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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Intel Agents, Devil Worship and Wikipedia

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Even Though Ultimately the ACLU Is a Gatekeeping Organization

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Scrubbing Boots at Ground Zero

via, thanks to J for the tip.

Gee, whatever could be on those boots, anyway?

Could it be....



Pretty wild picture, for sure.
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Video Fakery Watch: Article on 2nd Plane Witnesses in NYTimes

Somewhat odd piece, and this section was particularly odd:
The video on American Rhetoric also includes frightening close-range images of the second crash that weren’t broadcast at the time, notably a shot looking north at the south tower right above tree level. A stray piece of video plays over unconnected audio from NPR. The video-audio mismatch suggests the extent of the editing. This is a brief designed to remind us of what struck observers at the time as self-evident: that there is someone to blame and punish for the attacks of Sept. 11.
So the fact that the video is clearly edited is supposed to make us think there is someone to blame and PUNISH for 9/11?


Funny they also mention clearly bogus 2nd plane witness Theresa Renaud:
By contrast, the thoughts of Theresa Renaud, an eyewitness in a building at Eighth Avenue and 16th Street, go first to logistics. Speaking of the plane that just hit the south tower, Renaud says to Bryant Gumbel on CBS: “Flew right in the middle of it. Explosion. My God, it’s right in the middle of the building.” Then she skips a step and offers an inference: “That definitely looked like it was on purpose.”
Clearly bogus as she was 2 miles north of the towers, with not a great view of any plane coming from the south, and she just also happened to be the wife of a CBS producer.
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So Much Perfidy, So LIttle Time

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Deep Thought of the Day

For someone so intent on destroying the country, Obama is awfully lame at politics.

Seriously, the guy is getting hammered by the left and the right, and the mushy middle is out of work and not too happy. If he doesn't do anything, the Rethugs will take over Congress and make his life absolutely miserable.

His M.O. is truly bizarre, unless his goal is simply to hand the country back to the Rethugs and then let them finish destroying the middle class.

Seriously-- I can understand him being an agent for war and the PTB and the elites, it's just the optics don't make sense here. I mean at least TRY to do something strong and creative, instead of something weakly centrist and looking lame. I guess his only saving grace is that the Rethugs are so batshit insane right now. But that's is not going to stop the rabid right from voting... unless it's all rigged... November elections should be interesting at least.
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Another One for the 9/11 Suspicious Deaths/Dead Whistleblower File

July 3, 2001: James Hatfield, author of an unflattering book on Bush called Fortunate Son, claims he has evidence al-Qaeda will try to assassinate Bush at the G8 Summit in Genoa, Italy, possibly through a suicidal plane crash. This is the first public mention of the plot. Intelligence reports later confirm that such an attack was planned but aborted due to high security. What's unusual is that Hatfield adds: "German intelligence services have stated that bin Laden is covertly financing neo-Nazi skinhead groups throughout Europe to launch another terrorist attack at a high-profile American target." [Online Journal, 7/3/01] Two weeks later, Hatfield apparently commits suicide. However, there is widespread speculation that his death was payback for his revelation of Bush's cocaine use in the 1970's. [Salon, 7/20/01]
Or payback for releasing too much info about 9/11...
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The CIA Are Good People Just Trying to Protect the US in a Dangerous World

The Vietnam Veterans of America filed a lawsuit on behalf of six Vietnam War veterans in January, 2009, claiming that the CIA had used an estimated 7,800 US service members as "guinea pigs" in experiments involving "at least 250, but as many as 400 chemical and biological agents," according to Courthouse News.

Among the chemicals the lawsuit alleges were used on the soldiers were LSD, sarin and phosgene nerve gases, cyanide, PCP and even THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

The lawsuit described it as a "vast program of human experimentation" that was "shrouded in secrecy" and carried out without the informed consent of the experiment subjects.

"In 1970, [the CIA] provided Congress with an alphabetical list showing that they had tested 145 drugs during Projects Bluebird, Artichoke, MKULTRA and MKDELTA," the lawsuit stated, as quoted at Courthouse News.
Yeah, it's hard to believe they could kill Americans on 9/11, isn't it?

(thanks to AP for the link)
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Amerikkka Watch

Arson at Tennessee mosque site, and the flames of hate are fanned higher.

And while stupidity no doubt plays a major role (e.g., here and here), there's no doubt there are evil fucks behind the scenes promoting this awful behavior.

Worth noting-- if you give a number to each letter of the alphabet, K = 11, and KKK = 11 + 11 + 11 = 33.
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5 Years After Katrina

Still not clear how many died-- no doubt it's much higher than the official 1800.

Was the hurricane steered over New Orleans by HAARP? Were the levees blown on purpose?

Hard to know for sure, but nothing surprises me anymore.
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

6 Reasons to Buy Anonymous Physicist's New Book

I highly recommend anyone who can, to buy it and read it.

First, this book (and his other books) are the most amazing distillation of conspiracy knowledge you will find anywhere. No where else are you going to find out the "ultimate truths" of all conspiracies.

Second, while you may have read some of what A.P. has written on the web, there is new material in these books that shines new light on the "ultimate truths".

Third, in my opinion, reading intense material like this is much easier and more digestible in a book format than online. Thus, while I had read some of the pieces before online, I got more out of them in the book format-- on real paper-- than online.

Fourth, this may have value as a collector's item some day.

Fifth, perhaps most importantly, A.P. really needs your support to keep going with his writings and simply to live above subsistence level.

Sixth, I don't ask for money here, and I don't take ads. So I don't ask for much. But I do ask that you help support the Anonymous Physicist (A.P) by buying his new book (and his other books too, if possible). While the books are not cheap, they are worth the cost for all the above reasons.

Thanks for anything you can do.
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I Did Email Griffin About the China Syndrome

as opposed to the thermite crap he pushes here.

No response after over 48 hours. Shocking, I know.

It was an email address I had from three years back, don't know if it is good-- but it didn't get bounced back either.
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Why Are So Many Republicans Repressed Gays?

These are easier to control by the PTB, and thus more easily made to do the shitty things Rethugs typically have to do. Just one more layer of control by the PTB-- they have many.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

One of the Lesser-Doctored Versions of the Zapruder Film--

SS Agent Greer Turns & Shoots Twice, First Hitting Connally, then Killing President Kennedy

By The Anonymous Physicist

Here ( is a less-doctored version of the Z-film. Watch carefully as Secret Service Agent William Greer not only shoots JFK in the head, but he first turned and fired and hit Connally— see his (Connally's) reaction. Note this version is still doctored in numerous ways. Frames are missing as noted by the jumps in Greer’s turns back to the front—probably to hide gun exhaust and such. Also, many eyewitnesses said the limo was brought to a standstill—IMO after Greer saw from his first shot, that he needed to do this, as his first shot was an accident. [The moving backround is said to be a dupe (duplicate) of itself.]

Nonetheless you can clearly see Greer bringing up the gun in his left hand over to near his right ear to fire the fatal head shot—timed perfectly with Kennedy’s head being blasted. Finally if you had the audio-added version, you would hear the shots timed perfectly with the apexes of GREER’S TWO HEAD TURNS to the back.

Please copy this post and video, and post at all forums, groups and websites, and to all your friends and family.

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33 Deep Underground

This "33 story" is likely to go on for a long time, as they try to rescue the miners. Still, 33 and a deep underground mine makes you wonder if there is something even "deeper" going on here, given that 33 can be code for the ultimate PTB and some say they live deep underground.
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why Oh Why Do the PTB Hate Toyota?

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The Strange Case of Michael Enright

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

David Ray Griffin on Unextinguishable Fires at the WTC: FAIL

The first three paragraph are good...then he FAILS:
8. Inextinguishable Fires

Besides having the power to produce the miraculous effects already reported, the World Trade Center fires were also miraculously inextinguishable. The fact that fires continued burning in the Ground Zero rubble for many months, in spite of every attempt to put them out, was widely reported. The title of a New York Times story in the middle of November, two months after the attacks, referred to the “Most Stubborn Fire.” A New Scientist article in December was entitled “Ground Zero’s Fires Still Burning.” Very hot fires continued to burn in the Ground Zero debris piles, these stories reported, even though heavy rains came down, millions of additional gallons of water were sprayed onto the piles, and a chemical suppressant was pumped into them.

According to Greg Fuchek, vice president of a company that supplied computer equipment to identify human remains at the site, the working conditions at Ground Zero remained "hellish" for six months, because the ground temperature ranged from 600 to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

These inextinguishable fires were a mystery. Assuming the truth of the official account of the destruction of the World Trade Center, there would have been nothing in the debris pile other than ordinary building materials, and these can burn only in the presence of oxygen. There would have been little oxygen available in the densely packed debris piles, and wherever it was available, the fires should have been easily suppressed by the enormous amounts of water and chemical suppressants pumped into the piles. The fires’ seemingly miraculous power to keep burning could not be explained by the airplanes’ jet fuel (which some people seem to think of as having miraculous powers, even though it is essentially kerosene), because it would have all burned out, as mentioned above, within a few minutes.

A non-miraculous explanation is suggested by the discovery of a large amount of nanothermite residue in the WTC dust, which was reported in a peer-reviewed scientific journal in 2009. Being both an incendiary and a high explosive, nanothermite is one among several types of “energetic nanocomposites” – described by an article in The Environmentalist as “chemical energetic materials, which provide their own fuel and oxidant and are not deterred by water, dust or chemical suppressants.” The discovery of nanothermite residue in the dust provided, therefore, an empirical basis for a non-miraculous explanation of the long-lasting fires at Ground Zero.

According to the official account, however, the buildings were all brought down without the aid of any incendiaries or explosives. WTC 7 was said by NIST, as we saw above, to have been brought down by fire alone, and this fire, NIST added, was “an ordinary building contents fire.” As for the Twin Towers, they were brought down through the combined effects of the airplane impacts and the ensuing fires: NIST explicitly rejected “alternative hypotheses suggesting that the WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolition using explosives.”

For anyone who accepts the official account, therefore, the inextinguishable underground fires at Ground Zero provide still another demonstration of miraculous powers that must have been possessed by the World Trade Center fires.
Methinks someone really needs to turn on DRG to nukes and the China Syndrome. I'd be REALLY curious to see what he would say about that. Is DRG being duped on thermite and open to be set straight? Or is he in fact intel scum?
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Bombings in 13 Iraq Cities

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

After Thinking More About the Fish Piece in the NYTimes


I haven't been angry at the media for a while-- just kind of numb. But this kind of bullshit just rankles me all over again-- much in the way I used to get when I first started this blog.

SOMETHING must be done.
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Oh Noes! 9/11 Truthers Everywhere!

Another hit job on 9/11 truthers, this time from the NYTimes. Typically amusing and annoying. The comments are probably more interesting than the piece itself, but of course you hear the same idiotic skepticism. One funny thing is in comments, a couple of "people" dismiss video fakery out of the blue, even though it's not even mentioned in the original piece. The piece itself is very lame. Some cranky old Professor goes to a 9/11 truth meeting, listens to a couple of talks, dismisses everything out of hand, does NO research, writes it up and gets paid. It's quite obscene really.

UPDATE: After 135 or so comments, my comment was not published. Not sure what they found objectionable exactly-- I didn't mention the nuking or no planes, just made some general points refuting the barrage of assholes saying the government could never pull of a large conspiracy, and that no one could have kept such a big secret. I looked over most of the comments and they tend towards depressing dumbassery, just ridiculous blanket smearing of conspiracies. I wonder how many pro-conspiracy comments were rejected by the screener, and how many agents were involved in producing the idiotic anti-conspiracy comments.
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Breaking News: My New Book is Ready To Ship

By The Anonymous Physicist


I’ve just written and published what will probably be my last book:
The Anonymous Physicist Reveals More Secrets of Man’s History, Future and Quarantine, and of the Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center

It includes over 20 chapters that were never before published—not online here or anywhere else, and never will be—except for this new book. Chapters include

● The Nature of the Quarantiners

● The Nature of the Quarantined

● What Rally Happened to Buzz Aldrin that made him go along with the Apollo Hoax?

● Was Gandhi a Secret British Agent?

● Did Mankind really Mate with Neanderthal Man?

● Was the recent Boskop Man alien, Cro-Magnon, or human?

● I revealed the 33, now what does the 34 in the news refer to?

● A “33” collision in near-Earth Space

● What was really going on during WWII?

● What was the real reason for the Munich Pact?

Was Hitler Poisoned early on?

● The real Nature of the U.S. Constitution

● Understanding and overcoming the Ridicule Technique in dealing with hidden intel ASSets.

● Who Really Killed Michael Collins of Ireland?

● What was the Real Reason for the Assassination of rocker Jim Morrison?

● On the nuking of the WTC, “Remember, Remember The Eleventh Of September
● A
Special Plea To Surviving Firemen/EMT/Police Veterans of 9/11, & Relatives

New 9/11 Box Flow Chart, Leading to the Ultimate Nuclear Truth of 9/11

● Disproving Thermite is Easy

● Nuclear Lessons from survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for 9/11 Survivors

Other topics covered include the ● Michael Jackson Assassination, ● NASA’s Fake Moon Rocks everywhere, ● the real Nature of Obama, ● the Secrets of the Cuban Missile Crisis, ● EMP during WTC destruction, ● vaporization of 1100 people during tower destruction, ● Special Cancers among the survivors, ● More

156 pages, 52 illustrations, spiral bound. Two Part Updates on both the nuclear destruction of the World Trade Center, and of Mankind’s History, Future, and Quarantine with brief introductions of both aspects for those who only got one of the two previous books. Also a stand-alone book for “newbies.”

Thank you for ordering at

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Julian Assange's Rape Charge

This story is so blatant and clumsily-timed, it has to be a set-up of some sort.

On the surface, the PTB clearly want to smear Assange, because of his oh-so damaging "leaks". This is of course reminiscent of the under-age sex charges against Scott Ritter. But beneath the smear, the charges may be to give some sort of bad boy "legend" to Assange, and strengthen his "street cred". But perhaps even beneath that is that this story is made on purpose to be an obvious set-up, to give cognitive dissonance and support the idea that the PTB want to smear Assange, when in fact Assange is guilty and is in fact another nasty intel creep.

But maybe I am just getting jaded and cynical in my old age.
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The Orion Conspiracy

While filled with tantalizing images, this short film is mostly a conspiracy mess and is ultimately disinfo. But it is worth watching just for the imagery. The shots of the nephilim skeletons are pretty cool. The shots of crashed UFOs found around the earth may o may not be real-- hard to know. The moon structure shots look pretty bogus. I love the pics of Osama bin Laden in a suit in a meeting with Bush and his cabinet, even though they are almost certainly photoshops. The actual Orion conspiracy of the title refers to a hoax plot that ETs are going to attack the earth. This is likely disinfo started initially by Werner von Braun. Oddly, this page talks about "Orion Conspiracies", and then says the Apollo landings were a hoax and refers to a hollow earth. The "Orion Conspiracy" video above implies the Apollo landings were real, and doesn't have anything about a hollow earth. "Orion conspiracy" has taken on a mushy generic conspiracy connotation, it seems.

Thankfully, the Anonymous Physicist has sorted out all the major conspiracies and has deduced the ultimate truths of "the Orion conspiracy". You can read about it here:
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Venezuela's Horrific Murder Rate

I did not know how bad it was-- worst in the world. What is bizarre is how this NYTimes article gives no explanation of who is killing who or why the murder rate is so high. There is nary a mention of typical causes for violence: drugs and gangs. No explanation except poverty, and a high rate of illegal firearms, which doesn't make sense to me. One wonders if this isn't some sort of propaganda-- you can well imagine right-wingers chortling over the high murder rate in Chavez's country-- and it's suspicious no cause is given, making me wonder if there is an outside influence to it all. Interestingly, by the favorite logic of the right, a high rate of guns should have kept the shootings down. Instead, we are forced to just vaguely blame this all on the failed policies of that socialist Hugo Chavez.
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Antidote to Stupidity

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mark Bingham's CNN 9/11 Memorial Profile Created Before 9/11

Wow, very intriguing-- though not too surprising.

Also intriguing-- is WRH's Mike Rivero the reincarnation of flight 11 passenger John Wenckus?

I *am* surprised that the Let's Roll forum is very active these days. Though somewhat depressing -- perhaps not surprising given the intel control over these matters-- that their demolition threads don't have anything clearly on nuking (e.g.). Could someone please rectify this?

UPDATE: As noted in comments, the Let's Roll forum is not to be trusted, as Jayhan is clearly pushing ludicrous intel-driven theories like that the towers were empty before they were blown up, rather than promoting the more obvious explanation of nuclear demolition.
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DHS-- The American Gestapo?

Interesting piece on Jesse Ventura's latest work. Of course, America has long had a Gestapo element, as noted by Anonymous Physicist (and this link is via A.P.).

His articles on defeating the British/American Gestapo Regime are here, here and here. Also, see
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Quote of the Day

“The US has been building ground zeros near mosques around the world for decades.”

And really, it has been doing this not just around mosques.
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Victory" in Iraq

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Deep Thought of the Day

Just because things seem hopelessly fucked up does not mean that you should give up hope, and it does not mean that you should give up doing anything about changing things.
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Question of the Day

Is there any nuance to 9/11 I haven't covered here over the past few years? It seems like we have touched on pretty much everything, plus mentioned almost every conspiracy here...

... let me know if there is something you think I should cover!
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Russian Fires Spreading Radiation?

Scary shit:
Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award winner stated yesterday, August 11, 2010, “The Russkie Fires burning down old H-Bomb factory areas and the Chernobyl poisoned woodlands are the same as four Chernobyls happening at the same time. If you were planning a trip to Europe – don’t go. If you have family or friends there – get them out if you can. This is not a drill. It is the real deal.”

“There have been fires in the areas with higher radiation levels,” said Vasily Tuzov, a deputy head of the federal forest protection service, who reported that wildfires engulfed a total of some 9,600 acres (3,900 hectares) in several regions of Russia hit by the Chernobyl fallout, including the Bryansk region. A top Russian forest expert said that the mixture of radioactive elements that remained in the forest floor in the affected regions remains dangerous. “A cloud may come up with soot and spread over a huge territory,” said Alexander Isayev of the Moscow-based Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity.

In reality, and predictably, the threat will be hugely underestimated because their estimates will be based on false contamination data. We already see in all the news the complete absence of any information about the huge areas contaminated in the Chelyabinsk province. Whether it’s Chernobyl or Mayak, when they say 50 miles around the source site is polluted, mentally one should calculate 500 or 1000 miles, that’s how badly officials underestimate the damage and threat and prior contamination.
This piece later goes into some steps you can do to minimize radiation poisoning.

(link via here via J)
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Demolition Video of the Day

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If You Hear Anyone Complaining About the "Ground Zero" Mosque

... please tell them that 9/11 was a god-damned inside job.

If you can, please also tell them that the WTC towers were nuked. That's why they fucking call it GROUND ZERO.

Thank you.
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Monday, August 16, 2010

What 9/11 Justice Might Look Like

Sometimes I wonder if many people actually fear getting justice for 9/11, as it might be too destabilizing for the US and the economy. It is hard of course to imagine what actually bringing powerful institutions like the US military, intelligence agencies, political system and media to justice would look like. Would the government survive?

Perhaps the question is SHOULD the government survive? I personally think the US governmental system is basically sound -- the problem is that the government has clearly gotten out of control and become completely corrupt, due to an important loophole in the constitution. The Anonymous Physicist has written about this loophole in an upcoming book that I highly recommend everyone purchase and read-- and of course he has written extensively about the ultimate truths to conspiracy matters (that essential reading can be obtained here). In any case, I think the US governmental system-- the constitution-- could survive 9/11 truth, and would be okay for the future if it could be modified somewhat, closing that loophole in the constitution and making a few other changes to the constitution.

Of course, truly bringing the 9/11 perps to justice would be destabilizing, however the benefits would be enormous:

1) REAL justice for murderers and war criminals throughout government and the media-- serious jail time.

2) Increased respect from the world that the US really does stand for the rule of law.

3) Greatly diminished budgets for the US military and intel agencies-- freeing up monies that could greatly improve the lives of US citizens.

4) The end of US wars abroad, and an end to the slaughter of innocent foreigners and an end to the maiming and death of our young soldiers.

5) Increased control by the citizenry over the government, and increased involvement and respect for the government by the citizenry.

6) Increased chance of actually rooting out the source of much of the evil-- the ultimate powers that be-- and wiping this scourge off the planet forever.

In short-- this could result in nothing less than a new blossoming of humanity, and of humanity actually reaching its full potential.

As we approach the 9th anniversary of 9/11, I implore everyone reading this to renew and redouble their efforts to actually do something to further 9/11 truth and justice.

Thank you.
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Important New Findings on Hijack Exercises


Really nice pieces here and here from Shoestring911. The first proves beyond any doubt that false electronic blips representing hijacked aircraft were on NORAD radar screens throughout 9/11, and they were not removed when they should have been. The second discusses various plane into building hijack drills run prior to 9/11, with some drills I was not familiar with, such as crashing a plane into the UN building in NYC.

Of course, IMO, this all supports the idea of a fake hijacking on 9/11, where the hijacked planes were purely electronic blips to fool NORAD and ATC, with the actual planes taken elsewhere.

Remember this little gem?
At least six air traffic controllers who dealt with two of the hijacked airliners on Sept. 11, 2001, made a tape recording a few hours later describing the events, but the tape was destroyed by a supervisor without anyone making a transcript or even listening to it, the Transportation Department said Thursday.

The taping began before noon on Sept. 11 at the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center, in Ronkonkoma, N.Y., where about 16 people met in a basement conference room known as the Bat Cave and passed around a microphone, each recalling his or her version of the events of a few hours earlier. The recording included statements of 5 or 10 minutes each by controllers who had spoken by radio to people on the planes or who had tracked the aircraft on radar, the report said.

Officials at the center never told higher-ups of the tape's existence, according to a report made public on Thursday by the inspector general of the Transportation Department.

A quality-assurance manager at the center destroyed the tape several months after it was made, crushing the cassette in his hand, cutting the tape into little pieces and dropping them in different trash cans around the building, according to the report.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

A Brilliant New Way to Destroy America: "Terror Babies"

Better watch out... in 20 years or so. But definitely there's no way this devious plot can fail.

Don't really know these people can go on TV and talk about this with a straight face.
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"Destroy the British Empire, Impeach Barack Obama!"

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Simple Proof That the Pentagon Cab Story Is Bull

If the light pole fell down from the plane impact, then hit and PENETRATED his cab WHILE the cab driver was driving, wouldn't the top of the pole have smashed INTO his cab?

Why is the light top then lying on the ground smashed around in pieces? Indeed, it looks like there is glass smashed on the ground near the top pieces (the very left side of the pic)-- like the top fell and impacted there!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Press Secretary Gibbs: Brainwashed or a Pure Asshole?

I was leaning against posting on that stupid episode until I saw this:
That Obama has vigorously embraced and at times even exceeded some of Bush's most controversial and radical policies is simply indisputable. I'd request that anyone doubting that just review the very partial list I compiled in Update II yesterday. In that list, I neglected to mention numerous other compelling examples (recall Tim Dickinson's recent revelation that Interior employees call their Department under Ken Salazar's corporate-serving rule "the third Bush term"). Among my most prominent omissions was the Obama administration's Bush-copying use of military commissions rather than real courts to try "War on Terror" detainees.

Military commissions were one of those Bush/Cheney policies which provoked virtually universal outrage among progressives and Democrats back in the day when executive power abuses and rule of law transgressions were a concern. The Obama administration's claim that the commissions are now improved to the point that they provide a forum of real justice is being put to the test -- and blatantly failing -- with the first such commission to be held under Obama: that of Omar Khadr, accused of throwing a grenade in 2002 which killed an American solider in Afghanistan, when Khadr was 15 years old. This is the first trial of a child soldier held since World War II, explained a U.N. official who condemned these proceedings. The commission has already ruled that confessions made by Khadr which were clearly obtained through coercion, abuse and torture will be admitted as evidence against him. Prior to the commencement of Khadr's "trial," the commission ruled in another case that the sentence imposed on a Sudanese detainee Ibrahim al-Qosi -- convicted as part of a plea bargain of the dastardly crime of being Osama bin Laden's "cook" -- will be kept secret until he is released. What kind of country has secret sentences?
Rest of the post should be read.

It's good that some Congressional leaders-- Keith Ellison and Alan Grayson-- are outraged enough to call for Gibbs firing.

And most likely, Gibbs is a pure asshole.
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Probability of Israel Unilaterally Bombing Iran Above 50%

Intel fucks continue to push for war with Iran. Hooray!

(A good takedown of Goldberg's propaganda is here)
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

JFK's "Secret Society" Speech

A remarkable speech, worth reading.

Ostensibly about the threat of fighting communism in a free and open society, reading a little deeper indicates that JFK knew exactly who was behind the wars-- the elites and the secret societies. One key is that JFK never even mentions communism directly in the speech!

This is but one reason why Anonymous Physicist has dubbed Kennedy "The Last True President of the United States".
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weird Science and Alien-Human Hybrids

Fascinating, and the science seems sound to me, in terms of what this guy says (and I have expertise in this):

(thanks to j for the video)

The one thing that gives me pause, is that the guy who is talking-- Lloyd Pye-- has a military intelligence background according to wikipedia. I'm not saying he's lying or anything, but he may well be giving us a limited hangout about the nature of man's origins-- origins that the Anonymous Physicist has described here on this blog previously.
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Groups Routinely Denigrated by the Elites and the Mainstream Media

1) conspiracy theorists/conspiracy experts
2) those with anti-war views
3) civil liberties advocates
4) liberals
5) those with socialist views/those who want to raise taxes
6) atheists
7) those who criticize the US and question American "exceptionalism"
8) those who criticize Israel
9) those who accuse US officials of war-crimes
10) those who speak out too much against torture and abuse of detainees
11) those who speak out too much against civilian casualties in US wars
12) those who aren't sufficiently supportive of US foreign policy
13) people who know too much of the dark history of the US

Wow, I'm batting a thousand there!

And the fact that the elites and the media dismiss these groups makes me all the more confident in my views!
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There Are Bad Songs, and There Are Very Bad Songs

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Monday, August 09, 2010

Today's 33-- Another Good One

"9/11 Settlements Bring Moment of Reckoning

... Under the terms of the settlement, 94 percent of the money will go to about half the plaintiffs — 5,433..."
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August 9th-- Nagasaki Day

By The Anonymous Physicist

On August 9, 1945, an American plane dropped a second nuclear fission bomb on a Japanese city— Nagasaki. American sources have underestimated the massive number of immediate dead as well as later deaths for both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ever since. The dead were primarily women, children and old men, despite ludicrous claims from President Truman (33rd degree Freemason and 33rd President) and others that they were military targets. The two cites had deliberately not been firebombed by the Americans as they had done to most large Japanese cities by then. In the documentary “Fog of War,” then Col. Robert Strange McNamara stated that he, and his then boss, General Curtis Le May knew they would be indicted as war criminals if the U.S. were to lose to Japan.

Officially, some 40,000 civilians died right away, with perhaps several times that many dying in the years and decades to follow. The children of survivors would also suffer from birth defects and a high cancer rate.

Nagasaki is on the 33rd Parallel (rounded up), as I’ve pointed out, while Hiroshima was curiously on the 34th parallel, which I will have more about in another venue shortly. Nagasaki was founded not by any Japanese, but by European Jesuits in the 16th Century. If Jesuits founded your city— BEWARE. You may be in for as much subsequent trouble as you might be in, if the land for the building you work in (see below) was donated by the Rockefellers.

The politics of dropping a second nuke, to vaporize a city and its civilian population so soon after Hiroshima was nuked, and before perhaps the Japanese regime could figure out what happened, was pure evil. Some sources state that the Americans only had two nukes at that time, so the whole arsenal was used. And I have revealed how the Americans that were killed while invading the Japanese islands, to be used as a ruse for “needing” to nuke the two cities, was all planned and unnecessary, as the Japanese had tried to surrender almost a year before Hiroshima. And indeed the Japanese Ambassador on Dec. 7, 1941 gave in to all American demands just before Pearl Harbor, which then led to brand new demands, so as to force the Japanese to carry through with the Pearl Harbor attack.

That is what actually happened, in contradistinction to claims made at the time. Indeed if the Japanese had not “cooperated,” I have no doubt that the Americans would have sunk their own ships, and claimed the Japanese did it, as I am the first to claim that the entire purpose of WWII was to have the events that ended it. All with the Ultimate Truth I have revealed here, of the quarantined sending a message to the Quarantiners. “The human hostages can again be vaporized en masse— let us leave.” Indeed many of President Truman’s top advisers asked or begged that the nukes not be dropped either because it was NOT necessary for winning or because of humanistic thinking or both. But those really in charge of the American regime had their plans.

Wikipedia proclaims that Nagasaki was the “last city in the world to be subject to nuclear attack.” However I believe I have amply proven that the last city to be nuked was this one! As shown here and here is what was done to Nagasaki by the same American lackies working for the monsters in control of the American Regime, and Mankind.

But I say, If you can’t join ‘em, beat ‘em. Especially all you American intel and military personnel that read these articles— do the right thing for the sake of the survival of your own children! If not, your children will likely get the Hiroshima, Nagasaki and World Trade Center treatment. The life you save may be your child’s!
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Sunday, August 08, 2010

The "Ultimate List" of Improbabilities and Coincidences Around 9/11

The idea here is that rather than focus on "proofs" of how 9/11 was an inside job-- proofs that can be endlessly debated-- is to show exactly how many unlikely things we must accept if the official 9/11 account is true. Even if these various events are 50% probable (and most are much lower), together, the odds of 9/11 happening as officially described are incredibly low. Also, the goal here is to note fairly concise and seminal low probability happenings for 9/11, not to note every little odd thing. Other lists of 9/11 coincidences and oddities are here and here. (Note-- I'm trying to make a good catalog here, I know this is not complete. Please let me know via email or comments if you know of other good Improbabilities and Coincidences.)

Improbabilities and Coincidences in the Official Hijacker Story, pre-9/11

Operation Northwoods plotted by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, proposed a false-flag terror attack involving plane hijacking and fake plane crashes, in order to spark war with Cuba. President Kennedy rejected idea, and was coincidentally assassinated a year later with apparent complicity of the US govt. Thus, improbable that US military would not use a false-flag terror attack involving fake plane crashes to start a war.

A year before 9/11, NORAD ran an exercise simulating a hijacker crashing a plane into a NY city skyscraper and ran other exercises simulating hijackings and plane crashes into symbolic targets, yet officially 9/11 was a surprise.

A 1998 CIA report says Arab terrorists planning on flying bomb-laden plane into WTC; FBI supposedly investigated and says plot is unrelated to Al Qaeda; both FBI and CIA caught off-guard by 9/11.

US military had planned to hold exercise in week after 9/11 based on a plane hitting the WTC!!! -- highly improbable 9/11 was unforeseen.

USGovt informant Randy Glass meets with ISI agents in 1999, who warn that WTC towers are "coming down"; passes info along to US officials, yet officially 9/11 was a surprise.

An FBI informant, Abdussattar Shaikh, lives with two hijackers in San Diego-- supposedly fails to learn of plot.

The Defense Dept "Able Danger" program identifies Mohamed Atta as part of a group of terrorists in Brooklyn in January 2000, when officially Atta did not enter US until May 2000. Thus, unlikely that Atta was not being tracked by elements of the govt, and that the attacks were a surprise.

Several VISA applications for 9/11 hijackers are shockingly incomplete, but they are still allowed into the country.

Several hijackers go to flight schools in US, engage in dubious activities, FBI agents Robert Wright and Colleen Rowley give warnings, they are completely shut down by higher ups, yet the the govt was completely caught by surprise.

A white American male at University of Oklahoma knowingly bought one of the tickets for a 9/11 hijacker, CIA and FBI covers it up. Extremely unlikely intelligence agencies were unaware of hijacking plot (more here).

One flight school attended by lead hijacker Atta had illegal drug and CIA connections, yet the the CIA was improbably caught by surprise by 9/11.

Multiple chances to catch hijacker Nawaf al-Hazmi, but improbably he is not caught before 9/11. Same for Khalid al-Mihdar.

An incompetent, seemingly mentally challenged hijacker Hani Hanjour was able to obtain a commercial pilots license.

One hijacker, Ziad Jarrah, was interviewed by authorities at the request of the CIA before entering the US, yet the the CIA was supposedly caught by surprise by 9/11.

Several govt officials stop flying commercial aircraft prior to 9/11, and some specifically were warned on 9/10 not to fly on 9/11, due to security concerns, yet the the govt was completely caught by surprise by 9/11.

US govt receives a large number of warnings from foreign countries of a major terrorist attack, plane hijackings, etc, including very specific information from the Israeli Mossad, and fails to enact policies to stop 9/11.

Richard Clarke went around the Bush White House in the summer of 2001 warning people there about an upcoming terror attack, but no one really paid attention to him enough to do anything to prevent the attacks.

Dick Cheney was assigned to revise the country's anti-terror policies, but apparently didn't think it was important enough to do in the first nine months in office to prevent a terrorist attack.

Bush was warned on August 6th, 2001 about bin Laden trying to strike the US mainland, but was apparently not particularly concerned enough to do anything to prevent the attacks.

Hijackers did not act at all like devout Muslims prior to the attacks, yet supposedly they were on a holy "jihad" suicide mission. They did things like return rental cars when there was no reason for them to be responsible.

Coincidentally, on September 10, 2001, in a speech to the Department of Defense, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld announces that the Department of Defense "cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions." This was erased from the news the next day.

Improbabilities and Coincidences in the Official Hijacker Story, on 9/11

Lead hijacker Mohamed Atta and Abdul-Aziz Al-Omari took an early morning flight into Boston from Portland Maine, and rented a car in Boston, increasing chances of missing their hijack flights in Boston. Many other unlikely aspects to their actions here.

Not one hijacker was caught by airport security for taking a boxcutter or fake bomb parts onto the planes.

The hijackers, only armed with boxcutters and fake bombs (and possibly pepper spray), were improbably able to overpower flight attendants, passengers and pilots to take over four out of four planes.

An early FAA report of a gun and a gunshot victim on board one of the hijacked aircraft was apparently erroneous-- improbable that the account was truly a mistake.

Elite Israeli commando Daniel Lewin was seated next to hijackers on flight 11 but apparently was unable to stop them (some reports have Lewin as the gunshot victim)(bizarre coincidence).

Improbable cell phone calls made from hijacked planes -- notably Ed Felt and Tom Burnett on flight 93.

Ed Felt calls 911 dispatcher from bathroom of flight 93 and seems not to have any idea of passenger counter-attack even though is monitoring last few minutes of flight. Felt improbably knows tail # of flight 93 plane.

Not one pilot on the four hijacked aircraft was able to notify ground control of a hijacking, either by radio or by typing in the hijack code into the transponder.

Aviation GPS signals at WTC improbably highest during "plane strike" times.

The highly sophisticated US air defense system was caught completely off-guard by the hijacked craft, despite having practiced for such scenarios previous to 9/11.

NORAD was actually running a live-fly hijack drill on the morning of 9/11 (bizarre "coincidence").

NORAD commander Eberhard was strikingly uninformed and lackadaisical about the attacks.

Normal hijacking procedures involving coordination with the National Military Command Center were not followed.

Coincidentally, a special communications procedure meant to only be activated during a national emergency, was activated on 9/10, a day before the attacks.

The AA77 pilot Charles Burlingame, had worked on anti-terror strategies at the Pentagon.

Half of 9/11 Pilots Were Only Assigned to Flights at the Last Minute (many attendants and passengers also joined/booked the flights at the last moment)

Security footage purportedly from Dulles Int'l airport, showing two AA77 hijackers going through security, mysteriously fails to record time/date stamp.

Improbably, AA77 hits the only part of the Pentagon not heavily occupied.

Improbably, AA77 hits a recently renovated and reinforced part of the Pentagon.

Improbably, one hijacker passport (Satam al-Saqami) found on the ground near WTC during the attacks.

US Bureau Transportation Statistics (BTS) had no records of AA11 and AA77 existing for Spetember 11th.

The timings of the four official 9/11 plane crashes were such that one plane could have been at all four crashes, in a fly-by type hoax.

Improbabilities and Coincidences in the Physical Events-- "Crashes and Collapses"

Amateur pilots were able to control the planes at speeds far over normal operating speeds, and were able to hit their targets on three out of three real attempts.

Highly improbably, the emergency transmitters for both flights 11 and 175 went off significantly before planes hit towers.

Coincidentally and/or improbably, not one of the massive tail sections from any of the four crashed planes is recovered and no piece of any tail section is photographed-- even though typically tail sections survive planes intact.

Videos of flight 175 show it entering the south WTC without any significant debris breaking off and without a hole for the tail to go through.

Videos of flight 175 entering the tower show a explosion away from impact site-- highly improbable this was from plane impact.

Flight 175 port horizontal stabilizer does not have a hole for it to enter the tower, there is not even an indentation, and yet no evidence of it breaking off.

Videos of flight 175 entering the tower show wingtip making a massively improbable explosion.

Pure coincidence that at least four people who disseminated videos of the second plane were professional video animators (Devin Clark, Luc Courchesne, Scott Myers, Naka Nathaniel)

Another plane was flying near WTC at time of attacks, that Diane Sawyer said circled the towers, and that has been covered up.

The exact floors of WTC1 and WTC2 where the "planes" impacted, underwent significant renovations in the years before 9/11.

All four planes completely disintegrated upon impact, leaving only small pieces of debris: a few engine fragments, a few landing gear pieces and a few fuselage fragments.

One fuselage fragment photographed south of the WTC, improbably had neither the livery of AA or UA.

Mystery plane-like debris was photographed north of the WTC, but improbably there is no record of this debris in any 9/11 accounts, even though it appears to have injured a woman when it appeared.

A large engine fragment, officially from UA175, landed at the intersection of Church and Murray after transiting the south WTC tower, improbably ended up: UNDER a construction canopy, on one end (as oppsed to its side), without making any significant impact crater.

Flight 93 crash site is a relatively small hole in the ground, with no large debris in the hole or nearby.

Much of flight 93 burrowed underground, black boxes for flight 93 found up to 25 feet in the ground, however the hole is only 5-10 feet deep and has only dirt at the bottom.

Flight 93 plane burrowed underground, at the same time it exploded, simultaneously "cremating" all people on board.

Despite being hit at very different spots, both WTC towers undergo almost identical complete global "collapses".

Both WTC towers are strong enough to absorb hits from high-speed Boeing 767s, but then, improbably, completely disintegrate a short time later from fires.

The destruction of both towers is associated with massive pyroclastic clouds reminiscent of a volcano eruption or a nuclear bomb test, which is unlikely for a simple collapse.

The destruction of both towers produces extremely fine dust; the energy needed to produce this dust cannot be accounted for by a gravitational collapse; a pure gravitational collapse is therefore highly unlikely.

A large number of steel core columns ends up disappearing from the rubble of the twin towers-- unlikely for a simple collapse.

WTC7 undergoes improbable symmetrical collapse, from only facade damage and limited fire.

WTC7 improbably undergoes main "collapse" at free-fall speed, as it there was no support at all inside the tower.

BBC improbably reports collapse of WTC7 before it actually happened.

Steel beams from the WTC7 rubble show evidence of extremely high temps, which is extremely unlikely to be from a normal building fire.

Not one of four flight recorders recovered from WTC rubble, despite human remains from plane supposedly being recovered from WTC.

At the Pentagon, a plane flying low strikes a lamp post, knocking it flying into a speeding cab. The post flies into the cab, through the windshield, and lodges in the backseat. The driver is not injured and is unable to move the pole himself. He requires a stranger to help him get the pole out, so he can drive away, however, after the pole is taken away, he remains on the scene for hours. The hood of the cab is strangely unscratched and undented. Later, when questioned, cab driver says he was not at the location where pictures show him to be. Photos of him next to his cab appear to show slightly different scenes.

At least 10 witnesses of the Pentagon plane report a different path than the official path.

Improbabilities and Coincidences in the 9/11 Aftermath

Improbable that initial news reports that three hijackers attended school at military bases was just a mistake.

An air traffic controller supervisor went to extreme lengths to destroy a tape of NYC air controllers statements made on 9/11, but really, there was nothing to hide.

No one can decide how much of flight 93 was buried underground though 95% of plane was supposedly recovered.

Ground Zero generates severe heat in the rubble for months, despite clean-up effort and massive quantities of water (both from rain and from fire hoses) showering the debris.

Steel from WTC was shipped on trucks under extremely high security because it was so valuable, yet it was then sold away to China.

US Senators who questioned 9/11 either lost their elections in 2004 (Dayton, Torricelli), left the Senate (Graham) or died in a plane crash (Wellstone).

National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice testified before Congress that she apparently had no idea that terrorists might use airplanes as weapons to attack the US.

The Bush administration delayed and stonewalled the 9/11 commission-- it is highly unlikely that this was done if there was no govt complicity.

US govt improbably continues large-scale cover-up of evidence of the attacks, such as photos, videos, pieces of debris, for years, because of "national security".

NIST promotes highly unlikely collapse mechanism for WTC twin towers involving weakening of trusses supporting one floor failing and pulling the whole tower down; they improbably suggest that this resulted in the massive, complete, global collapse.

In 2007, horrendous VaTech shooting occurs coincidentally right after appearance on news a story that the French had warned the US very specifically of 9/11.

Reporter Jeffrey Scott Shapiro says Larry Silverstein had WTC7 wired for demolition. Witnesses who were there on 9/11 described a countdown to when the building would be coming down.

US Defense Dept buys up and burns copies of book describing "Able Danger" program, that tracked Mohamed Atta in early 2000.
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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Is the US Empire *Indeed* Collapsing?

I wish it were true, actually.


1) I sense a bit of a psy-op in the media declaring the US in such a dire condition (I tend to think life is fine or great for many, but not so good for a large swath of the population-- is this any different than normal?)

2) I will believe it when I see US forces actually leave Iraq, Afgahnistan, and all the other other far-flung US military bases around the world.
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How Evolution Works: Selection of Rare Individuals and Lots of Death

This makes perfect sense to me:
In their research, scientists from Canada and Europe removed marine stickleback fish from the ocean, put them into ponds with gradually dropping temperatures, and studied them for three years.

Over three generations, one per year, the fish evolved to survive water 2.5 degrees Celsius below the limit for their great grandparents... (snip)

"But just because we've seen a large evolutionary response, that doesn't mean a natural population can adapt to climate change with no consequences," Barrett told AFP Thursday.

About 95 per cent of the fish population died during the three-year study, with only five per cent developing a tolerance for cold," he said.
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The US Media Are Criminals, Part 388

One depressing aspect of American politics is the susceptibility of the political and media establishment to charlatans. You might have thought, given past experience, that D.C. insiders would be on their guard against conservatives with grandiose plans. But no: as long as someone on the right claims to have bold new proposals, he’s hailed as an innovative thinker. And nobody checks his arithmetic.

Which brings me to the innovative thinker du jour: Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

Mr. Ryan has become the Republican Party’s poster child for new ideas thanks to his “Roadmap for America’s Future,” a plan for a major overhaul of federal spending and taxes. News media coverage has been overwhelmingly favorable; on Monday, The Washington Post put a glowing profile of Mr. Ryan on its front page, portraying him as the G.O.P.’s fiscal conscience. He’s often described with phrases like “intellectually audacious.”

But it’s the audacity of dopes. Mr. Ryan isn’t offering fresh food for thought; he’s serving up leftovers from the 1990s, drenched in flimflam sauce.
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Massive UFO Cover-up by Churchill

This isn't really news here but it's still worth noting. And it begs the question how much the govts of the world are covering up now.

Though we KNOW the ultimate nature of most UFOs, thanks to Anonymous Physicist.
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Friday, August 06, 2010

8.6.1945-- Nuking Day

As Anonymous Physicist first revealed, 8 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 5 = 33, and dropping of the bomb was approved by Truman, the 33rd president.

33 is code for nuclear events as Anonymous Physicist first revealed.

The bomb was dropped from the Enola Gay at an altitude of 32,330 feet.

About 140,000 people were killed by the bombing, the vast majority of them innocent civilians.

And in remembrance of Hiroshima and New York City:
(thanks to AP for the nudge)
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The BP Oil Spill Hoax Theory Seems to be Gaining Traction

Personally, I tend to doubt this. (And note the 33.)

I think the obvious reason the oil isn't being seen is that BP and the media have been great at censoring images of the oil spill. That seems fairly clear to me.

But on the other hand, anything is possible, and the spill could have been a major psy-op by the PTB.

But-- for what reason? To make people more worried about the pollution ruining the planet? Oh no! Not that! Or to make people hate oil companies? Did they really need to do this to produce that? So I don't understand the reason they would psy-op this event.

Now possibly, something really nefarious is going on down there that they want to cover up. But if so, it seems like there would be more evidence of something on, more oil coming up, more dead animals -- not less!
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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Mass Psychology of Limited Hangouts on 9/11

This makes a lot of sense:
The Transparent Conspiracy by Michael D. Morrissey: A Review

The Mass Psychology of Partial Disclosure

The Transparent Conspiracy is a collection of essays written between 2006 and 2010, mainly about the 911 and JFK conspiracies and cover up, with a short collection of poems on the same topic. Morrisey’s latest book is a definite departure from other conspiracy literature. Morrissey has no interest in proving or disproving either the 911 or the JFK conspiracy – he feels this territory is well-covered by other authors. The topic of this book is mass psychology. Morrissey believes our government’s propaganda arm (whatever they call it now) is fully aware that a well-managed conspiracy cover-up can have a very intimidating effect, which can be very effective in keeping the public docile and obedient.

The Government Wants Us to Know

Specifically he argues there is major value (from the government point of view) in disclosing a limited amount of information concerning government culpability in atrocities such as the JFK assassination and 911. He bases his view on something he calls “Transparency Theory” – thus his title The Transparent Conspiracy. He says the CIA has long recognized that “telling part of the truth is the best way to lie.” They even have a term for it: “white propaganda.” Morrissey argues that for the government to brazenly commit criminal acts can be quite effective in demoralizing and alienating the tuned-in segment of the population that fully comprehends the corrupt nature of our government institutions.

He then lays out the hypothetical question: if the reality of the 911 conspiracy were widely accepted by the American public, would they be capable of doing anything about it? Morrissey believes that at this point in history they would be powerless (that they lack the power to bring the culprits to trial or even impeach them). Which he contends is a powerful basis for demoralization and alienation.
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Alvin Greene Election Irregularities

Definitely some funny business here.

Greene is almost certainly an intel agent, but what his mission is, is unclear.
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Worst ... Oil ... Spill ... Ever

NEW ORLEANS — The BP spill is by far the world’s largest accidental release of oil into marine waters, according to the most precise estimates yet of the well’s flow rate, announced by federal scientists on Monday.

Nearly five million barrels of oil have gushed from BP’s well — and about 800,000 have been captured by containment efforts —since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20, according to the latest data. That amount outstrips the estimated 3.3 million barrels spilled into the Bay of Campeche by the Mexican rig Ixtoc I in 1979, previously believed to be the world’s largest accidental release.

The BP spill was already thought to be the largest spill in American waters, but it was unclear whether it had eclipsed Ixtoc.

“We’ve never had a spill of this magnitude in the deep ocean,” said Ian R. MacDonald, a professor of oceanography at Florida State University.

“These things reverberate through the ecosystem,” he said. “It is an ecological echo chamber, and I think we’ll be hearing the echoes of this, ecologically, for the rest of my life.”
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Project Vigilant: the Highly Disturbing Privatization of Goverment Spying

Excellent piece from Glenn Greenwald, including some new info about the Manning/wikileaks case:
Uber is the Executive Director of a highly secretive group called Project Vigilant, which, as Greenberg writes, "monitors the traffic of 12 regional Internet service providers" and "hands much of that information to federal agencies." More on that in a minute. Uber revealed yesterday that Lamo, the hacker who turned in Manning to the federal government for allegedly confessing to being the WikiLeaks leaker, was a "volunteer analyst" for Project Vigilant; that it was Uber who directed Lamo to federal authorities to inform on Manning by using his contacts to put Lamo in touch with the "highest level people in the government" at "three letter agencies"; and, according to a Wired report this morning, it was Uber who strongly pressured Lamo to inform by telling him (falsely) that he'd likely be arrested if he failed to turn over to federal agents everything he received from Manning.

So, while Lamo has repeatedly denied (including in his interview with me) that he ever worked with federal authorities, it turns out that he was a "volunteer analyst" for an entity which collects private Internet data in order to process it and turn it over to the Federal Government. That makes the whole Manning case all the more strange: Manning not only abruptly contacted a disreputable hacker out of the blue and confessed to major crimes over the Interent, but the hacker he arbitrarily chose just happened to be an "analyst" for a group that monitors on a massive scale the private Internet activities of American citizens in order to inform on them to U.S. law enforcement agencies (on a side note, if you want to judge what Adrian Lamo is, watch him in this amazing BBC interview; I've never seen someone behave quite like him on television before).

In terms of what they mean for the Manning case, those revelations require a lot more analysis, but I want to focus on the much more important aspect of these revelations: namely, what Project Vigilant does as well as the booming private domestic espionage industry of which they are a part. There's very little public information about this organization, but what they essentially are is some sort of vigilante group that collects vast amount of private data about the Internet activities of millions of citizens, processes that data into usable form, and then literally turns it over to the U.S. Government, claiming its motive is to help the Government detect Terrorists and other criminals. From the Forbes report:
According to Uber, one of Project Vigilant's manifold methods for gathering intelligence includes collecting information from a dozen regional U.S. Internet service providers (ISPs). Uber declined to name those ISPs, but said that because the companies included a provision allowing them to share users' Internet activities with third parties in their end user license agreements (EULAs), Vigilant was able to legally gather data from those Internet carriers and use it to craft reports for federal agencies. A Vigilant press release says that the organization tracks more than 250 million IP addresses a day and can "develop portfolios on any name, screen name or IP address."
They're tracking 250 million IP addresses a day, compiling dossiers, and then turning them over to federal agencies -- with the ability to link that information to "any name."
Oy. Read more at the link... it gets worse.

And be sure to watch this BBC clip with Adrian Lamo-- what a creepy, drugged-out freak:
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Monday, August 02, 2010

The Other Op With Wikileaks, Cryptome, et al. Taking Down Whistleblowers?

By The Anonymous Physicist

Below is my article on how the matter of the Wikileaks posting thousands of “secret” documents about the U.S. running of the Wars on Iraq and Afghanistan is likely a PsyOp that actually promotes perennial war.
The mutual intelligence/hacking backgrounds of the involved individuals was demonstrated. PFC Manning joining the Army of a Regime whose wars he supposedly detested is telling, as was his making his opinions known while training, yet not getting discharged. And likewise Wikileaks alleged founder, Julian Assange, has a long, convoluted trail that screams MI6/ intel. His stating “I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud” is both telling and predictable. It also is self-contradictory, as 9/11 was the official ruse for the Wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. His quote tries to shift the blame for the deepest levels for 9/11, and the subsequent wars, to matters of money, when it is far worse. Here is a newer article on the strangeness of Manning and Assange. And, of course, all the bogus Internet sites and actual intel agents or assets are predictably claiming Manning and/or Assange are just more Mossad agents. Translation: that too is a part of a long-term intel Op run out of London ultimately, with the secret societies of Rome further in charge of that.

But there is another aspect to these sites that purport to be aiding the leaking of Gov’t documents and whistleblowers. In all likelihood they exist not just to promote that which they claim to want to end—perennial war—they also serve to entrap any genuine whistleblowers. The actual words and acts of the founders of such alleged whistleblower sites as Wikileaks, cryptome, and others, make it clear that they do not want the deepest layers of the government conspiracies to ever become known, and thus who they really are working for.

If such bogus whistleblower sites were genuine, and wanted to see changes in the perfidious nature of virtually all Govts, they could easily gather evidence of the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath, and publish that at their sites. Similarly I proved that the American Regime’s main engineer/author (ZP Bazant) for its WTC/9/11 papers on the bogus collapse of the towers, outright lied and committed fraud in his papers— that all other work is based on— in the matter of the smallest dust particle size. That matter is a slam dunk; fraud was outright committed. Yet none of these sites will have that information— quite the contrary we see above. And sad also that no one here brought up my proof in this matter a few months ago, when the Cryptome creator was conversing here via comments.

This matter of pretending to expose, but actually halt, Gov’t misdeeds may be evidenced via the Alex Jones Op. I have noted that some people that trusted Jones soon thereafter had their lives or freedom terminated. This includes the Browns (tax protestors), and Barry Jennings—probable WTC 7 fizzled nuke survivor. Jones also used to offer listeners to have his company be their ISP. I think he no longer offers this. But was that a way to simply have all those opposed to the regime have their Internet connections more easily wiretapped? Also recall my article that when Bill Cooper was assassinated, Jones’ show the next morning never once mentioned Cooper’s main conspiracy fact that SS agent William Greer killed President Kennedy. Jones also had Cooper’s enemies on the air lying and distorting. All because the PTB apparently were worried that Cooper’s followers might lead a revolt or such, so that got their asset to put out a very foul show the next A.M. Similarly Jones gatekeeps for Steven Jones and the impossible “thermite burns forever” claptrap, and diverts whenever the nuclear 9/11 truth and China Syndrome is mentioned or alluded to.

The PTB rightfully fear all the people in the military and intel agencies who have all sorts of knowledge on the perfidious acts of their “employer.” Some of these people might want to spill the beans to the People of the world, and stop all the evil, chaos and wars. Some may even know the worst that is about to happen— massive Quarantine escape, as revealed by me here— and wish to warn the world about this too. So setting up phony sites, run by intel assets, to take their information, and then destroy/lose it and get those people arrested— or killed— is likely the raison d’etre for such sites.

This may have happened many times already, with all sorts of crucial information being “lost.”. We would not be allowed to know this. Instead we get the not very deep stuff (though promoted as such) that actually contains palaver that promotes the bogus need for perennial war. An insidious Op-Plan of doing several things at once, as they usually do. The Gov’t as infinite and convenient Black Hole was evident in the matter of Marita Lorentz. When this former CIA asset, and Castro lover, handed in eyewitness evidence of E. Howard Hunt handing CIA money to Jack Ruby in Dallas shortly before Nov. 22, 1963, to the Congressional Assassination Committee in the 1970’s, they then took a lunch break, she revealed in her book. When they came back, she said they claimed they didn’t have anything from her. Gone without the wind. A little while later, in NYC, she was able to get NYCPD detectives to save her life and arrest CIA/Mafia hitman, Frank Sturgis, aka Frank Fiorini, as he was about to kill her. See her book [read here] “Marita: One Woman's Extraordinary Tale of Love and Espionage from Castro to Kennedy.”

So how to counter intel agency infiltration and control? How do we get the word out to the world? It’s a problem faced before in all totalitarian countries. If you haven’t seen the excellent film, “Sophie Scholl: Die Letzten Tage” (The Final Days), I recommend strongly that you do. It’s about the White Rose resisters in Nazi Germany, using “ancient methods” to copy pamphlets and then mailing them piecemeal, at a time when even buying many stamps was a difficult thing to do. Nowadays, in theory, it should be easier to get the word out via the Internet. But no. We run into the very problem cited above. All the large conspiracy sites are run by intel assets/agents who block the release of anything the intel agencies deem might actually get the People to revolt about. All the alleged conspiracy forums sites and forums only publish articles written that are approved by their intel masters! I once saw, in real time, as one site’s owner, Rick Siegel deleted my nuclear 9/11 destruction article, put up there by a “certified” poster, David Howard. So you may be better off posting genuine material at non-conspiracy forums, due to the total intel control of the conspiracy sites. It is also telling and predictable how within a span of about a year nearly all the 9/11 conspiracy forums “vaporized.” These sites, of course focused on NPT, and not the crucial nuclear and CSA aspects. They are nearly all gone, except for one former NPTer who now claims there was no conspiracy— all very obvious, and predicted/outed by me years earlier when few wanted to listen.

The matter of the nuclear destruction of the WTC, and the China Syndrome Aftermath is very telling in how the regime hides that. We saw above that the bogus whistleblower sites won’t touch it. The few genuine conspiracy experts who had a large following are dead or disabled— Cooper, Sherman Skolnick, Rodney Stich. The whole matter of the WTC destruction conspiracy field (9/11 truth) was infiltrated en masse by intel assets. They made up most of the field as they do with all matters of conspiracy. Bogus WTC destruction mechanisms were created— DEW, thermite, and others.

The actual nuclear destruction mechanism employed was lied about by nearly all others in their nuclear destruction scenarios. The Finnish military expert, William Tahil, agent Khalezov, all either contain outright physical impossibilities or absurdities, and/or do not fit the actual destruction evidence that we have. Similarly their agents/assets in “911 truth” tried to get people to focus on one aspect solely that they knew most people either will never believe, or will not even care about— the NPT. The PTB simply use the ridicule technique for that aspect, while their assets/agents in 911 truth declared “I/we do not care what brought down the towers.”

Perhaps the ultimate sign of the idiocy of the controllers of these assets is that at least two (Khalezov, Genghis) of those who proclaimed themselves to believe/know that no planes crashed into the towers, later stated that they also thought nukes were used, and that “the nukes were flown into the towers”!! Another supposed pro-nuclear 9/11 supporter, Bill Deagle, M.D. has videos out calling himself the Messiah, and á la Forest Gump, is somehow involved in Columbine, the OKC bombing, and the WTC bombing. Be wary of M.D.s proclaiming themselves to be experts on physics, all the while their sites include the “red mercury” scam— another physical impossibility, as I pointed out. One can also cite the intel agents by their proclaiming the usual scapegoats/patsies— the U.S. regime didn’t do it; it was the Mossad or Russian suitcase nukes, etc.

The China Syndrome Aftermath (CSA) is particularly desired to be hidden at all costs. So they first put out nuclear 9/11 proponents (Finn, Ward) that said a fourth generation nuke did it, which was fission-free, and thus had no China Syndrome. Then Tahil was the first to state the CSA, but his nuclear reactors as nuclear bombs theory both is a physical impossibility (and absurdity), and does not fit the evidence of what actually occurred. And when one researcher without any recompense, and while being very ill and nearly impoverished read all the books and other information from all the other nuclear proponents and honestly critiqued them as he developed the only complete theory of the destruction and aftermath, it has not been allowed to be promoted by the large conspiracy sites. To my knowledge, only one person (besides Spooked) has posted my articles or book at many sites or forums online. This failure to act— except for that one person, and Spooked— also contributes greatly to the failure to get people to know what actually happened on 9/11.

This leads to the very reason for giving the masses the Internet at this time. Was this cleverly done so that certain types of people— who would otherwise have ACTED— will now simply and harmlessly either rant, or listen to the rantings of others? Do many in the conspiracy field use the internet conspiracy sites and forums merely for entertainment? Even though these are matters of life and death. And of course, we see that those who do protest publicly about 9/11, like "We Are Change", clearly are working for “the other side.” We also saw that three (intel) stooges out of Portland, OR who purportedly were asking Congress to “re-investigate” non-OCT theories for WTC destruction published outright lies on what I wrote. So we have seen just how massive and insidious the intel agencies’ actions have been in controlling and leading conspiracy matters, with the Internet an integral part of their recent methods. So instead of using the Internet to widely promulgate actual 9/11 truth, it is used to spread lies, and to hide the ultimate truths of various crucial matters— including 9/11 nuking, JFK Assassination, alien control— the Quarantine, etc.

One answer to this conundrum is for each person to actually DO more, much more. And not view this as entertainment, else soon the joke will be on you. Again, there are so many more of us than of them. Spend more time actually doing something in real space— even if it is just by yourself, and less time on forums or such. And I note the continued failure to assist this person (me)— apparently the only person with the necessary background and determination to reveal what actually happened on 9/11 to the WTC, and its aftermath, and even the ultimate reason for this— when he has repeatedly asked, is also very telling of the people purporting to be in 9/11 truth. If people do not come to the aid of someone who has massively suffered (poisoned) for revealing the truth of the Kennedy Assassination, and now 9/11, the whole matter is moot!

It’s not too late to change that.
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