only “official” double-nuclear hibakusha (explosion-affected person). The Japanese Gov’t officially recognized him as a survivor of the Nagasaki nuke in 1957, but only granted him the double nuke survivor status in 2009. I have previously written on several Japanese (including Yamaguchi) who survived both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Ironically Yamaguchi’s bandages on his face and upper body—needed from his radiation exposure from the Hiroshima nuke—saved him, and were blasted away during the Nagasaki nuking three days later. In both cases, he is stated to have been 3 km from the hypocenter.

Even Wikipedia’s article on Yamaguchi contains information relevant to WTC micro-nuke, and China Syndrome Aftermath, survivors. Wiki states: “However, late in his life he began to suffer from radiation-related ailments including cataracts and acute leukemia. His wife also suffered radiation poisoning from black rain after the Nagasaki explosion and died in 2008 (at 88) of kidney and liver cancer after a lifetime of illness. All three of his children reported that they suffered from health problems that they thought were inherited from their parents' exposure.”

So we learn that both Yamaguchi and his wife (Nagasaki only/single nuke survivor) developed cancers decades after the 1945 nuclear bombs they survived. Even Yamaguchi’s three children are suspected of suffering life-long health problems from their parents nuclear “experiences.” The Yamaguchi family’s history is important in that it is one of many ways to refute all the (intel) shills who falsely claim that the WTC couldn’t have been nuked because “everyone would have died right away from cancer.” While I have repeatedly refuted that in many ways over the last few years, the Yamaguchi family saga indicates what statistical studies have shown— that it can take years or sometimes decades for cancers and other related diseases to develop in those who survive the immediate effects of a nuke. This is most relevant to the 40,000 WTC respondents who may have been exposed to radiation from the China Syndrome Aftermath at the WTC— and to the millions of Metro NY residents!

And this is a good time to re-examine WTC nuclear bomb survivor, Felipe David. See my original article here. Recall that Felipe David was in the sub-basement of WTC1. When the nuclear bomb went off there— timed with the alleged plane hit on top in WTC1— he was left with the skin on his face and arms melted and hanging off, as was the case for many Hiroshima survivors. In his own words, no fire did that to him. Only the thermal rays of a nuke could have done that. “Fire” was bogusly and monstrously “inserted” by the “janitor.” Likewise David stated he left under his own power, but the janitor said he carried him off. Another sub-basement worker, Kenny Johannemann, stated that he (KJ) carried David off.

Update: Johanneman was suicided in September 2008. This was around the same time that WTC7 fizzled nuke eyewitness, Barry Jennings also mysteriously died. We still have no details on Jennings death.

Note the residual swelling of Felipe David’s face three months after 9/11:

In his own words, the great heat he felt on his face and body was NOT FROM ANY FIRE. We have never been allowed to see Felipe David’s face or body until three months after 9/11. His doctors have never been interviewed. His whereabouts since early 2002 have been unknown.

It is likely that Felipe David looked somewhat like actor John Cusack did at the end of this video from the film, “Fat Man and Little Boy.” Make sure to watch this soon, as I expect it may be taken down now that I am making it relevant to the nuking of the WTC on 9/11.

Cusack played the part of a scientist engaged in experiments that were called “tickling the dragon.” It was loosely based on the mishaps and deaths of two actual scientists who were engaged in ascertaining criticality (chain reaction) radiation yields. It is fascinating that physicists chose the “tickling the dragon” moniker for gauging the yield of nuclear chain reactions. In human history, the dragon concept is perhaps best known from ancient China, and the depictions of a dragon around the Earth. My readers should know what that refers to. And what Hiroshima really was a signal for. So we have in effect, Dragon vs Dragon. A sad summary of the Ultimate Truth of Mankind’s existence.

As is the passing of the “world’s only official double nuke survivor” two weeks ago—who was 3 km away from the hypocenter twice. It is too bad that Mr. Yamaguchi did not get a chance to speak with melted, hanging skin victim, Felipe David— survivor of the nuking of the World Trade Center on 9/11— perpetrated by the very same monstrous Regime, the so-called Government of the United States. The entity labeled by the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.— whose life we celebrated this very week— as “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.”
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Lots of Oil, Lots of Gas

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are... They... Really... This Fucking Stupid?????

WASHINGTON — With Democrats reeling from the Republican victory in the Massachusetts special Senate election, President Obama on Wednesday signaled that he might be willing to set aside his goal of achieving near-universal health coverage for all Americans in favor of a stripped-down measure with bipartisan support.
He can't really be this stupid, right???? This is "11-dimensional chess", right??? He knows the Rethugs have absolutely no interest in any significant health care reform, right???

“It is very important to look at the substance of this package and for the American people to understand that a lot of the fear-mongering around this bill isn’t true,” Mr. Obama said in an interview on ABC News.
Ok, fair enough.
“I would advise that we try to move quickly to coalesce around those elements of the package that people agree on.”
WHAT people? Rethungs don't want any health care reform!

He continued: “We know that we need insurance reform, that the health insurance companies are taking advantage of people. We know that we have to have some form of cost containment because if we don’t, then our budgets are going to blow up and we know that small businesses are going to need help so that they can provide health insurance to their families. Those are the core, some of the core elements of, to this bill.”
Again, fair enough.

Mr. Obama’s remarks came as the White House and Democratic congressional leaders fumbled for a way forward with their major health care overhaul, and struggled to digest the reality that their top legislative priority had been derailed by the outcome in Massachusetts.

The White House insisted that Mr. Obama still preferred passage of a far-reaching health care measure, and Democratic leaders said they were weighing their options. But some lawmakers in both parties began calling for a scaled-back bill that could be adopted quickly with bipartisan support. (snip) The victory in Massachusetts on Tuesday, by the Republican candidate, Scott Brown, denies Democrats the 60th vote they need to surmount filibusters and advance a revised health measure. And Senate leaders said they would not risk antagonizing voters by trying to rush a bill through before Mr. Brown could be sworn in.
Just kill me now. Jesus.
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Thoughts of the Day

Yes, Dems are lame, but so are MA voters to vote for the Brown doofus-asshole. The 60-vote "super-majority" in the Senate for the Dems was just an illusion anyway. If the Dems are serious about passing health-care reform, they should still be able to fucking do it. (Whether the final product is worthwhile or not is an entirely different issue.)
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Notes on Smallpox

Smallpox was one of the more deadly diseases mankind has ever confronted.
The global eradication of smallpox was certified, based on intense verification activities in countries, by a commission of eminent scientists on 9 December 1979 and subsequently endorsed by the World Health Assembly on 8 May 1980[10][48] as Resolution WHA33.3.
The 33.3 indicates tome that for whatever reason, the PTB wanted smallpox gone.

Curiously, the last person to be killed by smallpox, was in England, at a research lab-- AND SHE HAD BEEN VACCINATED.

Which fits with this book I've been reading that tears down the idea that vaccination prevents smallpox.

There are sites I've seen that espouse the idea that smallpox vaccination actually helped to spread smallpox. I used to think that was crazy, but now I really wonder...
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Does It Matter How the WTC Was Destroyed?

Yes, it certainly matters if nukes were used, which I think was indeed the case. Nuking clearly matters for the responders and other victims who would have been exposed to the radiation. Perhaps more importantly though is the psychological impact of the idea that the American regime could nuke its own citizens. I think that nuking is far more nasty and evil than just blowing up a building with C4 or somehow taking it down with thermite. DEW just seems like a joke. So yes, I agree with A.P. on this important point-- that it is important that the WTC was nuked.

On the other hand, even the nuking of the WTC, in a sense, pales in comparison to the state of affairs in this country-- how criminal the media and politicians have been, and how clueless the American people have been about 9/11. Yes, the nuking of the WTC is horrible, but how to EVER communicate this to enough people to really make a difference???

If two giant buildings in the largest US city are nuked, and the media doesn't report it, did it ever really happen?

So far, it seems like the answer is NO.
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Martin Luther King Jr. Was Assassinated by the American Gestapo Regime

See here.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Carmen Taylor Nailed

From Thomas Potter:
As you can tell from listening to Jeff Hill's 11/01/07 interview of Doug Haluza, he clearly states that Carmen Taylor was in his office building when the towers collapsed so it would be IMPOSSIBLE for Carmen Taylor to have an image of the smoking towers still standing in the digital display of the camera she was holding when AP photographer Robert Bukaty took her photograph. In the Robert Bukaty interview, which was performed on the same day, Robert Bukaty clearly states that the image in Carmen Taylor's camera was not United flight 175 frozen in time. It was an image of the smoking towers still standing from a distant perspective.

They Hung Themselves With Their Own Words

Saturday, December 26, 2009 12:15 PM-
When Doug Haluza and Robert Bukaty were interviewed by Jeff Hill on November 1, 2007, only Jeff Hill and myself knew of the original Carmen Taylor photo that was published in ERROR with the towers still standing in the display screen of her "borrowed" camera and not the AP edited image with United flight 175 frozen in time. This was WHY Jeff Hill called them. We had inside information that we wanted to verify. Doug Haluza and Robert Bukaty not only hung themselves with their own words but Carmen Taylor as well.

Doug Haluza/Jeff Hill November 1, 2007

Robert Bukaty/Jeff Hill November 1, 2007

The one caveat here is that we need to believe that the Hill call to Bukaty is real. The funny thing is that Hill now believes Carmen Taylor's story, even though his own interview contradicts her story.

More on Carmen Taylor here.
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Awesome Steve Hackett Song of the Day

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

As Much As Haitians Need Help

(Updated below)
I don't really trust help being solicited by these guys:

That smirk on Bush's face is pretty disgusting, too.

Update: a good article on the sad PTB-manufactured plight of Haiti from Chris Floyd. All because they dared to piss-off the PTB 200 years ago?

See also "The Militarization of Emergency Aid to Haiti: Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion?"
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One Minute Before the Second Hit-- Three Choppers Go Across the WTC from East to West

Right in the first minute here:

I don't remember seeing so many at that time before.
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Another Long David Ray Griffin Piece on 9/11 Plane Phone Calls

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"Dustification" of Steel Versus Vaporization of Steel

It's noteworthy that if you google "steel vaporization", the top two hits are to this blog. The top hit is actually interesting in light of an exchange I had at DU, where this guy "AZCat" noted that the energy of steel "vaporization" is actually too high for a small nuke.

Which seems to be roughly the case, from checking the numbers myself.

Which means, in her own weird way, Judy Wood was right to use "dustification" to refer what happened to the steel, as noted in this comment:

Posted: Feb 23 2007, 06:29 PM

The energy to "dustify" iron depends on the particle size you want to reduce the iron to. Very roughly I estimate ~ 0.7 kJ per kg for 1 micron iron dust or 0.7 MJ per kg for 1 nanometer iron dust. (This is consistent with the vaporization energy of 7 MJ per kg because vaporization is equivalent to atomization and the atomic radius of iron is about 0.1 nm)

So, if you want to vaporize 1 tonne of WTC steel during a tower collapse it would require about 7000 MJ of input energy in 10 seconds or an input power of 700 Megawatts per tonne!. That's the electrical energy output of a typical nuclear power station for 10 seconds, JUST TO VAPORIZE ONE TONNE of structural steel!

As for "dustification" the numbers are, of course, a little better, but you still need a mechanism to fracture steel rather than bend it.
That mechanism of course would be nukes. Which is not what Wood was promoting directly, though ironically she did a great job of indirectly promoting nukes at the WTC.
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Song of the Day

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Scumball Intel Law Professor Proposes Yet Another 9/11 Shill Program

(See update below)
In a 2008 academic paper, President Barack Obama's appointee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs advocated "cognitive infiltration" of groups that advocate "conspiracy theories" like the ones surrounding 9/11.

Cass Sunstein, a Harvard law professor, co-wrote an academic article entitled "Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures," in which he argued that the government should stealthily infiltrate groups that pose alternative theories on historical events via "chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine" those groups.

As head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Sunstein is in charge of "overseeing policies relating to privacy, information quality, and statistical programs," according to the White House Web site.

Sunstein's article, published in the Journal of Political Philosphy in 2008 and recently uncovered by blogger Marc Estrin, states that "our primary claim is that conspiracy theories typically stem not from irrationality or mental illness of any kind but from a 'crippled epistemology,' in the form of a sharply limited number of (relevant) informational sources."

By "crippled epistemology" Sunstein means that people who believe in conspiracy theories have a limited number of sources of information that they trust. Therefore, Sunstein argued in the article, it would not work to simply refute the conspiracy theories in public -- the very sources that conspiracy theorists believe would have to be infiltrated.

Sunstein, whose article focuses largely on the 9/11 conspiracy theories, suggests that the government "enlist nongovernmental officials in the effort to rebut the theories. It might ensure that credible independent experts offer the rebuttal, rather than government officials themselves. There is a tradeoff between credibility and control, however. The price of credibility is that government cannot be seen to control the independent experts."

Sunstein argued that "government might undertake (legal) tactics for breaking up the tight cognitive clusters of extremist theories." He suggested that "government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action."

UPDATE: Glenn Greenwald does a good job on this story, without any real bashing of "9/11 conspiracy theories":
Covert government propaganda is exactly what Sunstein craves. His mentality is indistinguishable from the Bush mindset that led to these abuses, and he hardly tries to claim otherwise. Indeed, he favorably cites both the covert Lincoln Park program as well as Paul Bremer's closing of Iraqi newspapers which published stories the U.S. Government disliked, and justifies them as arguably necessary to combat "false conspiracy theories" in Iraq -- the same goal Sunstein has for the U.S.

Sunstein's response to these criticisms is easy to find in what he writes, and is as telling as the proposal itself. He acknowledges that some "conspiracy theories" previously dismissed as insane and fringe have turned out to be entirely true (his examples: the CIA really did secretly administer LSD in "mind control" experiments; the DOD really did plot the commission of terrorist acts inside the U.S. with the intent to blame Castro; the Nixon White House really did bug the DNC headquarters). Given that history, how could it possibly be justified for the U.S. Government to institute covert programs designed to undermine anti-government "conspiracy theories," discredit government critics, and increase faith and trust in government pronouncements? Because, says Sunstein, such powers are warranted only when wielded by truly well-intentioned government officials who want to spread The Truth and Do Good -- i.e., when used by people like Cass Sunstein and Barack Obama:
Throughout, we assume a well-motivated government that aims to eliminate conspiracy theories, or draw their poison, if and only if social welfare is improved by doing so.
But it's precisely because the Government is so often not "well-motivated" that such powers are so dangerous. Advocating them on the ground that "we will use them well" is every authoritarian's claim. More than anything else, this is the toxic mentality that consumes our political culture: when our side does X, X is Good, because we're Good and are working for Good outcomes. That was what led hordes of Bush followers to endorse the same large-government surveillance programs they long claimed to oppose, and what leads so many Obama supporters now to justify actions that they spent the last eight years opposing.
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Conformity and Groupthink-- The Asch Expeirments

This is quite interesting:

More here.
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Such a Shame This Woman Wasn't Elected!

And talk about a meeting of the minds here!
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quote of the Day

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Monsanto-- Slowly Poisoning Us, Like So Many Other Evil Entities

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33 Watch

A couple of blatant ones today:

"Obama will seek additional $33 billion for wars." The Obama administration is pleasing its masters, clearly.

"A mystery object from space is about to whizz close by Earth on Wednesday... It's 33 to 50 feet wide at most." Kind of bizarre they are even talking about this, but the blatant 33 makes it notable.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

$140 Billion in Banking Bonuses for 2009

If it weren't for those 3,000 dead people, this would be even more outrageous than 9/11.

By the way, WTF? "The Soldiers are assigned to the B Detachment, 4th Financial Management Company, 142nd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion." Bankers have their own army now?
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Dick Cheney in a Blonde Wig?

Very creepy how Liz Cheney has her father's same obnoxious way of talking, same mannerisms and of course looks like him:

I know it's repulsive to look at this, you are warned.
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"Keepin' It Real"

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Planes or No-Planes at the WTC

It all seems like such a distant foggy notion... I guess that is how the PTB want it.
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Song of the Day

I really like this:

Yeah, I'm a sucker for a catchy pop song. Though the lyrics are actually not bad either.
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Smoke over Detroit—What May Have Really Happened

by The Anonymous Physicist

Let me here postulate what may have really happened regarding the airplane incident allegedly involving 23 year-old Nigerian patsy, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (UFA).

There is always the possibility that nothing happened. No bomb, no smoke, nothing, just as Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with shooting 3 people in 2 incidents and couldn’t have done any of it. If there was anything in this case, why are there no cell phone videos or photos of it? Of course, the regime may have confiscated any of these that show things other than what they have proclaimed occurred.

Then if there really was smoke, the following, is, IMO, the most plausible scenario. A smoke bomb was planted under UFA’s seat to go off in a very limited way. The Dutch guy—to the rescue—may even be an intel agent or asset, who shut off the smoke device as he allegedly tackled the patsy. Why else would it stop, just because UFA got tackled?! Note that the Dutchman and others say that UFA offered no resistance, and thus may have been in a hypnotic trance á la Sirhan Sirhan, and other programmed intel assets. You don’t want your designated patsy to say or do anything to interfere with your Op, as it is happening.

It was far too chancy to have a real smoke bomb planted on the patsy, as he could have simply removed it earlier because it hurt or itched or something. Indeed alleged injuries to the hypnotized patsy could merely be unneeded bandages placed on him. And if he really had the device on his body, wouldn’t the great burning pain have caused him to come out of the trance at that point, and/or to no longer act so calm? Yet the “flying Dutchman” reported that UFA’s behavior was trance-like AFTER the device had gone off, allegedly burning him in the process.

Then there is the issue that witnesses allegedly said they heard a firecracker-like sound. But smoke bombs are known to go off with an initial explosion-like sound that would have been magnified by the enclosed space. See and hear this youtube and this one.

Finally, if an explosive device going off in his underpants had the force of even a single firecracker, we know that he would have had worse injuries than the alleged burns! Many people have lost fingers or worse even from a single firecracker going off in their hands. If it were in his underpants and had a firecracker’s explosive force, he would have lost body parts—genitalia or such. So either 1. it was not on his body, 2. It was a smoke device, not an explosive device per se, or most likely 3. both.

Indeed in reviewing the laughably bogus intel hangout of “thermite did the World Trade Center”, I am surprised no one seems to be promoting thermite was in UFA’s underwear. Afterall the (nano-)thermite hangout has thermite variously exploding, having “unextinguishable fires”, smoke, etc. It can do anything when it’s needed to. Likewise here, the UFA alleged underpants device was allegedly supposed to explode but allegedly “malfunctioned,” BUT “somehow” [the main thermite hugger’s “explanatory” term for the amazing properties of thermite] warped into an effective smoke bomb. I guess the alleged material—PETN—has infinitely variable properties just like supernanothermite.

In conclusion, the most likely scenario may be that we had a hypnotized Nigerian patsy who did not have any device on his body, but that a smoke bomb in, or near, his seat was triggered by the Ameican Gestapo (intelligence) agencies. Possibly with an intel asset “hero” waiting nearby to shut it off during his “removal” of the entranced patsy. Indeed all smoke and mirrors…

The goal of all this is likely not only to enforce the destruction of privacy and constitutional rights for airline flyers, but for all Americans sooner or later. Flyers are just to be the first to surrender their freedoms to the Gestapo agencies—all Americans are expected to “dutifully” follow suit in the Amerikan Gestapo Regime’s bogus War on Terrorism, unless they revolt.

UPDATE: A related item that may be very important in the UFA matter is the following. The same attorney who has revealed that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (presumably) had a well-dressed accomplice help him board the flight in Amsterdam—without a passport—has stated that a second passenger (Indian-looking) was arrested after Northwest Flight 253 landed. And that bomb-sniffing dogs alerted authorities to this passenger’s luggage. Furthermore, after he called the US Custom’s Office liars, that office finally retracted and said they briefly did detain someone else.

Then the FBI got into it,,2933,581232,00.html and stated that another Nigerian passenger was briefly detained but only because he spent an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom. But the FBI was satisfied that he was merely ill.

Now this second passenger matter may be quite important. As I have noted here numerous times, when the American Gestapo agencies perpetrate one of their foul acts against the citizens of the USA, and the world, they always use redundancy to ensure success, as they have already made other plans assuming it did succeed. In all likelihood, one or more additional agents/assets were on board with the same, or similar, “device”—a likely smoke bomb as I have just detailed. So perhaps indeed bomb-sniffing dogs alerted authorities to this second man, and he was arrested and led away in handcuffs as the two attorneys state. When the CIA or whichever Gestapo agency subsequently showed up, their asset would have been released alas. And there is also the possibility that either the same man or a third Intel asset spent an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom— ridding his person and clothes of a smoke bomb, and related items.

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Swine Flu-- A False Pandemic Promoted by the Pharmaceutical Companies

“In order to promote their patented drugs and vaccines against flu, pharmaceutical companies have influenced scientists and official agencies, responsible for public health standards, to alarm governments worldwide. They have made them squander tight health care resources for inefficient vaccine strategies and needlessly exposed millions of healthy people to the risk of unknown side-effects of insufficiently tested vaccines. The birds flu campaign (2005-06) combined with the swine flu campaign seem to have caused a great deal of damage not only to some vaccinated patients and to public health budgets, but also to the credibility and accountability of important international health agencies. The definition of an alarming pandemic must not be under the influence of drugsellers.”

Wodarg contends that WHO standards forced governments to react by signing contracts and, consequently, taking almost all responsibility thereafter. “In this way, the producers of vaccines are sure of enormous gains without having any financial risks. So they just wait until WHO says ‘pandemic’ and activate the contracts”...

Related-- vaccine industry undergoing huge growth now.
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The Horrifying State of Affairs in Pakistan, Abetted by the US: A Glimpse of Our Future?

Pakistan is rapidly hurtling into the abyss of oblivion. Hardly a day passes by without a bomb explosion or suicide bombing in some part of the country. What possible excuse could there be for the murderous attack on a masjid as happened on December 4 that killed more than 40 people in Rawalpindi, we are asked. The coordinated attack by suicide bombers followed by armed men shooting worshippers during Friday prayers when the masjid was full was particularly gruesome.
As if the war in Waziristan that had already spread to other areas of the NWFP and the adjoining tribal areas was not bad enough, Musharraf perpetrated another outrage by attacking the Lal Masjid-madrassa compound in Islamabad in July 2007. Run by two imams, with long ties to the government and several ministers, they became embroiled in a dispute over growing immorality in the capital, especially prostitution. Girl students from the madrassa took it upon themselves to clean up the filth because the government had refused to do so. The girls’ action was taken as a great affront by the regime as well as the secular elite. How could government-paid imams demand an end to prostitution when the ruling elites regularly patronize their dens? Several weeks of negotiations between the clerics and government emissaries fell apart because Musharraf did not want a peaceful resolution. He insisted on a military showdown to establish the “government’s writ” and to prove he was in charge. The Americans also demanded crushing the militants.

On July 11, 2007, Musharraf ordered his commandos to attack the Lal Masjid. In the weeklong attack, more than 1,400 students, most of them girls, were brutally murdered. Phosphorous bombs were used to burn people to death. The overwhelming majority of girls belonged to Swat; they were from poor families and had found the madrassa-masjid complex a useful place to educate their daughters and to provide them a roof, being too poor even to feed them (madrassas in Pakistan do not charged fees; Muslim philanthropists often contribute toward such expenses as part of their Islamic duty).

The Lal Masjid attack sent a shockwave throughout the country, particularly in Swat. While the secular elites, including Benazir Bhutto, then still “languishing” in her luxury apartment in London or commuting to her palaces in Dubai, applauded the commando raid and the killing of hundreds of innocent girls, ordinary Pakistanis were horrified. The Americans, too, applauded the killings. The result was catastrophic for Pakistan.

Bombings and suicide attacks immediately escalated. If one can establish a turning point in Pakistan’s tortuous history, the Lal Masjid saga must stand out as the one that pushed the country over the brink. Battle lines became so clearly drawn that only the blind could fail to see. The ruling elites have never cared for ordinary people or their children but hitherto it was reflected in lack of services. Now the elites had embarked on a killing spree. The reaction was swift and strong. There has been no turning back since. Soon Musharraf was engulfed in a political crisis that forced him out of office following a British-American brokered deal that facilitated Bhutto’s return to Pakistan. Corruption cases against Bhutto, her even more corrupt husband Asif Zardari, and thousands of other thieves and criminals, totaling 8041 people, were withdrawn under what came to be called the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). Critics dubbed it the National Robbers’ Ordinance.

Before the January 8, 2008 national elections were held, Benazir Bhutto was shot dead in Rawalpindi on December 27, 2007.
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Friday, January 08, 2010

Mercury (Thimerosal) Watch

WTF? I mean, seriously, WTF???
Nature Medicine 16, 9 (2010)
"Pandemic blows lid off laws limiting mercury in vaccines"

Charlotte Schubert


As public health officials around the world scramble to protect their citizens from swine flu, some in the US are grappling with an additional issue: state laws that limit the use of a mercury preservative in vaccines.

Between 2004 and 2006, six states— California, Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, New York and Washington— enacted laws limiting the use of the preservative, thimerosal, in flu vaccines and other shots given to children and pregnant women. The move was made in response to fears that thimerosal might cause neurological conditions such as autism.

This fall, however, all six states temporarily lifted the restriction in response to the outbreak of pandemic swine flu and the shortage of H1N1 vaccine. Many of the available vaccines came in multidose vials, which are quicker to manufacture and contain thimerosal to prevent contamination with repeated inserts of a needle.

Although the laws allow for such temporary suspensions, many people question their utility in the first place, given their feeble scientific foundation. The laws are “absolutely not” supported by research, says Diane Peterson, an associate director at the Immunization Action Coalition, a vaccine advocacy group in St. Paul, Minnesota. Even in 2004, before the laws were enacted, a US Institute of Medicine panel found that the scientific evidence did not support a link between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism, and several subsequent studies have backed up that conclusion (N. Engl. J. Med. 357, 1281–1292; 2007)

But vaccine experts say that antithimerosal advocates remain vocal. Mary Selecky, Washington's secretary of health, received a flurry of complaints after she suspended the thimerosal restrictions in September. “They were quite angry at me,” she says. “Clearly, folks were very pointed about feeling I was wrong.”

Peterson is concerned that the thimerosal bans have helped fuel a backlash against vaccination. “The laws have contributed to the doubts people have about the safety of vaccines,” she says. An ABC/Washington Post poll from October found that nearly half of parents did not intend to vaccinate their children against swine flu, in part because of safety concerns.

But as the scientific evidence mounts, laws limiting thimerosal have been harder to get through state legislatures. This year alone, advocacy groups and individuals in 12 states tried—and failed—to pass similar restrictions, according to Peterson. What's more, the laws are mostly redundant, as thimerosal was removed from nearly all vaccines by 2001. Even so, the six states' thimerosal bans remain on the books; Washington's is scheduled to go back into effect in March.
Heaven forbid that people want to limit the poisons in vaccines! And for gods sake-- mercury is needed to prevent contamination??? That's pure bull. I always had heard that the mercury was a preservative, anyway -- though that is still bull, as there plenty of non-toxic preservatives.

"Peterson is concerned that the thimerosal bans have helped fuel a backlash against vaccination." Ya think? For good reason!
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Thursday, January 07, 2010

The WTC Collapse Myth Takes Another Hit

This is awesome:

(thanks to J for the link)
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I Call Bullshit

CIA officers told Afghan guards to allow him past the first of three checkpoints without searching him. The bomber was actually escorted around the checkpoints, and the officers also told the guards to vacate the area, sources told ABC News.

When al-Balawi detonated his bomb, he assassinated seven CIA operatives and wounded six others. He also killed the Jordanian intelligence officer who recruited him out of a Jordanian prison cell.

The question of security procedures has surfaced as information about the meeting has surfaced. Former CIA officers tell that the bombing was a result of poor operational security and went against the known and accepted tradecraft of meeting with agents.

That as many as 13 CIA personnel had gathered to meet a source who had not been searched before entering the base has been hotly debated among former CIA officers who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Said Bob Baer, a former CIA case officer, "It is sort of a grim calculation but normally when you meet an asset like this you have one, maybe two people. So I think people are going to point out inside the agency that they shouldn't have 13 people there."

"Why the officers would show a source all their faces, that alone was a terrible decision," said one former senior CIA paramilitary operative who served in Afghanistan and requested anonymity when discussing sensitive and classified matters. "This is a sad, sad event, but it was a complete security breakdown."
Frankly, I think this story that Obama ordered the killing of these guys is just as plausible as the idea that they were slaughtered due to an unprecedented breach of security.
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Today's Predictable News

Abdulmutallab joined "al Qaeda" in London.

Of COURSE he did.

US officials tracked Abdulmutallab onto the plane.

Of COURSE they did.

Also predictable-- most Americans will continue to ignore the bogus nature of the terror threat and that al Qaeda is really "al CIA-duh".
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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cutter Charges in the WTC

This analysis is OK, but mostly this is watching for the amazing process of nuclear destruction. In particular, watch the full screen version, and check out all the flashes in the core at 4:20 or so.
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Oh-- the HORROR!!!

Of course, the traitorous media and politicians blather on and on about their gestapo-like Homeland security and expanding the bullshit war on terror and completely ignore the real issues of this story-- such as how it was obviously a set-up.

And this was noted before, but still, look at these two pics of "Mutallab" and how obvious the difference is-- and this was in an ABC News article!

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Gluten Allergy-- A Very Common Hidden Cause of Human Suffering

This is a good article, and worth taking seriously.

Note, AP referred to this indirectly here in his article on evil:
Few people know that humans actually become addicted to things that are toxic or allergenic for them. This is the so-called allergy-addiction syndrome. Even common foods like wheat and cow’s milk products cause much mental and physical illness in some people. Dairy and wheat have only been consumed by Man for 5,000- 10,000 years; and is said to coincide with the onset of some mental illnesses. Studies have found that violent, convicted criminals’ behaviors were changed and improved after improving their diet. The same is true of learning disorders in children.

Interestingly, there is a 33 involved in the gluten-induced celiac disease:
Celiac disease is an HLA-DQ2-associated disorder characterized by intestinal T cell responses to ingested wheat gluten proteins. A peptide fragment of 33 residues (alpha(2)-gliadin 56-88) produced by normal gastrointestinal proteolysis contains six partly overlapping copies of three T cell epitopes and is a remarkably potent T cell stimulator after deamidation by tissue transglutaminase (TG2). (J Immunol. 2004 Aug 1;173(3):1757-62)
What this means is that the wheat product gluten is naturally broken down by the body into a 33-piece fragment that stimulates your immune system to attack the gluten fragment and cause an allergic response in your body.
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An Ironic "33"

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Monday, January 04, 2010

33 Watch

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Who Exactly Are the Terrorists? Part 2

PESHAWAR: Of the 44 Predator strikes carried out by the American drones in the tribal areas of Pakistan in 12 months of 2009, only five were able to hit their actual targets, killing five key Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders, but at the cost of around 700 innocent civilian lives.

According to the figures compiled by the Pakistani authorities, the Afghanistan-based US drones killed 708 people in 44 predator attacks targeting the Pakistani tribal areas between January 1 and December 31, 2009. For each Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorist killed by the American drones, 140 civilian Pakistanis also had to die. Over 90 percent of those killed in the deadly missile strikes were innocent civilians.

The success percentage for the drone hits during 2009 is hardly 11 percent. On average, 58 civilians were killed in these attacks every month, 12 persons every week and almost two people every day. Most of the hits were conducted on the basis of human intelligence, reportedly provided by the Pakistani and Afghan tribesmen, who are spying for the US-led allied forces in Afghanistan.
Please do whatever you can do to end this immoral, senseless, appallingly evil, counter-productive war.

UPDATE: Though good luck, the politics and media in the US are so amazingly fucking idiotic--
This one retarded Nigerian crispy penis airplane man who may or may not have been involved with a sub-division of Al Qaeda has officially freaked out an entire nation and rewritten the Obama Administration’s agenda, forever. It’s a good thing Terrorists never expect a whiny titty baby nation to comically over-react to every attempted plot they pretend to undertake, right?

UPDATE 2: This Tom Tomorrow cartoon is quite on target.
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Are All Wars Begun With, and/or Maintained by, “Clothing Lies”? A Historical Clothing PsyOps Analogy

by The Anonymous Physicist

The laughable American Intel agency PsyOp of its (or MI6’s) designated Intel Patsy, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab— the world’s only passport-free international flyer— allegedly having a bomb-like device in his underpants, reminds me of another clothing PsyOp that was used to begin World War II.

To get the German masses behind the Nazi regime for the coming World War, the German Nazi propagandists felt that they needed to dress up German prisoners in Polish military uniforms and photograph this for their newsreels to be shown in movie houses. (No real TV then.) The German prisoners were all shot.

The faux Polish military uniforms were obtianed by a Nazi spy/Nazi party member—none other than Oskar Schindler. Yes, that Oskar Schindler. Regarding the fascinating book chapter just cited, the Abwehr was the German military intelligence agency— something like the CIA or DIA. And its head, Wilhelm Canaris, is generally accepted as being a British agent throughout the entire period. And it appeared that Hitler knew about this the entire time. In fact, Hitler only had Canaris jailed and murdered at the very end of the war, when perhaps he saw that he (Hitler) too was to be offed and could not make a deal for his own life with his British masters.

But at that stage of WWII, Oskar Schindler was a “good old Nazi” and a spy for the Abwehr, and was used to obtain the Polish military uniforms that were part of the Nazi Intelligence agencies’ PsyOp to pretend that a German radio station was attacked by the Polish military. This was the German ruse to start the invasion of Poland, and hence WWII.

Notice that the Nazi Regime also killed all but one of their own Intel agents who orchestrated this PsyOp! The chapter states, “All participating members of the SD who had been involved, with the exception of Naujocks, were liquidated.” The SD was the Siecherheitsdienst, or Security Service, the Intel wing of the SS, and a “sister organization” of the Gestapo. Are you reading this, all you gutless agents of the American Gestapo agencies who intercept or read this blog? No one is more “sacrificeable” than Intel agents of a Gestapo regime! This, of course, is why so many of them here in the USA are so gutless. Even when learning— as from my articles at this blog— that the ultimate aim is to kill all of Humanity, including their own children or grandchildren, these Intel agents still cooperate with their bosses, instead of doing the right thing to save Mankind and their own children or grandchildren. The German Regime’s murder of their own Intel agents shows well that Intel agents are among the very first to be offed under many circulstances.

One can say that the American Intel agencies’ “(malfunctioning) underwear bomber” PsyOp stinks. Does any thinking person not realize that this PsyOp is (to get symbolic) full of crap? Will the American Gestapo Regime kill 23 year-old Abdulmutallab, as they did 23 year-old patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald? And as the Germans killed their own Intel agents and the all the German prisoners who wore those fake Polish uniforms, that were used to start WWII? Yes, the malfunctioning underpants bomb has both historical and hysterical relevance. Few people, besides brainwashed Germans— who desperately wanted to believe any lie their Regime told them, so as to avoid their own responsibility for what was unfolding—believed that the Polish military would attack Germany.

I suspect that relatively few people throughout the world believe this laughable malfunctioning underwear bomb from Al Qaeda— Al CIA-Duh. Only desperate American boobs, trying to avoid doing any thinking or acting, in regards to their own regime’s Gestapo-like actions would believe this tale— used to justify perennial war, and the further destruction of Americans’ rights and freedoms. And you can be sure that the Obama administration knows their Intel agencies faked this whole PsyOp, and that the Congress and the Supreme Court know this too. Likewise for the people in the Main Stream Media. They are all complicit. So far, it is sadly like the German Nazi party winning for the first few years. And putting out massive lies all along, until that regime was crushed, and the lies were then publicly disclosed.

We do see that the American Gestapo Regime learned at least one thing from their murder of President Kennedy and their own intel agent, Lee Harvey Oswald: Don’t let your patsy make any public appearances. When trotted out to the press, Oswald was able to blurt out, “I’m just a patsy,” before he was then quickly whisked away, and the “press conference” terminated.

It looks like Abdulmutallab will not be making any public appearances. Any later individual interviews with lone “journalists” should be greeted with skepticism.

(Plus, is there any doubt that Abdulmutallab will be (further) tortured/brainwashed while in custody? --Spooked)
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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Who Exactly Are the Terrorists?

We are all complicit in this evil:
Afghan investigators today confirmed reports that 10 civilians, including eight schoolchildren, were killed in an overnight US-led raid in the Kunar Province. They are still looking into the circumstances of those deaths.

But while previous reports had suggested the civilians were slain incidentally during an operation against insurgents, local residents say that they were killed deliberately, and say that the soldiers dragged the children from their beds and handcuffed some of them before the shooting.
It's time to fucking end the fucking war on fucking terror. Please try to do something to end this sickness that is ruining our country.
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Obama KNEW!

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Friday, January 01, 2010

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Episode 3 — Secret Societies Controlling the World

by The Anonymous Physicist

This TruTV show, aired on December 30, 2009 was actually quite good. While the contrived reactions and simulated situations remain laughable, the information— as far as it went—was important and reasonable. (Next week’s episode will be on Intel agencies creating Manchurian Candidates.)

Most of the show focused on the Bilderberg Group, and several people who have investigated it for years— Daniel Estulin and Jim Tucker. Estulin’s Wikipedia entry states that his grandfather was a KGB Colonel, and that he gets his information from Russian, British (MI6) and American (CIA) Intel assets. In addition to lengthy interviews with Estulin and Tucker—about their tracking the annual Bilderderger conferences, Ventura also interviewed Alex Jones, David Icke, and Rima Laibow. As was shown last week, Alex Jones once again is touted as the only person who knows where all the other conspiracy experts are. Jones is shown handing a piece of paper to Ventura on how to contact Laibow in “the mountains of Panama.” To speak on the poisoning of the food supply, Stanley Monteith, M.D. was interviewed. Monteith spoke only about aspartame. I cannot be sure if the way the show focuses on only one aspect of a problem is a deliberate form of disinformation, or if the producers think that time constraints, or other matters, necessitates this form of minimalism; but there are many other toxins in food, many of them worse than aspartame— which is indeed a dangerous excititoxin.

To its credit, the show did state that the goals of the Bildebergers, and the controlling elite, include “culling the population,” and “poisoning the food and medicines” of the masses. Variously the show claimed that 80% of us are to be killed off, or that only 500 million are to be left alive. Laibow made a seemingly dramatic small engine plane landing in an unknown Midwest airport— again all so contrived. She warned about the swine flu vaccine and its toxic adjuvant (immune “accelerator,” squalene). The mercury preservative, thimerosal was not cited.

Dr. Laibow is a psychiatrist and has been active in exposing the CODEX— the worldwide effort to ban natural health supplements. She has no Wiki entry. However her husband, former Army Major General Albert "Bert" N. Stubblebine III sure does! Elsewhere I saw that he admitted his “operational commander” was the Deputy Director of the CIA. His Wiki entry states that he is a supporter of the Stargate Program. I have revealed at this blog, that while this CIA program was officially a study of “remote viewers,” it’s very name gave away that it was about— finding a Gate back to the stars for those who control Mankind. Elsewhere on the internet, you can find many who claim that the work of Laibow and Stubblebine in the alternative health field is questionable. Certainly I could never consider trusting anyone with Stubblebine’s CV or anyone connected to him. And I have previously given my findings on Jones and Icke. Jones, BTW, did not have any specifics to add to his warning to Ventura that “they are out to kill you, Governor.” But later Ventura added, “I want to know why.” I am not certain if this was specifically singling him out, or if he is merely one of us to be culled— or both. But, of course, if the PTB wanted him dead specifically, he would be.

Curiously, Laibow stated that she has had a private patient who she implied is/was very high level royalty, and this person told her that “there is a group of seven people above the Bilderbergers who tell them what to do and really are in control of everything.” Of course, I have tried here to inform people that any person or group that is publicly acknowledged to exist, is not the person or group in ultimate control of Mankind. (This would include the nefarious Bilderbergers.) But if this high level member of “royalty” was aware of Laibow’s alleged views, why would she seek her out for anything? Of course, it could have been someone like Princess Diana who became aware of all sorts of things, and paid the ultimate price.

To sum up, this was the first episode that touched upon just how bad it is for humanity with those in power poisoning Mankind and planning on culling most of us. However the ultimate aspect of Conspiracy Fact is WHAT ARE ALL OF US GOING TO ACTUALLY DO ABOUT IT. And the “experts” Ventura/TruTV brought out such as Icke and Jones have published books and videos that have literally stated that “it’s what’s in your mind that counts.” (Jones’ video.) Or, All You need is Love— paraphrasing some of Icke’s book titles. It is clear why the PTB DID IN FACT kill Bill Cooper— he made it clear that the time to ACT was upon us.

Indeed no less than a supposed “liberal” as John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a great aficionado of Thomas Jefferson. Kennedy in welcoming 49 Nobel Laureates to the White House in 1962 said, “"I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent and of human knowledge that has ever been gathered together at the White House — with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone."

Could Kennedy— who was facing monstrous pressure from the PTB for trying to bring Peace to Mankind— have appreciated Jefferson because of his quotes and philosophy like this, “I like a little rebellion now and then. It is like a storm in the atmosphere….God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion… The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Would not Jefferson, if he were alive today, be calling for all American patriots to partake in an armed revolt, as Jefferson did in his day, against a tyranny that was not as vicious and insidious and omnipotent as the one Americans and the world faces today from the American regime? When the founders of the American Declaration of Independence, and later its Articles of Confederation, and still later its (unfortunate) Constitution got together, they did not flinch from the realization that talking and begging for justice and change from the tyrannical regime that oppressed them had not worked. They realized that it would never work, and that they needed to lead an armed revolution. So they did not try to hoodwink the people that “thinking good thoughts” was of any value. Some of them had earlier published warnings and such to the people. Now they realized that was never going to effect change, and only an armed revolt would abolish the tyranny they were subjected to.

And to my surprise this Jesse Ventura TruTV Conspiracy Theory episode basically stated what I have here numerous times, “They are going to kill [most of] you all anyway!” The only thing missing was— “Given the previous sentence/realization, what are you going to do about it NOW, before it’s too late?”
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